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Audiberti Jacques    
      Abraxas. BJL; PQ 2601 U 197 A5   BOOK 1938
      L'Empire Et La Trappe : Poemes. BJL; PQ 2601 U 197 E5   BOOK 1969
      Le Mal Court, Suivi De L'effet Glapion. BJL; PQ 2601 U197 M2   BOOK 1962
      Moliere Dramaturge. BJL; PQ 1870 A9   BOOK 1954
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Audiberti Jaque : Troubadoure et trouveres / edite par F. Igly. and introductory essay : la musique medievale / par William Rime.     
      Troubadoure Et Trouveres / And Introductory Essay : La Musique Medievale / Par William Rime. BJL; PQ 1322 I2   BOOK 1960
Audic Charles : Histoire illustrée de la littérature française : précis méthodique / par E. Abry, P. Crouzet & C. Audic.     
      Histoire Illustrée De La Littérature Française : Précis Méthodique BJL; PQ 100 A1   BOOK 1942
Audicana Jose Fdez Monge Glez : La comunidad Europa y la comunidad autonoma del pais Vasco.     
      La Comunidad Europa Y La Comunidad Autonoma Del Pais Vasco. BJL; HC 241.25 S7 A9   BOOK 1989
Audiffrent Georges : Auguste Comte : sa plus puissante emanation : notice sur sa vie et sa doctrine.     
      Auguste Comte : Sa Plus Puissante Emanation : Notice Sur Sa Vie Et Sa Doctrine. BJL; B 2249 A9   BOOK 1894
Audiffret Hercule : Lettres a Philandre 1637-1638.     
      Lettres A Philandre 1637-1638. BJL; PQ 1711 A83 Z5   BOOK 1975
Audiguier Sieur D Vital 1569 1624 : A tragi-comicall history of our times, under the borrowed names of Lisander and Calista     
      A Tragi-Comicall History Of Our Times, Under The Borrowed Names Of Lisander And Calista Online materials  EBOOKS 1652
Audiguier Vital D 1569 1624    
      The Sonne Of The Rogue, Or The Politick Theefe : With The Antiquitie Of Theeves. A Worke No Lesse Cu Online materials  EBOOKS 1638
      Love And Valour: Celebrated In The Person Of The Author, By The Name Of Adraste. Or, The Divers Affe Online materials  EBOOKS 1638
      A Tragi-Comicall History Of Our Times, Under The Borrovved Names Of Lisander, And Calista Online materials  EBOOKS 1627
      A Tragi-Comicall History Of Our Times, Under The Borrowed Names Of Lisander And Calista Online materials  EBOOKS 1635
Audin De Rians Etienne : Ciriffo calvaneo / restituito alla sua antica lezione con osservazioni bibliografico-letterarie de S.L.G.E. Audin.     
      Ciriffo Calvaneo BJL; PQ 4630 P9 C5   BOOK 1834
Audin Marius : Bibliographie des editions des de Tournes, imprimeurs lyonnais.     
      Bibliographie Des Editions Des De Tournes, Imprimeurs Lyonnais. BJL; Z 232 T823 C3   BOOK 1970
Audin Michele : Spinning tops : a course on integrable systems.     
      Spinning Tops : A Course On Integrable Systems. BJL; QA 862 T7 A9   BOOK 1996
Audio Engineering Society    
      An Anthology Of Articles On Spatial Sound Techniques, Part 1 : Virtual And Binaural Audio Technolog BJL; TA 365 A6   BOOK 2004-
      An Anthology Of Reprinted Articles On Stereophonic Techniques BJL; TK7881.8 .A57 1986   BOOK 1986
      Journal Of The Audio Engineering Society Online materials; TK5981 .A83   EJOURNALS  
Audio Visual Language Association    
      Audio-Visual Language Journal : Journal Of Applied Linguistics And Language Teaching Technology : Or BJL; q P 51 A91   PERIODICAL 1979
      A Guide To Modern Language Teaching Methods BJL; PB 65 G9   BOOK 1965
Audisio Felicita : Traduzioni inedite da R. Llull e dal "Lazarillo" / a cura di F. Audisio ...     
