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Orella Unzue Jose L De : Respuestas catolicas a las Centurias de Magdeburgo (1559-1588).     
      Respuestas Catolicas A Las Centurias De Magdeburgo (1559-1588). BJL; BR 355 C38 06   BOOK 1976
Orellana Dioniso G : Maranao folk art : survey of forms, designs and meanings.     
      Maranao Folk Art : Survey Of Forms, Designs And Meanings. South East Asian Collection; NK 921 S1   BOOK 1973
Orellana Moises : Monetary policy, exchange rates and credibility in Latin America.     
      Monetary Policy, Exchange Rates And Credibility In Latin America. BJL; q HB 1 Q33(98/2)   BOOK 1998
Orelli Giorgio    
      Accertamenti Verbali. BJL; PQ 4092 O6   BOOK 1978
      Legni E Versi : 73 Stamape Su Legno E 15 Poesie BJL; PQ 4807 I25 L5   BOOK 1978
      Spiracoli. BJL; PQ 4092 O6   BOOK 1989
Orelli Giovanni    
      La Festa Del Ringraziamento; L'anno Della Valanga. BJL; PQ 4875 R4 F4   BOOK 1972
      Svizzera Italiana. BJL; PQ 5961 O6   BOOK 1986
Orelli Johann Caspar : Onomastrizon Tullianum / curaverunt I.C. Orellius et I.G. Baiterus.     
      Onomastrizon Tullianum BJL; PA 6365 O5   BOOK 1965
Orelli Johann Caspar Von    
      Opera. BJL; PA 6393 O6   BOOK 1850
      Opera BJL; PA 6393 O6   BOOK 1972
      Res Publica. BJL; PA 4285 R4 O6   BOOK 1847
Orelli Johann Casper Von : Platonis opera quae ferunt omnia / recognoverunt,I.G.Baiterus,I.C.Orellius et A.G.Winckelmannus.     
      Platonis Opera Quae Ferunt Omnia BJL; PA 4279 B1   BOOK 1839
Orem Dorothea E 1914    
      Nursing : Concepts Of Practice. BJL; RT 84.5 O6   BOOK 1995
      Nursing : Concepts Of Practice. BJL; RT 84.5 O6   BOOK 2001
Oren Daniel : Fausta [sound recording] / libretto by Domenico Gilardoni, Gaetano Donizetti and Andrea Tottola.     
      Fausta BJL; C/D 1781   CD AUDIO p2002
Oren Eliezer D : The sea peoples and their world : a reassessment / edited by Eliezer D. Oren.     
      The Sea Peoples And Their World : A Reassessment Online materials  EBOOKS 2000
Oren Michael B 1955    
      Origins Of The Second Arab-Israel War : Egypt, Israel And The Great Powers 1952-56. BJL; DT 137 S55 O6   BOOK 1992
      Power, Faith, And Fantasy : America In The Middle East, 1776 To The Present BJL; DS 63.2 U5 O6   BOOK 2008
      Six Days Of War : June 1967 And The Making Of The Modern Middle East. BJL; DS 127 O6   BOOK 2002
Oren Nissan    
      Bulgarian Communism : The Road To Power, 1934-1944. BJL; JK 9609 A8 K8   BOOK 1971
      Revolution Administered : Agrarianism And Communism In Bulgaria. BJL; DR 90 O6   BOOK 1973
Oren Tasha G    
      East Main Street : Asian American Popular Culture Online materials  EBOOKS 2005
      Global Television Formats Understanding Television Across Borders Online materials  EBOOKS 2012
      Global Television Formats : Understanding Television Across Borders BJL; PN 1992.55 G5   BOOK 2010
      The Routledge Handbook Of Contemporary Feminism Online materials; HQ1155   EBOOKS 2018
Orend Brian 1971    
      Human Rights : Concept And Context. BJL; JC 571 O6   BOOK c2002
      Michael Walzer On War And Justice. BJL; U 21.2 O6   BOOK c2000
      The Morality Of War BJL; U 22 O6   BOOK c2006
      War And International Justice : A Kantian Perspective Online materials  EBOOKS c2000
Orendain Juan Claro : Ten datus of Madiaas.     
