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100 1  Kinsey, John. 
245 12 A catalogue of books, viz. in divinity, history, physick, 
       [double bracket] mathematicks, lives, travels, &c. 
       [bracket] Curiously bound. :|bTogether with a collection 
       of prints and drawings, by the best Italian, French, and 
       dutch masters, curiously preserved: Also variety of books 
       of pomp and triumphal arches, coyns, painting, 
       architecture, and cosmography, in all volumes. With an 
       extraordinary collection of pamphlets, collected by a 
       private person for his own use. Will be sold by auction at
       the court of [bequests?] over against the lobby of the 
       House of Commons, on Munday next, being the 8th of this 
       instant February, beginning exactly at ten a clock in the 
       morning. /|cBy John Kinsey. 
260    [London?] :|bCatalogues may be had of Mr. Brown bookseller
       just without Temple Bar, Mr. Brown at the Globe at the 
       west end of Pauls Church Yard, Mr. Batsons Coffee house 
       over against the Royal Exchange, and at the place of sale,
       |cbetween 1695 and 1705?] 
300    [2], 18 p. 
500    Place of publication surmised from title; date of 
       publication surmised from another publication done by 
500    Reproduction of original in the British Library. 
650  0 Book auctions|zEngland|zLondon|vEarly works to 1800. 
650  0 Booksellers and bookselling|zEngland|zLondon|vEarly works 
       to 1800. 
830  0 Early English books online. 
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