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W Bulmer And Co : Chace  1802 1
W C   38
W C Active 1602 : The copie of a letter, lately sent to an honourable person in England, from the campe before Graue, dated the 23. day of August last past : Wherein is described the good successe both of her Maiesties forces and his Excellencies against the Admirant, with his going away from the Graue. Also a thanks-giuing for the victory God gaue his Princely Excellencie, in the ouercomming and taking the said citie Graue, the 20. of September, stilo nouo. 1602. Truely translated out of the Dutch copie.  1602 1
W C Active 1623 : The fatall vesper, or A true and punctuall relation of that lamentable and fearefull accident, hapning on Sunday in the afternoone being the 26. of October last, by the fall of a roome in the Black-Friers, in which were assembled many people at a sermon, which was to be preached by Father Drurie a Iesuite : Together with the names and number of such persons as therin vnhappily perished, or were miraculously preserued.  1623 1
W C Bachelor Of The Civil Law   5
W C Esq : A discourse by way of essay humbly offer'd to the consideration of the Honourable House of Commons, towards the raising moneys by an excise : demonstrating the conveniency of raising moneys that way : together with an enumeration of some certain particular commodities, whereupon an annual receipt of one million may be presently settled, and with the same ease to the people, as any other part of His Majesty's revenue whatsoever / W.C., Esq.  1695 1
W C Gent   5
W C M A : Clavis calendaria, or, The liturgy-calendar of the Church of England explain'd / by W.C., M.A.  1700 1
W C M D : A proposal for raising a fund to discharge the debts of the nation. : Humbly recommended to the Honourable House of Commons, By W. C. M.D.  1715? 1
W C Master Of Art : The aduentures of Ladie Egeria : Containing her miserable bannishment by Duke Lampanus her husbande, through the inducement of Ladie Eldorna the harlot, and Lord Andromus the flatterer ... The combat fought by Lord Trauenna, (with Necto the slaue insteade of Andromus the flatterer) obtayning the victorie, was afterwardes bannished. The graue letters, wise and sentencious orations, of the counsaile, iudges, and others. The bannishment of the Dukes two children. Lastly, the Duke himselfe bannished, by Pasifer the flatterer, and Eldorna the harlot: the bloudy murther of Eldorna, by her owne bastarde sonne Rastophel ... with many other memorable accidents; contayning wisedome, discretion and pollicie; no lesse renowmed then profitable. Published by W.C. Maister of Art.  1585? 1
W C Student In Divinity : A vindication of the true Episcopal religion : as it was planted and set forth by our Saviour Christ ... / by W.C., student in divinity.  1681 1
W C William Clifford 1670   5
W Ca : A sad and serious discourse, upon a terrible letter, : sent by the ministers of the province of London, to the Lord General and his Councel of War. / By W. Ca. a member of the Army.  1649 1
W D   14
W D Active 1634 : Epistolae. English  1634 1
W D B : A Letter to the Right Worshipful T.S., a member of the Honorable House of Commons : with some remarques upon the intended act against nonconformists, in order to moderation.  1675 1
W D Gent   3
W D Lover Of Liberty For Conscience Sake : The present interest of England in matters of religion, stated : wherein is clearly demonstrated that the Protestant religion may be fully secured from popery, though the penal laws be taken away / by W.D., alover of liberty for conscience sake.  1688 1
W D Sir : Entretiens sur la pluralitĂ© des mondes. English  1687 1
W D William Dell 1651 1721 : The increase of popery in England, since the Reformation made by King Henry VIII. : Shewing the great encouragement that priests, Jesuits, and other promoters of that bloudy religion have had from persons of power and authority. The discouragements and notorious hardships, even to silencing, and banishment from cities and corporations, that have been the portion of many able and faithful Protestant ministers, that have eminently opposed it. With an essay towards what may possibly befall the Churches of Christ from the hellish contrivances and damnable plots of Romish emissaries. With a faithful extract out of the most authentick records of the most memorable things referring to the reformation, viz. King Henry VIII. his reasons given in his proclamation for taking away the Popes usurped power. ... Intended to be published in the year 1667, but seized at the press by R.L.S. and others. / By the late reverend William Dell, sometime Rector of Yelden in Bedfordshire.  1681 1
W D William Disney : Nil dictum quod non dictum prius, or, A transcript of government, considered as it is in the state of nature or religion : that no temporal magistrate is at this day constituted jure divine by president or precept in the Old or New Testament : further, of the government of our own nation and more particularly of parliamentary power, 1. as it is the great councell of the kingdom, 2. as it is the supream court of judicature, 3. as it is the legislative power, and how these powers are enjoyed and executed by all or any part of the states of that great assembly consisting of King, Lords and Commons / by W.D., Esq.  1681 1
W Doxford And Sons Ltd   2
W E   2
W E B Du Bois Institute For Afro American Research   2
W F   5
W F Active 1578 : Commentaires sur le livre de JosuĂ©. English  1578 1
W F Active 1590 : Regulae vitae. English. Selections  1590 1
W F Active 1640   2
W F Of Grays Inn : Londinum heroico carmine perlustratum / per Johannem Adamum Transylvanum ; dedicatumq literatum, peregrinorum, virtutumq, patronis = The renovvned city of London surveyed, and illustrated in a Latine poem / by J. Adamus, a Transylvanian ; and translated into English by W.F. of Grays-Inn j.c. ...  1670 1
W F William Fisher   5
W F X B : De studiis Jesuitarum abstrusioribus. English  1641 1
W Friese Wilhelm : Nordische Barockdichtung : eine darstellung und deutung skandinavischer. Dichtung zwischen reformation und Aufklarung.  1968 1
W G   10
W G Active 1567 : The copy of a letter, lately written in meeter, by a yonge gentilwoman: to her vnconstant louer : With an admonitio[n] to al yong gentilwomen, and to all other mayds in general to beware of mennes flattery. By Is. VV. Newly ioyned to a loueletter sent by a bacheler, (a most faithfull louer) to an vnconstant and faithles mayden.  1567? 1
W G Active 1624 : Count Mansfields directions of vvarre : Giuen to all his officers and souldiers in generall.  1624 1
W G And J Strutt Cotton Spinners : The Strutts and the Arkwrights 1758-1830 : a study of the early factory system.  1959 1
W G Esq : Histoire indienne d'Anaxandre et d'Orazie. English  1657 1
W G Gent   2
W G Hart Legal Workshop 1986 : Criminal law and justice : essays from the W.G. Hart Workshop, 1986 / dited by I.H. Dennis.  1987 1
W G Hart Workshop 1990 University Of London Institute Of Advanced Legal : Discrimination : the limits of law / edited by Bob Hepple and Erika M. Szyszczak.  1992 1
W G Hart Workshop 2003 University Of London Institute Of Advanced Legal   2
W G Newton : English domestic architecture.    1
W G William Giles   4
W Ginger And Son : Cyropaedia. Latin & Greek  1797 1
W H   24
W H Active 1589   2
W H Active 1606 : The reformed trauailer. By W.H. Biens sans bruit  1606 1
W H Active 1634 : The true picture and relation of Prince Henry his noble and vertuous disposition : containing certaine observations and proofes of his towardly and notable inclination to vertue, of the pregnancie of his wit, farre above his age, comprehended in sundry of his witty and pleasant speaches. By W.H. With the true relation of the sicknesse and death of the same most illustrious prince, vvith the opening of his body. Written by a famous doctor of physick in French, and newly translated into English.  1634 1
W H B : King Charles the First, no man of blood: but a martyr for his people.  1660 1
W H Gent   3
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