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Lias Sharon G    
      Gas-Phase Ion And Neutral Thermochemistry BJL; q QD 511 G2   BOOK 1988
      Ionization Potential And Appearance Potential Measurements, 1971-1981 BJL; q QC 100 N27 R3(71)   BOOK 1982
Liasa Association : South African journal of library and information science [electronic resource] = Suid-Afrikaanse tydskrif vir biblioteek- en inligtingkunde.     
      South African Journal Of Library And Information Science Suid-Afrikaanse Tydskrif Vir Biblioteek- En Online materials; Z671 .S69   EJOURNALS 1984-
Liashchenko Peter Ivanovich    
      History Of The National Economy Of Russia To The 1917 Revolution. BJL; HC 331 L6   BOOK 1949
      History Of The National Economy Of Russia To The 1917 Revolution. BJL; HC 331 L6   BOOK 1949
Liashchenko Petr Ivanovich : Istoriia narodnogo khoziaistva SSSR.     
      Istoriia Narodnogo Khoziaistva SSSR. BJL; HC 331 L6   BOOK 1956
Liasidou Anastasia : Inclusive education, politics and policymaking : contemporary issues in education studies / Anastasia Liasidou.     
      Inclusive Education, Politics And Policymaking : Contemporary Issues In Education Studies BJL; LC 1200 L6   BOOK c2012
Liatsos Sandra : Poems to count on : poems and activities to help teach maths concepts / Sandra Liatsos.     
      Poems To Count On : Poems And Activities To Help Teach Maths Concepts Education Resources; QA 135.5 L6   BOOK 1995
Liauseu F : The first crossing of Greenland.     
      The First Crossing Of Greenland. BJL; G 725 N1   BOOK 1890
Liautaud Bernard 1962 : e-Business intelligence : turning information into knowledge into profit / Bernard Liautaud with Mark Hammond.     
      e-Business Intelligence : Turning Information Into Knowledge Into Profit BJL; HD 38.7 L6   BOOK 2001
Liaw Yock Fang    
      The Complete Poems Of Chairil Anwar South East Asian Collection; PL 5089.5 A6 A2   BOOK 1974
      Ikhtisar Kritik Sastra South East Asian Collection; PN 85 L6   BOOK 1970
      Indonesian In 3 Weeks South East Asian Collection; PL 5071 L6   BOOK 1992
      Sejarah Kesusastraan Melayu Klassik. South East Asian Collection; PL 5130 L6   BOOK 1975
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  Liawsirikun Jantima -- See Jantima Liawsirikun
Liba Marie R : Encyclopedia of educational research / edited by C.W. Harris [and] M.R. Liba     
      Encyclopedia Of Educational Research BJL; J1 E5   BOOK 1960
Libaire George : With Napoleon in Russia : the memoirs of General de Caulaincourt, duke of Vicenza / from the original memoirs as edited by Jean Hanoteau. Abridged, edited, and with an introduction by George Libaire.     
      With Napoleon In Russia : The Memoirs Of General De Caulaincourt, Duke Of Vicenza BJL; DC 235 C3   BOOK c1935
Liban Jerzy    
      De Accentuum Ecclesiasticorum Exquisita Ratione. BJL; MT 883 L6   BOOK 1975
      De Musicae Laudibus Oratio. BJL; ML 3800 L6   BOOK 1975
      De Philosophiae Landibus Oratio. BJL; ML 3800 L6   BOOK 1975
Libaniius : Die briefe des Libanus.     
      Die Briefe Des Libanus. BJL; PA 4228 S4   BOOK 1906
  Libanio Christo Carlos Alberto 1944 -- See Betto, Frei, 1944-
      Antioch : City And Imperial Administration In The Later Roman Empire. BJL; DS 99 A6 L7   BOOK 1972
      Autobiography And Selected Letters BJL; PA 3611 L6   BOOK 1992
      Demetruiet Libanii Qui Feruntur Typoi Epistolikoi Et Epistoimoroi Charakteres. BJL; PA 3402 D37   BOOK 1910
      Discours ... BJL; PA 3641 B9 L7   BOOK 1979
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Libanius 314 393 : Libanii ... Declamatiunculae aliquot, eademque Latinae, per Des. Erasmus Rot. Cum duabus orationibus Lysiae itidem uersis, incerto interprete, & alijs nonnullis / Libanius.     
      Libanii ... Declamatiunculae Aliquot, Eademque Latinae, Per Des. Erasmus Rot. Cum Duabus Orationibus Online materials  EBOOKS 1522
Libano Zumalacaregui Angeles : El romance navarro en los manuscritos del Euero antiguo del Euero general de Navarra.     
