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Landau Ellen G    
      Jackson Pollock. BJL; q ND 1020 P77 L2   BOOK 1989
      Lee Krasner : A Catalogue Raisonne BJL; q ND 1020 K89 L2   BOOK 1995
      Reading Abstract Expressionism : Context And Critique Online materials  EBOOKS 2005
Landau Ely    
      The Homecoming BJL; PN 1997 H765   DVD 2004
      Rhinoceros BJL; PN 1997 R473   DVD 2004
Landau Jacob M    
      The Arab Minority In Israel, 1967-1991 : Political Aspects. BJL; DS 113.7 L2   BOOK 1993
      The Arabs In Israel : A Political Study. BJL; DS 113.7 L2   BOOK 1969
      Ataturk And The Modernization Of Turkey BJL; DR 590 A8   BOOK 1984
      Electoral Politics In The Middle East BJL; JQ 1758 A95 E3   BOOK 1980
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Landau Joachim : Voices [electronic resource] / by Joachim Landau     
      Voices Online materials  VIDEO STREAM 2013
Landau Jon    
      Avatar BJL; PN 1997 A9469   DVD  
      Titanic BJL  DVD 1999
Landau Julian J : The Media : freedom or responsibility : the war in Lebanon, 1982 : a case study / editor, J.J. Landau.     
      The Media : Freedom Or Responsibility : The War In Lebanon, 1982 : A Case Study BJL; DS 87 M4   BOOK 1984
Landau L D Lev Davidovich 1908 1968    
      Electrodynamics Of Continuous Media. BJL; QC 21 C8(8)   BOOK 1960
      Electrodynamics Of Continuous Media. BJL; QC 21 C8(8)   BOOK 1984
      Fluid Mechanics Departmental Locations, BJL ; QC 21 C8(6)   BOOK 1959
      Fluid Mechanics BJL; QC 21 C8(6)   BOOK c2004
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Landau Martin 1928 2017    
      The Majestic BJL; PN 1997 M233   DVD 2002
      Mission Impossible The First TV Season, Discs 1-4 BJL; PN 1992.77 M6789   DVD 2008
Landau Norma    
      The Justices Of The Peace, 1679-1760. BJL; DA 480 L2   BOOK 1984
      Law, Crime And English Society, 1660-1830 BJL; KB 40 L4   BOOK c2002
Landau Paul : Hans Sachs.     
      Hans Sachs. BJL; PT 1772 L2   BOOK 1924
Landau Paul Stuart 1962    
      Popular Politics In The History Of South Africa, 1400-1948 Departmental Locations; JQ 1981 L2   BOOK 2010
      Popular Politics In The History Of South Africa, 1400-1948 Online materials  EBOOKS c2010
Landau Richard 1914 1993    
      Bataan BJL; PN 1997 B3283   DVD c2006
      The Quatermass Xperiment BJL  DVD
Landau Rubin H : A scientist's and engineer's guide to workstations and supercomputers : coping with Unix, RISC, vectors, and programming / Rubin H. Landau, Paul J. Fink.     
      A Scientist's And Engineer's Guide To Workstations And Supercomputers : Coping With Unix, RISC, Vect BJL; QA 76.5 L2   BOOK 1993
Landau Sabine : Cluster analysis / Brian S. Everitt, Sabine Landau, Morven Leese.     
      Cluster Analysis BJL; QA 278 E9   BOOK 2001
Landau Sarah Bradford : Rise of the New York skyscraper, 1865-1913 / Sarah Bradford Landau & Carl W. Condit.     
      Rise Of The New York Skyscraper, 1865-1913 BJL; q NA 6232 L2   BOOK 1996
Landau Sidney I : Dictionaries : the art and craft of lexicography.     
      Dictionaries : The Art And Craft Of Lexicography. BJL; PE 1611 L2   BOOK 1989
Landau Simha F : Criminology in Perspective : essays in honor of Israel Drapkin / ed. by S.F.Landau and L.Sebba.     
      Criminology In Perspective : Essays In Honor Of Israel Drapkin BJL; HV 6025 C9   BOOK 1977
Landau Susan : Privacy on the line : the politics of wiretapping and encryption / Whitfield Diffie, Susan Landau.     
      Privacy On The Line : The Politics Of Wiretapping And Encryption BJL; UB 256 U5 D5   BOOK c2007
Landau Sy : From conflict to creativity : how resolving workplace disagreements can inspire innovation and productivity / Sy Landau, Barbara Landau, Daryl Landau.     
