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Lightbown Ronald William    
      Carlo Crivelli. BJL; q ND 526 C93 L7   BOOK 2004
      Catalogue Of Italian Sculpture In The Victoria And Albert Museum BJL; N 1151 V6   BOOK 1964
      Donatello And Michelozzo : An Artistic Partnership And Its Patrons In The Early Renaissance. BJL; NB 526.3 L7   BOOK 1980
      Mantegna; With A Complete Catalogue Of The Paintings, Drawings And Prints. BJL; q ND 526 M29 L7   BOOK 1986
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Lightburn William : A thanksgiving sermon / preached at Christ-Church before the lords justices and council upon the 23 of October, 1661, by W.L., D.D., chaunter of Christ-Church, Dublin.     
      A Thanksgiving Sermon Online materials  EBOOKS 1661
Lighterfoote Richard : Lighterfoote 1607 : a new almanacke and prognostication for the yeare of our Lord God 1607 ... / ... Lighterfoote ...     
      Lighterfoote 1607 : A New Almanacke And Prognostication For The Yeare Of Our Lord God 1607 ... Online materials  EBOOKS 1607
Lighterfoote Richard Active 1607 : Lighterfoote 1607 : A new almanacke and prognostication for the yeare of our Lord God, 1607. being the third [from leap year] and from the creation of the world, 5569. / Calculated ... Lighterfoote gentleman, student in astronomie and astrologie, and a general welwiller to the mathematical sciences. [Rectified] for the [meridian] of the famous citie of London, where the pole Artick is eleuated 51. degrees and 32. minutes. And generally seruing all this monarchy of great Britaine.     
      Lighterfoote 1607 : A New Almanacke And Prognostication For The Yeare Of Our Lord God, 1607. Being T Online materials  EBOOKS 1607
Lightfoot Cynthia    
      The Development Of Children BJL; BF 721 L7   BOOK 2009
      The Development Of Children BJL; BF 721 L7   BOOK 2013
      Narrative Analysis Studying The Development Of Individuals In Society Online materials; P302.7 .N364 2004   EBOOKS c2004
Lightfoot David    
      Coffin Rock BJL; PN 1997 C675   DVD 2009
      Rogue BJL; PN 1997 R736   DVD 2009
      Wolf Creek BJL; PN 1997 W853   DVD 2008
      Wolf Creek BJL; PN 1997 W853   DVD c2005
Lightfoot David E 1951 : Formal specification using Z.     
      Formal Specification Using Z. BJL; QA 76.7 Z1 L7   BOOK 1991
Lightfoot David W 1945    
      Explanation In Linguistics : The Logical Problem Of Language Acquisition BJL; P 123 E9   BOOK 1981
      How To Set Parameters : Arguments From Language Change. BJL; P 118 L7   BOOK 1991
      The Language Lottery : Toward A Biology Of Grammars. BJL; P 118 L7   BOOK 1982
      Principles Of Diachronic Syntax. BJL; P 291 L7   BOOK 1979
Lightfoot Edwin N 1925    
      Transport Phenomena BJL; QA 929 B6   BOOK c2007
      Transport Phenomena And Living Systems : Biomedical Aspects Of Momentum And Mass Transport. BJL; QH 615 L7   BOOK 1974
Lightfoot Frederick S : Maritime New York in nineteenth-century photographs / Harry Johnson & Frederick S. Lightfoot.     
      Maritime New York In Nineteenth-Century Photographs Departmental Locations; q HE 554 N5 J6   BOOK 1980
Lightfoot G : S. I. R. 1945 Australia council for science and industrial research.     
      S. I. R. 1945 Australia Council For Science And Industrial Research. BJL; Q 183 L7   BOOK  
Lightfoot G H : An illustrated guide to the frescoes in St. Peter's Church, Pickering.     
      An Illustrated Guide To The Frescoes In St. Peter's Church, Pickering. BJL; p DA 690 P 65   BOOK  
Lightfoot Georgia Frances : Personality characteristics of bright and dull children.     
