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Leondes Cornelius T    
      Advances In Control Systems : Theory And Applications. BJL; TK 7883 A1 A24   BOOK 1964
      Advances In Control Systems : Theory And Applications. BJL; TK 7883 A1 A24   BOOK  
      Database And Data Communication Network Systems : Techniques And Applications BJL; QA 76.9 D3 D2   BOOK 2002
      Theory And Applications Of Kalman Filtering BJL; q QA 402.3 T3   BOOK 1970
Leone Fred C : Statistics and experimental design in engineering and the physical sciences / Norman L. Johnson, Fred C. Leone.     
      Statistics And Experimental Design In Engineering And The Physical Sciences BJL, Departmental Locations ; QA 276 J6   BOOK 1964
Leone Mark P : Religious movements in contemporary America / edited by I.I. Zaretsky and M.P. Leone.     
      Religious Movements In Contemporary America BJL; BR 1516.5 R3   BOOK 1977
Leone Petrus Aloisius M    
      De Arte Poetica BJL; PA 3890 A3 A7(33)   BOOK 1968
      Epistulae BJL; PA 3402 T9   BOOK 1972
Leone Sergio 1929 1989    
      A Fistful Of Dollars BJL; PN 1997 F543   DVD 2004
      A Fistful Of Dollars BJL  DVD 2000
      For A Few Dollars More BJL; PN 1997 F6921   DVD 2000
      The Good, The Bad And The Ugly BJL; PN 1997 G646   DVD 2004
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Leonelli Dante : Continuum : exhibition of the works of B.Janz, D.Leonelli,M.McKeinnon, the Hayward Gallery, 17 June-7 July 1970.     
      Continuum : Exhibition Of The Works Of B.Janz, D.Leonelli,M.McKeinnon, The Hayward Gallery, 17 June- BJL; q N 5051 A79 E9(202)   BOOK 1970
Leonenko Vitaly V : The revolutionary guide to Turbo Pascal / Y. Borodich, A. Valvachov, V.V. Leonenko.     
      The Revolutionary Guide To Turbo Pascal BJL; QA 76.73 T9 B7   BOOK 1992
Leonetti Carena Pia : Gli Italiani del maquis.     
      Gli Italiani Del Maquis. BJL; D 802 F8 L5   BOOK 1966
Leonetti Francesco    
      Arlecchinata. BJL; PQ 4827 E6 A7   BOOK 1955
      Atlante Secondo Lenin : Carte Dello Scontro Di Linea, Oggi, Con Definizioni Di Problemi BJL; pq HX 73.5 M3   BOOK 1976
      Campo Di Battaglia. BJL; PQ 4827 E6 C2   BOOK 1981
      Conoscenza Per Errore : Romanzo. BJL; PQ 4827 E6 C7   BOOK 1961
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Leong Alice    
      An Annotated Bibliography Of Statistical Publications 1972 South East Asian Collection; q HA 1797 S6 S6   BOOK 1974
      Australian And New Zealand Academic Library Statistics BJL; Z 675 U5 L5   BOOK 1986
      List Of Principal Singapore Statistical Publications South East Asian Collection; q HA 1797 S6 S6   BOOK 1974
      List Of Principal Singapore Statistical Publications. South East Asian Collection; HA 1797 S6 S6   BOOK 1977
      Select List Of Singapore Parliamentary Papers, 1948-1976. South East Asian Collection; Z 3248 S6 L5   BOOK 1977
Leong Cecilia    
      Commemorative History Of Sabah, 1881-1981. South East Asian Collection; DS 597.336 C7   BOOK 1981
      Sabah : The First 100 Years. South East Asian Collection; DS 597.336 L5   BOOK 1982
Leong Che Kan : Psychology of reading / John Downing, Che Kan Leong.     
      Psychology Of Reading BJL; BF 456 R2 D7   BOOK 1982
Leong Elaine Yuen Tien 1975    
      Secrets And Knowledge In Medicine And Science, 1500-1800 Online materials  EBOOKS c2011
      Secrets And Knowledge In Medicine And Science, 1500-1800 BJL; R 484 S4   BOOK c2011
      Secrets And Knowledge In Medicine And Science, 1500-1800 Online materials; R484   EBOOKS 2016
Leong Frederick T L    
      The Psychology Research Handbook : A Guide For Graduate Students And Research Assistants. Online materials  EBOOKS 2005
      The Psychology Research Handbook : A Guide For Graduate Students And Research Assistants BJL; BF 76.5 P9   BOOK 2006
Leong G Keong : Principles of supply chain management : a balanced approach / Joel D. Wisner, G. Keong Leong, Keah-Choon Tan.     
