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100 1  Camm, John,|d1604?-1656. 
245 14 The memory of the righteous revived :|bbeing a brief 
       collection of the books and written epistles of John Camm 
       & John Audland, those two faithful and honourable servants
       of the Lord, who were called to the work of the ministry 
       in the morning of Gods blessed day dawned in this 
       generation, and, with other brethren, bore the heat and 
       burden of the day faithfully, to the end and finishing of 
       their course, being entered into the joy of their Lord : 
       together with several testimonies relating to those two 
       faithful labourers /|cpublished for the service of truth 
       and friends, by Thomas Camm & Charles Marshal. 
260    London :|bPrinted and sold by Andrew Sowle ...,|c1689. 
300    [106], 332, [2] p. 
500    Prefatory matter includes "Testimonies" by Thomas Camm, 
       Ann Camm and Charles Marshall. 
500    First edition. 
500    Reproduction of original in Bodleian Library. 
600 10 Camm, John,|d1604?-1656. 
600 10 Audland, John,|d1630-1664. 
700 1  Audland, John,|d1630-1664. 
700 1  Camm, Thomas,|d1641-1707. 
700 1  Marshall, Charles,|d1637-1698. 
830  0 Early English books online. 
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