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Torode Brian : The material word : some theories of language and its limits / David Silverman, Brian Torode.     
      The Material Word : Some Theories Of Language And Its Limits BJL; P 106 S5   BOOK 1980
Torode Ruth : Surviving childhood adversity : issues for policy and practice / edited by Harry Ferguson, Robbie Gilligan and Ruth Torode.     
      Surviving Childhood Adversity : Issues For Policy And Practice BJL; HV 713 S9   BOOK 1993
Torok Estee : Oxford handbook of infectious diseases and microbiology / Dr M. Estée Török, Dr Ed Moran, Dr Fiona J. Cooke.     
      Oxford Handbook Of Infectious Diseases And Microbiology BJL; RC 112 T6   BOOK 2017
  Torok M E -- See Török, Estée
  Torok M Estee -- See Török, Estée
Toronto Childrens Chorus : Symphonies, no. 8, E flat major     
      Symphony No. 8. 'Symphony Of A Thousand'. BJL; C/D 1943   CD AUDIO p2005
Toronto Dominion Bank : 100 years of banking in Canada : a history of the Toronto-Dominion Bank.     
      100 Years Of Banking In Canada : A History Of The Toronto-Dominion Bank. BJL; HG 2701 T6 S3   BOOK 1958
Toronto Meteorological Conference 1953 : Proceedings of the Toronto Meteorological Conference, 1953.     
      Proceedings Of The Toronto Meteorological Conference, 1953. BJL; QC 851 A5   BOOK 1954
Toronto Pontifical Institute Of Mediaeval Studies : The liturgical drama in Spain.     
      The Liturgical Drama In Spain. BJL; PQ 6104 D6   BOOK 1958
Toronto Pontificial Institute Of Mediaeval Studies : The will in medieval England : from the conversion of the Anglo-Saxons to the end of the thirteenth century.     
      The Will In Medieval England : From The Conversion Of The Anglo-Saxons To The End Of The Thirteenth BJL; KD 306 S5   BOOK 1963
Toronto University    
      Anti:Trust Laws : A Comparative Symposium; Ed. W. Friedmann. BJL; KD 264 F9   BOOK 1956
      Aspects Of Racinian Tragedy. BJL; PQ 1904 L3   BOOK 1955
      Henry Ceard : Idealiste Detrompe. BJL; PQ 2204 C6 Z6   BOOK 1963
      Henry Ceard : Idealiste Detrompe. BJL; PQ 2204 C6 Z6   BOOK 1963
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Toronto University Department : Discovery, identification, and remedial treatment of difficulties in the fundamental operations in elementary school arithmetic.     
      Discovery, Identification, And Remedial Treatment Of Difficulties In The Fundamental Operations In E BJL; JKKM P5   BOOK 1955
Toronto University Department For Educational Research : On the counting of new words in textbooks for teaching foreign languages.     
      On The Counting Of New Words In Textbooks For Teaching Foreign Languages. BJL; W41 S9   BOOK 1934
Toronto University Department Of Educational Research    
      Forecasting Teaching Ability. BJL; JHL S2   BOOK 1937
      The Hearing Abilities Of Children In Toronto Public Schools. BJL; JGKH C7   BOOK 1937
Toronto University Department Of English Studies And Texts : Enquiry concerning political justice and its influence on morals and happiness.     
      Enquiry Concerning Political Justice And Its Influence On Morals And Happiness. BJL; JC 176 G82 P9   BOOK 1946
Toronto University Department Of English Studies And Texts 12 : The apocalyptic vision in the poetry of Shelley.     
      The Apocalyptic Vision In The Poetry Of Shelley. BJL; PR 5448 W8   BOOK 1964
Toronto University Of Ontario College Of Education Department Of Educationa : Factors affecting the predictive accuracy of Ontario Grade XIII results.     
      Factors Affecting The Predictive Accuracy Of Ontario Grade XIII Results. BJL; JRMA F5   BOOK 1955
Torosian Michael H 1952 Apr 23 : Breast cancer : a guide to detection and multidisciplinary therapy / edited by Michael H. Torosian.     
      Breast Cancer : A Guide To Detection And Multidisciplinary Therapy BJL; RC 280 B8 B8   BOOK 2010
Toroy Gisbert Miguel : Dictionnaire des synonymes de la langue francaise / par R. Bailly. sous la direction de M. de Toro.     
