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Research Memorandum Rm 3655 Pr : Symposium on the Role of airpower in Counterinsurgency and Unconventional Warfare : Allied resistance to the Japanese on Luzon, World War II.     
      Symposium On The Role Of Airpower In Counterinsurgency And Unconventional Warfare : Allied Resistanc South East Asian Collection; q D 767.4 S9   BOOK 1963
Research Policy Program Lund : Brain drain and brain gain : a bibliography on migration of scientistsengineers, doctors and students.     
      Brain Drain And Brain Gain : A Bibliography On Migration Of Scientistsengineers, Doctors And Student BJL; JV 6094 R4   BOOK 1967
Research Policy Program Lund Sweden : Science and Technology in Development : India : the holdings of the Research Policy Program.     
      Science And Technology In Development : India : The Holdings Of The Research Policy Program. BJL; q HC 440 S4 S4   BOOK 1976
Research Program On Small Industry Development : Small industry in economic development of contemporary countries.     
      Small Industry In Economic Development Of Contemporary Countries. BJL; q HD 2346 P7 W8   BOOK 1960
Research Program On The U S S R : Comedy in the Soviet theater.     
      Comedy In The Soviet Theater. BJL; PG 3086 Y4   BOOK 1956
Research Seminar In Archaeology And Related Subjects 5th London Univ : The evolution of social systems : proceedings of a meeting of the Research Seminar in Archaeology and Related Subjects held at the Institute of Archaeology, University of London     
      The Evolution Of Social Systems : Proceedings Of A Meeting Of The Research Seminar In Archaeology An BJL; HM 626 E9   BOOK 1977
Research Seminar In Archaeology And Related Subjects London 1968 : The domestication and exploitation of plants and animals / edited by Peter J. Ucko and G. W. Dimbleby.     
      The Domestication And Exploitation Of Plants And Animals BJL; S 494 V1   BOOK 1969
Research Seminar In Archaeology And Related Subjects London 1970 : Man settlement and urbanism : edited by P.J. Ucko, R. Tringham and G.W. Dimbleby.     
      Man Settlement And Urbanism : Edited By P.J. Ucko, R. Tringham And G.W. Dimbleby. BJL; GF 101 U1   BOOK 1972
Research Seminar In Archaeology And Related Subjects London 1980 : Mortality and immortality : the anthropology and archaeology of death : proceedings of a meeting of the Research Seminar in Archaeology and Related Subjects held at the Institute of Archaeology, London University, in June 1980 / edited by S.C. Humphreys and H. King.     
      Mortality And Immortality : The Anthropology And Archaeology Of Death : Proceedings Of A Meeting Of BJL; GT 3150 M8   BOOK 1981
Research Services Limited    
      Community Attitudes Survey : England. BJL; HM 761 R4   BOOK 1969
      Parents, Children And Television. BJL; HQ 784 T4 P2   BOOK 1958
      Political And Economic Planning. BJL; q HT 1600 G7 P7   BOOK 1967
      A Survey Of The Directors Of Britain's 500 Largest Companies BJL; q HD 2745 S9   BOOK 1973
Research Symposium On Applications Of Sheaf Theory To Logic Algebra And Ana : Applications of sheaves : proceedings of the Research Symposium on Applications of Sheaf Theory to Logic, Algebra and Analysis, Durham, July 9-21, 1977 / edited by M.P. Fourman, C.J. Mulvey, and D.S. Scott.     
      Applications Of Sheaves : Proceedings Of The Research Symposium On Applications Of Sheaf Theory To L BJL; q QA 4 L47(753)   BOOK 1979
  Reseau -- See Unesco. Associated Schools Project Network
  Reseau Du Systeme Des Ecoles Associees De Lunesco -- See Unesco. Associated Schools Project Network
Resek Carl    
      Lewis Henry Morgan : American Scholar. BJL; GN 21 M8 R4   BOOK 1960
      War And The Intellectuals : Essays ... 1915-1919. BJL; JX 1937 B7   BOOK 1964
Resek Diane : Foundations of higher mathematics : exploration and proof / by Daniel Fendel with Diane Resek.     
      Foundations Of Higher Mathematics : Exploration And Proof BJL; QA 37.2 F3   BOOK 1990
Resende Garcia De    
      Cancioneiro Geral : Altportugiesische Liedersammlung BJL; PT 21 L7(15,17,26)   BOOK 1852
      Garcia De Resende E O "Cancioneiro Geral". BJL; PQ 9067 R6   BOOK 1979
      Poetas Do Cancioneiro Geral E Os Modeiros De Lisboa. BJL; PQ 9067 G1   BOOK 1979
Resenhofft Wilhelm : Nietzsches Zarathustra-Wahn : Deutung und Dokumentation zur Apokalypse des Übermenschen / Wilhelm Resenhöfft.     
