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Gentleman In Distress : A scene of corruption discover'd [electronic resource] : with some particulars of a melancholy place : in a letter to the Right Honourable Philip Lord Hardwick, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain / by a gentleman in distress.  1737? 1
Gentleman In Dort : The copy of a letter from a gentleman in Dort to a member of the House of Commons in London / translated out of Dutch.  1692 1
Gentleman In Dublin   2
Gentleman In His Army   2
Gentleman In London   3
Gentleman In Manchester : A letter from a gentleman in Manchester to his friend concerning a notorious blasphemer who died in despair &c.  1694 1
Gentleman In Northampton : A more exact and perfect relation of the great victory (by Gods providence) obtained by the Parliaments forces under command of Sir Tho. Fairfax in Naisby field, on Saturday 14. June 1645. : Where His Majesties army was utterly routed, and all his infantry taken, with many of his horse, bag and baggage, ordnance, armes, and ammunition, and what losse was on both sides: with the number of officers and souldiers taken prisoner. Being a letter from a gentleman in Northampton, to his friend in London. Published by command.  1645 1
Gentleman In Oxford : A letter sent from a gentleman in Oxford, to his friend in London : concerning the iustice of the King's cause, and the unequall proceedings of those against him, who are now found to be the enemies of our peace and happinesse : or a short character of the actions of our new state-reformers, in which the seduced people may see to whom to impute the beginning of these miserable distractions, and the continuance thereof.  1646 1
Gentleman In Scotland : Five letters from a gentleman in Scotland to his friend in London : being a true account of what remarkable passages have happened since the Prince's landing, the manner of the taking of the Chancellor, and his lady in mans apparel, the burning of the Pope, demolishing of the popish chapels, &c. with the total overthrow of the Roman Catholicks : Edinburgh, Decemb. 3. 1688.  1689 1
Gentleman In The City   4
Gentleman In The Countrey   2
Gentleman In The Country   12
Gentleman In The Country And One Of His Majesties Justices Of The Peace : A letter to a lawyer : containing an essay to prove the compassing and imagination of the death of the King's brother and heir to be high-treason within 25 Ed. 3 / written by a gentleman in the country, and one of His Majesties justices of the peace for the county of -----.  1685 1
Gentleman In The Honourable East India Companys Service : Private remarks in a voyage from England to China [electronic resource] : in the ship, Lord Macartney, Captain James Hay, in the years 1785 and 1786 : with an accurate account of the Chinese coins, weights, measures, manners, customs, &c. &c. / by a Gentleman in the Honourable East India Company's service.  1787 1
Gentleman In The Law : A table of interest, as allowed by law to be taken by pawnbrokers, for money lent on goods.. / By a gentleman in the law.  1750? 1
Gentleman In Town   2
Gentleman In Trade : Observations on, and a short history of Irish banks and bankers [electronic resource] / by a gentleman in trade.  1760 1
Gentleman In Whites Chocolate House : A letter from a gentleman in White's Chocolate-House to his friend at the Smyrna Coffee-House [electronic resource].  1725 1
Gentleman In Worcestershire : A letter from a gentleman in Worcestershire to a member of Parliament in London [electronic resource].  1727 1
Gentleman In Yorkshire : A letter from a gentleman in Yorkshire, to his country-man in London, concerning the Duke of Leeds : with an answer to the said letter.  1695 1
Gentleman Judith : Mexican politics in transition / edited by J. Gentleman.  1987 1
Gentleman Lately Arrivd   2
Gentleman Lately Arrivd There From Ireland   2
Gentleman Long Resident In India : Reflections on the present state of our East India affairs [electronic resource] : with many interesting anecdotes, never before made public / by a gentleman long resident in India.  1764 1
Gentleman Many Years Connected With The Firm : Memoirs of the late Philip Rundell, Esq [electronic resource] : goldsmith and jeweller to His Majesty and the Royal family, late of the Golden Salmon, Ludgate Hill, who by industry and perseverance accumulated the immense fortune of one million and a half : interspersed with anecdotes, to which is added, his will / by a gentleman many years connected with the firm.  1827 1
Gentleman Not Concernd : The case of the unfortunate Bosavern Penlez [electronic resource] / by a gentleman not concern'd.  1750 1
