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Hoenselaars A J 1956 : The Cambridge companion to Shakespeare and contemporary dramatists / edited by Ton Hoenselaars.     
      The Cambridge Companion To Shakespeare And Contemporary Dramatists BJL; PR 653 C1   BOOK c2012
Hoenselaars Ton : Vreemd volk : beeldvorming over buitenlanders in de vroegmoderne tijd / onder redactie van Harald Hendrix en Ton Hoenselaars.     
      Vreemd Volk : Beeldvorming Over Buitenlanders In De Vroegmoderne Tijd BJL; DJ 158 V9   BOOK 1998
Hoepffner E : Melanges.     
      Melanges. BJL; PC 40 H6   BOOK  
Hoepffner Ernest    
      Les Lais. BJL; PQ 1494 L2   BOOK 1921
      Les Lais De Marie De France. BJL; PQ 1495 H6   BOOK 1959
      Le Troubadour Peire Vidal : Sa Vie Et Son Oeuvre. BJL; PC 3330 P295 Z64   BOOK 1961
      Les Troubadours Dans Leur Vie Et Dans Leurs Oeuvres. BJL; PQ 199 H6   BOOK 1955
Hoepffner Ernest 1879    
      La Chanson De Sainte Foy. BJL; PC 3328 F7 H6   BOOK 1926
      La Folie Tristan D'Oxford BJL; PQ 1539 H6   BOOK 1943
      La Folie Tristan De Berne BJL; PQ 1539 H6   BOOK 1934
Hoepfner Ralph    
      The Analysis Of Intelligence BJL; BF 431 G9   BOOK 1971
      Intellectual Abilities Of Symbolic And Semantic Judgment BJL; BF 1 P974(624)   BOOK 1966
Hoepli V Bookseller : Autographen.     
      Autographen. BJL; Z42 H6   BOOK  
Hoer E W L : Examination of Grimsby trawl fishery.     
      Examination Of Grimsby Trawl Fishery. BJL; SH 201   BOOK  
Hoerder Dirk    
      Crowd Action In Revolutionary Massachusettes, 1765-1780. BJL; E 263 M4 H6   BOOK 1977
      European Migrants : Global And Local Perspectives BJL; JV 7590 E8   BOOK c1996
      People In Transit : German Migrations In Comparative Perspective, 1820-1930 BJL; DD 68 P4   BOOK 2002
      Society And Government, 1760-1780. BJL; JS 451 M4 H6   BOOK 1972
      What Is Migration History? Online materials  EBOOKS 2009
Hoerip Satyagraha    
      Cerita Pendek Indonesia South East Asian Collection; PL 5088 C4   BOOK 1986
      Cerita Pendek Indonesia South East Asian Collection; PL 5088 C4   BOOK 1986
      Cerita Pendek Indonesia South East Asian Collection; PL 5088 C4   BOOK 1986
      Cerita Pendek Indonesia South East Asian Collection; PL 5088 C4   BOOK 1986
      Sejumlah Masalah Sastra South East Asian Collection; PL 5081.8 S4   BOOK 1982
Hoerl Arthur : Reefer madness [videorecording] / directed by Louise J. Gasnier.     
      Reefer Madness BJL  DVD 2003
Hoerl Bryan G : Basic medical microbiology / by R.F. Boyd and B.G. Hoerl.     
      Basic Medical Microbiology BJL; QR 46 B7   BOOK 1977
Hoerle W Scott 1969 : Hans Friedrich Blunck : poet and Nazi collaborator, 1888-1961.     
      Hans Friedrich Blunck : Poet And Nazi Collaborator, 1888-1961. BJL; PT 2603 L91 Z64   BOOK c2003
Hoermann Albert : Die Dreigroschenoper [sound recording] / libretto by Bertolt Brecht.     
      Die Dreigroschenoper BJL; C/D 539   CD AUDIO p1966
Hoerner Heintze Suse Von : Madels im Kriegsdienst : ein Stück Leben.     
      Madels Im Kriegsdienst : Ein Stück Leben. BJL; D 639 W7 H6   BOOK 1934
Hoernle Memorial Lecture 1946 : Race attitudes and education.     
      Race Attitudes And Education. BJL; DT 763 M2   BOOK 1946
Hoernle Memorial Lecture 1949 : Africa beyond the Union.     
      Africa Beyond The Union. BJL; DT 20 M1   BOOK 1949
Hoernle Memorial Lecture 1959 : Race, culture and personality.     
