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Dawkins Marian Stamp    
      Ethics In Research On Animal Behaviour : Readings From Animal Behaviour BJL; QL 751 E8   BOOK 1991
      An Introduction To Animal Behaviour BJL; QL 751 M2   BOOK 1998
      Through Our Eyes Only? : The Search For Animal Consciousness. BJL  BOOK 1993
      Through Our Eyes Only? The Search For Animal Consciousness Online materials; QL785.25 .D375 1998   EBOOKS 1998
      Unravelling Animal Behaviour. BJL; QL 751 D2   BOOK 1995
Dawkins Peter : The quality of British management : Asia-Pacific perceptions / Lawson Savery, Peter Dawkins and Tim Mazzarol.     
      The Quality Of British Management : Asia-Pacific Perceptions BJL; q HF 5001 W29(228)   BOOK 1996
Dawkins R M Richard Mcgillivray 1871 1955    
      Modern Greek In Asia Minor. BJL; PA 1200 D2   BOOK  
      The Monks Of Athos. BJL; BX 385 D2   BOOK  
      The Sanctuary Of Artemis Orthia At Sparta. BJL; DF 11 S67 S9(5)   BOOK 1929
Dawkins Richard : The Oxford Book Of Modern Science Writing Richard Dawkins     
      The Oxford Book Of Modern Science Writing BJL; ENGB 711   THESIS 2009
Dawkins Richard 1941    
      The Blind Watchmaker BJL; QH 366.2 D2   BOOK 1986
      The Blind Watchmaker : Why The Evidence Of Evolution Reveals A Universe Without Design BJL; QH 366.2 D2   BOOK 2006
      Climbing Mount Improbable. BJL  BOOK 1997
      The Extended Phenotype : The Gene As The Unit Of Selection. BJL; QH 375 D2   BOOK c1982
12 additional entries    
Dawkins William Boyd    
      The British Pleistocene Mamalia. BJL; q QE 701 P15 D2   BOOK 1962
      Cave Hunting. BJL; GN 784.3 A1 D2   BOOK 1973
Dawley Alan : Class and community : the Industrial Revolution in Lynn.     
      Class And Community : The Industrial Revolution In Lynn. BJL; HD 8039 B72 U5   BOOK 1976
Dawley Herbert M 1880 1970 : History of animation: [videorecording] : origins of American animation (1900-1921).     
      History Of Animation: Origins Of American Animation (1900-1921). BJL; NC 1766 U5 H6   DVD c2005
Dawley Powel Mills    
      John Whitgift And The Reformation. BJL; BX 5199 W535 D2   BOOK 1955
      Report Of The Anglican Congress, 1954. BJL; BX 5021 A5   BOOK 1955
Dawley Thomas Robinson : The child that toileth not : the story of a government investigation.     
      The Child That Toileth Not : The Story Of A Government Investigation. BJL; HD 6250 U5 D2   BOOK 1912
Dawlman Robert 1659 : [Printer's device and imprint from The art of contentment].     
      [Printer's Device And Imprint From The Art Of Contentment]. Online materials  EBOOKS 1629
Dawn C Ernest : From Ottomanism to Arabism : essays on the origins of Arab nationalism.     
      From Ottomanism To Arabism : Essays On The Origins Of Arab Nationalism. BJL; DS 63.6 D2   BOOK 1973
Dawn Marpessa : Orfeu negro [videorecording] = Black Orpheus / directed by Marcel Camus.     
      Orfeu Negro Black Orpheus BJL; PN 1997 O675   DVD
Dawnay N P : Military drawings and paintings in the collection of Her Majesty the Queen / by A. E. Haswell Miller and N. P. Dawnay     
      Military Drawings And Paintings In The Collection Of Her Majesty The Queen BJL; q N 1025 M6   BOOK 1970
Dawood Mohammad : Correction techniques in emission tomography / edited by Mohammad Dawood, Xiaoyi Jiang, Klaus Schafers.     
      Correction Techniques In Emission Tomography Online materials  EBOOKS c2012
Dawood N J    
      The Koran : A Translation BJL; BP 109 D2   BOOK 1978
      The Koran : With A Parallel Arabic Text BJL; BP 109 D2   BOOK 1990
      The Muqaddimah : An Introduction To History BJL; D 16.7 I1   BOOK 1967
Dawood Nawaz : Issues in the struggle for justice, by F. Thakurdas and N. Dawood.     
