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Mark   Media Year
Arts Florissants Musical Group    
      Alcina BJL; C/D 2466   CD AUDIO p1999
      Les Arts Florissants BJL; C/D 757   CD AUDIO p1987
      Atys BJL; C/D 755   CD AUDIO p1987
      La Guirlande BJL; C/D 2056   CD AUDIO p2001
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Arts Marketing Association    
      The Marketing Manual : For Performing Arts Organisations. BJL; q HF 5415.122 M2   BOOK 2000
      Thinking Big! : A Guide To Strategic Marketing Planning For Arts Organisations BJL  BOOK c2003
Arts Michael Theodore 1958 : Lipids in aquatic ecosystems / Michael T. Arts, Michael T. Brett, Martin J. Kainz, editors.     
      Lipids In Aquatic Ecosystems BJL  BOOK 2011?
Arts Wil : De organisatie van de bezetting / onder redactie van Henk Flap en Wil Arts.     
      De Organisatie Van De Bezetting BJL; D 802 N4 O6   BOOK 1997
Arts Wilhelmus Antonius 1946 : Een kwestie van vertrouwen : over veranderingen op de markt voor professionele diensten en in de organisatie van vrije beroepen / onder redactie van W. arts, R. Batenburg, P. Groenewegen.     
      Een Kwestie Van Vertrouwen : Over Veranderingen Op De Markt Voor Professionele Diensten En In De Org BJL; HD 8038 N4 K9   BOOK 2001
Artsi Yosi : Within the eye of the storm [videorecording] / directed by Shelley Hermon.     
      Within The Eye Of The Storm BJL; DS 119.76 W8   DVD 2012?
  Artsi Yossi -- See Artsi, Yosi
Artside Gallery : The self portrait : a modern view / S. Kelly, E. Lucie-Smith.     
      The Self Portrait : A Modern View BJL; q N 7619.2 G7 K3   BOOK 1987
Artsikhovskaia Elena Vladimirovna : Biochemistry and physiology of plant immunity.     
      Biochemistry And Physiology Of Plant Immunity. BJL; QK 604 R8   BOOK 1963
Artsikhovskii Artemii Vladimirovich    
      Novgorod The Great : Excavations At The Medieval City BJL; DK 651 N9 T4   BOOK 1967
      Ocherki Russkoi Kul'tury 13-15 Vekov. BJL; DK 32 A7   BOOK 1970
      Ocherki Russkoi Kul'tury 13-15 Vekov. BJL; DK 32 A7   BOOK 1970
      Ocherki Russkoi Kul'tury XVI Veka. BJL; DK 32 O1   BOOK 1976
Artsimovich L A    
      Controlled Thermonuclear Reactions. BJL; QC 791 A7   BOOK 1964
      A Physicist's ABC On Plasma. BJL; QC 718.5 H5 A7   BOOK 1978
Artun Omer 1969 : Predictive marketing : easy ways every marketer can use customer analytics and big data / Omer Artun, Dominique Levin.     
      Predictive Marketing : Easy Ways Every Marketer Can Use Customer Analytics And Big Data Online materials  EBOOKS 2015
Artus Jacques R : Floating exchange rates and the need for surveillance / By J.R.Artus and A.D.Crocket.     
      Floating Exchange Rates And The Need For Surveillance BJL; HG 136 P9 E7(127)   BOOK 1978
Artus Patrick : Monetary policy : a theoretical and econometric approach / edited by P. Artus and Y. Barroux.     
      Monetary Policy : A Theoretical And Econometric Approach BJL; HG 230.3 M7   BOOK 1990
Artus R E : Innovation : three Cantor lectures.     
      Innovation : Three Cantor Lectures. BJL; HD 45 I5   BOOK 1982
Artwick Bruce A : Microcomputer interfacing.     
      Microcomputer Interfacing. BJL; TK 7888.3 A7   BOOK 1980
Artz Frederick Binkerd    
      The Development Of Technical Education In France, 1500-1850. BJL; T 121 A8   BOOK 1966
      The Enlightenment In France. BJL; B 1925 E5 A7   BOOK 1968
      A Festschrift For Frederick B. Artz. BJL; D 6 P6   BOOK 1964
      France Under The Bourbon Restoration, 1814-1830. BJL; DC 256 A7   BOOK 1931
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Artz Gordon M : Meteorological tables for Halley Bay 1956-1959 / compiled by Gordon M. Artz.     
      Meteorological Tables For Halley Bay 1956-1959 BJL; q QC 993 F15 H1   BOOK 1960
Artz Helmut : Handbuch der Runenkunde.     