      Ten Datus Of Madiaas. South East Asian Collection; GR 325 O6   BOOK 1963
Orenstein Arbie : Ravel : man and musician.     
      Ravel : Man And Musician. BJL; ML 410 R25 O6   BOOK 1975
Orenstein Claudia : The Routledge companion to puppetry and material performance [electronic resource] : edited by Dassia N. Posner, Claudia Orenstein, John Bell.     
      The Routledge Companion To Puppetry And Material Performance Online materials; PN1972 .R68 2015   EBOOKS 2015
Orenstein Gloria Feman    
      Reweaving The World : The Emergence Of Ecofeminism BJL; HQ 1236 R4   BOOK 1990
      The Theater Of The Marvelous : Surrealism And The Contemporary Stage. BJL; PN 1861 O6   BOOK 1975
      The Theatre Of The Marvelous. BJL  BOOK 1975
Orenstein Harold S Harold Steven 1948 : The battle for the Ukraine : the Red Army's Korsun'-Shevchenkovskii Operation, 1944 (the Soviet General Staff study) / translated and edited by David M. Glantz and Harold S. Orenstein.     
      The Battle For The Ukraine : The Red Army's Korsun'-Shevchenkovskii Operation, 1944 (The Soviet Gene BJL; D 764.3 K67 B3   BOOK c2003
Orenstein Henry : Gaon : conflict and cohesion in an Indian village.     
      Gaon : Conflict And Cohesion In An Indian Village. BJL; GN 632.3 P8 06   BOOK 1965
Orenstein Mordekhai    
      Jews, Arabs And British In Palestine. BJL; DS 150 L43 O6   BOOK 1936
      Palestine : A Plea For Jewish-Arab Unity. BJL; DS 126 O6   BOOK 1939
Orenstein Peggy : Boys & sex : young men on hook-ups, love, porn, consent and navigating the new masculinity / Peggy Orenstein.     
      Boys & Sex : Young Men On Hook-Ups, Love, Porn, Consent And Navigating The New Masculinity BJL; HQ27.3 .O74   BOOK 2021
Orenstein Ronald Isaac : Variation in the jaw musculature of the avian family Vireonidae / by R.I. Orenstein and J.C. Barlow.     
      Variation In The Jaw Musculature Of The Avian Family Vireonidae BJL; q QL 1 R86 L6(128)   BOOK 1981
Orentlicher David : The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Health Law.     
      The Oxford Handbook Of Comparative Health Law. Online materials  EBOOKS 2021
Orentlicher Diane F    
      Human Rights As Politics And Idolatry. Online materials; JC571 .I39 2011   EBOOKS 2011
      Kampuchea : After The Worst : A Report On Current Violations Of Human Rights South East Asian Collection; q JC 599 C2 A1   BOOK 1985
Oreovicz Frank S : Teaching engineering / Phillip C. Wankat, Frank S. Oreovicz.     
      Teaching Engineering BJL; T 73 W2   BOOK 1993
Orero Pilar : Topics in audiovisual translation / edited by Pilar Orero.     
      Topics In Audiovisual Translation BJL; TR 886.7 T6   BOOK 2004
Oreskes Naomi    
      Merchants Of Doubt : How A Handful Of Scientists Obscured The Truth On Issues From Tobacco Smoke To BJL; Q 147 O6   BOOK 2012
      Plate Tectonics : An Insider's History Of The Modern Theory Of The Earth BJL; QE 511.4 P7   BOOK 2003
Oresko Robert    
      Royal And Republican Sovereignty In Early Modern Europe : Essays In Memory Of Ragnhild Hatton BJL; D 217 R8   BOOK 1997
      The Works In Architecture Of Robert And James Adam BJL; q NA 725 A2   BOOK 1975
Oresme Nicolaus Bishop Of Lisieux    
      The De Moneta Of Nicholas Oresme And English Mint Documents. BJL; HG 241 O6   BOOK 1956
      De Proportionibus Proportionum, And Ad Pauca Respicientes. BJL; B 765 O6 D4   BOOK 1966
      Du Ciel Et Du Monde BJL; B 765 O6 D8   BOOK  
      Le Livre De Politiques D'Aristote. BJL; q AS 36 A51(60,vi)   BOOK 1970
Orestano Francesco : Leonardo; Galilei; Tasso.     
