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245 00 Global Nollywood :|bthe transnational dimensions of an 
       African video film industry /|cedited by Matthias Krings 
       and Onookome Okome. 
260    Bloomington, Indiana :|bIndiana University Press,|c[2013] 
300    1 online resource (viii, 371 pages) :|billustrations. 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    computer|bc|2rdamedia 
338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
490 1  African expressive cultures 
505 00 |tNollywood and its diaspora: an introduction /|rMatthias 
       Krings and Onookome Okome --|gPart 1.|tMapping the 
       terrain.|tFrom Nollywood to Nollyworld: processes of 
       transnationalization in the Nigerian video film industry /
       |rAlessandro Jedlowski ;|tNollywood's transportability: 
       the politics and economics of video films as cultural 
       products /|rJyoti Mistry and Jordache A. Ellapen --|gPart 
       2.|tTransnational Nollywood.|tThe Nollywood diaspora: a 
       Nigerian video genre /|rJonathan Haynes ;|tNollywood made 
       in Europe /|rSophie Samyn ;|tMade in America: urban 
       immigrant spaces in transnational Nollywood films /
       |rClaudia Hoffmann ;|tReversing the filmic gaze: comedy 
       and the critique of the postcolony in Osuofia in London /
       |rOnookome Okome ;|tNollywood and postcolonial 
       predicaments: transnationalism, gender, and the 
       commoditization of desire in Glamour girls /|rPaul Ugor --
       |gPart 3.|tNollywood and its audiences.|tNollywood in 
       urban Southern Africa: Nigerian video films and their 
       audiences in Cape Town and Windhoek /|rHeike Becker ;
       |tReligion, migration, and media aesthetics: notes on the 
       circulation and reception of Nigerian films in Kinshasa /
       |rKatrien Pype ;|t"African movies" in Barbados: proximate 
       experiences of fear and desire /|rJane Bryce ;|tConsuming 
       Nollywood in Turin, Italy /|rGiovanna Santanera ;
       |tNigerian videos and their imagined western audiences: 
       the limits of Nollywood's transnationality /|rBabson 
       Ajibade --|gPart 4.|tAppropriations of Nollywood.
       |tTransgressing boundaries: reinterpretation of Nollywood 
       films in Muslim Northern Nigeria /|rAbdalla Uba Adamu ;
       |tKarishika with Kiswahili flavor: a Nollywood film retold
       by a Tanzanian video narrator /|rMatthias Krings ;|tBloody
       bricolages: traces of Nollywood in Tanzanian video films /
       |rClaudia Böhme. 
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650  0 Motion picture industry|zNigeria. 
650  0 Video recordings industry|zNigeria. 
700 1  Krings, Matthias. 
700 1  Okome, Onookome. 
830  0 African expressive cultures. 
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