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Stobart John Clarke    
      The Chaucer Epoch. BJL; PR 1101 S8   BOOK 1906
      Epochs Of English Literature. BJL; PR 1101 S8   BOOK  
      Epochs Of English Literature. BJL; PR 1101 S8   BOOK  
      The Glory That Was Greece. BJL; DF 76 S8   BOOK 1921
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Stobart Jon 1966    
      The Country House : Material Culture And Consumption BJL; q GN 406 C68   BOOK 2016
      The First Industrial Region : North-West England, C.1700-60. BJL; HC 258 N9 S8   BOOK 2004
      Spaces Of Consumption : Leisure And Shopping In The English Town, C.1680-1830 BJL; HC 260.95 C6 S8   BOOK 2007
      Towns, Regions And Industries : Urban And Industrial Change In The Midlands, C.1700-1840 BJL; HC 258 M6 T7   BOOK 2005
      Travel And The British Country House : Cultures, Critiques And Consumption In The Long Eighteenth Ce Online materials; NA7620 .T73 2017eb   EBOOKS 2017
Stobaugh Robert    
      Energy Future : Report Of The Energy Project At The Harvard Business School BJL; HD 9545 E5   BOOK 1983
      Energy Future : Report Of The Energy Project At The Harvard Businessschool. BJL; HD 9545 E5   BOOK 1979
Stobbe Hanna : Methodisch-theoretisches Schrifttum zur wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung in Entwicklungslandern und Schrifftum zur Entwicklungspolitik : eine Bibliographie.     
      Methodisch-Theoretisches Schrifttum Zur Wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung In Entwicklungslandern Und Schr BJL; HC 59 S8   BOOK 1965
Stobbs Candy : Adventures of the black square / edited by Iwona Blazwick ; with Sophie McKinlay, Magnus af Petersens and Candy Stobbs.     
      Adventures Of The Black Square BJL; q N 6494 A2 A2   BOOK 2015
Stobbs William    
      17th Century England : Amabel Williams-Ellis & William Stobbs. Education Resources; DA 380 W7   BOOK 1968
      The Speckled Birds. Education Resources  BOOK 1988
      Tudor England : Amabel Williams-Ellis & William Stobbs. Education Resources; DA 320 W7   BOOK 1968
Stober August : Die burgundische Hystorie : eine Reim-Chronik, 1477; als Beitrag zur vierten Jahrhundertfeier der Schlacht von Murten (22 Juni 1876).     
      Die Burgundische Hystorie : Eine Reim-Chronik, 1477; Als Beitrag Zur Vierten Jahrhundertfeier Der Sc BJL; DC 611 B781 T9   BOOK 1876
Stober Dianne R : Evidence based coaching handbook : putting best practices to work for your clients / Dianne R. Stober and Anthony M. Grant, editors.     
      Evidence Based Coaching Handbook : Putting Best Practices To Work For Your Clients BJL; BF 637 P36 E9   BOOK c2006
Stober Karen : Thirteenth century England XI : proceedings of the Gregynog conference, 2005 / edited by Björn Weiler, Janet Burton, Phillipp Schofield, Karen Stöber.     
      Thirteenth Century England XI : Proceedings Of The Gregynog Conference, 2005 BJL; DA 225 C7   BOOK 2007
Stober Michael I : Entrapment in Canadian criminal law.     
      Entrapment In Canadian Criminal Law. BJL; KU 140 S8   BOOK 1985
Stobie Alistair : Adoption and Children (Scotland) Act 2007 : the act and regulations / Fergus Smith and Roy Stewart, with Alistair Stobie.     
      Adoption And Children (Scotland) Act 2007 : The Act And Regulations BJL; KDC 377 S6   BOOK c2011
Stobie Margaret R : Frederick Philip Grove.     
      Frederick Philip Grove. BJL; PR 9199.3 G77 Z68   BOOK 1973
Stobo John    
      Mercurius Scotus His Almanack; Sive Prognostication : Vel Speculum Anni à Nativitate Jes.C. 1694. B Online materials  EBOOKS 1694
      Problem Solving With Prolog. BJL; QA 76.73 P87 S8   BOOK 1989
Stobo Marguerite : Pèlerinage de l'âme. English     
      The Pilgrime BJL; PR 1121 R39(31)   BOOK 2008
Stobo P : Copywriting.     
      Copywriting. BJL  BOOK 1967
Stocall James : Freedome. Or, The description of the excellent civill government of the island of Jersey : published by James Stocall Esq; Collonel of a regiment of the trained bands of the said island, consisting of 1500 men. Under the government of the honorable Colonel Heane governour thereof, for the service of the Commonwealth of England.     