      Leonardo; Galilei; Tasso. BJL; PQ 4075 O6   BOOK 1943
Orestrom Bengt : Turn-taking in English conversation.     
      Turn-Taking In English Conversation. BJL; PE 5 L95(66)   BOOK 1983
Orewa George Oka : Local government finance in Nigeria.     
      Local Government Finance In Nigeria. BJL; HJ 9606 N6   BOOK 1966
  Orf Chor -- See Österreichischer Rundfunk. Symphonie-Chor
  Orf Chorus -- See Österreichischer Rundfunk. Symphonie-Chor
  Orf Symphonie Orchester -- See Österreichischer Rundfunk. Symphonie-Orchester
  Orf Symphony Orchestra -- See Österreichischer Rundfunk. Symphonie-Orchester
Orfali Ingrid : Fiction erogene a partir de Klossowski.     
      Fiction Erogene A Partir De Klossowski. BJL; PC 15 L9(38)   BOOK 1983
Orfano Isabella    
      Article 18 : Protection Of Victims Of Trafficking And Fight Against Crime (Italy And The European Sc Departmental Locations; HQ 281 A7   BOOK c2002
      Headway : Improving Social Intervention Systems For Victims Of Trafficking Departmental Locations; HT 1155 H4   BOOK c2007
      Marginalia : Between The Lines - Outside The Margins : Multi-Dimensional Readings And Responses To S Departmental Locations; HC 240.9 P6 M3   BOOK c2003
Orfei Ruggero    
      Andreotti. BJL; DG 579 A5 O6   BOOK 1975
      L'occupazione Del Potere : I Democristiani '45-'75. BJL; JK 5657 D3 O6   BOOK 1976
Orfeon Donostiarra    
      Mors Et Vita BJL; C/D 2459   CD AUDIO p1992
      Abbado, Mahler, Debussy, Lucerne Festival Orchestra BJL; C/D 2527   CD AUDIO p2004
Orff Carl 1895 1982    
      Carmina Burana BJL; C/D 23   CD AUDIO p1968
      Carmina Burana BJL  CD AUDIO 1998
      Carmina Burana BJL; C/D 1421   CD AUDIO p1999
      Carmina Burana BJL; C/D 2559   CD AUDIO p1991
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Orff Gertrud : Schlüsselbegriffe der Orff-Musiktherapie. English     
      Key Concepts In The Orff Music Therapy : Definitions And Examples BJL; ML 3920 O6   BOOK c1989
Orfield Gary : Congressional power : Congress and social change.     
      Congressional Power : Congress And Social Change. BJL; JN 1021 O6   BOOK 1975
Orfila Hernan Pacheco : Protection of trademark rights in the European Economic Community and the Central American Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property.     
      Protection Of Trademark Rights In The European Economic Community And The Central American Conventio BJL; T/H 1988 LLM O6   THESIS 1988
Orford Anne    
      International Law And Its Others BJL; KZ 3410 I6   BOOK 2006
      The Oxford Handbook Of The Theory Of International Law Online materials  EBOOKS 2016
      The Oxford Handbook Of The Theory Of International Law BJL; KZ3410 .O925 2016   BOOK 2016
      Reading Humanitarian Intervention : Human Rights And The Use Of Force In International Law. BJL; KZ 6369 O6   BOOK 2003
Orford E J : Senior practical geography.     
      Senior Practical Geography. BJL; PB   BOOK 1935
Orford Edward Russell Earl Of 1653 1727    
      Admiral Russel's Letter To The Earl Of Nottingham: : Containing An Exact & Particular Relation Of Th Online materials  EBOOKS 1692
      Admiral Russel's Letter To The Earl Of Nottingham : Containing An Exact And Particular Relation Of T Online materials  EBOOKS 1692
      A Copy Of Admiral Russel's Letter To The Earl Of Nottingham. Online materials  EBOOKS 1692
      A Copy Of Admiral Russel's Letter To The Earl Of Nottingham Online materials  EBOOKS 1692
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Orford Emmeline : The gay Parisienne / George Dance and Ivan Caryll.     
      The Gay Parisienne Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 G7(1897/09/13)   PLAYBILL 1897
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