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Cresswell John Andrew : The solo violoncello in the concerted, chamber, obbligato, and symphonic music of the Viennese classicists : Haydn,Mozart,Beethoven and Schubert.     
      The Solo Violoncello In The Concerted, Chamber, Obbligato, And Symphonic Music Of The Viennese Class BJL; q ML 915 C9,   BOOK 1976
Cresswell John Screen Writer    
      Diana Dors The Collection. BJL; PN 1997 A1 D717   DVD 2007
      Yield To The Night BJL; PN 1997 Y513   DVD 1997
Cresswell Joseph 1556 1623    
      Quis Diues Saluus. = How A Rich Man May Be Saued. Written To The Catholike Church, By Saluianus Prie Online materials  EBOOKS 1618
      Newes From The Low-Countreyes. Or The Anatomy Of Caluinisticall Calumnyes, Manifested In A Dialogue Online materials  EBOOKS 1622
      An Aduertisement Written To A Secretarie Of My L. Treasurers Of Ingland, By An Inglishe Intelligence Online materials  EBOOKS 1592
      Exemplar Literarum, Missarum, E Germania, Ad D. Guilielmum Cecilium, Consiliarium Regium Online materials  EBOOKS 1592
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Cresswell Julia 1950 : The Penguin dictionary of clichés.     
      The Penguin Dictionary Of Clichés. BJL; PE 1689 C9   BOOK 2000
Cresswell Kathrin : Key advances in clinical informatics : transforming health care through health information technology / edited by Aziz Sheikh, David W. Bates, Adam Wright, Kathrin Cresswell.     
      Key Advances In Clinical Informatics : Transforming Health Care Through Health Information Technolog Online materials  EBOOKS 2017
Cresswell M J    
      Adverbial Modification : Interval Semantics And Its Rivals. BJL; P 284 C9   BOOK 1985
      Categorial Languages. BJL; q P 97 C9   BOOK 1977
      An Introduction To Modal Logic BJL; BC 199 M6 H8   BOOK 1968
      Logics And Languages. BJL; B 840 C9   BOOK 1973
Cresswell M M : Mechanisms of regulation of plant growth / edited by R.L. Bieleski, A.R. Ferguson and M.M. Cresswell.     
      Mechanisms Of Regulation Of Plant Growth BJL; q Q 10 R87 B9(12)   BOOK 1974
Cresswell Michael : Reading tests in the classroom / by D. Vincent and M. Cresswell.     
      Reading Tests In The Classroom BJL; LB 1050.46 V7   BOOK 1976
Cresswell Mike : Research studies in public examining : abstracts from the reports of the Associated Examining Boards's Research and Statistics Group 1975 to 1998 / edited by Mike Cresswell.     
      Research Studies In Public Examining : Abstracts From The Reports Of The Associated Examining Boards BJL; LB 3056 G7 R4   BOOK 2000
Cresswell Mr : All in the wrong / [Arthur Murphy] ; All the world's a stage.     
      All In The Wrong Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1784/01/09)   PLAYBILL 1784
Cresswell Penny : Estimating the impact of past persecution and habitat changes on the number of badgers Meles meles in Britain / Paola Reason, Stephen Harris and Penny Cresswell.     
      Estimating The Impact Of Past Persecution And Habitat Changes On The Number Of Badgers Meles Meles I Departmental Locations; Photocopy Collection   JOURNAL ARTICLE  
Cresswell Peter : The new town idea / prepared by R. Thomas and P.Cresswell.     
      The New Town Idea BJL; q HT 151 T4   BOOK 1973
Cresswell R C : Algal and cyanobacterial biotechnology / R.C. Cresswell, T.A.V. Rees, N. Shah, editors.     
      Algal And Cyanobacterial Biotechnology BJL; TP 248.27 A46 A3   BOOK 1989
Cresswell R H : The liturgy of the eighth book of "The Apostolic constitutions" commonly called the Clementine liturgy / translated into English, with introduction and notes by R.H. Cresswell.     
      The Liturgy Of The Eighth Book Of "The Apostolic Constitutions" Commonly Called The Clementine Litur BJL; BV 761 A435   BOOK 1924
Cresswell Rachel E : Memoir of the life of Elizabeth Fry, with extracts from her journal and letters.     
      Memoir Of The Life Of Elizabeth Fry, With Extracts From Her Journal And Letters. BJL; HV 28 F9 F9   BOOK 1847
Cresswell Roy    
      Quality In Urban Planning And Design / R. Cresswell. BJL; HT 170 Q1   BOOK 1979
      Rural Transport And Country Planning BJL; HE 243 R9   BOOK 1978
      Urban Planning And Public Transport. BJL; q HE 311 G7 U7   BOOK 1979
Cresswell Samuel Gurney 1827 1867 : War, ice & piracy : the remarkable career of a Victorian sailor : the journals and letters of Samuel Gurney Cresswell / edited by Dominick Harrod.     