      Race, Culture And Personality. BJL; GN 270 B5   BOOK 1959
Hoernle R F A    
      Matter, Wind Life, And God. BJL; B 804 H6   BOOK 1926
      Studies In Contemporary Metaphysics. BJL; BD 100 H6   BOOK  
      Studies In Philosophy. BJL; B 21 H6   BOOK  
Hoernle Reinhold Friedrich Alfred : The Union's burden of poverty / by J. D. Jones and R. F. Hoernle.     
      The Union's Burden Of Poverty BJL; HN 832 J7   BOOK 1940
Hoerschelmann Fred Von : Drei Horspiele : Das Schiff Esperanza /Fred von Hoerschelmann; Das Unternehmen der Wega /F. Durrenmatt; Sabeth /G. Eich / herausgegeben von L. McGlasman und I. R. Campbell.     
      Drei Horspiele : Das Schiff Esperanza /Fred Von Hoerschelmann; Das Unternehmen Der Wega /F. Durrenma BJL; PT 1281 R1   BOOK 1966
Hoes Arno W : Clinical epidemiology : principles, methods, and applications for clinical research / Diederick E. Grobbee, Arno W. Hoes.     
      Clinical Epidemiology : Principles, Methods, And Applications For Clinical Research BJL; RA 652.2 C55 G8   BOOK c2009
Hoesch Folma : Der Gestus des Zeigens : Wirklichkeitsauffassung und Dartstellungsmittel in den Dramen Franz Grillparzers.     
      Der Gestus Des Zeigens : Wirklichkeitsauffassung Und Dartstellungsmittel In Den Dramen Franz Grillpa BJL; PT 2270 H6   BOOK 1972
Hoeschel David    
      Bibliothēkē Tou Phōtiou = Librorum Quos Legit Photius Patriarcha Excerpta Et Censurae : Quatuo BJL; HTL 89   BOOK 1601
      ...Origenis Contra Celsum Libri Octo; Ejusdem Philocalia BJL; HTL 348   BOOK 1677
      Sungrammata : Omnia Quae Extant Opera BJL; HTL 87   BOOK 1691
Hoeschel David 1556 1617    
      Ōrigenēs Kata Kelsou : En Tomois 8 ; Tou Autou Philokalia = Origenis Contra Celsum : Libri Octo ; Online materials  EBOOKS 1677
      Ōrigenēs Kata Kelsou : En Tomois 8 ; Tou Autou Philokalia = Origenis Contra Celsum : Libri Octo ; Online materials  EBOOKS 1658
      Synonymia Latino Graeca D. Martini Rulandi, : In Duas Partes Conjunctas Distincta. Olim Ab Illo Cong Online materials  EBOOKS 1628
Hoese Douglass F : A new species of Lioteres (Pisces, Gobiidae) from Kwazulu, with a revised checklist of South African gobies and comments on West Indian Ocean gobioids / by D.F. Hoese and R. Winterbottom.     
      A New Species Of Lioteres (Pisces, Gobiidae) From Kwazulu, With A Revised Checklist Of South African BJL; QL 1 R86 L8(31)   BOOK 1979
Hoesin Oemar Amin    
      Filsafat Islam. South East Asian Collection; B 741 H6   BOOK 1961
      Kultur Islam : Sedjarah Perkembangan Kebudajaan Lam Dan Pengaruhnja Dalam Dunia Internasional. South East Asian Collection; DS 35.7 H6   BOOK 1964
Hoesodio Moehammad : 120 ie. Seratus dua puluh tanja-djawab Orde Baru.     
      120 Ie. Seratus Dua Puluh Tanja-Djawab Orde Baru. South East Asian Collection; p JQ 777 A2 H6   BOOK 1968
Hoess Rudolf : Commandant of Auschwitz : the autobiography of Rudolf Hoess / translated from the German by C. FitzGibbon.     
      Commandant Of Auschwitz : The Autobiography Of Rudolf Hoess BJL; D 805 P7 H6   BOOK 1959
Hoetink Carla 1980 : Europa in alle staten. English     
      The Unfinished History Of European Integration Online materials; JN15 .M47513 2018eb   EBOOKS 2018
  Hoetink H R Hendrik Richard 1929 -- See Hoetink, Hans
Hoetink Hans : Johan Maurits van Nassau-Siegen, 1604-1679 : a humanist prince in Europe and Brazil : essays on the occasion of the tercentenary of his death / edited by E. van den Boogaart in collaboration with H.R. Hoetink and P.J.P. Whitehead.     
