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Mark   Media Year
Moss Elisabeth 1983    
      Girl, Interrupted BJL; PN 1997 G5254   DVD c2004
      Mad Men Season 1 BJL; PN 1992.77 M182   DVD 2008
      Mad Men Seasons One, Two, Three & Four BJL; PN 1992.77 M182   DVD 2011
Moss Elizabeth    
      Domestic Novelists In The Old South : Defenders Of Southern Culture. BJL; PS 374 D57 M9   BOOK 1992
      An Epistle By Way Of Testimony To The Friends Of Manchester And Thereabouts : Given Forth Shortly Af Online materials  EBOOKS 1695
Moss Eloise 1986 : Night raiders [electronic resource] : burglary and the making of modern urban life in London, 1860-1968 / Eloise Moss.     
      Night Raiders Burglary And The Making Of Modern Urban Life In London, 1860-1968 Online materials; HV6665.G72 M67 2019   EBOOKS 2019
Moss Eva : The four just men (18,20,22/03) / founded on Edgar Wallace's story, by George Warren ; The eternal city 19,21,23/03) / Hall Caine.     
      The Four Just Men (18,20,22/03) Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1907/03/18-23)   PLAYBILL 1907
Moss Fiona Religious Studies Teacher    
      Atheists Education Resources; q BL 2747.3 B6   BOOK 2017
      Buddhists Education Resources; q BQ 4012 B9   BOOK 2018
      Christians Education Resources; q BR 125.2 C2   BOOK 2018
      Christians Education Resources; q BR 125.2 C2   BOOK 2018
31 additional entries    
Moss G : The trainer's desk reference.     
      The Trainer's Desk Reference. BJL; HF 5549.5 T7 M9   BOOK 1991
Moss G L : Ordinary Level practical physics.     
      Ordinary Level Practical Physics. BJL; QC 33 M9   BOOK 1958
Moss Gemma 1954 : Literacy and gender : researching texts, contexts and readers / Gemma Moss.     
      Literacy And Gender : Researching Texts, Contexts And Readers BJL; LC 149 M9   BOOK 2007
Moss Geoffrey    
      The Basics Of Special Needs : A Routledge / Special Children Survival Guide For The Classroom Teache BJL; q LC 4036 G7 B3   BOOK 1995
      Effective Management Of Special Needs BJL; LC 4036 G7 E2   BOOK 1996
      A Strategy For Differentiation. BJL; q LC 4696 G7 M9   BOOK 1996
Moss Giles David : Pharmaceuticals - where's the brand logic? : branding lessons and strategy / Giles David Moss.     
      Pharmaceuticals - Where's The Brand Logic? : Branding Lessons And Strategy BJL; HD 9665.5 M9   BOOK 2007
Moss Glenn    
      The New Radicals : A Generational Memoir Of The 1970s Online materials  EBOOKS 2014
      The New Radicals : A Generational Memoir Of The 1970s BJL; DT1945 .M678 2014   BOOK 2014
Moss Gloria : Lessons on profiting from diversity / edited by Gloria Moss.     
      Lessons On Profiting From Diversity Online materials; HF5549.5.M5 L47 2012   EBOOKS 2012
Moss Graham : Britain's wasting acres : land use in a changing society / Graham Moss.     
      Britain's Wasting Acres : Land Use In A Changing Society BJL; HD 596 M9   BOOK 1981
Moss Gregory L    
      Digital Systems : Principles And Applications BJL; q TK 7888.3 T6   BOOK 2007
      Digital Systems : Principles And Applications Online materials  EBOOKS 2017
      Digital Systems : Principles And Applications. BJL; q TK 7888.3 T6   BOOK 2017
Moss H G : The Lord's prayer in the Bible...     
      The Lord's Prayer In The Bible... BJL; BV 230 M9   BOOK 1948
Moss Henry : Sir John in love [sound recording] / Ralph Vaughan Williams.     
      Sir John In Love BJL; C/D 2704   CD AUDIO p2001
Moss Henry St Lawrence Beaufort    
      The Birth Of The Middle Ages 395-814. BJL; D 121 M9   BOOK 1935
      Byzantium BJL; DF 521 B3   BOOK 1961
Moss Hilary : Narrow angle electron guns and cathode ray tubes.     