      Nietzsches Zarathustra-Wahn : Deutung Und Dokumentation Zur Apokalypse Des Übermenschen BJL; B 3318 R4   BOOK 1972
Reser Margie K    
      Phase Diagrams For Ceramists BJL; q QD 501 T4 L6   BOOK c1964
      Phase Diagrams For Ceramists. 1969 Supplement BJL; q QD 501 T4 L6   BOOK c1969
Reserve Bank Of Australia    
      Australian Banking And Monetary Statistics, 1817-1945. BJL; q HG 3451 B9   BOOK 1971
      Bibliography Of Australian Finance, 1900-1968. BJL; q HG 3446 B7   BOOK 1971
      Flow-Of-Funds, Australia, 1953/54 To 1961/62. BJL; q HG 3458 R43 H7   BOOK 1965
      Report And Financial Statements/ Reserve Bank Of Australia. BJL; q HG 3441 C73 B12   PERIODICAL  
      Reserve Bank Of Australia. BJL; HG 3454 R4   BOOK 1966
Reserve Bank Of Australia Rural Liaison Service : Proceedings at the Bankers' Residential Conference on changing and development in northern New South Wales.     
      Proceedings At The Bankers' Residential Conference On Changing And Development In Northern New South BJL; HD 2152.4 R4   BOOK 1965
Reserve Bank Of India    
      Annual Report : Reserve Bank Of India. BJL; q HG 3306 R43 A6   PERIODICAL  
      Banking And Monetary Statistics Of India. BJL; q HG 3304 R4   BOOK 1954
      Bulletin/ Reserve Bank Of India. BJL; q HG 3306 R43 B9   PERIODICAL 1988
      Census Of India's Foreign Liabilities And Assets : As On 30th June, 1948. BJL; HA 1714 R4   BOOK 1950
40 additional entries    
Reserve Bank Of India Agricultural Credit Department    
      Co-Operative Village Banks : Bulletin No. 2. BJL; HG 2039 I3 R4   BOOK 1937
      Recent Developments In The Co-Operative Movement In Burma With Suggestions For Their Applicability T South East Asian Collection; HG 2051 B9 R4   BOOK 1938
      Report On Financing The Crash Programme For The Development Of Sericulture In Karnataka. BJL; HD 9926 I32 I3   BOOK 1974
      Report On The Banking Union At Kodikar, Baroda State With Suggestions About Its Applicability Elsewh BJL; HG 2051 I3 R4   BOOK 1937
6 additional entries    
Reserve Bank Of India All India Rural Credit Review Committee : Report of the All-India Rural Credit Review Committee.     
      Report Of The All-India Rural Credit Review Committee. BJL; HG 2051 I3 R4   BOOK 1969
Reserve Bank Of India Central Board Of Directors : Report/ Reserve Bank of India. Central Board of Directors.     
      Report/ Reserve Bank Of India. Central Board Of Directors. BJL; q HG 3306 R43 A6   PERIODICAL 1957-
Reserve Bank Of India Central Committee For Co Operative Training    
      Co-Operative Training. BJL; HD 3542.5 A4 R4   PERIODICAL  
      Review Of Activities, 1953-62. BJL; HD 3542.5 A4 R4   BOOK 1962
Reserve Bank Of India Committee Of Direction Of The All India Rural Credit : The general report of the Committee of Direction : All- India Rural Credit Survey.     
      The General Report Of The Committee Of Direction : All- India Rural Credit Survey. BJL; HG 2051 I3 R4   BOOK 1955
Reserve Bank Of India Standing Advisory Committee On Agricultural Credit : Reserve Bank of India. Standing Advisory Committee on Agricultural Credit /Proceedings.     
      Reserve Bank Of India. Standing Advisory Committee On Agricultural Credit /Proceedings. BJL; HG 2051 I3 R4   PERIODICAL  
Reserve Bank Of New Zealand    
      Between Governments And Banks : A History Of The Reserve Bank Of New Zealand. BJL; HG 3476 H3   BOOK 1973
      Bibliography Of Banking And Currency In New Zealand. BJL; q HG 3474 N5   BOOK  
      Financial Policy Reform. BJL; HG 1425 R4   BOOK 1986
      A Model Of The New Zealand Monetary Sector BJL; q HG 3474 D2   BOOK 1971
5 additional entries    
Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe : Quarterly economic and statistical review/ Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.     
      Quarterly Economic And Statistical Review/ Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe. BJL; q HC 517 R43 Q15   PERIODICAL  
Resh Vincent H    
      Biological Atlas Of Aquatic Insects BJL; QL 472 W5   BOOK c2002
      The Ecology Of Aquatic Insects BJL; QL 463 E1   BOOK 1984
Reshetar John S : The Soviet polity : government and politics in the U.S.S.R.     
      The Soviet Polity : Government And Politics In The U.S.S.R. BJL; JK 6571 R4   BOOK 1971
Reshetar John Stephen    
      A Concise History Of The Communist Party Of The Soviet Union. BJL; JK 6590 R4   BOOK 1964
      The Ukrainian Revolution, 1917-1920 : A Study In Nationalism. BJL; DK 508.8 R4   BOOK 1952
Reshetkin V V : The sea otter (kalan).     
      The Sea Otter (Kalan). BJL; QL 737 C25 R9   BOOK 1962
Reshetov Meksandr Efimovich : Izbrannaia lirika.     
