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245 02 A historical companion to postcolonial literatures :
       |bcontinental Europe and its empires /|cedited by Prem 
       Poddar, Rajeev S. Patke and Lars Jensen. 
260    Edinburgh :|bEdinburgh University Press,|c©2008. 
300    1 online resource (liii, 633 pages) :|bmaps 
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500    Includes graphical cross-reference mapper. 
505 00 |gPart I.|tIntroduction --|tPostcolonial Europe / Prem 
       Poddar /|rRajeev S. Patke /|rLars Jensen --|gPart II.
       |tBelgium and its Colonies --|tIntroduction /|rPierre-
       Philippe Fraiture --|tAnthropology and Ethnography /
       |rMaarten Couttenier --|tAnti-colonial Resistance /
       |rCarina Yervasi --|tThe 'Arab Campaign' /|rPhilippe 
       Marechal --|tColonial and Postcolonial Exhibitions /
       |rSabine Cornélis --|tComics and the Belgian Congo /
       |rNancy Rose Hunt --|tÉvolués /|rPriscilla Ringrose --
       |tHistoriography : The Belgian Congo /|rPascale Stacey and
       Victoria Reid --|tImperial Policy /|rMartin Shipway --
       |tSimon Kimbangu /|rAnne Mélice --|tLeopold II /|rLieve 
       Spaas --|tPatrice Émery Lumumba /|rCarina Yervasi --
       |tMissionaries in the Congo /|rPascale Stacey --|tMobutu /
       |rPriscilla R. Appama --|tNarratives of Empire : 
       (Post)colonial Congo /|rPierre Halen --|tThe Red Rubber 
       Scandal /|rAisling Campbell --|tThe Rwanda Genocide of the
       1990s /|rColette Braeckman --|tAndré Ryckmans / Heidi 
       Bojsen --|tPierre Ryckmans /|rThérèse Dé Raedt --|tThe 
       Scramble for the Congo /|rColette Braeckman --|tTippu Tip 
       /|rFiona Barclay --|gPart II.|tDenmark and its Colonies --
       |tIntroduction /|rLars Jensen --|tAbolition of Slavery /
       |rLars Jensen --|tAnthropology /|rGreenland and 
       Colonialism /|rOle Høiris --|tCharter Companies /|rLars 
       Jensen --|tColonial Exhibitions /|rCheralyn Mealor --
       |tCreolisation /|rHeidi Bojsen --|tThe Greenlandic 
       Colonial Administration /|rMette Rønsager --|tGreenlandic 
       Writers /|rKaren Langgård --|tN.F.S. Grundtvig /|rLars 
       Jensen --|tThorkild Hansen and the Critique of Empire /
       |rMarianne Stecher-Hansen --|tHistoriography /|rMichael 
       Bregnsbo --|tHome Rule /|rLars Jensen --|tMigrancy /
       |rKirsten Hvenegård-Lassen --|tMissions in the Danish-
       Norwegian Colonies /|rLouise Sebro --|tModernisation of 
       Greenland /|rKlaus Georg Hansen --|tNarratives and 
       Fictions of Empire /|rClaire Thomson --|tOrientalism and 
       Exoticism /|rJohn Botofte --|tRace and Ethnicity, 
       Greenland /|rKaren Langgård --|tKnud Rasmussen /|rNanna 
       Folke Olsen --|tThule /|rPia Krüger Johansen --|tTropical 
       Colonies /|rEsther Fihl --|tViking Settlements /|rLasse 
       Wolsgård --|gPartIII.|tFrance and its Colonies --
       |tIntroduction /|rCharles Forsdick --|tThe Algerian War /
       |rNicholas Harrison --|tAnthropology and Ethnography /
       |rPierre-Philippe Fraiture --|tAnti-colonialism /|rAndy 