      Narrow Angle Electron Guns And Cathode Ray Tubes. BJL; QC 730 A2 S9 (3)   BOOK 1968
Moss Howard 1922 1987    
      Buried City : Poems Online materials; PS3525.O8638 B8   EBOOKS 1975
      The Magic Lantern Of Marcel Proust; Based On Remembrance Of Things Past. BJL; PQ 2631 R86 Z6   BOOK 1963
      Notes From The Castle Poems Online materials; PS3525.O8638 N6   EBOOKS 1979
      A Swimmer In The Air : Poems. BJL; PS 3525 O84 S9   BOOK 1957
Moss Howard Alan : Birth to maturity : a study in psychological development.     
      Birth To Maturity : A Study In Psychological Development. BJL; BF 181 K1   BOOK 1962
Moss Howard Howard K : Using Italian synonyms / Howard Moss and Vanna Motta.     
      Using Italian Synonyms BJL; PC 1591 M9   BOOK 2000
Moss Howard S : History of animation: [videorecording] : origins of American animation (1900-1921).     
      History Of Animation: Origins Of American Animation (1900-1921). BJL; NC 1766 U5 H6   DVD c2005
Moss Hugh    
      Bootle's Baby Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1907/07/01)   PLAYBILL 1907
      Bootle's Baby : A Story Of The Scarlet Lancers Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 G7(1917/11/19-1917/11/24)   PLAYBILL 1917
      Sin's Angel Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1893/12/18)   PLAYBILL 1893
Moss Ian G : Quantum theory, black holes and inflation.     
      Quantum Theory, Black Holes And Inflation. BJL; QB 981 M9   BOOK 1996
Moss J Ferries : The choice / Alfred Sutro.     
      The Choice Departmental Locations; PN 2595 H9 A3(1920/10/18)   PLAYBILL 1920
Moss James R : Truth will prevail : the rise of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the British Isles 1837-1987 / editors : V.B. Bloxham, J.R. Moss, L.C. Porter.     
      Truth Will Prevail : The Rise Of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints In The British Isle BJL; BX 8617 G7 T8   BOOK 1987
Moss Jeremy : The later Foucault : politics and philosophy / edited by Jeremy Moss.     
      The Later Foucault : Politics And Philosophy BJL; B 2430 F7 Z66   BOOK 1998
Moss Jesse 1983 : Ginger snaps [videorecording] / directed by John Fawcett.     
      Ginger Snaps BJL; PN 1997 G492   DVD c2001
Moss John 1957    
      Debates In English Teaching Online materials  EBOOKS 2011
      Issues In English Teaching BJL; LB 1576 I8   BOOK 2000
Moss John George 1940    
      Arctic Landscapes And The Metaphysics Of Geography. BJL; GB 375 M9   BOOK 1991
      Invisible In The House Of Mirrors. BJL; PR 9190.5 M9   BOOK  
      Margaret Atwood : The Open Eye Online materials  EBOOKS 2006
      Patterns Of Isolation In English Canadian Fiction. BJL; PR 9619.3 I8 M9   BOOK 1974
      A Reader's Guide To The Canadian Novel. BJL; PR 9192.2 M9   BOOK 1981
Moss John Of The Young Communist League    
      Free Britain's Youth : Report To The 19th National Congress Of The Young Communist League, October 1 BJL; HX 246 M9   BOOK 1952
      Together Say No To Discrimination. BJL; HT 1600 G7 M9   BOOK 1961
      Unity For Peace And A Better Life ... BJL; JK 1129 C69 M9   BOOK 1951
Moss Jonathan : Liminality and Critical Event Studies : Borders, Boundaries, and Contestation / by Ian R. Lamond, Jonathan Moss, editors.     
      Liminality And Critical Event Studies : Borders, Boundaries, And Contestation Online materials; HM621-HM656   EBOOKS 2020
Moss Larissa Terpeluk : Business intelligence roadmap : the complete project lifecycle for decision-support applications / Larissa T. Moss, Shaku Atre.     
      Business Intelligence Roadmap : The Complete Project Lifecycle For Decision-Support Applications BJL; HD 38.7 M9   BOOK 2003
Moss Laurence A G : Cambodia : the widening war in Indochina.     
