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Army War College U S : Clausewitz and modern strategy / edited by Michael I. Handel.     
      Clausewitz And Modern Strategy Online materials; U102.C6643 C54 1986   EBOOKS 1986
Armyne William Sir 1593 1651    
      The Copy Of A Letter From Colonell Francis Anderson To Sir Thomas Glemham, January 20, 1643, Touchin Online materials  EBOOKS 1643
      The Copy Of A Letter From Colonell Francis Anderson To Sir Thomas Glemham, January 20, 1643, Touchin Online materials  EBOOKS 1643
      The Copy Of A Letter From Colonell Francis Anderson To Sir Thomas Glemham, January 20, 1643, Touchin Online materials  EBOOKS 1643
      The Discovery Of A Late And Bloody Conspiracie At Edenburg, In Scotland. : Related In A Letter Sent Online materials  EBOOKS 1641
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Armytage Edith B : Parish register.     
      Parish Register. BJL; DA 670 Y6 Y68(17)   BOOK  
Armytage Frances : The free port system in the British West Indies : a study in commercial policy, 1766-1822.     
      The Free Port System In The British West Indies : A Study In Commercial Policy, 1766-1822. BJL, Departmental Locations ; HF 1418 A7   BOOK 1953
Armytage George John    
      Allegations For Marriage Licences 1558 To 1699. BJL; CS 437 H2(23)   BOOK  
      Canterbury Allegations For Marriage Licences. BJL; CS 437 H2(33,34)   BOOK  
      Canterbury Allegations For Marriage Licences Issued By The Vicar - General Of Abp. Of Canterbury. BJL; CS 437 H2(30,31)   BOOK  
      Cheshire Pedigrees Made 1613. BJL; CS 437 H2(59)   BOOK  
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Armytage Grace : Les cloches de Corneville / [Robert Planquette] ; adapted by H.B. Farnie and R. Reece.     
      Les Cloches De Corneville Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1881/05/09)   PLAYBILL 1881
Armytage W H G    
      A.J. Mundella, 1825-1897 : The Liberal Background To The Labour Movement. BJL; J3 M9   BOOK 1951
      The Challenge To The Teacher. BJL; JBG A7   BOOK 1971
      Four Hundred Years Of English Education. BJL; J5 A7   BOOK 1970
      Four Hundred Years Of English Education BJL; LA631 .A7 1970   BOOK 1970
4 additional entries    
Armytage Walter Hanry Green : Sir Richard Gregory : his life and work.     
      Sir Richard Gregory : His Life And Work. BJL; Q 143 G8 A7   BOOK 1957
Armytage Walter Harry Green    
      A.J. Mundella, 1825-1897 : The Liberal Background To The Labour Movement. BJL; HN 385 A7   BOOK 1951
      The American Influence On English Education. BJL; J5.4b A7   BOOK 1967
      Changing Patterns Of Sexual Behaviour : Proceedings Of The Fifteenth Annual Symposium Of The Eugenic BJL; HQ 21 C4   BOOK 1980
      Civic Universities : Aspects Of A British Tradition. BJL; JSea A7   BOOK 1955
9 additional entries    
Armytage Walter Harry Green 1915 : The role of an education department in a modern university.     
      The Role Of An Education Department In A Modern University. BJL; LB 2165 A7   BOOK 1955
Armytage Walter Henry Green : The German influence on English education.     
      The German Influence On English Education. BJL; J5.4k A7   BOOK 1969
Arn Mary Jo    
      Medieval Food And Drink BJL; GT 2853 E8 M4   BOOK 1995
      Poetry Of Charles D'Orl√©ans And His Circle : A Critical Edition Of BnF Ms. Fr25458, Charles D'Orl√ BJL; PQ 1553 C5 A2   BOOK 2010
  Arnaiz Alejandro Saiz -- See Saiz Arnaiz, Alejandro
Arnal Szlovak Simon    
      La Classe BJL; PN 1997 E617   DVD 2008
      Entre Les Murs BJL; PN 1997 E617   DVD c2009
Arnaldez Jean Jacques : Collection of ICC arbitral awards, 1996-2000 = Recueil des sentences arbitrales de la CCI, 1996-2000 / [compiled by] Jean-Jacques Arnaldez, Yves Derains, Dominique Hascher.     
      Collection Of ICC Arbitral Awards, 1996-2000 = Recueil Des Sentences Arbitrales De La CCI, 1996-2000 BJL; K 2400 C6   BOOK 2003
Arnaldez Roger : Mahomet : ou, La predication prophetique.     
