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Ridgway Sam H : Handbook of marine mammals / edited by S.H. Ridgway and R.J. Harrison.     
      Handbook Of Marine Mammals BJL; QL 713.5 H2   BOOK 1981
Ridgway Sara Jane : The problem of Kenya literature 1902-1939.     
      The Problem Of Kenya Literature 1902-1939. BJL; T/H 1991 M.A. R5   THESIS 1991
Ridgway W : Reports of cases upon appeals and writs of error, High court of parliament, Ireland 1784-96.     
      Reports Of Cases Upon Appeals And Writs Of Error, High Court Of Parliament, Ireland 1784-96. BJL; M/I 3526   MICROFORM 1795
Ridgwell J : Skills in design and technology.     
      Skills In Design And Technology. BJL  BOOK 1990
Ridha Kadhum Kreem : Pre-service teacher-training in Iraq and England, with special reference to the use of educational media.     
      Pre-Service Teacher-Training In Iraq And England, With Special Reference To The Use Of Educational M BJL; T/H 1990 Ph.D. R5   THESIS 1990
Ridho Abu : Oriental ceramics : the world's great collections. v. 3 : Museum Pusat, Jakarta / introduction, selection and notes Abu Ridho.     
      Oriental Ceramics : The World's Great Collections. V. 3 : Museum Pusat, Jakarta South East Asian Collection; (WR)q NK 4055 A1 O6   BOOK 1982
Ridi Antonio : Cases of Diana, Ridi, Casciaroli, Manieri, Mastrantonio, Idrocalce, Cardarelli, Golino, Taiuti v. Italy : judgments of 27 February 1992.     
      Cases Of Diana, Ridi, Casciaroli, Manieri, Mastrantonio, Idrocalce, Cardarelli, Golino, Taiuti V. It BJL; KJC 5132 A52 E88(229)   BOOK 1992
Riding Christine    
      Hogarth BJL; q ND 225 H71 H1   BOOK 2006
      The Houses Of Parliament : History, Art And Architecture BJL; q NA 4415 G72 L6   BOOK 2000
      John Everett Millais. BJL; ND 225 M65 R5   BOOK 2006
      Turner & The Sea BJL; q ND497.T88 A4   BOOK 2013
Riding Jacqueline : The Houses of Parliament : history, art and architecture / [edited by Christine Riding and Jacqueline Riding].     
      The Houses Of Parliament : History, Art And Architecture BJL; q NA 4415 G72 L6   BOOK 2000
Riding Laura 1901 1991    
      Contemporaries And Snobs. BJL; PR 501 R5   BOOK  
      Essays From 'Epilogue' 1935-1937 BJL; PR 6035 I19 E7   BOOK 2001
      Experts Are Puzzled. BJL; PR 6035 I19 E8   BOOK 1930
      Four Unposted Letters To Catherine. BJL; s PR 6035 I19 F7   BOOK 1930
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Riding Richard J 1939    
      Assessment And Examination In The Secondary School : A Practical Guide For Teachers And Trainers BJL; LB 3060.32 C74 A8   BOOK 1990
      Cognitive Styles And Learning Strategies : Understanding Style Differences In Learning And Behaviour BJL; BF 723 C5 R5   BOOK 1998
      Psychological Aspects Of Learning And Teaching BJL  BOOK 1983
      School Learning And Cognitive Style. BJL; LB 1060 R5   BOOK 2002
      School Learning : Mechanisms And Processes. BJL; LB 1051 R5   BOOK 1977
Riding Robert : Calcareous algae and stromatolites / R. Riding, editor.     
      Calcareous Algae And Stromatolites BJL; QE 955 C1   BOOK 1990
Ridinger Robert B Marks : Anthropological fieldwork : an annotated bibliography / Pierre Bettez Gravel and Robert B. Marks Ridinger.     
      Anthropological Fieldwork : An Annotated Bibliography BJL; GN 346 G7   BOOK 1988
Ridings Eligah : Elijah Ridings : weaver, radical and poet.     
      Elijah Ridings : Weaver, Radical And Poet. BJL; q DA 690 E148 E14   BOOK 1976
Ridings Richard : Billy the Kid and the Green Baize Vampire [videorecording] / directed by Alan Clarke.     
      Billy The Kid And The Green Baize Vampire BJL; PN 1997 B5998   DVD 2006
Ridjanovic Josip : Neue Beobachtungen über die Eiszeitwirkungen im Orjen-Gebirge (Jugoslawien).     
      Neue Beobachtungen über Die Eiszeitwirkungen Im Orjen-Gebirge (Jugoslawien). BJL; G 1 W97(20)   BOOK 1967
Ridjanovie Midhat : A synchronic study of verbal aspect in English.     
      A Synchronic Study Of Verbal Aspect In English. BJL; PE 1301 R5   BOOK
Ridker Ronald Gene : Population, resources, and the environment.     