      Personality Characteristics Of Bright And Dull Children. BJL; JGA L7   BOOK 1951
Lightfoot Graham W : A study of young roach : Rutilus rutilus, L. in the River Hull.     
      A Study Of Young Roach : Rutilus Rutilus, L. In The River Hull. none ; T/H 1976 Ph.D. L7   THESIS 1976
Lightfoot John 1602 1675    
      A Commentary Upon The Acts Of The Apostles, Chronicall And Criticall : The Difficulties Of The Text Online materials  EBOOKS 1645
      Elias Redivivus: : A Sermon Preached Before The Honorable House Of Commons, In The Parish Of Saint M Online materials  EBOOKS 1643
      Elias Redivivus : A Sermon Preached Before The Honorable House Of Commons In The Parish Of Saint Mar Online materials  EBOOKS 1643
      Erubhin Or Miscellanies Christian And Iudaicall, And Others : Penned For Recreation At Vacant Houres Online materials  EBOOKS 1629
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Lightfoot Joseph Barber 1828 1889    
      Apostolic Fathers. BJL; BR 60 A61 L7   BOOK 1891
      The Apostolic Fathers BJL; BR 60 A61 L7   BOOK 1889
      Epistles To The Colossians And To Philemon BJL; BS 2711 L7   BOOK 1892
      Saint Paul's Epistle To The Philippians : A Revised Text With Introduction, Notes And Dissertations BJL; BS 2701 L7   BOOK 1890
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Lightfoot Keith : The Philippines.     
      The Philippines. South East Asian Collection; (WU) DS 668 L7   BOOK 1973
Lightfoot Peter Active 17th Century : A battell with a vvaspes nest, or, A reply to an angry and railing pamphlet, written by Master Joseph Heming, called Judas excommunicated, or A vindication of the communion of saints &c. : wherein his arguments are answered, his abuses whipt and stript, the question whether Judas received the sacrament debated, and the affirmative proved ...     
      A Battell With A Vvaspes Nest, Or, A Reply To An Angry And Railing Pamphlet, Written By Master Josep Online materials  EBOOKS 1649
Lightfoot Richard Paul    
      Circulation And Interpersonal Networks Linking Rural And Urban Areas : The Case Of Roi-Et, Northeast South East Asian Collection; HB 2109.9 R7 L7   BOOK 1983
      The Geography Of Development In Laos : Half A State Of Revolution. South East Asian Collection; q HC 443 L7   BOOK  
      Institutional Credit And Small-Scale Farmers In Northeastern Thailand BJL, South East Asian Collection ; q DS 501 H91 O2(5)   BOOK 1983
      Planning Problems In The Resettlement Of Reservoir Evacuees In Less Developed Countries. South East Asian Collection; q HV 414.7 L7   BOOK 1976
      Vietnam : The Geography Of Development. South East Asian Collection; q HC 444 L7   BOOK  
Lightfoot Robert Henry    
      The Gospel Message Of St. Mark. BJL; BS 2585 L7   BOOK 1950
      St. John's Gospel : A Commentary. BJL; BS 2615 L7   BOOK 1956
Lightfoot Samuel    
      A Copy Of The Poll As Taken At The Guildhall In The Town Of Kingston-Upon-Hull On Thurday The 29th & BJL; p DA 690 H9 P7   BOOK 1830
      A Letter To The Chairman, Deputy Chairman And Directors Of The Hull Dock Company On The Financial Sy BJL; p HE 558 H9 L7   BOOK 1846
  Lightfoot Sara Lawrence 1944 -- See Lawrence-Lightfoot, Sara, 1944-
Lightfoot Simon : Teaching politics and international relations / edited by Cathy Gormley-Heenan and Simon Lightfoot.     