      Handbuch Der Runenkunde. BJL; PD 2001 A7   BOOK 1944
Artz Mary Gail 1952 : Don't go in the woods [videorecording] / directed by James Bryan.     
      Don't Go In The Woods BJL; PN 1997 D6883   DVD 2007
  Artzi Yosi -- See Artsi, Yosi
Artzner Darrah : A systematic illustrated guide to fossil organic-walled dinoflagellate genera.     
      A Systematic Illustrated Guide To Fossil Organic-Walled Dinoflagellate Genera. BJL; QL 1 R86 L7(11)   BOOK 1979
Aruego Jose M : Philippine government in action.     
      Philippine Government In Action. South East Asian Collection; JQ 1410 A7   BOOK 1965
Aruego Jose Maminta    
      Barangay Government Law And Administration. South East Asian Collection; KP 218.2 A7   BOOK 1975
      Barrio Government Law And Administration In The Philippines. South East Asian Collection; KP 218.2 A7   BOOK 1971
      The Law On Municipal Government In The Philippines. South East Asian Collection; KP 218.2 A7   BOOK 1971
      The Philippine Constitution Explained. South East Asian Collection; JQ 1403 A5 A7   BOOK 1967
Arulampalam S Wiji    
      Modelling Work-Related Training And Training Effects Using Count Data Techniques BJL; q HC 10 W29(448)   BOOK 1996
      A Note On Estimated Coefficients In Random Effects Probit Models. BJL; q HC 10 W29(520)   BOOK 1998
      Work-Related Training And Earnings Growth For Young Men In Britain BJL; q HC 10 W29(440)   BOOK 1995
Arulkumaran Sabaratnam    
      Emergencies In Obstetrics And Gynaecology BJL; RG 571 E5   BOOK 2006
      Emergencies In Obstetrics And Gynaecology BJL; RG 571 E5   BOOK 2016
      Emergencies In Obstetrics And Gynaecology. Online materials  EBOOKS 2016
      Fetal Monitoring In Practice Online materials  EBOOKS 2008
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Arumugam Raja Segaran : State and oil in Burma : an introductory survey.     
      State And Oil In Burma : An Introductory Survey. South East Asian Collection; HD 9576 B9 A7   BOOK 1977
Arun Thankom : Corporate governance and development : reform, financial systems and legal frameworks / edited by Thankom Gopinash Arun, John Turner.     
      Corporate Governance And Development : Reform, Financial Systems And Legal Frameworks BJL; HD 2741 C8   BOOK c2009
Arunachalam B : The Indian Ocean and its islands : strategic, scientific, and historical perspectives / edited by Satish Chandra, B. Arunachalam, V. Suryanarayan.     
      The Indian Ocean And Its Islands : Strategic, Scientific, And Historical Perspectives BJL; DS 341 I3   BOOK 1993
Arundale Jackie    
      Investigating Geography : Foundation Book A Education Resources; q G 73 A7   BOOK 2003
      Investigating Geography : Foundation Book B. Education Resources; G 73 A7   BOOK 2003
      Investigating Geography : Mainstream Book A Education Resources; q G 73 I6   BOOK 2002
      Investigating Geography : Mainstream Book B Education Resources; G 73 I6   BOOK 2002
      Investigating Geography : Mainstream Book C Education Resources; q G 73 I6   BOOK 2002
Arundale Sybil    
      My Lady Molly Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 G7(1902/10/13)   PLAYBILL 1902
      Tiger's Cub : A Romance Of Alaska Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 G7(1916/09/04-1916/09/09)   PLAYBILL 1916
Arundel Mark : Don't tell Timothy : a frivolous comedy for serious acting in three acts.     
      Don't Tell Timothy : A Frivolous Comedy For Serious Acting In Three Acts. BJL; PR 6001 R94 D6   BOOK 1925
Arundel Philip Howard Earl Of Saint 1557 1595    
      An Epistle In The Person Of Christ To The Faithfull Soule, Written First By That Learned Lanspergius Online materials  EBOOKS 1595
      An Epistle Or Exhortation Of Iesus Christ To The Soule, That Is Deuoutly Affected Towards Him : VVhe Online materials  EBOOKS 1610
      Callophisus, Being Brought By The Greatest Perfection In An Other To The Smallest Liberty In Himself Online materials  EBOOKS 1581
      A Foure-Fould Meditation, Of The Foure Last Things : Viz. 1. Of The Houre Of Death. 2. Day Of Iudgem Online materials  EBOOKS 1606
Arundel Thomas Abp Of Canterbury : Thomas Arundel : a study of church life in the reign of Richard II.     