       Stafford --|tColonial Administration /|rTony Chafer --
       |tColonial Education /|rClaire Griffiths --|tCreolisation 
       and Creoleness /|rMaeve McCusker --|tDecolonisation /
       |rStephen Tyre --|tExploration and Travel /|rAedín Ní 
       Loingsigh --|tFrance in Asia and the Indian Ocean /|rKate 
       Marsh --|tFrance in North America /|rBill Marshall --
       |tFrance in the South Pacific /|rAmanda Macdonald --
       |tFrancophone /|rMargaret A. Majumdar --|tFrancophone 
       Black Atlantic /|rH. Adlai Murdoch --|tFrancophone 
       Caribbean /|rMartin Munro --|tHaiti /|rMariana Past --
       |tHistoriography /|rStephen Tyre --|tImperial Policy /
       |rTony Chafer --|tInternal Colonialism /|rÉamon Ó Ciosáin 
       --|tMassacres /|rCharles Forsdick --|tMigrancy /|rAedín Ní
       Loingsigh --|tNarratives and Fictions of Empire /|rDavid 
       Murphy --|tNegritude /|rPatrick Corcoran --|tNeo-
       colonialism /|rAndy Stafford --|tNorth Africa and the 
       Middle East /|rPatrick Crowley --|tOrientalism and 
       Exoticism /|rSiobhán Shilton --|tRace and Ethnicity /
       |rAndy Stafford --|tReligion /|rKamal Salhi --|tSlavery 
       and Abolition /|rMaeve McCusker --|tSub-Saharan Africa /
       |rDavid Murphy --|tTirailleurs Sénégalais /|rCharles 
       Forsdick --|tWomen's Histories /|rWinifred Woodhull --
       |gPart IV.|tGermany and its Colonies --|tIntroduction /
       |rBirthe Kundrus --|tAfrican Playground /|rNana Badenberg 
       --|tAnthropology and Ethnography /|rH. Glenn Penny --
       |tAnti-colonial Struggles /|rTanja Bührer --|tAskari and 
       Askari Myth /|rMichelle Moyd --|tBerlin Conference /
       |rTanja Bührer --|tBlack Germans /|rEve Rosenhaft --
       |tCameroon /|rRalph A. Austen --|tColonial Administration 
       /|rJürgen Zimmerer --|tColonial Culture-Impact on Germany 
       /|rAlexander Honold. 
505 00 |tColonial Education /|rSven Werkmeister --|tColonial 
       Literature /|rAlexander Honold --|tColonial Migration and 
       the Law /|rPascal Grosse --|tColonial Monuments /|rJoachim
       Zeller --|tColonial Revisionism /|rSusann Lewerenz --
       |tColonialism and African Writing /|rNina Berman --
       |tCommercial Ethnographic Exhibitions /|rHilke Thode-Arora
       --|tGerman East Africa /|rChristian Geulen --|tGerman New 
       Guinea /|rBirthe Kundrus --|tGerman Samoa /|rBirthe 
       Kundrus --|tGerman South-West Africa /|rDaniel J. Walther 
       --|tHerero Genocide /|rJürgen Zimmerer --|tHistoriography 
       /|rSebastian Conrad --|tHybridity and Race Relations /
       |rFrank Becker --|tKiaochow /|rKlaus Mülhahn --|tThe 
       Language Question /|rSven Werkmeister --|tMissions /
       |rUlrich van der Heyden --|tNS-Colonialism /|rDirk van 
       Laak --|tOrientalism /|rNina Berman --|tRace and Ethnicity
       /|rMichael Schubert --|tSlavery, the Slave Trade and 
       Abolition /|rJ.-G. Deutsch and M. Zeuske --|tTogo /|rPeter
       Sebald --|tThe Versailles Conference /|rBoris Barth --
       |tWest Africa : 17th-18th Century /|rUlrich van der Heyden
       --|tWomen's Histories /|rLora Wildenthal --|gPart V.
