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100 1  Ostalska, Katarzyna. 
245 14 The Postworld in-Between Utopia and Dystopia :
       |bIntersectional, Feminist, and Non-Binary Approaches in 
       21st-Century Speculative Literature and Culture. 
264  1 Milton :|bTaylor & Francis Group,|c2021. 
264  4 |c©2022. 
300    1 online resource (291 pages) 
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490 1  Interdisciplinary Research in Gender Ser. 
505 0  Cover -- Half Title -- Series Page -- Title Page -- 
       Copyright Page -- Table of Contents -- List of figures -- 
       List of contributors -- Acknowledgements -- Foreword: a 
       utopian/dystopian spectrum: from friendship to fear, 
       from consent to coercion -- Utopia and dystopia in the 
       21st century: feminism, intersectionality, and the 
       rejection of binarism -- PART I: Between Anthropocenic 
       dystopia and ecological utopia -- 1 In need of new 
       narratives: feminist ustopian fiction challenging the 
       Anthropocene -- 2 Post-anthropocentric ethics of care in 
       turn-of-the-century fiction -- 3 Environmental dys/utopian
       short stories in Olga Tokarczuk's Opowiadania Bizarne -- 
       PART II: The materiality of posthuman intersections and 
       speculative discourse in fiction and art -- 4 Critical 
       hope: relationalities in 21st-century speculative fiction 
       and art -- 5 The mesotopia: from speculative realism to 
       speculative artistic events -- 6 Neganthropic 
       architecture(s): Renee Gladman's speculative reorientation
       of science fiction -- PART III: Between history and sexual
       politics: alternate herstories and historical alternatives
       -- 7 Temporal politics: entangling fictions, futures, and 
       histories in contemporary and historical speculative 
       fiction -- 8 Utopia of intimacy: "The Fear of the Flesh," 
       hyper- sexualisation, libidinal exhaustion, and a new 
       sexual politics beyond Oedipal (wo)man -- 9 Do cyborgs 
       dream of (becoming) people? The alternative non-human self
       in Ian McEwan's Machines Like Me -- PART IV: In-between 
       feminist and post-feminist dys/utopias -- 10 Twenty-first-
       century Gileads : feminist dystopian fiction after Atwood-
       The Handmaid's Tale, The Natural Way of Things, The Water 
       Cure, and The Testaments -- 11 A rage of her own: the 
       unpredictable powers of female flight in Nnedi Okorafor's 
       The Book of Phoenix. 
505 8  12 Feminist utopianism in the posthuman worlds of Last 
       Ones Left Alive by Sarah Davis-Goff and Individutopia by 
       Joss Sheldon -- 13 Developing the F-word: representing 
       adolescent womanhood and race in young adult dystopian 
       novels -- PART V: Beyond the gender and structural 
       binaries in dys/utopian cinema -- 14 Alien bodies, alien 
       selves: Under the Skin (2013) and beyond -- 15 Dys/utopian
       narratives on the screen: beyond the binaries in Children 
       of Men and The Lobster -- 16 Zombie Mayhem in Austen's 
       Hertfordshire- intersectionality of class and gender 
       politics in Burr Steers's Pride and Prejudice and Zombies 
       -- 17 "Where did all you zombies come from?" Gendered 
       pasts, presents, and futures in Robert Heinlein's "All You
       Zombies" and the film adaptation Predestination -- Index. 
700 1  Fisiak, Tomasz. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aOstalska, Katarzyna|tThe Postworld in-
       Between Utopia and Dystopia|dMilton : Taylor & Francis 
830  0 Interdisciplinary Research in Gender Ser. 
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