      Traduzioni Inedite Da R. Llull E Dal "Lazarillo" BJL; PQ 4807 O53 A2   BOOK 1984
Audisio Gabriel    
      Lire Le Francais D'hier : Manuel De Paléographie Moderne XVe-XVIIIe Siècle BJL; Z 115 F8 A9   BOOK 2003
      Lire Le Français D'hier : Manuel De Paléographie Moderne, XVe-XVIIIe Siècle BJL; Z 115 F8 A9   BOOK 2008
      Louis Brauquier BJL; PQ 2603 R26 A2   BOOK 1966
      The Waldensian Dissent : Persecution And Survival, C.1170-C.1570. BJL; BX 4881.2 A9   BOOK 1999
  Audit Commission -- See Audit Commission for Local Authorities and the National Health Service in England and Wales
Audit Commission For Local Authorities And The National Health Service In E    
      Accounts 1989-90. BJL; JS 3137 A9 A1   BOOK 1990
      The Act Moves On : Progress In Special Educational Needs. BJL; JGJ A9   BOOK 1994
      Anaesthesia Under Examination : The Efficiency And Effectiveness Of Anaesthesia And Pain Relief Serv BJL; q RD 81 A5   BOOK 1998
      Another Country : Implementing Dispersal Under The Immigration And Asylum Act 1999. Departmental Locations; JV 7633 A9   BOOK 2000
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  Audit Commission For Local Authorities In England And Wales -- See Audit Commission for Local Authorities and the National Health Service in England and Wales
Audit George    
      Egypt And The Labour Government. BJL; JX 1543 Z7 E3   BOOK 1947
      Poland And The Peace. BJL; DK 418.5 R9 A9   BOOK 1944
Auditing Practices Board : Statements of auditing standards : in issue at March, 1995.     
      Statements Of Auditing Standards : In Issue At March, 1995. BJL; HF 5667 S7   BOOK 1995
Auditor General For Scotland : By the Auditor-General of the revenues of Scotland : whereas upon application made unto the right honourable his highness council in Scotland, for the government thereof, by the magistrates and Council of Edinburgh, concerning some abuse, disproportion and difference lately discovered to have been from the 24 of February to the 28 day of April last ...     
      By The Auditor-General Of The Revenues Of Scotland : Whereas Upon Application Made Unto The Right Ho Online materials  EBOOKS 1657
Audland Anne 1626 Or 7 1705    
      The Saints Testimony Finishing Through Sufferings: Or, The Proceedings Of The Court Against The Serv Online materials  EBOOKS 1655
      A True Declaration Of The Suffering Of The Innocent, Who Is Hated And Persecuted Without A Cause. : Online materials  EBOOKS 1655
Audland John 1630 1664    
      The Innocent Delivered Out Of The Snare, And The Blind Guide Fallen Into The Pit. Or, An Answer To A Online materials  EBOOKS 1655
      The Memory Of The Righteous Revived : Being A Brief Collection Of The Books And Written Epistles Of Online materials  EBOOKS 1689
      The Schoolmaster Disciplin'd, Or, A Reply To A Lying Paper, Entitull'd, The Gadding Tribe Reproved, Online materials  EBOOKS 1655
      The Suffering Condition Of The Servants Of The Lord At This Day Vindicated : And Some Reasons Given Online materials  EBOOKS 1662
Audley Eleanor 1905 1991 : The story and song from The Haunted Mansion [sound recording].     
      The Story And Song From The Haunted Mansion BJL; C/D 43   CD AUDIO p2009
Audley Hugh 1662 : The way to be rich, : according to the practice of the great Audley who begun with two hundred pound in the year 1605, and dyed worth four hundred thousand pound this instant November, 1662.     
      The Way To Be Rich, : According To The Practice Of The Great Audley Who Begun With Two Hundred Pound Online materials  EBOOKS 1662
Audley John    
      An Account Of A Remarkable Sea-Fight, Between An English Ketch, And A French Privateer. : From Aboar Online materials  EBOOKS 1690
      An Account Of A Remarkable Sea-Fight Between An English Ketch And A French Privateer : From Aboard T Online materials  EBOOKS 1690
Audley John Preacher Of The Gospel    
      Englands Common-Wealth : Shewing The Liberties Of The People, The Priviledges Of Parliament, And The Online materials  EBOOKS 1652
      Paedo-Baptisme, Or, The Baptizing Of Infants Maintained Online materials  EBOOKS 1647
Audley Lewes : A copie of a letter sent from the agitators of his Excellency Sir Thomas Fairfax's armie, to all the honest sea-men of England: : heartily and cordially declaring their reall intentions to the peace and prosperity of the kingdome, and the firme setling and establishing of all the just interests thereof, into the hands and possessions the right owners of them. Dated at S. Albans 21. June 1647. Published by the order and speciall desire of the said agitators.     
      A Copie Of A Letter Sent From The Agitators Of His Excellency Sir Thomas Fairfax's Armie, To All The Online materials  EBOOKS 1647
Audley Maxine    
      Butterflies Are Free Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 N54(1975/08/18-23)   PLAYBILL 1975
      Hell Is A City BJL; PN 1997 H476   DVD 2005
      Peeping Tom BJL; PN 1997 P375   DVD 2007
      Touch Of Purple Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 N54(1972/09/18-23)   PLAYBILL 1972
Audley Thomas    
      Diutinus Britanicus : Collector Of The Affaires Of Great Britaine And Martiall Proceedings In Europe Online materials  EBOOKS 1646
      Mercurius Britanicus, : Communicating The Affaires Of Great Britaine For The Better Information Of T Online materials  EBOOKS 1646
      Mercurius Diutinus .... Online materials  EBOOKS 1647
Audoin Philippe    
      Breton. BJL; PQ 2603 R28 Z6   BOOK 1970
      Les Surrealistes. BJL; PQ 307 S9 A9   BOOK 1973
Audoin Rouzeau Stephane : France and the Great War, 1914-1918 / Leonard V. Smith, Stéphane Audoin-Rouzeau, Annette Becker ; French sections translated by Helen McPhail.     