      Principles Of Supply Chain Management : A Balanced Approach BJL; HD 38.5 W8   BOOK 2005
Leong Liew Geok : Love is not enough.     
      Love Is Not Enough. South East Asian Collection; PR 6062 E65 L8   BOOK 1991
Leong Margaret W N : Annotated urban bibliography of Singapore / compiled by S.H.K. Yeh and M.W.N. Leong.     
      Annotated Urban Bibliography Of Singapore South East Asian Collection; HT 147 S6 Y4   BOOK 1972
Leong Russell : Los Angeles-- struggles toward multiethnic community : Asian American, African American & Latino perspectives / edited by Edward T. Chang & Russell C. Leong.     
      Los Angeles-- Struggles Toward Multiethnic Community : Asian American, African American & Latino Per Online materials; F869.L89 A254 1994eb   EBOOKS 1994
Leong S F : Urban land-use in Hong Kong and Kowloon / by C.S. Liang, with the assistance of S.F. Leong and H.Y. Cheung.     
      Urban Land-Use In Hong Kong And Kowloon BJL; HD 921.5 L6   BOOK 1966
Leong Siew Lin : Figments : a collection of creative writings by Singapore polytechnic students, vol.1 / compiled by P. Gan, M. Thomas, Leong Siew Lin.     
      Figments : A Collection Of Creative Writings By Singapore Polytechnic Students, Vol.1 South East Asian Collection; PR 9570 S6 F4   BOOK 1991
Leong Sow Theng    
      Sino-Soviet Diplomatic Relations, 1917-1926. BJL; DS 740.5 R9 L5   BOOK 1976
      Sino-Soviet Relations : The First Phase,1917-1920. BJL; DS 777.43 L5   BOOK 1971
Leong Stephen Mun Yoon : Sources, agencies and manifestations of overseas Chinese nationalism in Malaya, 1937-1941.     
      Sources, Agencies And Manifestations Of Overseas Chinese Nationalism In Malaya, 1937-1941. South East Asian Collection; DS 595.2 C5 L5   BOOK 1976
Leong Y K : Village and town life in China.     
      Village And Town Life In China. BJL; DS 721 L5   BOOK  
Leong Yop Pooi : Rainfall in East Malaysia and Brunei / by S. Nieuwolt Leong Yop Pooi and Sim Cheng Tee.     
      Rainfall In East Malaysia And Brunei South East Asian Collection; q QC 925.3 N6   BOOK 1900
Leonhard Dietz : The human equation in marketing research.     
      The Human Equation In Marketing Research. BJL; HF 5415.2 L5   BOOK 1967
Leonhard Gerd 1961 : The future of music : manifesto for the digital music revolution / David Kusek, Gerd Leonhard ; edited by Susan Gedutis Lindsay.     
      The Future Of Music : Manifesto For The Digital Music Revolution BJL; ML 3790 K9   BOOK c2005
Leonhard Karl : Contradictory issues in the origin of schizophrenia.     
      Contradictory Issues In The Origin Of Schizophrenia. BJL; Photocopy Collection   JOURNAL ARTICLE  
Leonhard Kurt    
      Dante Alighieri In Selbstzeugnissen Und Bilddokumenten BJL; PQ 4339 L5   BOOK 1970
      Moderne Lyrik, Monolog Und Manifest : Ein Leitfaden. BJL; PT 551 L5   BOOK 1963
Leonhard Kurtt : Paul Cezanne in Selbstzeugwissen und Bilddokumenten.     
      Paul Cezanne In Selbstzeugwissen Und Bilddokumenten. BJL; ND 472 C42 L5   BOOK 1966
Leonhard Robert R : Fighting by minutes : time and the art of war / Robert R Leonhard ; foreword by Colonel James R. McDonough.     
      Fighting By Minutes : Time And The Art Of War BJL; U 150 L1   BOOK 2017
Leonhard Ronald : Concertos, violin, orchestra, op. 61, D major     
      Violinkonzert BJL; C/D 1060   CD AUDIO 1977
Leonhard Rudolf 1889 1953 : Die Insel : Gedichte einer italienischen Reise.     