      Mahomet : Ou, La Predication Prophetique. BJL; BP 75.13 A7   BOOK 1975
Arnaldi B Bruno : Virtual reality and augmented reality : myths and realities / Bruno Arnaldi, Pascal Guitton, Guillaume Moreau.     
      Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality : Myths And Realities Online materials  EBOOKS 2017
Arnaldi Francesco : Poeti latini del Quattrocento / a cura di F. Arnaldi, L. Gualdo Rosa e L. Monti Sabia.     
      Poeti Latini Del Quattrocento BJL; PQ 4201 L65(15)   BOOK 1964
Arnaldi Ivan : La vita violenta di Benvenuto Cellini.     
      La Vita Violenta Di Benvenuto Cellini. BJL; NB 526 C39 A7   BOOK 1986
  Arnaldo Daniello Active 1189 -- See Arnaut Daniel, active 1189
Arnaldus De Villanova : Escritos condenados por la Inquisicion / introduccion, traduccion y notas de E. Canovas y F. Pinero.     
      Escritos Condenados Por La Inquisicion BJL; BX 1735 A7   BOOK 1976
Arnaldus De Villanova 1311    
      Here Is A Newe Boke, Called The Defence Of Age, And Recouery Of Youth, Translated Out Of The Famous Online materials  EBOOKS 1540
      The Defence Of Age, And Recouery Of Youth Online materials  EBOOKS 1550
      Regimen Sanitatis Salerni : This Booke Teaching All People To Gouerne Them In Health Online materials  EBOOKS 1597
      [Regimen Sanitatis Salerni. This Booke Teachyng All People To Gouerne Them In Healthe, Is Translated Online materials  EBOOKS 1557
9 additional entries    
Arnall Alexander H Alexander Huw 1978 : Climate and culture : multidisciplinary perspectives on a warming world / edited by Giuseppe Feola, Hilary Geoghegan, Alex Arnall.     
      Climate And Culture : Multidisciplinary Perspectives On A Warming World BJL; QC903 .C438275   BOOK 2019
Arnall L : Bird diseases.     
      Bird Diseases. BJL; SF 994 A7   BOOK 1975
Arnall William 1736    
      The Case Of Mr. Pulteney, I.E. William Pulteney Fully Stated And Considered; Occasioned By The Craft BJL; s PR 3315 A4 Z6   BOOK 1731
      The Complaint Of The Children Of Israel Representing Their Grievances Under The Penal Laws, And Pray Departmental Locations; DS 116 J5   MICROFORM 1993
      The Detection Of The Infamous Answer Published On The Part Of Mr. Pulteney, I.E. William Pulteney Ag BJL; s PR 3315 A4 Z6   BOOK 1731
      Remarks On The Craftsman's Vindication Of His Two Honourable Patrons In His Paper Of May 22, 1731. BJL; s PR 3315 A4 Z6   BOOK 1731
      A Reply To The Late Lord Bolingbroke's Final Answer. BJL; s PR 3315 A4 Z6   BOOK 1731
Arnamagnaeanske Kommission    
      Ordbog Over Det Norr√łne Prosasprog = A Dictionary Of Old Norse Prose BJL; PD 2379 O6   BOOK 2000
      Ordbog Over Det Norrone Prosasprog : Registre BJL; PD 2385 O6   BOOK 1989
Arnaoutovitch Alexandre : Henry Becque.     
      Henry Becque. BJL; PQ 2193 B4 Z6   BOOK 1927
Arnason Braga : Rennsli vatns um berggrunn Islands.     
      Rennsli Vatns Um Berggrunn Islands. BJL; GB 1113 A7   BOOK 1978
Arnason H H : A history of modern art : painting, sculpure, architecture, photography revised by Daniel Wheeler.     
      A History Of Modern Art : Painting, Sculpure, Architecture, Photography Revised By Daniel Wheeler. BJL  BOOK 1988
Arnason H Harvard    
      Calder BJL; q NB 1020 C1 A7   BOOK 1971
      Calder. BJL; q NB 1020 C1 A7   BOOK 1966
Arnason Johann Pall : The future that failed : origins and destinies of the Soviet model.     
      The Future That Failed : Origins And Destinies Of The Soviet Model. BJL; HX 377 A7   BOOK 1993
  Arnason Jon 1819 1888 -- See J√≥n √Ārnason, 1819-1888
Arnason Kristjan    
      Quantity In Historical Phonology : Icelandic And Related Cases. BJL; PD 2415 A7   BOOK 1980
      The Rhythms Of Drottkvaett And Other Old Icelandic Metres. BJL; PD 2353 A7   BOOK 1991
Arnason Ragnar : Rights based fishing : proceedings of the NATO advanced research workshop ... Reykjavik, Iceland, June 27-July 1, 1988 / edited by P.A. Neher, R. Arnason and N. Mollett.     