      Izbrannaia Lirika. BJL; PG 3476 R46 A2   BOOK 1966
Resi Putu : Hinduism in Bali / written by Frances Hawker and Putu Resi ; photography by Bruce Campbell.     
      Hinduism In Bali Education Resources  BOOK 2008
Resibois Pierre M V    
      Classical Kinetic Theory Of Fluids BJL; QC 175.3 R4   BOOK 1977
      Time Dependent Correlation Functions And Mod-Mode Coupling Theories. BJL; QC 1 P 578 P5(19,ii)   BOOK 1975
Resick Matthew C : Modern administrative practices in physical education and athletics / Mathew C. Resick, Beverly L. Seidel, James G. Mason.     
      Modern Administrative Practices In Physical Education And Athletics BJL; GV 343.5 R4   BOOK 1979
Resick Patricia A : Cognitive processing therapy for PTSD : a comprehensive manual / Patricia A. Resick, Candice M. Monson, Kathleen M. Chard.     
      Cognitive Processing Therapy For PTSD : A Comprehensive Manual Online materials; RC552.P67 R47 2017   EBOOKS 2017
Residencia De Estudiantes Madrid : Oxford y Cambridge en Madrid : la Residencia de Estudiantes 1910-1936 y su entorno cultural.     
      Oxford Y Cambridge En Madrid : La Residencia De Estudiantes 1910-1936 Y Su Entorno Cultural. BJL; LD 4823 M1 R4   BOOK 1981
Residential Care Association    
      Caring For Deprived Children : International Case Studies Of Residential Settings. BJL; HV 961 C5   BOOK 1979
      Children At Tree Tops : An Example Of Creative Residential Care. BJL; HV 1150 R2 T7   BOOK 1981
      Rights In Residence : A Review Of The Residential Care Association. BJL; HV 59 R5   BOOK 1979
      The Social Work Task. BJL; q HV 43 R4   BOOK 1979
      Stress In Residential Work : A Report To The RCA AGM 1980 BJL; q HV 59 R4   BOOK 1980
Residenz Quintett Munchen : Quintet, B flat major, for piano and winds, op. posth. [sound recording] / Rimsky-Korssakoff. Quintet, F major, for piano and winds, op. 55 / Rubinstein.     
      Quintet, B Flat Major, For Piano And Winds, Op. Posth. BJL; C/D 1494   CD AUDIO p1990
Residenz Verlag : Literatur im Residenz Verlag : Almanach auf das Jahr 1977.     
      Literatur Im Residenz Verlag : Almanach Auf Das Jahr 1977. BJL; PT 1141 A2 L7   BOOK 1977
Resina Joan Ramon    
      After-Images Of The City BJL; PN 56 C55 A2   BOOK 2003
      Burning Darkness : A Half Century Of Spanish Cinema BJL; PN 1993.5 S7 B9   BOOK c2008
      El Cadáver En La Cocina : La Novela Criminal En La Cultura Del Desencanto. BJL; PQ 6147 D4 R4   BOOK 1997
      Disremembering The Dictatorship : The Politics Of Memory In The Spanish Transition To Democracy BJL; DP 269.97 D6   BOOK 2000
Resing Wilma C M : Learning potential assessment and cognitive training : actual research and perspectives in theory building and methodology / edited by G.M. van der Aalsvoort, W.C.M. Resing, A.J.J.M. Ruijssenaars.     
      Learning Potential Assessment And Cognitive Training : Actual Research And Perspectives In Theory Bu BJL; BF 176 L4   BOOK 2002
Resink G J : Raja dan kerajaan yang merdeka di Indonesia 1850-1910 : enam tulisan terpilih.     
      Raja Dan Kerajaan Yang Merdeka Di Indonesia 1850-1910 : Enam Tulisan Terpilih. South East Asian Collection; (WP) DS 643 R4   BOOK 1987
Resinovic G : Sales forecasting, production scheduling and stock control for hydraulc jacks for Armstrong Patents Co. Ltd., Beverley.     
      Sales Forecasting, Production Scheduling And Stock Control For Hydraulc Jacks For Armstrong Patents BJL; T/H 1967 Dip.O.R. R4   THESIS 1967
Reske Hermann : Traum und Wirklichkeit im Werk Heinrich von Kleists.     
      Traum Und Wirklichkeit Im Werk Heinrich Von Kleists. BJL; PT 2379 R4   BOOK 1969
Reskiewicz Alfred : Internal structure of clauses in English : an introduction to sentence pattern analysis.     
      Internal Structure Of Clauses In English : An Introduction To Sentence Pattern Analysis. BJL; PE 75 R4   BOOK 1963
Reskin Barbara F : Women and men at work / Barbara Reskin, Irene Padavic.     
      Women And Men At Work BJL; HD 6060.5 U5 R4   BOOK 1994
Resler Henrietta : Class in a capitalist society : a study of contemporary Britain / John Westergaard and Henrietta Resler.     
      Class In A Capitalist Society : A Study Of Contemporary Britain BJL; HN 385.5 W5   BOOK 1975
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