      Cambodia : The Widening War In Indochina. South East Asian Collection; (WH) DS 557.8 C3 C2   BOOK 1971
Moss Laurence S    
      Entrepreneurship, Productivity, And The Freedom Of Information Act : Protecting Circumstantially Rel BJL; HD 3625.9 C3   BOOK 1983
      Mountifort Longfield : Ireland's First Professor Of Political Economy. BJL; HB 103 L8 M9   BOOK 1976
Moss Lemuel 1829 1904 : Annals of the United States Christian commission. By Rev. Lemuel Moss, home secretary to the commission.     
      Annals Of The United States Christian Commission. Online materials; E635 .M91   EBOOKS 1868
Moss Louis    
      Older People And Their Employment : Commentary On A Sample Survey Made In Britain In 1950. BJL; HD 6283 G7 M9   BOOK 1954
      The Recall Method In Social Surveys BJL; HM 538 R2   BOOK 1979
Moss M E : Mussolini's fascist philosopher : Giovanni Gentile reconsidered.     
      Mussolini's Fascist Philosopher : Giovanni Gentile Reconsidered. BJL; B 3665 G3 Z66   BOOK c2004
Moss M S : Clarke's Isolation and identification of drugs in pharmaceuticals, body fluids, and post-mortem material.     
      Clarke's Isolation And Identification Of Drugs In Pharmaceuticals, Body Fluids, And Post-Mortem Mate Departmental Locations; RS 189 C6   BOOK 1986
Moss Marissa : G is for googol : a math alphabet book / written by David M. Schwartz ; illustrated by Marissa Moss.     
      G Is For Googol : A Math Alphabet Book Education Resources; q QA 99 S3   BOOK c1998
Moss Marshall E : Integrated design of hydrological networks : proceedings of a symposium ... Budapest ... July 1986.     
      Integrated Design Of Hydrological Networks : Proceedings Of A Symposium ... Budapest ... July 1986. BJL; GB 651 I61 P9(158)   BOOK 1986
Moss Maurice O    
      The Applied Mycology Of Fusarium : Symposium Of The British Mycological Society Held At Queen Mary C BJL; SB 741 F9 A6   BOOK 1984
      Food Microbiology BJL; QR 115 A2   BOOK 1995
      Industrial Applications Of Microbiology. BJL; QR 53 R6   BOOK 1977
Moss Melvin L : Comparative biology of calcified tissue.     
      Comparative Biology Of Calcified Tissue. BJL; Q 1 N53 A6(109,i)   BOOK 1963
Moss Michael R : Landscape approaches to wildlife and ecosystem management.     
      Landscape Approaches To Wildlife And Ecosystem Management. BJL  BOOK 1992
Moss Michael S    
      Beardmore : The History Of A Scottish Industrial Giant BJL, Departmental Locations ; HD 9743 G74 W7   BOOK 1979
      A Business Of National Importance : The Royal Mail Shipping Group, 1902-1937 Departmental Locations, BJL ; HE 824 G7   BOOK 1982
      Clyde Shipbuilding From Old Photographs Departmental Locations; VM 64 C59 H9   BOOK 1975
      From Cape To Cape : The History Of Lyle Shipping Company. BJL, Departmental Locations ; HE 945 L9 O6   BOOK 1978
      Workshop Of The British Empire : Engineering And Shipbuilding In The West Of Scotland. BJL, Departmental Locations ; q HD 9680 S42 M9   BOOK 1977
Moss Miriam : Take a walk on a rainbow : a first look at colour.     
      Take A Walk On A Rainbow : A First Look At Colour. Education Resources  BOOK 1999
Moss Morris Rona 1962 : Chronic fatigue syndrome / Rona Moss-Morris and Keith J. Petrie.     
      Chronic Fatigue Syndrome BJL; RB 150 F37 M9   BOOK 2000
Moss Mrs : Moss of Shrewsbury.     
      Moss Of Shrewsbury. BJL; LD 795 S5 M9   BOOK  
Moss Norman : The British-American dictionary.     
      The British-American Dictionary. BJL; PE 2835 M9   BOOK 1994
Moss Norman 1928 : Managing the planet : the politics of the new millennium.     
      Managing The Planet : The Politics Of The New Millennium. BJL  BOOK 2000
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