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Mark   Media Year
Daft Richard L    
      Building Management Skills : An Action-First Approach Online materials  EBOOKS 2014
      Building Management Skills : An Action-First Approach BJL; HD 31 D1   BOOK 2014
      Leadership BJL; HD 57.7 D1   BOOK c2011
      Management. BJL; HD 31 D1   BOOK 1997
6 additional entries    
Dafydd Ap Gwilym    
      Dafydd Ap Gwilym. BJL; PB 2273 D1 Z64   BOOK 1935
      Selected Poems. BJL; s PB 2273 D1 A2   BOOK 1971
Dafydd Sian Melangell : The Best British Short Stories 2014.     
      The Best British Short Stories 2014. Online materials; PR1309.S5B4 2014   EBOOKS 2014
Dag Gul : The body project : transhumanism, posthumanism and modification in twentieth century cyberpunk / Gul Dag.     
      The Body Project : Transhumanism, Posthumanism And Modification In Twentieth Century Cyberpunk Online materials  ETHESIS 2020
Dag Hammarskjold Foundation    
      Carbon Trading : A Critical Conversation On Climate Change, Privatisation And Power BJL; HC 79 A4 C2   BOOK 2006
      Development Dialogue : A Journal Of International Development Co-Operation. BJL; HB 199 D48   PERIODICAL 2002
      Technical Assistance Administration In East Africa. BJL; HC 517 E1 T1   BOOK 1973
Dag Hammarskjold Library    
      Official Publications Of Malaysia, Singapore, And Brunei In New York Libraries. South East Asian Collection; Z 3247 R7   BOOK 1971
      Status Of Women : A Select Bibliography, 1965-1975. BJL; q HQ 1115 S7   BOOK 1976
Daga Luigi : Opportunities for progress in systems, organisation and technology in prison administrations, especially with regard to automation and computer technology : [report of proceedings at the] 7th Conference of Directors of Prison Administrations / by L. Daga.     
      Opportunities For Progress In Systems, Organisation And Technology In Prison Administrations, Especi BJL; q HV 9638 C7   BOOK 1986
Dagan Hanokh    
      The Law And Ethics Of Restitution BJL; KT 200 D1   BOOK 2004
      Property : Values And Institutions BJL; K 720 D1   BOOK c2011
      Unjust Enrichment : A Study Of Private Law And Public Values. BJL; KT 200 D1   BOOK 1997
Daganzo Carlos : Multinomial probit : the theory and its application to demand forecasting.     
      Multinomial Probit : The Theory And Its Application To Demand Forecasting. BJL; HB 139 D1   BOOK 1979
Dagata Anna Lucia : Archaeologies of cult : essays on ritual and cult in Crete in honor of Geraldine C. Gesell / edited by Anna Lucia D'Agata and Aleydis Van de Moortel.     
      Archaeologies Of Cult : Essays On Ritual And Cult In Crete In Honor Of Geraldine C. Gesell BJL; q DF221.C8 A734 2009   BOOK 2009
Dagata Michele : Catania in camicia nera e defascistizzata.     
      Catania In Camicia Nera E Defascistizzata. BJL; DG 975 C28 D1   BOOK 1985
Dagblad De Locomotief : Jan Pieterszoon Coen, bij de herdenking.     
      Jan Pieterszoon Coen, Bij De Herdenking. South East Asian Collection; lf DS 642.22 C6   BOOK 1929
Dagen Jean    
      L'histoire De L'esprit Humain Dans La Pensée Française De Fontenelle à Condorcet. BJL; B 1925 H6 D1   BOOK 1977
      Introduction A La Connaissance De L'esprit Humain; Fragments; Reflexions Critiques; Reflections Et M BJL; PQ 2068 V25 A2   BOOK 1981
      Nouveaux Dialogues Des Morts BJL; PQ 1797 F7 D7   BOOK 1971
      Produits De La Civilisation Perfectionee; Maximes Et Pensees, Caracteres Et Anecdotes BJL; PQ 1963 C4 A2   BOOK 1968
Dagen Philippe    
      Gauguin : Maker Of Myth BJL; q ND 472 G26 G2   BOOK 2010
      George Grosz : Berlin - New York BJL; q ND 485 G87 J5   BOOK 2008
Dagenais Bernard : Media, crisis and democracy : mass communication and the disruption of social order / edited by Marc Raboy and Bernard Dagenais.     