      Die Insel : Gedichte Einer Italienischen Reise. BJL; s PT 2623 E65 I5   BOOK 1923
Leonhard Susanne : Unterirdische Literatur im revolutionaren Deutschland wahrend des Weltkrieges.     
      Unterirdische Literatur Im Revolutionaren Deutschland Wahrend Des Weltkrieges. BJL; HX 266 L5   BOOK 1968
Leonhard Wolfgang    
      Child Of The Revolution. BJL; DK 255 L5   BOOK 1957
      The Kremlin Since Stalin. BJL; DK 274 L5   BOOK 1962
Leonhardi Gunther : Kleinere angelsachsische Denk-maler I.     
      Kleinere Angelsachsische Denk-Maler I. BJL; PR 1502 L5   BOOK 1905
Leonhardt Gustav 1928 2012    
      Overtures & Suites BJL; C/D 2603   CD AUDIO 200-?
      Three Films BJL; PN 1997 A1 H899   DVD 2010?
Leonhardt Lupa Merete : A mother is born : preparing for motherhood during pregnancy.     
      A Mother Is Born : Preparing For Motherhood During Pregnancy. BJL; HQ 759 L5   BOOK 1995
Leonhardt Rudolf : Tagebuch einer Verlorenen [videorecording] = Diary of a lost girl / directed and produced by G. W. Pabst.     
      Tagebuch Einer Verlorenen Diary Of A Lost Girl BJL; PN 1997 T125   DVD 2007
Leonhardt Rudolf Walter 1921    
      This Germany : The Story Since The Third Reich BJL; DD 259 L5   BOOK 1966
      Xmal Deutschland. BJL; DD 259 L5   BOOK 1971
Leonhardt Ulf 1965 : Geometry and light : the science of invisibility / Ulf Leonhardt, Thomas Philbin.     
      Geometry And Light : The Science Of Invisibility BJL; QA 641 L5   BOOK c2010
Leoni Armand : La campagne de Tunisie, 1942-1943.     
      La Campagne De Tunisie, 1942-1943. BJL; D 766.99 T8 S7   BOOK 1985
Leoni Federico Albano : Concordanze belliane con lista alfabetica.     
      Concordanze Belliane Con Lista Alfabetica. BJL; q PQ 4683 B43 Z58   BOOK 1970
Leoni Francesco : Il dissenso nel fascismo dal 1924 al 1939.     
      Il Dissenso Nel Fascismo Dal 1924 Al 1939. BJL; DG 571 L5   BOOK 1983
Leoni Jaques : Architecture de Palladio, divisee en quartre livres.     
      Architecture De Palladio, Divisee En Quartre Livres. BJL; f NA 2500 P1   BOOK 1726
Leoni Michele 1776 1858 : Opuscoli liberali.     
      Opuscoli Liberali. BJL; JK 5383 06   BOOK 1972
Leoni Tommaso    
      The Boke Of Wysdome : Folowynge The Auctoryties Of Auncyent Phylosophers, Dyuydynge, And Spekyng Of Online materials  EBOOKS 1532
      The Boke Of Wisdome : Otherwise Called The Flower Of Vertue. Folowing The Auctorities Of Auncient Do Online materials  EBOOKS 1565
      The Boke Of Wisdome : Otherwise Called The Flower Of Vertue. Folowinge The Auctorities Of Auncient D Online materials  EBOOKS 1575?
Leoniceno Niccolo 1428 1524    
      Claudii Galeni Pergameni De Motu Musculorum Libri Duo Nicolao Leoniceno Interprete Online materials  EBOOKS 1522
      Galeni De Morborum Differentijs Et Causis Libri. II. Nicholao Leoniceno Interprete. Eivsdem De Morbo Online materials  EBOOKS 1522?
Leonida Giovanni : Handbook of printed circuit design, manufacture, components and assembly.     
      Handbook Of Printed Circuit Design, Manufacture, Components And Assembly. BJL; TK 7872 P65 L5   BOOK 1981
Leonidas Of Tarentum : Poems.     
      Poems. BJL; PA 4225 L5 B5   BOOK  
Leonidov L D : Rampa i zhizn'.     
      Rampa I Zhizn'. BJL; PN 2728 L58 L5   BOOK 1955
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