      Teaching Politics And International Relations BJL; JZ 1237 T2   BOOK 2012
Lightfoot Terry    
      18 Jazz Classics Vol. 1. BJL; C/D 2734   CD AUDIO p1993
      18 Jazz Classics Vol. 2. BJL; C/D 2735   CD AUDIO p1993
      18 Jazz Classics Vol. 3. BJL; C/D 2736   CD AUDIO p1993
      18 Jazz Classics Vol. 4. BJL; C/D 2737   CD AUDIO p1993
Lightfoot William : The complaint of England : Wherein it is clearely prooued that the practises of traitrous papists against the state of this realme, and the person of her Maiestie, are in diuinitie vnlawfull, odious in nature, and ridiculous in pollicie. In the which they are reprooued of wilfull blindnes, in that they see not the filthines of the Romish gouernment: and conuinced of desperate madnesse, in that they feare not the mischiefe of Spanish inuasion: the former whereof is exemplified by the Popes practises both here in England, and abroad in other countries: the later by the Spaniards outrages, in his exactions raised vpon Naples, and his tyrannies executed in the Indies. Lastly the necessitie, equitie, and benefits of the late proceeding in iustice are set downe; with a friendly warning to seditious papists for their amendment; and an effectuall consolation to faithfull subiectes for their incouragement. Seene and allowed.     
      The Complaint Of England : Wherein It Is Clearely Prooued That The Practises Of Traitrous Papists Ag Online materials  EBOOKS 1587
Lightfoote John    
      A Few, And New Observations Upon The Booke Of Genesis. BJL; s BS 1235 L7   BOOK 1642
      An Handfull Of Gleanings Out Of The Book Of Exodus ... BJL; s BS 1235 L7   BOOK 1643
      The Harmony, Chronicle And Order Of The Old Testament... Also, A Second Part Of The Harmony Of The F BJL; s BS 1235 L7   BOOK 1647
      Horae Hebraicae & Talmudicae : In Acta S. Apostolorum Et In Partem Aliquam Epistolae D. Pauli Ad Rom BJL; HTL 42   BOOK 1678
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Lighthall F F : Anxiety as related to thinking and forgetting.     
      Anxiety As Related To Thinking And Forgetting. BJL; IVL L7   BOOK 1964
Lighthall W D 1857 1954 : Thoughts, Moods and Ideals [electronic resource] : Crimes of Leisure / Lighthall, W. D. (William Douw)     
      Thoughts, Moods And Ideals Crimes Of Leisure Online materials  EBOOKS  
Lighthall W D William Douw    
      Old Measures : Collected Verse Online materials  EBOOKS 1922
      Thoughts, Moods And Ideals Crimes Of Leisure Online materials  EBOOKS  
Lighthall William Douw : Thoughts, Moods and Ideals [electronic resource] : Crimes of Leisure / Lighthall, W. D. (William Douw)     
      Thoughts, Moods And Ideals Crimes Of Leisure Online materials  EBOOKS  
Lighthill Brian    
      The Charles Dickens Collection BJL; PN 1992.77 C4754   DVD c2005
      Perambulations, Perils, Travels, Adventures And Sporting Transactions Of The Corresponding Members O BJL; PN 1992.77 P5973   DVD c2005
Lighthill Michael James    
      Artificial Intelligence : A Paper Symposium. Departmental Locations, BJL ; Q 335 L7   BOOK 1973
      Waves In Fluids. BJL; QC 157 L7   BOOK 1978
      Waves In Fluids : Inaugural Lecture. BJL; QC 157 L7   BOOK 1965
      Waves In Liquids And Gases. BJL; QC 157 L7   BOOK 1966
Lighthouse Family : Ocean Drive [sound recording].     
      Ocean Drive BJL; C/D 544   CD AUDIO 1995
Lighting Service Bureau    
      Light In Schools. BJL; JMGP L7   BOOK 1952
      A Memorandum On Fluorescent Lighting In Schools. BJL; JMGP L7   BOOK 1952
Lightman Alan P : Problem book in relativity and gravitation / by A.P. Lightman... [et al.].     