      Issues In The Struggle For Justice, By F. Thakurdas And N. Dawood. BJL; JQ 281 T4   BOOK 1975
Daws Dilys    
      The Child Psychotherapist And Problems Of Young People BJL; RJ 504 C5   BOOK 1988
      Through The Night : Helping Parents And Sleepless Infants. BJL; RJ 506 S55 D2   BOOK 1993
Daws Sam    
      The Oxford Handbook On The United Nations BJL; JZ 4970 O9   BOOK 2007
      The Oxford Handbook On The United Nations Online materials; JZ4986   EBOOKS 2009
      The Oxford Handbook On The United Nations BJL; JZ 4970 O9   BOOK 2018
      The Oxford Handbook On The United Nations Online materials; JZ4970 .O93 2018   EBOOKS 2018
2 additional entries    
      Civil Service Of Canada Online materials  EBOOKS 1914
      Examinations Before Trial In State Courts Online materials  EBOOKS 1946
      Felony Sentencing And Jail Characteristics Online materials  EBOOKS 1993
      International Law National Tribunals And The Rights Of Aliens Online materials  EBOOKS 1971
3 additional entries    
Dawson A    
      The Nature And Distribution Of Lake Types In The Colville River Delta, Alaska. BJL; q G 2 E23 R4(11)   BOOK 1977
      Understanding Pure And Applied Maths For Advanced Level Education Resources; QA 39.2 D2   BOOK 1990
Dawson A J : Britain's life-boats : the story of a century of heroic service.     
      Britain's Life-Boats : The Story Of A Century Of Heroic Service. Departmental Locations; VK 1473 D2   BOOK 1923
Dawson Alan : 55 days : the fall of South Vietnam.     
      55 Days : The Fall Of South Vietnam. South East Asian Collection; DS 557.7 D2   BOOK 1977
Dawson Alastair G    
      Glacier-Dammed Lake Investigations In The Hullet Lake Area, South Greenland. BJL; QE 197 M482(11)   BOOK 1983
      Global Climate Change. BJL  BOOK 1992
      Ice Age Earth : Late Quaternary Geology And Climate. BJL; QE 697 D2   BOOK 1992
      Shorelines And Isostasy. BJL; GB 451.2 S5   BOOK 1983
Dawson Alison Jane : Modification of cardiovascular risk in insulin resistant states.     
      Modification Of Cardiovascular Risk In Insulin Resistant States. BJL; T/H 2012 M.D. D2   THESIS 2012
Dawson Amy L : Paper microfluidics for clinical diagnostics using colourimetric detection methods / Amy Dawson.     
      Paper Microfluidics For Clinical Diagnostics Using Colourimetric Detection Methods BJL; T/H 2014 Ph.D. D2   THESIS 2014
Dawson Andrew 1962    
      After Writing Culture : Epistemology And Praxis In Contemporary Anthropology BJL; GN 345 A2   BOOK 1997
      Migrants Of Identity : Perceptions Of Home In A World Of Movement BJL; HB 1951 M6   BOOK 1998
Dawson Andrew H    
      A Geography Of European Integration. BJL; HC 240 D2   BOOK 1993
      Planning In Eastern Europe BJL; HC 244 P7   BOOK 1987
Dawson Angus    
      Ethics, Prevention, And Public Health BJL; RA 427.25 E8   BOOK 2007
      Public Health Ethics : Key Concepts And Issues In Policy And Practice BJL; RA427.25 .P8285 2011   BOOK 2011
Dawson Anne : Owen Wingrave [videorecording] / libretto by Myfanwy Piper ; adapted from the story by Henry James.     
      Owen Wingrave BJL; M 1503 B85 O9   DVD 2003
Dawson Anthony 1916 1992    
      Dial M For Murder BJL; PN 1997 D5368   DVD 2004
      Dial M For Murder BJL; PN 1997 D5368   DVD 2009
Dawson Anthony B    
      The Culture Of Playgoing In Shakespeare's England : A Collaborative Debate BJL; PR 3095 D2   BOOK 2001
      Hamlet. BJL; PR 2807 D2   BOOK 1997
      Richard II BJL; PR 2752 O9 R4   BOOK 2011
      Tamburlaine : Parts One And Two BJL; PR 2669 D2   BOOK c1997
4 additional entries    
Dawson Ashley : Mongrel Nation : Diasporic Culture and the Making of Postcolonial Britain / Ashley Dawson.     
      Mongrel Nation : Diasporic Culture And The Making Of Postcolonial Britain Online materials  EBOOKS 2007
Dawson B E : Kinetics and mechanisms of reactions.     