Gentleman Now Resident In The Court Of Spaine : A faithful subjects sigh, on the universally-lamented death, and tragicall end, of that virtuous and pious prince, our most gracious soveraigne, Charles I. King of Great Brittaine, : most barbarously butchered by his rebellious subjects. / By a gentleman now resident in the court of Spaine.  1649 1
Gentleman Now Residing There   3
Gentleman Of America : Some considerations on the consequences of the French settling colonies on the Mississippi [electronic resource] : with respect to the trade and safety of the English plantations in America and the West-Indies / by a gentleman of America, to his friend in London.  1720 1
Gentleman Of Barbadoes   2
Gentleman Of Boston : Instruction pour les bergers et pour les propri√©taires de troupeaux. English  1811 1
Gentleman Of Cambridge   3
Gentleman Of Experience : The economist [electronic resource] : shewing, in a variety of estimates, from fourscore pounds a year to upwards of 800 ¬£. how comfortably and genteely a family may live with frugality for a little money : together with the cheapest method of keeping horses and carriages / by a gentleman of experience.  1777 1
Gentleman Of Florence : Practises touching the state of France, discouered by an Italian, a gentleman of Florence  1575 1
Gentleman Of Good Worth : Strange and bloody nevves from Miniard: or A bloodie massacre upon five Protestants by a company of papists, : meeting them as they were going to Miniard to take ship for Ireland. Also how they first encountred them, and how after some discourse upon religion, cruelly murdered them. As also, how they were taken, and carryed to Bristow Castle. With the copy of a letter found in one of their dublets, directed to the Bishop of Canterburie. As it was credibly reported by a gentleman of good worth, being an eyewitness to the same, and by the swiftness of his horse, escaped their bloodie hands,  1642 1
Gentleman Of Good Worth Being An Eye Witness : Strange and bloody nevves from Miniard, or, A bloodie massacre vpon five Protestants by a company of papists : meeting them as they were going to Miniard to take ship for Ireland : also how they first encountred them and how after some discourse upon religion cruelly mnrdered [sic] them : as also how they were taken and carryed to Bristow Castle with the copy of a letter found in one of their dublets directed to the Bishop of Canterbvrie / as it was credibly reported by a gentleman of good worth ...  1642 1
Gentleman Of Good Worth Now Resident In London   2
Gentleman Of Grays Inn : Considerations on a rental-tax, instead of what has been called the land tax [electronic resource] / by a gentleman of Gray's-Inn.  1782? 1
Gentleman Of Great Quality   2
Gentleman Of His Acquaintance : The Charitable Samaritan, or, A short and impartial account of that eminent and publick-spirited citizen Mr. Tho. Firmin : who departed this life on Monday Dec. 20, 1697 / by a gentleman of his acquaintance.  1698 1
Gentleman Of Ireland : The present settlement vindicated, and the late mis-government proved : in answer to a seditious letter from a pretended loyal member of the Church of England to a relenting abdicator / by a gentleman of Ireland.  1690 1
Gentleman Of Lincolns Inn   3
Gentleman Of Lincolns Inn Active 18th Century : A dialogue between a country gentleman and a lawyer, upon the doctrine of distress for rent: shewing what things may and what may not be taken at common law ... / by a gentleman of Lincoln's Inn.  1772 1
Gentleman Of Lincolns Inn Active 1842 : Important suggestions in relation to the Irish poor law [electronic resource] : designed to ameliorate the condition of the labouring class, obviate dearth from the land, and provide fuel to the poor : with selections from the best authorities on agriculture, husbandry, and planting / by a gentleman of Lincoln's Inn.  1842? 1
Gentleman Of Long Experience And Practice : The lottery insurancer, or, A total discovery of every art necessary to constitute a skil[l]ful insurer [electronic resource] : illustrated with several practical rules and observations, which never fail to bestow abundant success : with several cautions, remarks, &c. which, when duly perused and attended to, will enable every insurer this lottery, to redeem his property lost in every unfortunate year / by a gentleman of long experience and practice ... .  1777 1
Gentleman Of Norfolk : An inquiry into the causes of the increased amount of the poor's rates [electronic resource] : with suggestions for reducing the expenditure, and equalizing the assessments / by a gentleman of Norfolk.  1817 1
Gentleman Of Note   2
Gentleman Of Oxford   2
Gentleman Of Quality   4
Gentleman Of Quality In The Army : A true copy of a letter from His Majesty's camp between Mecklin and Vilvoord in Flanders. : July 22. / Written by A gentleman of quality in the army, to a friend of his in London.  1693 1
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