      El Romance Navarro En Los Manuscritos Del Euero Antiguo Del Euero General De Navarra. BJL; PC 4781 L6   BOOK 1977
Libarle Marc : The high school revolutionaries / Marc Libarle and Tom Seligson, editors.     
      The High School Revolutionaries BJL; LA 229 L6   BOOK 1970
Libault Andre : Histoire de la cartographie.     
      Histoire De La Cartographie. BJL; GA 201 L6   BOOK 1959
Libavius Andreas    
      D. O. M. A. Novus De Medicina Veterum Tam Hippocratica Quam Hermetica Tractatus. In Cujus Priore Par Online materials  EBOOKS 1599
      Tractatus Duo Physici; Prior De Impostoria Vulnerum Per Unguentum Armarium Sanatione Paracelsicis Us Online materials  EBOOKS 1594
Libavius Andreas 1616    
      Andreæ Libavii ... Declamatio De Cometa Anni 1604 Et Gisberti Voetii Theol. In Acad. Ultrajectina P Online materials  EBOOKS 1665
      D.O.M.A. Syntagma Selectorum Undiquaque Et Perspicue Traditorum Alchymiae Arcanorum (Tomus Primus). Online materials  EBOOKS 1611
      An History Of The Wonderful Things Of Nature : Set Forth In Ten Severall Classes Wherein Are Contain Online materials  EBOOKS 1657
Libber Francis : Ordeal by concordance : an historical study of a recent literary invention.     
      Ordeal By Concordance : An Historical Study Of A Recent Literary Invention. BJL; BX 6917 M6   BOOK 1955
Libberton Paula : Principles of professional studies in nursing / edited by Janice Brown and Paula Libberton.     
      Principles Of Professional Studies In Nursing BJL; RT 82.8 P9   BOOK 2007
Libbey James K : Alexander Gumberg and Soviet American relations,1917-1933.     
      Alexander Gumberg And Soviet American Relations,1917-1933. BJL; E 183.8 R9 L6   BOOK 1977
Libbrecht Liz : Dynamics of modern communication : the shaping and impact of new communication technologies.     
      Dynamics Of Modern Communication : The Shaping And Impact Of New Communication Technologies. BJL  BOOK 1995
Libbrecht U J : Ferdinand Verbiest (1623-1688) een valaamse zendeling aan het Chinese hof.     
      Ferdinand Verbiest (1623-1688) Een Valaamse Zendeling Aan Het Chinese Hof. BJL; q BV 3415 L6   BOOK 1988
Libby David A : Soil survey of the Khon Kaen area / by L. Moncharoen, M. cheutongdec and D. A. Libby.     
      Soil Survey Of The Khon Kaen Area South East Asian Collection; q S 591 T36 S6 (51)   BOOK 1966
Libby Dennis Albert : Gaspare Spontini and his French and German operas.     
      Gaspare Spontini And His French And German Operas. BJL; ML 410 S76 L6   BOOK 1969
Libby Larson Yvonne : Creative resources for the early childhood classroom / Judy Herr, Yvonne Libby-Larson.     
      Creative Resources For The Early Childhood Classroom BJL  BOOK 2000
Libby Peter : Braunwald's heart disease : a textbook of cardiovascular medicine.     
      Braunwald's Heart Disease : A Textbook Of Cardiovascular Medicine. BJL; q RC 681 H4   BOOK 2019
Libby Robert : Accounting and human information processing.     
      Accounting And Human Information Processing. BJL; HF 5657 L6   BOOK 1981
Libby Roger W : Marriage and alternatives : exploring intimate relationships / by J.R.W. Libby and R.N. Whitehurst.     
      Marriage And Alternatives : Exploring Intimate Relationships BJL; HQ 728 L6   BOOK 1977
Libecap Gary : The Cyclic Nature of Innovation: Connecting Hard Sciences with Soft Values     
      The Cyclic Nature Of Innovation: Connecting Hard Sciences With Soft Values Online materials; HC79.T4   EBOOKS 2007
Libecap Gary 2nd : Entrepreneurship and Global Competitiveness in Regional Economies: Vol. 22 Determinants and Policy Implications.     