      Kinetics And Mechanisms Of Reactions. Education Resources; QD 501 K5 D2   BOOK 1973
Dawson B E Chemistry Teacher    
      Energy In Chemistry : An Approach To Thermodynamics. BJL; QD 501 T4 D2   BOOK 1971
      Practical Inorganic Chemistry. BJL; QD 155 D2   BOOK 1967
Dawson Barry    
      Street Graphics New York BJL  BOOK 2003
      The Traditional Architecture Of Indonesia South East Asian Collection; (WP) NA 1265 D2   BOOK 1994
      Traditional Indonesian Textiles South East Asian Collection; q NK 8850 G5   BOOK 1992
Dawson Beth : Basic & clinical biostatistics / Beth Dawson, Robert G. Trapp.     
      Basic & Clinical Biostatistics BJL; QH 323.5 D2   BOOK 2001
Dawson Bowling Paul : The Wagner experience : and its meaning to us / Paul Dawson-Bowling.     
      The Wagner Experience : And Its Meaning To Us BJL; ML 410 W16 D2   BOOK 2013
Dawson C A : The settlement of the Peace River Country.     
      The Settlement Of The Peace River Country. BJL; GF 911 D2   BOOK  
Dawson Carl    
      His Fine Wit : A Study Of Thomas Love Peacock. BJL; PR 5164 D2   BOOK 1970
      Matthew Arnold, Prose Writings, The Critical Heritage. BJL; PR 4024 M4   BOOK 1979
      Matthew Arnold : The Poetry : The Critical Heritage BJL; PR 4024 M4   BOOK 1973
      Victorian Noon : English Literature In 1850. BJL; PR 461 D2   BOOK 1979
Dawson Catherine    
      Introduction To Research Methods : A Practical Guide For Anyone Undertaking A Research Project BJL; Q 180.55 M4 D2   BOOK 2009
      Introduction To Research Methods A Practical Guide For Anyone Undertaking A Research Project Online materials  EBOOKS 2009
      Introduction To Research Methods : A Practical Guide For Anyone Undertaking A Research Project BJL; Q 180.55 M4 D2   BOOK 2009
      Introduction To Research Methods A Practical Guide For Anyone Undertaking A Research Project Online materials  EBOOKS 2009
      A Practical Guide To Research Methods : A User-Friendly Manual For Mastering Research Techniques And BJL; Q 180.55 M4 D2   BOOK 2007
Dawson Chris    
      Evaluation Of The WRFE Programme BJL; q HD 4831 D4 R41(55)   BOOK 1995
      People In Organisations. BJL  BOOK 1989
Dawson Chris Mb Bs    
      ABC Of Urology BJL; q RC 871 A3   BOOK 1997
      ABC Of Urology. Online materials  EBOOKS 2012
Dawson Christian W    
      The Essence Of Computing Projects : A Student's Guide. BJL; QA 76.27 D2   BOOK 1999
      Projects In Computing And Information Systems : A Student's Guide BJL; QA 76 D2   BOOK c2005
      Projects In Computing And Information Systems : A Student's Guide Online materials  EBOOKS 2015
      Projects In Computing And Information Systems : A Student's Guide BJL; QA 76 D2   BOOK 2015
Dawson Christopher 1889 1970    
      The Age Of The Gods : A Study In The Origins Of Culture In Prehistoric Europe And The Ancient East. BJL; GN 310 D2   BOOK 1928
      Christianity And Sex. BJL; PR 1 C9 M6 (13)   BOOK 1930
      The Dividing Of Christendom. BJL; BR 290 D2   BOOK 1971
      The Dynamics Of World History BJL; D 16.7 D2   BOOK 1957
12 additional entries    
Dawson Christopher M    
      The Seven Against Thebes; A Translated By C.M. Dawson. BJL; PA 3836 D2   BOOK 1970
      Studies In Latin Poetry BJL; PA 1 Y17 S9 (21)   BOOK 1969
Dawson Clara : Victorian poetry and the culture of evaluation [electronic resource] / Clara Dawson.     
      Victorian Poetry And The Culture Of Evaluation Online materials; PR591 .D39 2020   EBOOKS 2020
Dawson Colin    
      How To Face A Class : A Practical Guide To Classroom Teaching In Schools And Colleges. BJL; JHC D2   BOOK 1981
      Teaching English As A Foreign Language : A Practical Guide. BJL; YA4 D2   BOOK 1984
Dawson D : The Mexican adventure.     
      The Mexican Adventure. BJL; F 1226 D2   BOOK  
Dawson D A    
      Personal Taxation Incentives And Tax Reform. BJL; HJ 4629 B8   BOOK 1969
      Revenue And Equalization In Australia, Canada, West Germany And The USA. BJL; HJ 2321 D2   BOOK 1973
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