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001    HULL-LLC-2352 
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050 04 ENGV 453 
100 1  Lumet, Sidney 
245 10 12 Angry Men /|cSidney Lumet. 
260    |bC4|c11.10.99 
300    1hr 35min 
520    1957 film in black and white. Lumet's first film is a 
       strangely realistic thriller despite the rather contrived 
       story. During a murder trial one man's doubts about the 
       accused's guilt gradually overcome the rather less than 
       democratic prejudices of the other eleven members of the 
       jury. The treatment is tense, lucid and admirably 
       economical. Voice: Fonda, H / Lee. J Cobb / Begley, E / 
       Marshall, E / et al. Format: videos and DVDs. 
650 04 Feature film or program about cinema/films 
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