      Freedome. Or, The Description Of The Excellent Civill Government Of The Island Of Jersey : Published Online materials  EBOOKS 1652
Stocchi Manlio Pastore    
      Dizionario Critico Della Letteratura Italiana / Redattori A. Balduino M.P. Stocchi, M. Pecoraro. BJL; PQ 4006 D6   BOOK 1973
      Miscellaneorum Centuria Secunda. BJL; PA 8563 M6 B8   BOOK 1978
      Tradizione Medievale E Gusto Umanistico Nel De Montibus Del Boccaccio. BJL; PQ 4274 D7 Z6   BOOK 1963
Stochastic Analysis Symposium 1993 New York : Stochastic analysis : Summer Research Institute on stochastic analysis July 11-30, 1993 Cornell University, Ithaca, New York / edited by M.C. Cranston, M.A. Pinsky.     
      Stochastic Analysis : Summer Research Institute On Stochastic Analysis July 11-30, 1993 Cornell Univ BJL; QA 1 A5 P97 (57)   BOOK 1993
Stochholm Johanne Magdalene : Garrick's folly : the Shakespeare jubilee of 1769 at Stratford and Drury Lane.     
      Garrick's Folly : The Shakespeare Jubilee Of 1769 At Stratford And Drury Lane. BJL; PR 2923 S8   BOOK 1964
Stochi Mario Pastore : Le piacevoli notti / reprint aa cura di M.P. Stocchi.     
      Le Piacevoli Notti BJL; PQ 4634 S7 P5   BOOK 1975
Stock : Sprechwissenschaftliche Arbeit in der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik : aktuelle Probleme / herausgegeben von H. Muller und E. Stock.     
      Sprechwissenschaftliche Arbeit In Der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik : Aktuelle Probleme BJL; AS 182 M37 W7(1973/3)   BOOK 1973
Stock A    
      Some Aspects Of Regeneration In Cockroach. BJL; q AS 722 N53 E96 (2,ix)   BOOK 1958
      Some Effects Of Farnesyl Methyl Ether On Regeneration And Metamorphosis In The Cockroach Blattella G BJL; q AS 722 N53 E96 (5,viii)   BOOK 1964
      Ultrastrukturchemie. BJL; QD 461 S8   BOOK  
Stock Adam : Modern Dystopian Fiction and Political Thought : Narratives of World Politics.     
      Modern Dystopian Fiction And Political Thought : Narratives Of World Politics. Online materials; PN56.D94 .S763 2019   EBOOKS 2018
Stock Amy Geraldine    
      W. B. Yeats : His Poetry And Thought. BJL; PR 5908 S8   BOOK 1961
      W B Yeats : His Poetry And Thought. BJL  BOOK 1964
Stock Angela    
      Plotting Early Modern London : New Essays On Jacobean City Comedy BJL; PR 678 L58 P7   BOOK 2004
      Plotting Early Modern London : New Essays On Jacobean City Comedy Online materials  EBOOKS 2016
Stock Ann Marie : Framing Latin American cinema : contemporary critical perspectives / Ann Marie Stock, editor.     
      Framing Latin American Cinema : Contemporary Critical Perspectives BJL; PN 1993.5 L3 F8   BOOK 1997
Stock Arthur K : Adult education.     
      Adult Education. BJL; JUA M1   BOOK 1986
Stock Brian    
      The Implications Of Literacy : Written Language And Models Of Interpretation In The Eleventh And Twe BJL; P 211 S8   BOOK 1983
      Listening For The Text : On The Uses Of The Past. BJL; D 13 S8   BOOK 1990
      Listening For The Text : On The Uses Of The Past. BJL; D 13 S8   BOOK 1996
      Myth And Science In The Twelfth Century : A Study Of Bernard Sylvester. BJL; B 765 B55 Z68   BOOK 1972
Stock C    
      Cenozoic Gravigrade Edentates Of Western North America. BJL; q QE 882 E2 S8   BOOK  
      Felidae Of Rancho La Brea. BJL; q QE 882 C1 M5   BOOK  
Stock Catherine : Sophie's bucket.     
      Sophie's Bucket. Education Resources  BOOK 1987
Stock Catherine Mcnicol : Rural radicals : righteous rage in the American grain / Catherine McNicol Stock.     
      Rural Radicals : Righteous Rage In The American Grain BJL; HN 90 R3 S8   BOOK 1996
Stock Eberhard    
      Beiträge Zu Theorie Und Praxis Der Sprechwissenschaft. BJL; AS 182 M37 W7(1981/33)   BOOK  
      Deutsche Intonation Departmental Locations; GER 1075   SPOKEN RECORD 1996
      Phonologie Der Deutschen Gegenwartssprache BJL; PF 3131 M5   BOOK 1982
      Sprechwirkungsforschung, Sprecherziehung, Phonetik Und Phonetikunterricht. BJL; AS 182 M37 W7(1982/55)   BOOK 1982
Stock Eugene : The history of the Church Missionary Society : its environment, its men and its work.     