      Thomas Arundel : A Study Of Church Life In The Reign Of Richard II. BJL; DA 235 A8   BOOK 1967
Arundel Thomas Archbishop Of Canterbury : Thomas Arundel, Archbishop of Canterbury 1396-1414 : churchman and statesman ...     
      Thomas Arundel, Archbishop Of Canterbury 1396-1414 : Churchman And Statesman ... BJL; BR 754 A7 D1   BOOK 1986
Arundel Thomas Howard Earl Of 1585 1646    
      Bibliotheca Norfolciana, Sive, Catalogus Libb. Manuscriptorum & Impressorum In Omni Arte & Lingua Online materials  EBOOKS 1681
      Catalogue Of Manuscripts In The British Museum. New Series. Vol. 1. BJL; f Z 6621 B85 A7   BOOK 1840
      The Confession And Conversion Of The Chiefest And Greatest Of Sinners, With His Frequent Communion W Online materials  EBOOKS 1662
      Marmora Oxoniensia Ex Arundellianis, Seldenianis, Aliisque Conflata Online materials  EBOOKS 1676
4 additional entries    
Arundell Dennis Drew    
      The Critic At The Opera. BJL; ML 1731 A7   BOOK 1957
      Merrie England Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 N54(1973/10/22-27)   PLAYBILL 1973
      The Story Of Sadler's Wells, 1683-1964. BJL; PN 2596 L7 S12   BOOK 1965
      The Tales Of Hoffmann BJL  DVD c2005
Arundell Of Wardour Henry Arundell Baron 1606 1694    
      Poems Online materials  EBOOKS 1679
      Poems Online materials  EBOOKS 1679
      Poems Online materials  EBOOKS 1679
      Poems : Written By Henry Lord Arundel Of Warder And Count Of The Sacred Roman Cmpire [Sic]. Online materials  EBOOKS 1679
3 additional entries    
Arundell Thomas Active 1662 : The holy breathings of a devout soul, in meditations, contemplations, and prayers     
      The Holy Breathings Of A Devout Soul, In Meditations, Contemplations, And Prayers Online materials  EBOOKS 1695
Arundhathi Subramaniam : When God is a traveller / Arundhathi Subramaniam.     
      When God Is A Traveller BJL; PR 9499.4 A78 W5   BOOK 2014
Arunkumar Koovappadi Ananthasubramony : A feasibility study of a recombination laser operating in the 40A degrees region using Mg XII A1 XIII ions.     
      A Feasibility Study Of A Recombination Laser Operating In The 40A Degrees Region Using Mg XII A1 XII BJL; T/H 1979 Ph.D. A7   THESIS 1979
Arup Christopher 1949    
      Innovation, Policy, And Law : Australia And The International High Technology Economy. BJL; KS 150 A7   BOOK 1993
      The New World Trade Organization Agreements : Globalizing Law Through Services And Intellectual Prop BJL; JX 6271 A7   BOOK 2000
      The World Trade Organization Knowledge Agreements Departmental Locations; K 3973 A7   BOOK 2008
Aruri Naseer H : Jordan : a study in political development (1921-1965).     
      Jordan : A Study In Political Development (1921-1965). BJL; JQ 1825 J6 A7   BOOK 1972
Arus Joan : Evolcio de la poesia catalana.     
      Evolcio De La Poesia Catalana. BJL; PC 3913 A7   BOOK 1922
Arutiunov Serghei A : Perspectives on ethnicity. editors / editors. R.E. Hollman and S.A. Arutiunov.     
      Perspectives On Ethnicity. Editors / R.E. Hollman And S.A. Arutiunov. BJL; GN 495.6 I6   BOOK 1978
Arvanitakis James    
      Piracy : Leakages From Modernity Online materials; HV6773 .P57 2014   EBOOKS 2014
      Universities, The Citizen Scholar And The Future Of Higher Education BJL; LB2322.2 .U569 2016   BOOK 2016
Arvanitis Kostas    
      Museums And Restitution New Practices, New Approaches Online materials; AM133 .M8727 2014   EBOOKS 2014
      Museums And Restitution : New Practices, New Approaches BJL; AM 133 M8727   BOOK 2017
Arvas Paula : Scandinavian crime fiction / edited by Andrew Nestingen and Paula Arvas.     
      Scandinavian Crime Fiction BJL; PT 7083.5 D48 S2   BOOK c2011
Arvastson Allan    
      Svensk Psalm Genom Tiderna. BJL; PT 9403 P9 A7   BOOK 1975
      Den Svenska Psalmen. BJL; PT 9403 P9 A7   BOOK 1963
Arveiller Michel : Leon Bloy / dirige par M. Arveiller et P. Glaudes.     
      Leon Bloy BJL; PQ 2198 B4 Z6   BOOK 1988
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