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Kogerman P N : The oil shale industry of Estonia.     
      The Oil Shale Industry Of Estonia. BJL; HD 9560 K7   BOOK  
Koggel Christine M 1955 : Moral issues in global perspective / edited by Christine M. Koggel.     
      Moral Issues In Global Perspective BJL; HM 665 M6   BOOK c1999
  Kogi State Nigeria University Anyigba -- See Kogi State University, Anyigba
  Kogi State University -- See Kogi State University, Anyigba
Your entry Kogi State University, Anyigba would be here
Koginos Manny T : The Panay incident : prelude to war.     
      The Panay Incident : Prelude To War. BJL; E 183.8 J3 K7   BOOK 1967
Kogler Julie : Apocalypse wow! : pop surrealism, neo pop, urban art / edited by Julie Kogler, Giorgio Calcara.     
      Apocalypse Wow! : Pop Surrealism, Neo Pop, Urban Art BJL  BOOK 2009
Kogo Wilfred C : The structures, organisation and development of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa from 1907 to 1981 with special reference to Kikuyu cultural and social factors.     
      The Structures, Organisation And Development Of The Presbyterian Church Of East Africa From 1907 To BJL; T/H 1981 M.A. K7   THESIS 1981
Kogon Eugen : Die unvollendete Erneuerung : Deutschland im Kraftefeld 1945-1963 : politische und gesellschaftspolitische Aufsätze aus zwei Jahrzehnten.     
      Die Unvollendete Erneuerung : Deutschland Im Kraftefeld 1945-1963 : Politische Und Gesellschaftspoli BJL; DD 259.4 K7   BOOK 1964
Kogure Kyuya : Molecular mechanisms of ischemic brain damage.     
      Molecular Mechanisms Of Ischemic Brain Damage. BJL; QP 376 P9(63)   BOOK 1985
Kogut Bruce Mitchel : Corporate governance and capital flows in a global economy / edited by Peter K. Cornelius and Bruce Kogut.     
      Corporate Governance And Capital Flows In A Global Economy BJL; HD 2741 C8   BOOK 2003
Koh Buck Song : Bugis Street : the novel / by Koh Buck Song in collaboration with Tan Hwee Hua.     
      Bugis Street : The Novel South East Asian Collection; PR 9570 S23 K7   BOOK 1994
Koh Byung Chul : Japan's administrative elite.     
      Japan's Administrative Elite. BJL; JQ 1647 K7   BOOK 1989
Koh Cheok Chuan : Activity sampling and simulation of a sheet steel plant.     
      Activity Sampling And Simulation Of A Sheet Steel Plant. BJL; T/H 1985 M.Sc. K7   THESIS 1985
Koh Chet Foo : Adult education and productivity movement in Singapore : a macro review.     
      Adult Education And Productivity Movement In Singapore : A Macro Review. BJL; T/H 1991 M.A. K7   THESIS 1991
Koh David W H : Getting organized in Vietnam : moving in and around the socialist state / edited by Benedict J. Tria Kerkvliet, Russell H.K. Heng, David W.H. Koh.     
      Getting Organized In Vietnam : Moving In And Around The Socialist State South East Asian Collection; (WK) JQ 831 V6   BOOK 2003
Koh F Y : Singapore economic indicators.     
      Singapore Economic Indicators. South East Asian Collection; (WM)q HC 445.8 A1 S65   PERIODICAL  
Koh Harold Hongju 1954 : The human rights of persons with intellectual disabilities : different but equal / edited by Stanley S. Herr, Lawrence O. Gostin, Harold Hongju Koh.     
      The Human Rights Of Persons With Intellectual Disabilities : Different But Equal BJL; K 3242.4 H9   BOOK 2003
Koh Hesung C    
      Korean Art And Culture BJL; A/T 862   CASSETTE 1983
      Korean Art And Culture BJL; A/T 862   CASSETTE 1983
      Korean Music And Art BJL; A/T 863   CASSETTE 1983
      Korean Music And Art BJL; A/T 863   CASSETTE 1983
Koh Kheng Liam : Credit and security in Singapore : the legal problems of development finance / by Koh Kheng Lian and others.     