       |tItaly and its Colonies --|tIntroduction /|rRuth Ben-
       Ghiat --|tAdwa /|rAlessandro Triulzi --|tAlbania /|rNicola
       Mai --|tAnthropology and Ethnology /|rBarbara Sòrgoni --
       |tAnti-colonial Resistance in Eastern Libya /|rAli 
       Abdullah Ahmida --|tAnti-colonial Resistance in Italian 
       East Africa /|rRuth Iyob --|tDodecanese Islands /
       |rNicholas Doumanis --|tEritrea to 1935 /|rTekeste Negash 
       --|tEthiopian War /|rNicola Labanca --|tFictions and 
       Narratives of Empire /|rCharles Burdett --|tAntonio 
       Gramsci and the Southern Question /|rNelson Moe --|tHaile 
       Selassie /|rWilliam R. Scott --|tHistoriography /|rNicola 
       Labanca --|tImmigration /|rJacqueline Andall --|tItalian 
       East Africa /|rRuth Iyob --|tItalophone Literature /
       |rCristina Lombardi-Diop --|tLand Expropriations /
       |rFederico Cresti --|tLand Settlements /|rFederico Cresti 
       --|tLibya /|rMia Fuller --|tOrientalism /|rCristina 
       Lombardi-Diop --|tRacial Policies /|rBarbara Sòrgoni --
       |tThe Sanusi Order or Sanusiyya, 1837-1932 /|rAli Abdullah
       Ahmida --|tSomalia before 1935 /|rTekeste Negash --
       |tWomen's Histories /|rRuth Iyob --|gPart VI.|tThe 
       Netherlands and its Colonies --|tIntroduction /|rLuc 
       Allofs [and others] --|tAnthropology and Ethnography /
       |rReinier Salverda and Patricia Krus --|tAnti-colonial 
       Resistance /|rReinier Salverda and Annemie van Niekerk --
       |tEdgar Cairo /|rWim Rutgers --|tColonial Administration /
       |rReinier Salverda and Patricia Krus --|tCounts of Orange 
       /|rEric Martone --|tCreolisation and Creoleness /|rReinier
       Salverda, Patricia Krus, and Annemie van Niekerk --
       |tCritique of Imperialism/Anti-colonialism /|rReinier 
       Salverda and Annemie van Niekerk --|tDecember Killings /
       |rPatricia Krus --|tDecolonisation /|rReinier Salverda and
       Patricia Krus --|tThe Dutch in the Caribbean /|rWim 
       Rutgers --|tThe Dutch in Colonial America /|rRichard C. 
       Kagan --|tThe Dutch Colonisation of N. America /|rJ.P. 
       Alessi --|tThe Dutch in Brazil /|rMark Meuwese --|tThe 
       Dutch in Taiwan /|rRichard C. Kagan --|tAlbert Helman /
       |rWim Rutgers --|tHistoriography /|rReinier Salverda, P. 
       Krus and Annemie van Niekerk --|tImmigration in the 
       Netherlands /|rJeroen Doomernik --|tMissionaries and 
       Religion /|rReinier Salverda and Wim Rutgers --
       |tNarratives of Empire /|rReinier Salverda, Wim Rutgers, 
       and Annemie van Niekerk --|tNationalism/Nationhood /
       |rReinier Salverda and Patricia Krus --|tOrientalism/
       Exoticism /|rReinier Salverda and Wim Rutgers --|tRace and
       Ethnicity /|rReinier Salverda and Patricia Krus --|tRace 
       and Language in South Africa /|rAnnemie van Niekerk --
       |tSlavery and Abolition /|rReinier Salverda and P. Krus --
       |tWomen's Histories /|rReinier Salverda, Patricia Krus, 
       Annemie van Niekerk --|gPart VII.|tOther Europes --|tClash
       of Civilisations /|rCouze Venn --|tThe Jewish Diaspora /
       |rIlan Pappe --|tPostcolonial Russia /|rEwa Thompson --
       |tPostcolonial Sweden /|rSheila Ghose --|tTurkey /|rHamit 
       Bozarslan --|gPart VIII.|tPortugal and Its Colonies. 