      Media, Crisis And Democracy : Mass Communication And The Disruption Of Social Order BJL; P 95.8 M4   BOOK 1992
Dagenais Gerard : Reflexions sur nos facons d'ecrire et de parler.     
      Reflexions Sur Nos Facons D'ecrire Et De Parler. BJL; PC 2410 D1   BOOK 1959-
Dagenais James J : Models of man.     
      Models Of Man. BJL; BD 450 D1   BOOK 1972
Dagenais John : The ethics of reading in manuscript culture : glossing the "Libro de buen amor".     
      The Ethics Of Reading In Manuscript Culture : Glossing The "Libro De Buen Amor". BJL; PQ 6430 D1   BOOK 1994
Dagenbach Dale : Inhibitory processes in attention, memory, and language / edited by Dale Dagenbach, Thomas H. Carr.     
      Inhibitory Processes In Attention, Memory, And Language BJL; BF 321 I5   BOOK 1994
Dagenham Mechanics Institute : The advance from Tolpuddle.     
      The Advance From Tolpuddle. BJL; HD 8383 B8   BOOK 1947
Dager Abraham Sir : Trattato dell' artiglieria. English. 1683     
      A General Treatise Of Artillery, Or, Great Ordnance Online materials  EBOOKS 1683
Dager Edward Z : Socialization, process, product and change / ed. by E.Z. Dager.     
      Socialization, Process, Product And Change BJL; HQ 783 S6   BOOK 1971
Dagerman Stig Halvard    
      Begarets Irrvagar : Existentiell Tematill I Stig Dagermans Texter. BJL; PT 9875 D12 Z65   BOOK 1986
      A Burnt Child BJL; PT 9875 D12 B8   BOOK 1990
      Brant Barn : Roman. BJL; PT 9875 D12 B8   BOOK 1982
      Brant Barn : Roman. BJL; PT 9875 D12 B8   BOOK 1959
22 additional entries    
Dagermann Stig Halvard : Vart behov av trost : prosa och poesi, en volym / sammerstalld av O. Lagercrantz.     
      Vart Behov Av Trost : Prosa Och Poesi, En Volym BJL; PT 9875 D12 A1   BOOK 1963
Dages Jacqueline : Du cote de chez Swann : Proust.     
      Du Cote De Chez Swann : Proust. BJL; PQ 2631 R86 Z62   BOOK 1990
Daget Michel : Repertoire des expeditions negrieres francaises au XVIIIe siecle / edite par S. [et M.] Daget.     
      Repertoire Des Expeditions Negrieres Francaises Au XVIIIe Siecle BJL; HT 1176 M5   BOOK 1984
Daget Serge    
      Répertoire Des Expéditions Négrières Françaises À La Traite Illégale (1814-1850) Departmental Locations; HT 1176 D1   BOOK 1988
      Repertoire Des Expeditions Negrieres Francaises Au XVIIIe Siecle BJL; HT 1176 M5   BOOK 1984
      La Répression De La Traite Des Noirs Au XIXe Siècle : L'action Des Croisières Françaises Sur Les Departmental Locations; HT 1177 D1   BOOK c1997
      Les Traites Négrières En Afrique Departmental Locations; HT 1321 R3   BOOK c1985
Daggar George : Increased production from a worker's point of view.     
      Increased Production From A Worker's Point Of View. BJL; HD 4945 D1   BOOK 1920
Dagger Richard    
      Civic Virtues : Rights, Citizenship, And Republican Liberalism. BJL; JC 571 D1   BOOK 1997
      Political Ideologies And The Democratic Ideal BJL; JA 81 B1   BOOK 1991
Dagget George : The estate of the poor in Sion College London / truly stated by George Dagget ... in a letter to a friend.     
      The Estate Of The Poor In Sion College London Online materials  EBOOKS 1688
Daggett Cara New 1980 : The birth of energy : fossil fuels, thermodynamics, and the politics of work / Cara New Daggett.     