      Population, Resources, And The Environment. BJL; HB 3505 P8   BOOK 1972
Ridler Anne    
      David Gascoyne And Anne Ridler Read And Discuss Selections Of Their Own Poems. BJL; A/T 775   CASSETTE 1982
      A Dream Observed, And Other Poems. BJL; PR 6035 I54 D7   BOOK 1941
      The Golden Bird, And Other Poems. BJL; PR 6035 I54 G6   BOOK 1951
      A Little Book Of Modern Verse BJL; PR 1225 R5   BOOK 1941
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Ridler Vivian : An exhibition to mark the eightieth birthday of Vivian Ridler : exhibition hand-list, Perpetua Press check-lists ... / [edited by R. Wilson].     
      An Exhibition To Mark The Eightieth Birthday Of Vivian Ridler : Exhibition Hand-List, Perpetua Press BJL; q Z 121 E9   BOOK 1994
Ridler William : British modern press books : a descriptive list of unrecord items.     
      British Modern Press Books : A Descriptive List Of Unrecord Items. BJL; Z 1028 R5   BOOK 1975
Ridley Aaron    
      The Anti-Christ, Ecce Homo, Twilight Of The Idols, And Other Writings BJL; B3312.E5 R53 2005   BOOK 2005
      Arguing About Art : Contemporary Philosophical Debates BJL; BH 201 A6   BOOK 2002
      Arguing About Art : Contemporary Philosophical Debates BJL; BH201 .A74 2007   BOOK 2008
      The Philosophy Of Art : Readings Ancient And Modern BJL; BH 39 N4   BOOK 1995
      The Philosophy Of Music : Theme And Variations BJL; ML 3845 R5   BOOK c2004
Ridley Adam : Europe : the challenge of diversity / H. Wallace with A. Ridley.     
      Europe : The Challenge Of Diversity BJL; HC 241.2 W1   BOOK 1985
Ridley Annie E : A backward glance : the story of John Ridley a pioneer.     
      A Backward Glance : The Story Of John Ridley A Pioneer. BJL; S 760 A9 R5   BOOK 1904
Ridley Anthony : An illustrated history of transport.     
      An Illustrated History Of Transport. BJL; HE 151 R5   BOOK 1969
Ridley Arnold    
      The Ghost Train Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 N54(1964/12/07-12)   PLAYBILL 1964
      Keepers Of Youth : A Play In Four Acts. BJL; PR 6035 I55 K2   BOOK 1929
      Third Time Lucky : A Comedy In Three Acts. BJL; PR 6035 I55 T4   BOOK 1932
Ridley B K    
      Electrons And Phonons In Semiconductor Multilayers BJL; QC 611.6 S9 R5   BOOK 2009
      Electrons And Phonons In Semiconductor Multilayers Online materials  EBOOKS 2009
      On Science BJL; Q 175 R5   BOOK 2001
      The Physical Environment. BJL; QC 806 R5   BOOK 1979
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  Ridley Brian K Brian Kidd -- See Ridley, B. K.
  Ridley Brian Kidd -- See Ridley, B. K.
Ridley Chesterton D    
      ABC Foreign Coastal And Short Sea Freighters. Departmental Locations; HE 566 F7 R5   BOOK 1963
      British Coastal Ships, Tugs And Trawlers. Departmental Locations; HE 565 G7 R5   BOOK 1972
      Coastal Ships. Departmental Locations; HE 565 A3 R5   BOOK c1967
      Dutch And German Coaster Fleets. Departmental Locations; HE 565 A3 R5   BOOK 1975
      Gas And Electricity Colliers : The Sea-Going Ships Owned By The British Gas And Electricity Industri Departmental Locations; VM 401 R5   BOOK 1984
Ridley Christopher David : Fairy tale and the feminine : is Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale The Snow Queen a text which finds the mother?     
      Fairy Tale And The Feminine : Is Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tale The Snow Queen A Text Which Fi BJL; T/H 1993 M.A. R5   THESIS 1993
Ridley Damon D : Online searching : a scientist's perspective : a guide for the chemical and life sciences.     
      Online Searching : A Scientist's Perspective : A Guide For The Chemical And Life Sciences. BJL; Z 699.3 R5   BOOK 1996
Ridley Diana    
      The Literature Review : A Step-By-Step Guide For Students BJL; LB 2369 R5   BOOK 2008
      The Literature Review : A Step-By-Step Guide For Students BJL; LB 2369 R5   BOOK 2012
Ridley E A K : Wind instruments of European art music.     