      France And The Great War, 1914-1918 BJL; D 516 S6   BOOK 2003
Audouard Yvan : Audouard raconte Pagnol.     
      Audouard Raconte Pagnol. BJL; PQ 2631 A27 Z61   BOOK 1976
Audoubert Georges 1921 1984 : L'avare [videorecording] / directed by Louis de Funès and Jean Girault.     
      L'avare BJL; PN 1997 A9467   DVD 2009
Audoux Marguerite    
      Marie-Claire. BJL; PQ 2601 U21 M3   BOOK  
      Marie-Claire. BJL; PQ 2601 U21 M3   BOOK 1926
      Marie-Claire : Roman. BJL; PQ 2601 U21 M3   BOOK 1910
Audouy Michel : Raunds : the origin and growth of a midland village, AD 450-1500 : excavations in north Raunds, Northamptonshire 1977-87 / Michel Audouy and Andy Chapman (editor) ; with major contributions by Paul Blinkhorn ... [et al.]     
      Raunds : The Origin And Growth Of A Midland Village, AD 450-1500 : Excavations In North Raunds, Nort BJL; q DA 690 R24 R2   BOOK c2009
Audouze Jean    
      The Cambridge Atlas Of Astronomy BJL; QB 65 C1   BOOK 1985
      An Introduction To Nuclear Astrophysics : The Formation And The Evolution Of Matter In The Universe. BJL; QB 464 A9   BOOK 1980
Audra Emile    
      The Twickenham Edition Of The Poems Of Alexander Pope / John Butt. BJL; PR 3620 B9   BOOK 1939
      The Twickernham Edition Of The Poems Of Alexander Pope. BJL; PR 3620 B9   BOOK 1939
Audrain Anne Francoise    
      De L'attribut De L'object A La Satisfaction Des Consommateurs. BJL; q HD 28 R45(37)   BOOK 2002
      Étude De La Dynamique De La Satisfaction : Bilan Et Perspectives De Recherche. BJL; q HD 28 R45(33)   BOOK 2001
Audrain Martine : Seul contre tous [videorecording] / written and directed by Gaspar Noé.     
      Seul Contre Tous BJL; PN 1997 S496   DVD 2001
Audran Edmond    
      La Mascotte Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1882/04/10)   PLAYBILL 1882
      Olivette Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1881/05/16)   PLAYBILL 1881
      La Poupee (The Doll) Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 G7(1902/05/12)   PLAYBILL 1902
Audran Stephane 1932    
      Karen Blixen's Babettes Gaestebud BJL; PN 1997 B1133   DVD c2004
      Les Biches BJL; PN 1997 B5835   DVD 2003?
      Le Boucher BJL; PN 1997 B7537   DVD c2004
      La Femme Infidèle BJL; PN 1997 F3296   DVD 2005
2 additional entries    
Audre Olga : The great awakening / arranged by Miss Maud Hildyard.     
      The Great Awakening Departmental Locations; PN 2595 H9 A3(1910/10/31)   PLAYBILL 1910
Audretsch David B    
      Entrepreneurship, Innovation And Economic Growth BJL; HB615   BOOK c2006
      Local Heroes In The Global Village : Globalization And New Entrepreneurship Policies BJL  BOOK c2005
      SMEs In The Age Of Globalization BJL; HD 2341 S6   BOOK 2003
      Structure, Conduct And Performance BJL; HD 2326 W4   BOOK 1991
Audretsch H A H    
      Communautaire Controle : Het Toezicht In De Europese Gemeenschappen Op De Naleving Van De Verdragsve BJL; KJE 972 A9   BOOK 1975
      Supervision In European Community Law : Observance By The Member States Of Their Treaty Obligations BJL; KJE 972 A9   BOOK 1987
      Supervision In European Community Law : Observance By The Member States Of Their Treaty Obligations BJL; KJE 972 A9   BOOK 1978
Audrey : Jesus Christ in the synoptic gospels.     
      Jesus Christ In The Synoptic Gospels. BJL; BS 2556 A9   BOOK 1972
Audric John : Angkor and the Khmer empire.     
      Angkor And The Khmer Empire. South East Asian Collection; (WH) DS 554.98 A5 A9   BOOK 1972
Audry Colette    
      Derriere La Baignoire. BJL; PQ 2601 U462 D4   BOOK 1983
      Sartre Et La Realite Humaine : Presentation, Choix De Textes,Bibliographie BJL; PQ 2637 A79 A2   BOOK 1966
Audsley Eric : Siting cold stores.     
      Siting Cold Stores. BJL; T/H 1971 M.Sc. A9   THESIS 1971
Audsley G A : Guide to the art of illuminating and missal painting.     
      Guide To The Art Of Illuminating And Missal Painting. BJL; ND 3310 A9   BOOK 1862
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