      From Conflict To Creativity : How Resolving Workplace Disagreements Can Inspire Innovation And Produ BJL  BOOK 2001
Landau Tina : The new American musical : an anthology from the end of the century / edited and introduced by Wiley Hausam.     
      The New American Musical : An Anthology From The End Of The Century BJL; ML 48 N5   BOOK 2003
Landau Yehuda H : Rural development in a changing world / ed. by R. Weitz, with the assistance of Y. H. Landau.     
      Rural Development In A Changing World BJL; HD 1415 W4   BOOK 1971
Landau Yoan D 1938    
      Adaptive Control : The Model Reference Approach. BJL; TK 7883.2 A2   BOOK 1979
      Digital Control Systems : Design, Identification And Implementation BJL; TJ223.M53 L36 2010   BOOK 2010
Landau Zbigniew : The Polish economy in the twentieth century.     
      The Polish Economy In The Twentieth Century. BJL; HC 337 P7 L2   BOOK 1985
Landauer Bernhard    
      Complete Cantatas Vol. 9 BJL; C/D 2197   CD AUDIO p1999
      Markus-Passion BJL; C/D 2226   CD AUDIO p2000
Landauer Carl    
      Essays In Socialism And Planning BJL; HD 82 G8   BOOK 1970
      European Socialism : A History Of Ideas And Movements, From The Industrial Revolution To Hitler's Se BJL; HX 36 L2   BOOK 1959
      Germany : Illusions And Dilemmas. BJL; DD 257.4 L2   BOOK 1969
Landauer Donald A : Pacific marine museums and data/research centres / compiled by Lyndall B. Landauer & Donald A. Landauer for the Institute for Marine Information.     
      Pacific Marine Museums And Data/Research Centres Departmental Locations; V 13 P16 L2   BOOK 1985
Landauer Gustav    
      Aufruf Zum Sozialismus : Ein Vortrag. BJL; HX 266 L2   BOOK 1911
      Briefe Aus Der Franz√∂sischen Revolution. BJL; DC 142 L2   BOOK 1919
      Prophet Of Community : The Romantic Socialism Of Gustav Landauer. BJL; HX 263 L2 L9   BOOK 1973
Landauer Hilde Stein : European socialism : a history of ideas and movements, from the industrial revolution to Hitler's seizure of power / by C. Landauer, in collaboration with E.K. Valkenier and H.S. Landauer.     
      European Socialism : A History Of Ideas And Movements, From The Industrial Revolution To Hitler's Se BJL; HX 36 L2   BOOK 1959
Landauer Kathleen : Tropical home gardens / edited by Kathleen Landauer and Mark Brazil.     
      Tropical Home Gardens South East Asian Collection; SB 459.5 T8   BOOK 1990
Landauer Lyndall B : Pacific marine museums and data/research centres / compiled by Lyndall B. Landauer & Donald A. Landauer for the Institute for Marine Information.     
      Pacific Marine Museums And Data/Research Centres Departmental Locations; V 13 P16 L2   BOOK 1985
Landauer Susan : The San Francisco school of abstract expressionism / Susan Landauer ; with an introduction by Dore Ashton.     
      The San Francisco School Of Abstract Expressionism BJL; q ND 1024 S27 L2   BOOK 1996
Landauer Thomas K    
      Psychology : A Brief Overview. BJL; BF 110 L2   BOOK 1972
      The Trouble With Computers : Usefulness, Usability, And Productivity. BJL; QA 76.5 L2   BOOK 1995
Landay James A 1967    
      The Design Of Sites : Patterns For Creating Winning Web Sites BJL; TK 5105.888 V2   BOOK c2007
      The Design Of Sites : Patterns, Principles, And Processes For Crafting A Customer-Centered Web Exper BJL; TK 5105.888 V2   BOOK c2003
Landay Vincent    
      Adaptation BJL; PN 1997 A221   DVD c2003
      Her BJL; PN 1997 H531   BLU-RAY DISC 2013
      The Work Of Director Spike Jonze A Collection Of Music Videos, Short Films, Documentaries And Rariti BJL; PN 1997 A1 J79   DVD c2003
Landberg Hans : Population, economic development and the environment / edited by Kerstin Lindahl-Kiessling and Hans Landberg.     
      Population, Economic Development And The Environment BJL; HB 885 K4   BOOK 1994
Landberg Lars : Meteorology for wind energy : an introduction / Lars Landberg.     
      Meteorology For Wind Energy : An Introduction Online materials  EBOOKS 2016
Landberg Leif C W : A bibliography for the anthropological study of fishing industries and maritime communities.     