      Rights Based Fishing : Proceedings Of The NATO Advanced Research Workshop ... Reykjavik, Iceland, Ju BJL; JX 4408 N2   BOOK 1989
Arnatt John 1917 1999 : A challenge for Robin Hood [videorecording]/ directed by C.M. Pennington-Richards.     
      A Challenge For Robin Hood BJL; PN 1997 C437   DVD 2007
Arnatt Keith : The new art : catalogue of an exhibition of works.     
      The New Art : Catalogue Of An Exhibition Of Works. BJL; q N 5051 A79 E9(233)   BOOK 1972
  Arnaud Daniel Active 1189 -- See Arnaut Daniel, active 1189
Arnaud Daniel Leonard : Aspects of wit and humor in Ovid's "Metamorphoses" ...     
      Aspects Of Wit And Humor In Ovid's "Metamorphoses" ... BJL; PA 6519 M9 A7   BOOK 1986
Arnaud De Bruxelles : La bibliotheque scientifique d'un imprimeur humaniste au XVe.     
      La Bibliotheque Scientifique D'un Imprimeur Humaniste Au XVe. BJL; PQ 151 P8   BOOK 1963
Arnaud De Mareuil    
      Les Poesies Lyriques Du Troubadour Arnaud De Mareuil BJL; PC 3330 A7 A2   BOOK 1973
      Les Saluts D'amour Du Troubadour Arnaud De Mareuil. BJL; PC 3330 A7 S1   BOOK 1961
Arnaud Francois Thomas Marie De Baculard D 1718 1805    
      La Favorite BJL; C/D 1789   CD AUDIO p2000
      La Favorita BJL; C/D 1782   CD AUDIO 1990
Arnaud Georges    
      Les Aveux Les Plus Doux. BJL; PQ 2601 R62 A9   BOOK 1974
      Lumiere De Soufre : Roman. BJL; PQ 2601 R62 L9   BOOK 1976
      Les Oreilles Sur Le Dos : Roman. BJL; PQ 2601 R62 O6   BOOK 1979
      La Plus Grande Pente. BJL; PQ 2601 R62 P7   BOOK 1972
      Le Salaire De La Peur. BJL; PQ 2601 R62 S1   BOOK 1950
Arnaud Gilles : L'avenement du modele de la competence quelles evolutions pour la GRH? / by G. Arnaud and J. Lauriol.     
      L'avenement Du Modele De La Competence Quelles Evolutions Pour La GRH? BJL; q HD 28 R45(16)   BOOK 2000
Arnaud H : Alpes : (Savoie et Dauphine) / par J. Debelmas, avec la collaboration de H. Arnaud... and others.     
      Alpes : (Savoie Et Dauphine) BJL; QE 105 D2   BOOK 1970
Arnaud Henri 1641 1721    
      Lettre A Monsieur Henry Arnaud F.M.D.S.E. Et Pasteur Vaudois, Etant √† Present √† Londres, Avec Sa R Online materials  EBOOKS 1699
      The Present State Of The Vaudois, Drawn Out Of The Three Letters : I. One From Mr. Cox, Their Majest Online materials  EBOOKS 1691
Arnaud Jean Claude Actor : L'avare [videorecording] / de Moli√®re.     
      L'avare BJL; PN 1992.77 A9467   DVD c2008
Arnaud Jean Claude Geographer : L'economie maraichere et fruitiere dans la region du Cap-vert, grande banlieue de Dakar.     
      L'economie Maraichere Et Fruitiere Dans La Region Du Cap-Vert, Grande Banlieue De Dakar. BJL; HD 2125.75 C2 A7   BOOK 1970
Arnaud Jean Louis : Saigon d'un Vietnam al'autre.     
      Saigon D'un Vietnam Al'autre. South East Asian Collection; DS 559.9 S16 A7   BOOK 1977
Arnaud Lucien : Charles Dullin.     
      Charles Dullin. BJL; PN 2620 A7   BOOK 1952
Arnaud M C : Type des points fixes des diffeomorphismes symplectiques de T x R.     
      Type Des Points Fixes Des Diffeomorphismes Symplectiques De T X R. BJL; QA 1 S67 B915(48)   BOOK 1992
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