      The History Of The Church Missionary Society : Its Environment, Its Men And Its Work. BJL; BV 2500 S8   BOOK 1899
Stock Exchange    
      500 Largest Listed United Kingdom Companies : A Supplement To The Stock Exchange Fact Book. BJL; HG 4571 S963   PERIODICAL 1980-
      1000 Largest Listed United Kingdom Companies. BJL; q HG 4571 S963   PERIODICAL 1982
      Admission Of Securities To Listing. BJL; HG 4578 S8   BOOK 1973
      Classification Of Equity Securities By Institute Of Actuary Groups : A Supplement To "The Stock Exch BJL; q HG 4571 S962   PERIODICAL 1980-
10 additional entries    
Stock F G L : Fan ventilation in a humid weaving shed : an experiment made for the Departmental Committee on Humidity in Cotton Weaving / by S. Wyatt assisted by J.A. Fraser and F.G.L. Stock.     
      Fan Ventilation In A Humid Weaving Shed : An Experiment Made For The Departmental Committee On Humid BJL; BF 481 I4(37)   BOOK 1926
Stock Frithjof : Kotzebue im literarischen Leben der Goethezeit : Polemik; Kritik; Publikum.     
      Kotzebue Im Literarischen Leben Der Goethezeit : Polemik; Kritik; Publikum. BJL; PT 2387 Z6 S8   BOOK 1971
Stock Guy : The philosophy of F.H. Bradley / edited by A. Manser and G. Stock.     
      The Philosophy Of F.H. Bradley BJL; B 1618 B8 Z67   BOOK 1984
Stock Irvin    
      Mary McCarthy. BJL; PS 3525 A14 Z6   BOOK 1968
      William Hale White (Mark Rutherford) : A Critical Study. BJL; PR 5795 W7 Z6   BOOK 1956
  Stock J M -- See Tilby Stock, Jenny
Stock James H    
      Identification And Inference For Econometric Models : Essays In Honor Of Thomas Rothenberg BJL; HB141   BOOK 2005
      Introduction To Econometrics BJL; HB 139 S8   BOOK c2003
      Introduction To Econometrics BJL; HB 139 S8   BOOK c2007
      Introduction To Econometrics BJL; HB 139 S8   BOOK c2012
2 additional entries    
Stock Jan H : A revision of the family Lichomolgidae Kossmann, 1877, cyclopoid copepods mainly associated with marine invertebrates / by A.G. Humes and J.H. Stock.     
      A Revision Of The Family Lichomolgidae Kossmann, 1877, Cyclopoid Copepods Mainly Associated With Mar BJL; QL 1 S62(127)   BOOK 1973
  Stock Jenis Marie -- See Tilby Stock, Jenny
Stock Jennifer York 1974 : Development of the industrial U.S. Biographies / Sonia G. Benson ; Jennifer York Stock, project editor.     
      Development Of The Industrial U.S. Biographies BJL; HC102.5.A2   BOOK c2006
Stock John    
      Introducing Flexible Benefits : The Other Side Of The Coin : A Review. BJL; q HD 4928 F9 S8   BOOK 1992
      Mapping Team Midwifery : A Report To The Department Of Health. BJL; q RG 950 W9   BOOK 1993
Stock Julie : The breastfeeding answer book / by Nancy Mohrbacher and Julie Stock.     
      The Breastfeeding Answer Book BJL; RJ 216 M6   BOOK 1997
Stock Karl F : Personalbibliographien ̈österreichischer Dichter und Schriftsteller : von den Anfängen bis zur Gegenwart, mit Auswahl einschlägiger Bibliographien, Nachschlagewerke, Sammelbiographien, Literaturgeschichten und Anthologien / Karl F. Stock, Rudolf Heilinger, Marylène Stock.     
      Personalbibliographien ̈österreichischer Dichter Und Schriftsteller : Von Den Anfängen Bis Zur Ge BJL; PT 3810.5 S8   BOOK 1972
Stock Kathleen : Philosophers on music : experience, meaning, and work / edited by Kathleen Stock.     
      Philosophers On Music : Experience, Meaning, And Work BJL; ML 3800 P5   BOOK 2010
Stock Klemens : Boten aus dem Mit-Ihm-Sein : das Verhaltnis zwischen Jesus und den zwölf nach Markus.     
      Boten Aus Dem Mit-Ihm-Sein : Das Verhaltnis Zwischen Jesus Und Den Zwölf Nach Markus. BJL; BT 360 S8   BOOK 1975
Stock L E : The nondramatic works of John Ford / edited by L.E. Stock ... [et al.].     
      The Nondramatic Works Of John Ford BJL; PR 1121 R39(15)   BOOK 1991
Stock L F : Proceedings and debates of the British parliaments respecting N. America.     
      Proceedings And Debates Of The British Parliaments Respecting N. America. BJL; E 54 S8   BOOK  
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