      War, Ice & Piracy : The Remarkable Career Of A Victorian Sailor : The Journals And Letters Of Samuel Departmental Locations; V 64 G72 C9   BOOK 2000
Cresswell Sarah Elizabeth : Home, sweet home? : issues and problems with the registration and inspection of private and voluntary homes with some West German comparisons.     
      Home, Sweet Home? : Issues And Problems With The Registration And Inspection Of Private And Voluntar BJL; T/H 1989 M.A. C9   THESIS 1989
Cresswell Stephen Edward : Mormons & cowboys, moonshiners & Klansmen : federal law enforcement in the South & West, 1870-1893.     
      Mormons & Cowboys, Moonshiners & Klansmen : Federal Law Enforcement In The South & West, 1870-1893. BJL; HV 8138 C9   BOOK 1991
Cresswell Tim    
      Engaging Film : Geographies Of Mobility And Identity BJL; PN 1994 E5   BOOK c2002
      Geographic Thought A Critical Introduction Online materials  EBOOKS 2013
      Geographic Thought : A Critical Introduction BJL; GF 21 C9   BOOK 2013
      Geographies Of Mobilities Practices, Spaces, Subjects Online materials  EBOOKS 2011
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Cresswick Mr : The busy body / [Susanna Centlivre] ; The commissary.     
      The Busy Body Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1771/11/01)   PLAYBILL 1771
Cressy David    
      Birth, Marriage, And Death : Ritual, Religion, And The Life-Cycle In Tudor And Stuart England. BJL; DA 320 C9   BOOK 1997
      Bonfires And Bells : National Memory And The Protestant Calendar In Elizabethan And Stuart England. BJL; DA 380 C9   BOOK 1989
      Coming Over : Migration And Communication Between England New England In The Seventeenth Century. BJL; F 7 C9   BOOK 1987
      Dangerous Talk : Scandalous, Seditious, And Treasonable Speech In Pre-Modern England BJL; HV 6295 G7 C9   BOOK 2010
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Cressy Edmund    
      Captivity Improved To Spiritual Purposes. Or Spiritual Directions, Given To Prisoners Of All Sorts W Online materials  EBOOKS 1675
      Spiritual Directions For Hospitals, Houses Of Correction, And Prisons : Particularly Suited To The C Online materials  EBOOKS 1675
      Spiritual Directions For Prisons, Houses Of Correction, And Hospitals : Particularly Suited To The C Online materials  EBOOKS 1676
Cressy Edward : An outline of industrial history, with special reference to problems of the present day.     
      An Outline Of Industrial History, With Special Reference To Problems Of The Present Day. BJL; HC 253 C9   BOOK 1915
Cressy Robert : Pollution as a factor of production : some implictions for firm behaviour.     
      Pollution As A Factor Of Production : Some Implictions For Firm Behaviour. BJL; q HB 1 N53(14)   BOOK 1976
Cressy Robert C : Small firm insolvency : the bank's decision problem.     
      Small Firm Insolvency : The Bank's Decision Problem. BJL; q HF 5001 W29(4)   BOOK 1991
Cressy Serenus : Holy wisdom, or, Directions for the prayer of contemplation / extracted by A. Baker, methodically digested by S. Cressy, now edited by Abbot Sweeney.     
      Holy Wisdom, Or, Directions For The Prayer Of Contemplation BJL; BV 5030 B1   BOOK 1948
Cressy Serenus 1605 1674    
      The Church-History Of Brittany From The Beginning Of Christianity To The Norman Conquest : Under Rom Online materials  EBOOKS 1668
      A Collection Of Several Treatises In Answer To Dr. Stillingfleet : Viz. 1. Fanaticism Fanatically Im Online materials  EBOOKS 1672
      Dr. Stillingfleets Principles : Giving An Account Of The Faith Of Protestants Online materials  EBOOKS 1671
      An Epistle Apologetical Of S.C. To A Person Of Honour : Touching His Vindication Of Dr. Stillingflee Online materials  EBOOKS 1674
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Cresti Carlo    
      Le Corbusier : La Capell Di Ronchaup. BJL; q N 5301 F72(58)   BOOK 1965
      Il Duomo Di Colonia. BJL; q N 5301 F72(57)   BOOK 1965
      Le Fontane Di Firenze. BJL; q NA 9415 F6 C9   BOOK 1982
      Il Palazzo Di Cnosso. BJL; q N 5301 F72(48)   BOOK 1965
      Wright : Il Museo Guggenheim. BJL; q N 5301 F72(65)   BOOK 1965
Cresti E : Storia e teoria dell'interpunzione : atti del Convegno internazionale di studi, Firenze 19-21 maggio 1988 / a cura di E. Cresti, N. Maraschio, L. Toschi.     
      Storia E Teoria Dell'interpunzione : Atti Del Convegno Internazionale Di Studi, Firenze 19-21 Maggio BJL; PC 4450 S8   BOOK 1992
  Crestien De Troyes -- See Chrétien, de Troyes, 12th cent.
Creston : La glu / 36 boix originaux de Creston.     