505 00 |tIntroduction /|rPhillip Rothwell --|tAnthropology and 
       Ethnography /|rMiguel Vale de Almeida --|tAnti-colonial 
       Struggles /|rDavid Robinson --|tThe Brazilian Independence
       Process /|rClaire Williams --|tAmílcar Cabral /|rClaire 
       Williams --|tThe Carnation Revolution /|rKathryn Bishop-
       Sanchez --|tCharter Companies/Prazos /|rCorrado Tornimbeni
       --|tCreolisation and Creoleness /|rDavid Brookshaw --
       |tExplorations and Discoveries /|rIsabel Moutinho --
       |tFRELIMO (Mozambique) /|rDavid Robinson --|tFRETILIN and 
       Xanana Gusmão /|rAnthony Soares --|tThe Frontline States /
       |rDavid Robinson --|tGoa /|rClaire Williams --|tHenry the 
       Navigator /|rKathryn Bishop-Sanchez --|tHistoriography /
       |rPhillip Rothwell --|tIndependence Movements (Azores and 
       Madeira) /|rCarmen Maria Ramos Villar --|tThe Liberation 
       Wars and Decolonisation /|rNorrie MacQueen --|tLusophone 
       African Literature /|rRussell Hamilton --|tLusotropicalism,
       Race and Ethnicity /|rAnna Klobucka --|tSamora Machel /
       |rBranwen Gruffydd Jones --|tEduardo Mondlane /|rBranwen 
       Gruffydd Jones --|tMoorish Portugal /|rKathryn Bishop-
       Sanchez --|tMPLA (Angola) /|rHélia Santos --|tAgostinho 
       Neto /|rBranwen Gruffydd Jones --|tOrientalism in the 
       Lusophone World /|rAna Maria Mão-de Ferro Martinho --
       |tOverseas Provinces/The Colonial Act /|rRobert Moser --
       |tPAIGC (Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde) /|rClaire Williams 
       --|tPepetela /|rIgor Cusack --|tPostcolonial African 
       Immigration to Portugal /|rSheila Khan --|tRENAMO 
       (Mozambique) /|rDavid Robinson --|tSalazar and the New 
       State /|rVictor J. Mendes --|tDom Sebastião /|rPhillip 
       Rothwell --|tSlavery and Abolition /|rDavid Brookshaw --
       |tTimor and Indonesia : shared currents /|rAnthony Soares 
       --|tUNITA (Angola) /|rHélia Santos --|tVasco da Gama /
       |rClaire Williams --|tWomen's Histories /|rHilary Owen --
       |gPart IX.|tSpain, Latin America and The Philippines --
       |tIntroduction /|rElizabeth Monasterios --|tThe Andean 
       Avant-Garde /|rElizabeth Monasterios --|tAndean Textiles /
       |rDenise Arnold --|tAnti-Colonial Struggle /|rArturo Arias
       --|tArturo Borda /|rElizabeth Monasterios --|t'Calibán' /
       |rJohn Beverley --|tChristian Influences on Philippine 
       Society /|rDante L. Ambrosio --|tColonial Baroque /|rJohn 
       Beverley --|tColonialism and Popular Culture /|rDenise 
       Arnold --|tDiscovery and Conquest /|rGonzalo Lamana --
       |tUriel Garcia /|rElizabeth Monasterios --|tHibridación 
       (Hybridity) /|rJoshua Lund --|tIndigeneity /|rGustavo 
       Verdesio --|tIndigenismo and Mestisaje /|rJavier Sanjinés 
       --|tLatin American Critical Thought /|rMichael Handelsman 
       --|tMarianisation in the Philippines /|rEvelyn A. Miranda 
       --|tMarronage and Rebellion /|rJuan Antonio Hernández --
       |tThe Philippines-Mexico Connection /|rJaime Veneracion --
       |tThe Popol Wuj /|rCarlos Lopez --|tPostcoloniality and 
       Alternative Histories /|rJulia Suárez Krabbe --|tFausto 
       Reinaga /|rMarcia Stephenson --|tThe Role of Literature in
       Filipino Resistance /|rMaria Luisa T. Reyes --|tSpain, 
       Modernity, and Colonialism /|rJohn Beverley --|tSpanish 
       Colonialism in a World Perspective /|rJulia Suárez Krabbe 
       --|tThe Túpac Amaru Rebellion /|rJohn Beverley. 
650  0 Postcolonialism. 
650  0 Postcolonialism in literature. 
650  0 Literature|xHistory and criticism. 
700 1  Poddar, Prem. 
700 1  Patke, Rajeev S.|q(Rajeev Shridhar) 
700 1  Jensen, Lars. 
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