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100 1  Foxe, Luke,|d1586-1635. 
245 00 North-vvest Fox, or, Fox from the North-west passage :
       |bBeginning vvith King Arthur, Malga, Octhur, the two 
       Zeni's of Iseland, Estotiland, and Dorgia; following with 
       briefe abstracts of the voyages of Cabot, Frobisher, Davis,
       Waymouth, Knight, Hudson, Button, Gibbons, Bylot, Baffin, 
       Hawkridge ... Mr. Iames Hall's three voyages to Groynland,
       with a topographicall description of the countries, the 
       salvages lives and treacheries, how our men have beene 
       slayne by them there, with the commodities of all those 
       parts ... demonstrated in a polar card, wherein are all 
       the maines, seas, and ilands, herein mentioned. With the 
       author his owne voyage, being the XVIth. with the opinions
       and collections of the most famous mathematicians, and 
       cosmographers ...  By Captaine Luke Foxe of Kingstone vpon
       Hull, capt. and pylot for the voyage, in his Majesties 
       Pinnace the Charles. Printed by his Majesties command. 
246 2  North-west Fox 
246 2  Fox from the North-west passage. 
260    London :|bPrinted by B. Alsop and Tho. Favvcet, dwelling 
       in Grubstreet [for M. Sparke],|c1635. 
300    [12], 79, 100-269, [3] p., folded plate :|bill., map 
500    Publisher's name from STC. 
500    Reproduction of the original in the Newberry Library. 
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651  0 Northwest Passage|vEarly works to 1800. 
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