      La Glu BJL; PQ 2387 R4 G5   BOOK 1931
Creston R Y : La briere / 24 boix originaux de R.Y. Creston.     
      La Briere BJL; PQ 2605 H36 B8   BOOK 1930
Creswell George : The harmonie of the lawe and the gospel : Wherin is plainly shewed, that howsoeuer they differ in time and some other circumstances, yet in substance they are one & the same. And by waie of application, the pretended antiquitie of Poperie is discouered, and found to be a meere nouelty: deliuered in a sermon at Pauls-crosse, the 9. of Aug. 1607. by George Cresvvell, minister of Gods word.     
      The Harmonie Of The Lawe And The Gospel : Wherin Is Plainly Shewed, That Howsoeuer They Differ In Ti Online materials  EBOOKS 1607
Creswell J David : Research design : qualitative, quantitative & mixed methods approaches / John W. Creswell & J. David Creswell.     
      Research Design : Qualitative, Quantitative & Mixed Methods Approaches BJL; H 62 C9   BOOK 2018
Creswell John : Naval warfare : an introductory study.     
      Naval Warfare : An Introductory Study. BJL; V 103 C9   BOOK 1936
Creswell John W    
      Designing And Conducting Mixed Methods Research BJL; H 62 C9   BOOK c2007
      Designing And Conducting Mixed Methods Research BJL; H 62 C9   BOOK c2011
      Educational Research : Planning, Conducting, And Evaluating Quantitative And Qualitative Research BJL; LB 1028 C9   BOOK c2008
      Educational Research : Planning, Conducting, And Evaluating Quantitative And Qualitative Research BJL; LB 1028 C9   BOOK 2014
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Creswell Lady : A letter from the Lady Creswell to Madam C., the midwife, on the publishing her late vindication, &c. : also, A whip for impudence, or, A lashing repartee to the snarling midwifes matchless rogue, being an answer to the rayling libel.     
      A Letter From The Lady Creswell To Madam C., The Midwife, On The Publishing Her Late Vindication, &c Online materials  EBOOKS 1680
Creswell Miranda : The shaping of the English landscape : an atlas of archaeology from the Bronze Age to Domesday Book / Chris Green and Miranda Creswell ; with contributions from Anwen Cooper [and ten others].     
      The Shaping Of The English Landscape : An Atlas Of Archaeology From The Bronze Age To Domesday Book BJL; q DA135 .G7   BOOK 2021
Creswell Thomas J : Usage in dictionaries and dictionaries of usage.     
      Usage In Dictionaries And Dictionaries Of Usage. BJL; PE 1408 C9   BOOK 1975
Creswick Mr    
      Abelard And Heloise Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1839/03/04)   PLAYBILL 1839
      Alexander The Great, Or, The Rival Queens Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1837/12/21)   PLAYBILL 1837
      Alexander The Great, Or, The Rival Queens Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1838/09/03)   PLAYBILL 1838
      Bertram, Or, The Castle Of St. Aldobrand Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1839/03/07)   PLAYBILL 1839
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Creswick Mrs    
      The Beacon Hill, Or, America In 1775 Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1838/08/30)   PLAYBILL 1838
      The King's Wager, Or, The Cottage And The Court Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1839/01/15)   PLAYBILL 1839
      The Old English Gentleman, Or, Two Days At The Hall Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1838/09/07)   PLAYBILL 1838
      Rory O'More Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1839/01/11)   PLAYBILL 1839
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Creswick Richard J : Superconductivity / Charles P. Poole, Jr., Horacio A. Farach, Richard J. Creswick.     
      Superconductivity BJL; QC 612 S8 P8   BOOK 1995
Creswicke L : South Africa and its future.     
      South Africa And Its Future. BJL; DT 761 C9   BOOK  
Creswicke Louis : The life of the Right Honourable Joseph Chamberlain.     
      The Life Of The Right Honourable Joseph Chamberlain. BJL; DA 565 C4 C9   BOOK 1904
Cresy Edward : The architectural antiquities of Rome.     
      The Architectural Antiquities Of Rome. BJL; lf NA 310 T2   BOOK 1821
Creten J : Werk-in-uitvoering : momentopnamen van de sociolinguistiek in Belgie en Nederland / J. Creten, G. Geerts & K. Jaspaert (eds.).     
      Werk-In-Uitvoering : Momentopnamen Van De Sociolinguistiek In Belgie En Nederland BJL; PF 73 W4   BOOK 1986
Cretin G : Oeuvres poetiques.     
      Oeuvres Poetiques. BJL; PQ 1607 C8 A1   BOOK  
Cretney Antonia : Punishing violence / Antonia Cretney and Gwynn Davis.     
      Punishing Violence BJL; HV 6493 C9   BOOK 1995
Cretney Stephen Michael    
      Children : The Modern Law BJL; KD 204 B1   BOOK 1993
      Cretney And Probert's Family Law BJL; KD 204 C9   BOOK 2015
      Cretney's Family Law BJL; KD 204 C9   BOOK 2003
      Cretney's Family Law BJL; KD 204 C9   BOOK 2006
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