      Entrepreneurship And Global Competitiveness In Regional Economies: Vol. 22 Determinants And Policy I Online materials; HT388   EBOOKS 2011
Libecap Gary D    
      Advances In The Study Of Entrepreneurship, Innovation And Economic Growth BJL  BOOK 1993
      Entrepreneurship And Economic Growth In The American Economy Online materials  EBOOKS 2000
      Frontiers In Eco Entrepreneurship Research Online materials; HB615.F76 2009   EBOOKS 2009
      Intellectual Property And Entrepreneurship Online materials; KF2979   EBOOKS 2004
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Liben Lynn S    
      Deaf Children : Developmental Perspectives BJL; HV 2395 D2   BOOK 1978
      The Developmental Course Of Gender Differentiation : Conceptualizing, Measuring, And Evaluating Cons BJL; BF 692.2 L6   BOOK 2002
      Spatial Representation And Behavior Across The Life Span BJL; BF 469 S7   BOOK 1981
Liben Stephen : Oxford textbook of palliative care for children / edited by Ann Goldman, Richard Hain, Stephen Liben.     
      Oxford Textbook Of Palliative Care For Children BJL; q RJ 249 O9   BOOK 2006
Liber Antiquis : Liber antiquis de ordinationibus vicariarum, 1209-1235.     
      Liber Antiquis De Ordinationibus Vicariarum, 1209-1235. BJL; DA 670 L7 L6   BOOK  
Libera Alain De : Dictionnaire du Moyen Âge / publié sous la direction de Claude Gauvard, Alain de Libera [et] Michel Zink.     
      Dictionnaire Du Moyen Âge BJL; CB 351 D5   BOOK c2002
Libera Cattedra Di Storia Della Civilta Fiorentina : Secoli vari ('300-'400-'500).     
      Secoli Vari ('300-'400-'500). BJL; DG 737.4 L6   BOOK 1958
Libera Zdzislaw : Nie-boska komedia / opracowali z. libera i E Sawrymowicz.     
      Nie-Boska Komedia BJL; PG 7158 K7 N6   BOOK 1952
Liberae Cuiusdam Imperialis Civitatis Advocatus : Aussführliches Müntzbedencken auss dess Heyligen Römischen Reichs publicierten Müntz Edicten vnd Constitutionen [electronic resource] : wie nicht weniger auss dem gemeinen beschribenen keyserlichen Rechten deduciert : uber die Frag, ob ein Creditor welcher voretlich Jahren dem Debitori ein gewisse Summen Geldts inn damalen gangbarer Reichsmüntz an allerley Geldt Sorten vorgestreckt vnd gelihen, sich von dem Debitore mit denen bisshero gestaigerten vnd verenderten Müntzen ... bezahlen zu lassen schuldig vnd verbunden seye : in welcher Aussführung andere mehr jetziger Zeit vorfallende Quæstiones vnd casus monetales tractiert vnd aussgeführ worden / autore liberæ cuiusdam imperialis civitatis advocato ...     
      Aussführliches Müntzbedencken Auss Dess Heyligen Römischen Reichs Publicierten Müntz Edicten Vnd Online materials  EBOOKS 1624
      Byron, Shelley, Hunt, And The Liberal. BJL; PR 454 M3   BOOK 1960
      A Few Plain Words To The Electors Of The Middle Classes On The Political Divisions And Social Prospe Online materials  EBOOKS 1847
      House & Window Taxes, &c The Following Letter Appeared In The Bath Journal Of February, 25, 1833 : T Online materials  EBOOKS 1833
Liberal A Pseud : The Commission and after.     
      The Commission And After. BJL; DS 448 L6   BOOK 1928?
Liberal And Country Party Of Victoria : Agricultural adjustment in a changing institutional setting.     
      Agricultural Adjustment In A Changing Institutional Setting. BJL; q AS 722 N53 E96 (3,i)   BOOK 1960
Liberal Commission : Liberals look ahead : the report of the Liberal Commission.     
      Liberals Look Ahead : The Report Of The Liberal Commission. BJL; JK 1129 L6 L6   BOOK 1969
Liberal Democrat Christian Forum Great Britain : Liberal Democrats do God / edited by Jo Latham and Claire Mathys.     
      Liberal Democrats Do God BJL; BR 115 P7 L6   BOOK 2013
Liberal Democrats Great Britain    
      The Liberal Democrat Manifesto 1992 : Changing Britain For Good. BJL; q JK 1129 L6 L6   BOOK 1992
      Make The Difference : The Liberal Democrat Manifesto 1997. BJL; JK 1129 L6 L6   BOOK 1997
Liberal Free Trade Committee : British ports under protection / with an introduction by F.W. Hirst.     
      British Ports Under Protection BJL; HF 1711 L6   BOOK 1935
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