      Dictionnaire Des Synonymes De La Langue Francaise / Sous La Direction De M. De Toro. BJL; PC 2591 B1   BOOK 1946
Torp Alf    
      Norwegisch-Danisches Etymologisches Wörterbuch BJL; PD 2683 F1   BOOK 1910-
      Nynorsk Etymologisk Ordbok. BJL; PD 2983 T6   BOOK 1919
Torp Arne : Norsk og nordisk for og na.     
      Norsk Og Nordisk For Og Na. BJL; PD 2615 T6   BOOK 1982
Torp Cornelius : Imperial Germany revisited : continuing debates and new perspectives / edited by Sven Oliver Müller and Cornelius Torp.     
      Imperial Germany Revisited : Continuing Debates And New Perspectives BJL; DD 220 I3   BOOK 2011
Torp Jens Erik : Understanding business systems in developing countries / edited by Gurli Jakobsen, Jens Erik Torp.     
      Understanding Business Systems In Developing Countries BJL; HD70.D44   BOOK 2000
Torp Lisbet : Chain and round dance patterns : a method for structural analysis and its application to European material / Lisbet Torp.     
      Chain And Round Dance Patterns : A Method For Structural Analysis And Its Application To European Ma BJL  BOOK 1990
Torpey John 1959 : Documenting individual identity : the development of state practices in the modern world / edited by Jane Caplan and John Torpey.     
      Documenting Individual Identity : The Development Of State Practices In The Modern World BJL; K3272 .D63 2001   BOOK 2001
Torpey John C    
      The Invention Of The Passport : Surveillance, Citizenship And The State. BJL; K 3273 T6   BOOK 2000
      Making Whole What Has Been Smashed : On Reparations Politics BJL; KZ 6785 T6   BOOK 2006
      Politics And The Past : On Repairing Historical Injustices BJL; KZ 6785 P7   BOOK 2003
Torpey William George : Public personnel management.     
      Public Personnel Management. BJL; HF 5549 T6   BOOK 1953
Torporley Nathaniel 1564 1632 : Diclides coelometricæ seu valvæ astronomicæ vniversales : omnia artis totius munera psephophoretica in sat modicis finibus duarum tabularum methodo noua, generali, & facilima continentes. Praeunte directionis accuratæ consumata doctrina, astrologis hactenus plurimùm desiderata. Authore Nathale Torporlæo Salopiensi in secessu Philotheoro.     
      Diclides Coelometricæ Seu Valvæ Astronomicæ Vniversales : Omnia Artis Totius Munera Psephophoreti Online materials  EBOOKS 1602
Torpvret Maud : Svara ord : Lexikon over 12000 ord med forklaringar.     
      Svara Ord : Lexikon Over 12000 Ord Med Forklaringar. BJL; PD 5691 K1   BOOK 1980
Torquato Antonio Active 15th Century : Wonderful predictions of Nostredamus, Grebner, David Pareus, and Antonius Torquatus : wherein the grandeur of Their present Majesties, the happiness of England, and downfall of France and Rome, are plainly delineated : with a large preface, shewing, that the crown of England has been not obscurely foretold to Their Majesties William III and Mary, late Prince and Princess of Orange, and that the people of this ancient monarchy have duly contributed thereunto, in the present assembly of Lords and Commons, notwithstanding the objections of men and different extremes.     
      Wonderful Predictions Of Nostredamus, Grebner, David Pareus, And Antonius Torquatus : Wherein The Gr Online materials  EBOOKS 1689
Torquato Salvatore : Random heterogeneous materials : microstructure and macrostructrue properties.     
      Random Heterogeneous Materials : Microstructure And Macrostructrue Properties. BJL; TA 418.9 I53 T6   BOOK 2002
Torquemada Antonio De    
      Jardin De Flores Curiosas. BJL; PQ 6437 T7   BOOK 1943
      Pecados Sociales Y Literatura Satirica En El Siglo XVI : Los Coloquios De Torquemada. BJL; PQ 6437 T7 Z67   BOOK 1989
Torquemada Antonio De Active 1553 1570    
      The Spanish Mandeuile Of Miracles. Or The Garden Of Curious Flowers : VVherin Are Handled Sundry Poi Online materials  EBOOKS 1600
      The Spanish Mandeuile Of Myracles. Or The Garden Of Curious Flowers : Wherein Are Handled Sundry Poi Online materials  EBOOKS 1618
Torquemada Juan De 1388 1468 : Salute corporis     
      In Hoc Libro Hec [Con]Tine[N]Tur. Salus Corporis Salus Anime. Pius Contra Veneros Yliada Homeri Online materials  EBOOKS 1509
Torr A C    
      Miss Esmeralda Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1891/06/08)   PLAYBILL 1891
      Ruy Blas And The Blase Roue Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1891/04/13)   PLAYBILL 1891
Torr Cecil 1857 1928    
      Ancient Ships. BJL; VM 16 T6   BOOK 1895
      Ancient Ships. Departmental Locations; VM 16 T6   BOOK 1894
      Hannibal Crosses The Alps. BJL; DG 249 T6   BOOK  
      Small Talk At Wreyland BJL; DA 690 W93 T6   BOOK 1970
Torr Diane : Sex, drag, and male roles : investigating gender as performance / Diane Torr and Stephen Bottoms.     
