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245 00 Digital methodologies in the sociology of religion /
       |cedited by Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor and Suha 
260    London :|bBloomsbury,|c2015. 
300    256 pages 
505 0  List of Figures Acknowledgements List of Contributors 
       Introduction: Digital Methodologies in the Sociology of 
       Religion, Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor (Coventry 
       University, UK) and Suha Shakkour (University of Derby, 
       UK) Section I: Digitising Research in the Sociology of 
       Religion 1. Methodological Challenges, Innovations and 
       Growing Pains in Digital Religion Research, Heidi A 
       Campbell (Texas A&M University, USA) and Brian Altenhofen 
       (Texas A&M University, USA) 2. Surveying the Religious and
       the Non-Religious, Tristram Hooley (University of Derby, 
       UK) and Paul Weller (University of Derby, UK) 3. Online 
       Crowdsourcing Methods for Identifying and Studying 
       Religious Groups as Special Populations, Victoria A. 
       Springer (University of Nevada, Reno), Peter J. Martini 
       (University of Nevada, Reno) and James T. Richardson 
       (University of Nevada, Reno) Section II: Social Networking
       Sites and Digital Ethnography 4. Facebook as anti-social 
       media: using Facebook groups to engage opponents to the 
       building of Dudley mosque, Chris Allen (University of 
       Birmingham, UK) 5. Antagonism in religious discourse on 
       YouTube, Stephen Pihlaja (Newman University, UK) 6. Online
       Sufism - Methodological Thoughts on Researching Esoteric 
       Islam in an Online context, Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor 
       (Coventry University, UK) 7. Studying Digital Hinduism, 
       Heinz Scheifinger (King Fahd University of Petroleum and 
       Minerals, UK) 8. Young Sikhs' Religious Engagement Online,
       Jasjit Singh (University of Leeds, UK) Section III: 
       Digital Communication 9. Studying Apps: Research 
       Approaches to the Digital Bible, Tim Hutchings (Durham 
       University, UK) 10. Videoconferencing as a tool 
       facilitating feminist interviews with Muslim women who 
       wear the niqab, Anna Piela (Leeds Trinity University, UK) 
       11. The Online Communication Model: A theoretical 
       framework to analyse the Institutional Communication on 
       the Internet, Daniel Arasa (Pontifical University of the 
       Holy Cross, Italy) and Juan Narbona (Pontifical University
       of the Holy Cross, Italy) 12. Researching religious 
       authority and organization: Digital and social media 
       communication opportunities and challenges, Pauline Hope 
       Cheong (Arizona State University, USA), Boris H. J. M. 
       Brummans (University of Montreal, Canada) & Jennie M. 
       Hwang (University of Montreal, Canada) Section IV: Virtual
       Reality and Religion 13. Online Ethnographic Research: 
       Avatars in Virtual Worlds, William Sims Bainbridge 
       (National Science Foundation, USA) 14. Researching 
       Religion, Digital Games and Gamers. (E-)Merging 
       Methodologies, Simone Heidbrink (University of Heidelberg,
       Germany), Tobias Knoll (University of Heidelberg, Germany),
       Jan Wysocki (University of Heidelberg, Germany) 15. The G-
       d in the Machine: Studying the Representation and 
       Performance of Judaism in PC Games using Multimodal Corpus
       -assisted Critical Discourse Analysis, Isamar Carrillo 
       Masso (Bangor University, UK) Afterword: Sariya 
       Cheruvallil-Contractor (Coventry University, UK) and Suha 
       Shakkour (University of Derby, UK) Bibliography Index 
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650  0 Religion and sociology. 
650  0 Social media|xReligious aspects. 
650  0 Digital media|xReligious aspects. 
700 1  Cheruvallil-Contractor, Sariya. 
700 1  Shakkour, Suha. 
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