      The Birth Of Energy : Fossil Fuels, Thermodynamics, And The Politics Of Work Online materials; HD9502.A2 D344 2019   EBOOKS 2019
Daggett Harriet Spiller : Comparative Studies in Community Property Law.     
      Comparative Studies In Community Property Law. BJL; KT 200 C7   BOOK 1977
Daggett Julie A : Beyond the autism diagnosis : a professional's guide to helping families / by Marion O'Brien and Julie A. Daggett.     
      Beyond The Autism Diagnosis : A Professional's Guide To Helping Families BJL; RC 553 A88 O1   BOOK c2006
Daggett Stuart : Chapters on the history of the Southern Pacific.     
      Chapters On The History Of The Southern Pacific. BJL; HE 2791 S7 D1   BOOK 1966
Dagher Joseph Assaad : Sudanese bibliography : Arabic Souces, 1875-1967.     
      Sudanese Bibliography : Arabic Souces, 1875-1967. BJL; DT 108 D1   BOOK 1968
Dagher Nada Tomiche : Textes inedits et variantes; publies / par N. T. Dagher.     
      Textes Inedits Et Variantes; Publies BJL; DC 214 D1   BOOK 1955
Dagincour Francois : Pieces de clavecin.     
      Pieces De Clavecin. BJL; q M 22 D11   PRINTED MUSIC 1969
Dagkas Symeon : Inclusion and exclusion through youth sport / edited by Symeon Dagkas and Kathleen Armour.     
      Inclusion And Exclusion Through Youth Sport BJL; GV 709.2 I3   BOOK c2012
Dagleish Andrew : Report of the Commission appointed to enquire into the advancement of Africans in industry.     
      Report Of The Commission Appointed To Enquire Into The Advancement Of Africans In Industry. BJL; HD 8823.5 N8   BOOK 1948
Dagley Stanley    
      Bacteria And The Biochemist. BJL; QR 84 D1   BOOK 1965
      An Introduction To Metabolic Pathway. BJL; q QP 171 D1   BOOK 1970
Daglish Eric Fitch : The natural history of Selborne / ed by E.M. Nicholson.     
      The Natural History Of Selborne BJL; QH 104 S4 W5   BOOK 1929
Daglish Ian : Operation Goodwood : over the battlefield.     
      Operation Goodwood : Over The Battlefield. BJL; D 756.5 B65 D1   BOOK 2005
Daglish Neil D : Education policy-making in England and Wales : the crucible years, 1895-1911.     
      Education Policy-Making In England And Wales : The Crucible Years, 1895-1911. BJL; LC 93 G7 D1   BOOK 1996
Daglish Robert : The grass of oblivion.     
      The Grass Of Oblivion. BJL; PG 3476 K4 T7   BOOK 1969
Daglish Robert S : Modern history of the Arab countries / edited by R.Daglish.     
      Modern History Of The Arab Countries BJL; DS 62.4 L9   BOOK 1969
Dagmar Johannes Gerardus Maria : Aborigines and poverty : a study of interethnic relations and culture conflict in a Western Australian town.     
      Aborigines And Poverty : A Study Of Interethnic Relations And Culture Conflict In A Western Australi BJL; GN 667 W5 D1   BOOK 1978
Dagnall R M : Atomic absorption spectroscopy : plenary lectures presented at the international atomic.     
      Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy : Plenary Lectures Presented At The International Atomic. BJL; QC 437 I6   BOOK 1970
Dagnan Dave 1960    
      Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy For People With Learning Disabilities BJL; RC 489 C63 C6   BOOK 1997
      Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy For People With Learning Disabilities Online materials  EBOOKS 1997
Dagneaud Robert : Le vocabulaire grammatical.     
      Le Vocabulaire Grammatical. BJL; PC 2107 D1   BOOK 1965
Dagnell Vaughan : Human rights are our rights [videorecording] : two short films to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.     
      Human Rights Are Our Rights Two Short Films To Celebrate The 60th Anniversary Of The Universal Decla Departmental Locations; JC 571 H9   DVD c2008
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