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100 1  Audland, Anne,|d1626 or 7-1705. 
245 12 A true declaration of the suffering of the innocent, who 
       is hated and persecuted without a cause. :|bWherein is 
       discovered the zeale of the magistrates and people of 
       Banbury, persecuting and imprisoning them that are sent of
       the Lord in love to their souls to warn them of the evill 
       of their wayes. Declared in a letter sent to William Allen,
       called justice of peace, with an answer to the false 
       accusations charged upon the innocent. Also their 
       proceedings laid open, and proved to be contrary to the 
       Scriptures. /|cBy Anne Audland, whom the world scornfully 
       calls Quaker. 
260    London, :|bPrinted, and are to be sold by Giles Calvert at
       the sign of the Black Spread-Eagle at the west-end of 
300    [2], 6 p. 
500    Annotation on Thomason copy: "March 3: 1654"; the final 5 
       in imprint date crossed out. 
500    Reproduction of the original in the British Library. 
600 10 Audland, Anne,|d1626 or 7-1705. 
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