      Problem Book In Relativity And Gravitation BJL, Departmental Locations ; QC 173.55 P9   BOOK 1975
Lightman Bernard V 1950    
      Victorian Faith In Crisis : Essays On Continuity And Change In Nineteenth-Century Religious Belief BJL; BR 145.2 V6   BOOK 1990
      Victorian Science And Literature. Part 1 BJL; PR 468 S34 V6   BOOK 2011
Lightman Gavin : Cases and statutes on real property / edited by G. Lightman & G.B. Battersby.     
      Cases And Statutes On Real Property BJL; KD 333 L7   BOOK 1965
Lightman Margorie : Without precedent : the life and career of Eleanor Roosevelt.     
      Without Precedent : The Life And Career Of Eleanor Roosevelt. BJL; E 807.1 W8   BOOK 1984
Lightman Stella : The playbus as a contribution to preschool provision.     
      The Playbus As A Contribution To Preschool Provision. BJL; HKB L7   BOOK 1974
Lightner Barb : Performance-based learning for the multiple intelligences classroom / [editor, Barb Lightner].     
      Performance-Based Learning For The Multiple Intelligences Classroom BJL; q LC 1032 B5   BOOK c1999
Lightner Kevin M : Accounting : an information systems approach. / By J.W.Buckley and K.M.Lightner.     
      Accounting : An Information Systems Approach. BJL; HF 5631 B9   BOOK 1973
Lightner Michael : Proceedings of the 1992 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Computer-Aided Design [electronic resource] / chairmen Louise Trevillyan, Michael Lightner ; sponsors ACM Special Interest Group on Design Automation, IEEE-CAS Circuits & Systems, IEEE-CS Computer Society.     
      Proceedings Of The 1992 IEEE/ACM International Conference On Computer-Aided Design Online materials; TK7867   EBOOKS 1992
Lightning Seeds : Like you do [sound recording] : best of the Lightning Seeds.     
      Like You Do Best Of The Lightning Seeds. BJL; C/D 556   CD AUDIO 1997
Lightoller Charles Herbert : Titanic and other ships.     
      Titanic And Other Ships. Departmental Locations; G 540 L7   BOOK 1935
Lighton Louis D : It [videorecording] / directed by Clarence Badger and Josef von Sternberg.     
      It BJL; PN 1997 I88   DVD 2001
Lightowler Stephen : Palladium-catalysed cross-coupling reactions in the synthesis of novel organic polymers and monodisperse oligomers.     
      Palladium-Catalysed Cross-Coupling Reactions In The Synthesis Of Novel Organic Polymers And Monodisp BJL; T/H 2000 Ph.D. L7   THESIS 2000
Lightstone Albert Harold : Mathematical logic : an introduction to model theory / edited by H.B. Enderton.     
      Mathematical Logic : An Introduction To Model Theory BJL; QA 9 L7   BOOK 1978
Lightwood : Time Limit on Actions : Being a Treatise on the Statute of Limitations and the Equitable Doctrine of Laches / Lightwood.     
      Time Limit On Actions : Being A Treatise On The Statute Of Limitations And The Equitable Doctrine Of Online materials  EBOOKS 1909
Lightwood Donald : Creative drama for primary schools.     
      Creative Drama For Primary Schools. Education Resources; PN 3171 L7   BOOK 1970
Lightwood John Mason    
      Fisher And Lightwood's Law Of Mortgage. BJL; KD 606 F5   BOOK 1977
      Fisher & Lightwood's Law Of Mortgage. BJL; KD 606 F5   BOOK 1988
      Fisher & Lightwood's Law Of Mortgage : [Supplement]. BJL; KD 606 F5   BOOK 1994
      Fisher And Lighwood's Law Of Mortgage. BJL; KD 606 F5   BOOK 1969
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