      A Bibliography For The Anthropological Study Of Fishing Industries And Maritime Communities. Departmental Locations; q GN 386 L2   BOOK 1973
Landboulhogeschool Vageningen : De bevolkingstheecultuur in de residentie West-Priangan : prosfschrift.     
      De Bevolkingstheecultuur In De Residentie West-Priangan : Prosfschrift. South East Asian Collection; HD 9195 V9   BOOK 1928
Landbouw Economisch Instituut The Hague : Supply and demand, imports and exports of selected agricultural products in the Netherlands : forecast for 1970 and 1975.     
      Supply And Demand, Imports And Exports Of Selected Agricultural Products In The Netherlands : Foreca BJL; HD 9015 H72 L2   BOOK 1967
Landbouw En Maatschappij : Landbouw en Maatschappij : analyse van een boerenbeweging in de crisisjaren.     
      Landbouw En Maatschappij : Analyse Van Een Boerenbeweging In De Crisisjaren. BJL; JK 5985 L2 R8   BOOK 19--?
Landbouwhogeschool Wageneningen : A revision of the genus Allium, L. (Liliaceae) in Africa.     
      A Revision Of The Genus Allium, L. (Liliaceae) In Africa. BJL; QK 495 L72 W6   BOOK 1976
Landbouwhogeschool Wageningen    
      The Investigation Of Interactions In The Excited State Of Flavins Using Time-Resolved Spectroscopy. BJL; QP 671 F5 V8   BOOK 1975
      Magnetic Resonance And Fluorescence Studies On Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Complexes And Their Small Mole BJL; QP 603 D4 G7   BOOK 1976
      Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Complex From Azotobacter Vinelandii. BJL; QP 603 D4 B8   BOOK 1975
      Studies On Pectin Lyase. BJL; QP 613 P4 H8   BOOK 1975
      A Study On The NAD (P)+ Transhydrogenase From Azotobacter Vineldii. BJL; QP 603 R4 K9   BOOK
Landbouwhogeschool Wageningen Afdeling Sociologie En Sociografie : Het gezin op een verstedelijkend platteland : een gezinssociologisch onderzoek in twee Zuid-Hollandse plattelandsgemeenten.     
      Het Gezin Op Een Verstedelijkend Platteland : Een Gezinssociologisch Onderzoek In Twee Zuid-Hollands BJL; HQ 629.5 D7   BOOK 1961
Landbouwhogeschool Wageningen Afdelingen Voor Sociale Wetenschappen : De sociale gevolgen van de mechanisatie in de landbouw = Social implications of farm mechanization.     
      De Sociale Gevolgen Van De Mechanisatie In De Landbouw = Social Implications Of Farm Mechanization. BJL; HD 1962 J3   BOOK 1968
Landbouwhogeschool Wageningen Afdelingen Voor Sociale Weterschappen : The role of farmers' organization in two paddy farming areas in West Malaysia / by L.J. Fredericks, G. Kalshoven and J.R.V. Daane.     
      The Role Of Farmers' Organization In Two Paddy Farming Areas In West Malaysia South East Asian Collection; HD 1486 M2 F8   BOOK  
Landbouwhogeschool Wageningen Research Group For Interdisciplinary Planning : Framework for regional planning in developing countries / edited by J. M. van Staveren and D. B. W. M. van Dusselforp.     
      Framework For Regional Planning In Developing Countries BJL; S 605 I61 P9(26)   BOOK 1980
Landbouwhogeschool Wageningen Vakgroepen Sociologie : Paddy farmers, irrigation and agricultural services in Malaysia : a case study in the Kemubu scheme / G. Kalshoven ... [et al.].     
      Paddy Farmers, Irrigation And Agricultural Services In Malaysia : A Case Study In The Kemubu Scheme South East Asian Collection; HD 2098 P1   BOOK 1984
Landbouwhogeschoole Wageningen : Landscapes and soils in eastern Surinam, (South America).     
      Landscapes And Soils In Eastern Surinam, (South America). BJL; GB 381 S9 B6   BOOK 1972
Landbouwhoogeschool Wageningen    
      Cultuurcontacten En Sociale Confliction In Indonesia... South East Asian Collection; HN 748 N1   BOOK 1946
      Het Preofveldonderzoek Bij De Rijstcultuur Op Java : Proefschrift. South East Asian Collection; HD 9066 O8   BOOK 1931
Landbouwhoogeschool Wageningen Vakgroepen Sociologie : Irrigation and social organization in West Malaysia.     
      Irrigation And Social Organization In West Malaysia. South East Asian Collection; HD 1741 M2 H7   BOOK 1985
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