      Johan Maurits Van Nassau-Siegen, 1604-1679 : A Humanist Prince In Europe And Brazil : Essays On The BJL; q DJ 173 J6 J6   BOOK 1979
Hoetink Harmannus    
      Slavery And Race Relations In The Americas. BJL; HT 1048 H6   BOOK 1973
      The Two Variants In Caribbean Race Relations. BJL; HT 1523 H6   BOOK 1967
  Hoetink Hendrik Richard 1929 -- See Hoetink, Hans
Hoetzsch Otto : The evolution of Russia.     
      The Evolution Of Russia. BJL; DK 39 H6   BOOK 1966
Hoeveler Diane Long    
      English Prose And Criticism In The Nineteenth Century : A Guide To Information Sources. BJL; PR 771 W7   BOOK 1979
      Gothic Feminism : The Professionalization Of Gender From Charlotte Smith To The Brontës BJL; PR 830 T3 H6   BOOK 1998
      The Gothic Ideology : Religious Hysteria And Anti-Catholicism In British Popular Fiction, 1780-1880 Online materials  EBOOKS 2014
Hoevell G W W C Baron Van : Ambon : en meer bepaaldelijk de Oeliasers; geographisch, ethnographisch, politisch en historisch geschetst.     
      Ambon : En Meer Bepaaldelijk De Oeliasers; Geographisch, Ethnographisch, Politisch En Historisch Ges South East Asian Collection; GN 638.75 A4 H6   BOOK 1875
Hoevell Wouter Robert Van Baron    
      Parlementaire Redevoeringen Over Koloniale Belangen. South East Asian Collection; (WP) DS 643 H6   BOOK 1862
      Togten Van Een Engelschman J.B. Jukes Door Den Indischen Archipel. South East Asian Collection; DS 619 J9   BOOK 1853
Hoeven A Van Der : Otto Gerhard Heldring.     
      Otto Gerhard Heldring. BJL; BX 9479 H49 H6   BOOK 1942
Hoeven H C Van Der : Om de macht bij het fonds : de ziekenfondsen te midden van de sociale bveranderingen in de jaren 1900-1982.     
      Om De Macht Bij Het Fonds : De Ziekenfondsen Te Midden Van De Sociale Bveranderingen In De Jaren 190 BJL; HD 7102 N4 H6   BOOK 1983
Hoeven Jan Van Der : Christine D'haen.     
      Christine D'haen. BJL; PT 6418 D55 Z64   BOOK 1991
Hoeven Rolph Van Der    
      Africa's Recovery In The 1990s : From Stagnation And Adjustment To Human Development BJL; HC 800 A2   BOOK 1992
      Perspectives On Growth And Poverty BJL; HD 75 P4   BOOK c2003
      Structural Adjustment And Beyond In Sub-Saharan Africa : Research And Policy Issues BJL; HC 800 S9   BOOK 1994
Hoey Brian : Rewind + play [videorecording] : an anthology of Early British Video Art.     
      Rewind + Play An Anthology Of Early British Video Art. BJL  DVD c2009
  Hoey Choo 1934 -- See Choo, Hoey, 1934-
Hoey Edward    
      Clinical Ultrasound : Case Reviews BJL; RC 78.7 U4 H7   BOOK c2011
      Practical Ultrasound : An Illustrated Guide BJL; q RC 78.7 U4 A4   BOOK c2011
Hoey Iris : The little Michus / A. Vanloo and Duval, adapted to the English stage by Henry Hamilton.     
      The Little Michus Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 G7(1906/11/26)   PLAYBILL 1906
Hoey Michael : Textual interaction : an introduction to written discourse analysis / Michael Hoey.     
      Textual Interaction : An Introduction To Written Discourse Analysis BJL; P 302 H6   BOOK 2001
Hoey Mick : The alternative press in Britain.     
      The Alternative Press In Britain. BJL; PN 5124 U4 H6   BOOK 1973
Hoeydonck Paul Van : Paul van Hoeydonck.     
      Paul Van Hoeydonck. BJL; NB 530 H68 B9   BOOK 1982
Hof Frans Pieter Van : Grammaire neerlandaise a l'usage des Wallons.     
      Grammaire Neerlandaise A L'usage Des Wallons. BJL; PF 129 F8 H7   BOOK 1951
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