      Credit And Security In Singapore : The Legal Problems Of Development Finance South East Asian Collection; HG 3729 S6 C9   BOOK 1973
Koh Kheng Lian : Straits in international navigation : contemporary issues.     
      Straits In International Navigation : Contemporary Issues. BJL; JX 4141 K7   BOOK 1982
Koh Kim Eng Peter : A critical study of the reading deficiencies encountered by Singaporean adult learners and their impact on learning effectiveness.     
      A Critical Study Of The Reading Deficiencies Encountered By Singaporean Adult Learners And Their Imp BJL; T/H 1991 M.A. K7   THESIS 1991
Koh Peter S K : Images of Singapore youths.     
      Images Of Singapore Youths. South East Asian Collection; PR 9899 S65 K7   BOOK 1973
Koh Sung Jae : Stages of industrial development in Asia : a comparative history of the cotton industry in Japan, India, China, and Korea.     
      Stages Of Industrial Development In Asia : A Comparative History Of The Cotton Industry In Japan, In BJL; HD 9086 K7   BOOK 1966
Koh T N Philip : The law of contract in Malaysia and Singapore : V. Sinnadurai assisted by T.N.P. Koh.     
      The Law Of Contract In Malaysia And Singapore : V. Sinnadurai Assisted By T.N.P. Koh. BJL; KP 239 S6   BOOK 1979
Koh Whang Kyung : Korea through British eyes.     
      Korea Through British Eyes. BJL; DS 918 K7   BOOK 1952
Kohak Erazim : Idea & experience : Edmund Husserl's project of phenomenology in Ideas 1.     
      Idea & Experience : Edmund Husserl's Project Of Phenomenology In Ideas 1. BJL; B 3405 H9 Z65   BOOK 1978
Kohan Charles Mendel : Works and buildings.     
      Works And Buildings. BJL; HD 9621 K7   BOOK 1952
Kohan Jenji 1969    
      Orange Is The New Black. Season One BJL; PN 1992.77 O63   DVD 2014
      Orange Is The New Black. Season Three BJL; PN 1992.77 O63   DVD 2016
      Orange Is The New Black. Season Two BJL; PN 1992.77 O63   DVD 2015
Kohanski Alexander Sissel : The Greek mode of thought in Western philosophy.     
      The Greek Mode Of Thought In Western Philosophy. BJL; B 181 K7   BOOK 1984
Kohanski Tamarah : The book of John Mandeville / edited by Tamarah Kohanski and C. David Benson.     
      The Book Of John Mandeville BJL; PR 2052 T7 K7   BOOK 2007
Kohaut Karl : Sonate D-Dur : Gesamtwerk für Lante solo / nach der Tabulatur für Gitasse bearbeitet von K.Oestreicher.     
      Sonate D-Dur : Gesamtwerk Für Lante Solo BJL; q M 129 K78   PRINTED MUSIC 1980
Kohavi Ron : Applications of data mining to electronic commerce / edited by Ron Kohavi, Foster Provost.     
      Applications Of Data Mining To Electronic Commerce BJL  BOOK 2001
Kohen Ariel 1977 : In defense of human rights : a non-religious grounding in a pluralistic world / Ari Kohen.     
      In Defense Of Human Rights : A Non-Religious Grounding In A Pluralistic World BJL; JC 571 K7   BOOK 2007
Kohen Arnold : An act of genocide : Indonesia's invasion of East Timor.     
      An Act Of Genocide : Indonesia's Invasion Of East Timor. South East Asian Collection; DS 646.5 K7   BOOK 1979
Kohen Dora 1946 : Women and mental health / edited by Dora Kohen.     
      Women And Mental Health BJL; RC 451.4 W6 W8   BOOK 2000
Kohen Elli : Analytical use of fluorescent probes in oncology / edited by Elli Kohen and Joseph G. Hirschberg.     