      Sex, Drag, And Male Roles : Investigating Gender As Performance BJL; PN1650.S48 T67 2010   BOOK c2010
Torr Dona    
      Capital : A Critical Analysis Of Capitalist Production. BJL; HB 501 M3   BOOK 1946
      Capital : A Critical Analysis Of Capitalist Production. BJL; HB 501 M3   BOOK 1946
      An Introduction To The Paris Commune. BJL; DC 316 J 4T6   BOOK  
      Marx On China, 1853-1860 : Articles From The New York Daily Tribune. BJL; DS 758 M3   BOOK 1951
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Torraca Francesco    
      Chronicon (Aa.1228-1306) BJL; q DG 500 M91(28,ii)   BOOK 1902
      Dante E La Cultura Sveva : Atti Del Convegno Di Studi Tenuto A Melfi BJL; PQ 4390 D2   BOOK 1970
      Giosue Carducci. BJL; PQ 4686 T6   BOOK 1907
      Notizie Su La Vita BJL; PQ 4732 S552 Z6   BOOK 1877
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Torrado Estrada A : Che Isidorino.     
      Che Isidorino. BJL; PQ 6217 T25(277)   BOOK 1930
Torrance Chris    
      Acrospirical Meanderings In A Tongue Of The Time : Poems, Glynmercher Isaf. June 1970 To October 197 BJL; PR 6070 O67 A4   BOOK 1973
      Green, Orange, Purple, Red. BJL; PR 6070 O67 G7   BOOK 1968
Torrance Colin : Surgical nursing / Colin Torrance, Eve Serginson.     
      Surgical Nursing BJL; RD 99 T6   BOOK 1997
Torrance D Richard : Scottish studio photographers to 1914 and workers in the Scottish photographic industry / by D. Richard Torrance.     
      Scottish Studio Photographers To 1914 And Workers In The Scottish Photographic Industry BJL  BOOK 2011
Torrance David W    
      The Acts Of The Apostles, 1 : 13 BJL; BX 9420 C7   BOOK 1965
      Commentaries : The Acts Of The Apostles 14-28 BJL; BX 9420 C7   BOOK 1966
      The Epistle Of Paul The Apostle To The Hebrews, And, The First And Second Epistles Of St. Peter. BJL; BX 9420 C7   BOOK 1963
      The Epistles Of Paul The Apostle To The Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians And Colossians / T.H.L. Pa BJL; BX 9420 C7   BOOK 1965
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Torrance Ellis Paul    
      Educating The Ablest : A Book Of Readings On The Education Of Gifted Children BJL; LC 3993.9 E2   BOOK 1971
      Education And The Creative Potential. BJL  BOOK 1963
      Gifted Children In The Classroom. BJL; LC 3993 T6   BOOK 1965
Torrance Harry    
      Changing Educational Assessment : International Perspectives And Trends BJL; LB 3050.5 C4   BOOK 1990
      The Changing Face Of Educational Assessment BJL; LB 3056 G7 M9   BOOK 1988
      Evaluating Authentic Assessment : Problems And Possibilities In New Approaches To Assessment BJL; LB 3056 G7 E9   BOOK 1995
      Evaluating Education : Issues And Methods : An Open University Reader BJL; LB 2822.75 E9   BOOK 1987
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Torrance Isabelle : Aeschylus, Seven against Thebes / Isabelle Torrance.     
      Aeschylus, Seven Against Thebes BJL; PA 3836 Z6 T6   BOOK 2012
Torrance John    
      Estrangement, Alienation And Exploitation : A Sociological Approach To Historical Realism. BJL; HX 56 T6   BOOK 1977
      Karl Marx's Theory Of Ideas. BJL; HX 39.5 T6   BOOK 1995
Torrance Kenneth : Potentiometric water analysis.     
      Potentiometric Water Analysis. BJL; QD 142 M6   BOOK 1978
Torrance Robert M : The comic hero.     
      The Comic Hero. BJL; PN 56.5 C65 T6   BOOK 1978
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