      Wind Instruments Of European Art Music. BJL; ML 462 H8   BOOK 1974
Ridley Florence H    
      The Aeneid Of Henry Howard, Earl Of Surrey BJL; PR 5 C15 E5(26)   BOOK 1963
      The Prioress And The Critics. BJL; PR 5 C15 E5(30)   BOOK 1965
Ridley Francis A    
      1848! The Year Of The Revolutions 1948. BJL; D 387 R5   BOOK 1948
      The Assassins. BJL; BP 195 A8 R5   BOOK 1988
      The Early Years Of The British Left Opposition. BJL; HX 243 T8   BOOK 1979
      Fascism : What Is It? BJL; JC 475 R6   BOOK 1941
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Ridley Frederick Fernand    
      British Government And Politics Since 1945 : Changes In Perspective BJL; JK 231 B8   BOOK 1995
      The French Prefectoral System : An Example Of Integrated Administrative Decentralisation. BJL; JS 4905 R5   BOOK 1973
      Government And Administration In Western Europe BJL; JK 94 A5 R5   BOOK 1979
      Policies And Politics In Western Europe : The Impact Of The Recession BJL; JK 94 A91 P7   BOOK 1984
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Ridley George    
      India : What Now & What Next? BJL; DS 480.82 R5   BOOK 1942
      Labour On The March. BJL; HX 246 R5   BOOK 1942
      Labours' Policy For Coal And Power. BJL; HD 9551.6 R5   BOOK 1937
Ridley Henry N    
      The Dispersal Of Plants Throughout The World. BJL; QK 101 R5   BOOK 1930
      The Flora Of The Malay Peninsula. South East Asian Collection; QK 225 R5   BOOK 1967
      Spices. BJL; SB 305 R5   BOOK 1912
Ridley Hugh    
      Images Of Imperial Rule. BJL; PN 56 C63 R5   BOOK 1983
      Industrie Und Deutsche Literatur 1830-1914 : Eine Anthologie BJL; PT 1110 I4 I4   BOOK 1976
      The Problematic Bourgeois : Twentieth-Century Criticism On Thomas Mann's "Buddenbrooks" And "The Mag BJL; PT 2625 A61 Z67   BOOK 1994
      South-West Africa Under German Rule, 1894-1914 BJL; DT 711 B6   BOOK 1971
      Thomas Mann : Buddenbrooks. BJL; PT 2625 A61 Z67   BOOK 1987
Ridley Humphrey 1653 1708 : The anatomy of the brain : containing its mechanism and physiology : together with some new discoveries and corrections of ancient and modern authors upon that subject : to which is annex'd a particular account of animal functions and muscular motion : the whole illustrated with elegant sculptures after the life by H. Ridley ...     
      The Anatomy Of The Brain : Containing Its Mechanism And Physiology : Together With Some New Discover Online materials  EBOOKS 1695
Ridley Jane 1935    
      Therapy With Couples : A Behavioural-Systems Approach To Couple Relationship And Sexual Problems BJL; RC 488.5 C9   BOOK c2000
      Therapy With Couples A Behavioural-Systems Approach To Couple Relationship And Sexual Problems Online materials  EBOOKS 2000
      Therapy With Couples : A Behavioural-Systems Approach To Marital And Sexual Problems BJL; RC 488.5 C9   BOOK 1990
Ridley Jasper 1920    
      Garibaldi. BJL; DG 552.8 G2 R5   BOOK 1974
      John Knox. BJL; BX 9223 R5   BOOK 1968
      Lord Palmerston. BJL, Departmental Locations ; DA 536 P2 R5   BOOK 1970
      Mussolini. BJL; DG 575 M8 R5   BOOK 1997
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Ridley Jennifer : Developing learner's thinking skills.     
      Developing Learner's Thinking Skills. BJL; P 53 R5   BOOK 1997
Ridley John 1965 : 12 years a slave [videorecording] / directed by Steve McQueen     
      12 Years A Slave BJL; PN 1997 T97145   DVD c2013
Ridley John R    
      Safety At Work Online materials  EBOOKS 2008
      Tapeinobasia: Or, A Sermon Of Walking Humbly With God. Online materials  EBOOKS 1649
Ridley Julie : Towards a better partnership : social workers and volunteers / BASW Social Workers and Volunteers Project Group; editors, J. Ridley and R. Currie.     
      Towards A Better Partnership : Social Workers And Volunteers BJL; HV 40.42 B8   BOOK 1987
Ridley Ken : Curriculum planning and the primary school / K. Morrison and K. Ridley.     
      Curriculum Planning And The Primary School BJL  BOOK 1988
Ridley Lancelot 1576    
      Annotations In The Boke Of Josue : Shewynge Breflye In Euery Chapter By Comon Places How This Boke S Online materials  EBOOKS 1538?
      A Commentary In Englyshe Vpon Sayncte Paules Epystle To The Ephesyans : For The Instruccyon Of Them Online materials  EBOOKS 1540
      A Commentary In Englyshe Vpon Sayncte Paules Epystle To The Ephesyans For The Instruccyon Of Them Th Online materials  EBOOKS 1540
      An Exposicion In Englishe Vpon The Epistle Of .S. Paule, To The Colossians : Wherin The Letter Is Pu Online materials  EBOOKS 1548
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Ridley Louise Helen : Sexual abuse of children within the family : the need for a new approach.     
      Sexual Abuse Of Children Within The Family : The Need For A New Approach. BJL; T/H 1987 M.A. R5   THESIS 1987
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