      Analytical Use Of Fluorescent Probes In Oncology BJL; RC 270.3 F58 A5   BOOK 1996
Kohen Marcelo G    
      Promoting Justice, Human Rights And Conflict Resolution Through International Law : Liber Amicorum L BJL; KZ 3410 P9   BOOK c2007
      Secession : International Law Perspectives BJL; KZ 1269 S4   BOOK 2006
Kohinata Fumio 1954    
      Autoreiji BJL; PN 1997 A9397   DVD c2011
      Honogurai Mizu No Soko Kara Dark Water BJL; PN 1997 H7745   DVD 2003
Kohiyama Masamichi    
      DNA Synthesis : Present And Future. BJL; QP 624 D6   BOOK 1978
      Mechanism And Regulation Of DNA Replication. BJL; QP 624 M4   BOOK 1974
Kohl Benjamin : Impasse in Bolivia : neoliberal hegemony and popular resistance / Benjamin Kohl and Linda C. Farthing.     
      Impasse In Bolivia : Neoliberal Hegemony And Popular Resistance BJL; F 3327 K7   BOOK 2006
Kohl Benjamin G : The earthly republic : Italian humanists on government and society.     
      The Earthly Republic : Italian Humanists On Government And Society. BJL; B 778 E1   BOOK 1978
Kohl David G : Chinese architecture in the Straits Settlements and western Malaya : temples, kongsis and houses.     
      Chinese Architecture In The Straits Settlements And Western Malaya : Temples, Kongsis And Houses. South East Asian Collection; NA 1263 K7   BOOK 1984
Kohl Herbert R    
      36 Children. BJL; LC 2803 N5 K7   BOOK 1988
      On Becoming A Teacher. BJL; LB 1775 K7   BOOK 1986
      On Teaching. BJL; LB 1025.2 K7   BOOK 1977
      The Open Classroom : A Practical Guide To A New Way Of Teaching. BJL; LB 1027 K7   BOOK 1969
Kohl Herbert Ralph    
      The Open Classroom : A Practical Guide To A New Way Of Teaching. BJL  BOOK 1970
      Reading, How : A People's Guide To Alternatives To Learning And Testing. BJL  BOOK 1988
Kohl Horst    
      Geographie Der DDR. BJL; HC 290.78 K7   BOOK 1978
      Geography Of The German Democratic Republic. BJL; HC 290.78 K7   BOOK 1986
Kohl J G    
      Austria : Vienna, Prague, Hungary, Bohemia And The Danube : Galicia, Styria, Moravia, Bukovina And T BJL; DB 25 K7   BOOK 1843
      Russia. BJL; DK 25 K7   BOOK 1970
      Russia And The Russians In 1842. Departmental Locations; DK 25 K7   BOOK 1843
Kohl Katrin M Katrin Maria 1956    
      A Dictionary Of Contemporary Germany BJL; PF 3640 C3   BOOK 1996
      Essential German Grammar. Online materials  EBOOKS 2015
      Essential German Grammar. BJL; PF3112 .D76 2015   BOOK 2015
      A History Of Austrian Literature 1918-2000 Online materials; PT3818 .H57 2006eb   EBOOKS 2006
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Kohl Lawrence Frederick : The politics of individualism : parties and the American character in the Jacksonian era.     
      The Politics Of Individualism : Parties And The American Character In The Jacksonian Era. BJL; JN 2260 K7   BOOK 1989
Kohl Leonard : Introduktion, Thema und Variationen für Klarinette in B und Klavier aus dem Nachlass.     
      Introduktion, Thema Und Variationen Für Klarinette In B Und Klavier Aus Dem Nachlass. BJL; q M 250 W37   PRINTED MUSIC 1962
Kohl Manfred : Die Dynamik der Kulturlandschaft im oberen Lahn-Dillkreis.     
      Die Dynamik Der Kulturlandschaft Im Oberen Lahn-Dillkreis. BJL; q G 1 G45(45)   BOOK 1978
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