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100 1  Bellamie, John,|d-1654. 
245 12 A iustification of The city remonstrance and its 
       vindication, or, An answer to a book written by Mr. J.P. 
       entituled, The city remonstrance remonstrated :|bwherein 
       the frequent falsifyings of the said Mr. J.P. are 
       discovered, the many charges by him laid upon the 
       remonstrance and its vindicator, disproved, and the parity
       and agreement of the remonstrance ... with the 
       propositions, declarations, remonstrances, and votes, of 
       both or either House of Parliament manifested /|cby John 
260    London :|bPrinted by Richard Cotes,|c1646. 
300    [8], 48 p. 
500    In defense of: To the Right Honourable the Lords assembled
       in high court of Parliament, the humble remonstrance and 
       petition of the Lord major, aldermen, and commons of the 
       city of London (1646), and Bellamie's A vindication of The
       humble remonstrance (1646); supports the Presbyterian 
       attempt to suppress the Independents. 
500    Errata: p. 48. 
500    Reproduction of original in British Library. 
650  0 Church and state|zEngland. 
700 1  Price, John,|cCitizen of London.|tCity remonstrance 
740 0  Justification of The city remonstrance and its 
740 0  Ivstification of The city remonstrance and its 
740 0  Answer to a book by Mr. J[ohn] P[rice]. 
830  0 Early English books online. 
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