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Wilkinson John Of Bernards Inne    
      The Sealed Fountaine Opened To The Faithfull, And Their Seed. : Or, A Short Treatise, Shewing, That Online materials  EBOOKS 1646
      A Treatise Collected Out Of The Statutes Of This Common-Wealth, And According To Common Experiences Online materials  EBOOKS 1657
      A Treatise Collected Out Of The Statutes Of This Common-Wealth, And According To Common Experience O Online materials  EBOOKS 1657
      A Treatise Collected Out Of The Statutes Of This Commonwealth And According To Common Experience Of Online materials  EBOOKS 1651
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Wilkinson John Servant To The Earl Of Derby    
      The Commentaries Of Don Lewes De Auela, And SunĂ­ga, Great Master Of Aranter : Which Treateth Of The Online materials  EBOOKS 1555
      The Ethiques Of Aristotle, That Is To Saye, Preceptes Of Good Behauoute [Sic] And Perfighte Honestie Online materials  EBOOKS 1547
Wilkinson John Thomas : Gildas Salvianus : The reformed pastor.     
      Gildas Salvianus : The Reformed Pastor. BJL; BV 4009 B3   BOOK 1939
Wilkinson Jonathan : The declaration and protestation of the Kings Army in South-Wales, concerning their dread soveraign the King; : as also touching His Majesties freedome, honour, and safety. Assented to and taken by Col. Poyer, and the rest of the Kings party in South-Wales, and now dispiersed into the severall counties of North-Wales, where it is now taking by the Cavalieres in the severall counties thereof. John Poyer. Likewise, a declaration of Sir Tho: Glenham, Sir Marmaduke Langdale, and the rest of the Kings party in the north of England, concerning their present design for the Kings Majesty.     
      The Declaration And Protestation Of The Kings Army In South-Wales, Concerning Their Dread Soveraign Online materials  EBOOKS 1648
Wilkinson Joseph W    
      Accounting Information Systems : Essential Concepts And Applications BJL; HF 5679 W6   BOOK 1997
      Accounting Information Systems : Essential Concepts And Applications BJL; HF 5679 W6   BOOK 2000
Wilkinson Joshua L Joshua Lucock : Political facts, collected in a tour, in the months of August, September, and October 1793, along the frontiers of France [electronic resource] : with reflexions on the same / by Joshua L. Wilkinson.     
      Political Facts, Collected In A Tour, In The Months Of August, September, And October 1793, Along Th Online materials  EBOOKS 1793
Wilkinson Joy : The great game : Afghanistan.     
      The Great Game : Afghanistan. BJL; PR 1259 P64 G7   BOOK 2009
Wilkinson Judith M 1946    
      Nursing Process And Critical Thinking BJL; RT 41 W6   BOOK c2007
      Nursing Process & Critical Thinking BJL; RT 41 W6   BOOK 2012
Wilkinson Julie : Subversions : playing with history in women's theatre / [edited and introduced] by Gabriele Griffin and Elaine Aston.     
      Subversions : Playing With History In Women's Theatre BJL; PR 1110 W6 S9   BOOK 1997
Wilkinson Keith    
      Environmental Archaeology : Approaches, Techniques & Applications BJL; CC 81 W6   BOOK 2003
      Environmental Archaeology Approaches, Techniques & Applications Online materials  EBOOKS 2008
Wilkinson Kenneth Edward Towler 1871 : A Guide to the Education Act, 1918.     
      A Guide To The Education Act, 1918. BJL; LA 631.8 W6   BOOK 1920
Wilkinson L C : Communicating in the classroom.     
      Communicating In The Classroom. BJL  BOOK 1982
Wilkinson Lancelot Patrick    
      Cantata Misericordium. BJL; M 2000 B85 C25   PRINTED MUSIC 1964
      A Century Of King's, 1873-1972. BJL; LD 205 W6   BOOK 1980
      Classical Attitudes To Modern Issues : Population And Family Planning, Women's Liberation, Nudism In BJL; DE 71 W6   BOOK 1979
      The Georgics Of Virgil : A Critical Survey. BJL; PA 6804 A8 W6   BOOK 1969
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Wilkinson Latham Robert    
      Phaidon Guide To Antique Weapons And Armour. BJL; U 800 W6   BOOK 1981
      Uniforms & Weapons Of The Crimean War. Departmental Locations; UC 480 W6   BOOK 1977
Wilkinson Lawrence : Paradise lost : books XI-XII / edited by M. Hollington with L. Wilkinson.     
      Paradise Lost : Books XI-XII BJL; PR 3560 H7   BOOK 1976
Wilkinson Lily Goir : Women in rebellian- 1900 : two views on class, socialism and liberation.     
      Women In Rebellian- 1900 : Two Views On Class, Socialism And Liberation. BJL; p HQ 1597 W6   BOOK 1973
Wilkinson Lise : An introduction to the history of virology / by A.P. Waterson and L. Wilkinson.     
      An Introduction To The History Of Virology BJL; QR 359 W3   BOOK 1978
Wilkinson Louis U : Letters of Llewelyn Powys / edited by Louis Wilkinson.     
      Letters Of Llewelyn Powys BJL; PR 6031 O959 Z5   BOOK 1943
Wilkinson Louise Cherry : Gender influences in classroom interaction / edited by Louise Cherry Wilkinson and Cora B. Marrett.     
      Gender Influences In Classroom Interaction BJL; LB 1033 G3   BOOK 1985
Wilkinson Louise J    
      Calendar Of Patent Rolls 25 Elizabeth I (1582-1583) : C 66/1223-1236 BJL; q DA 20 L71(286)   BOOK 2001
      Calendar Of Patent Rolls 27 Elizabeth I (1584-1585) : C 66/1254-1270 BJL; q DA 20 L71(293)   BOOK 2002
      Calendar Of Patent Rolls 29 Elizabeth I (1586-1587) : C 66/1286-1303 BJL  BOOK 2003
      Calendar Of Patent Rolls 32 Elizabeth I (1589-1590) : C 66/1337-1361 BJL  BOOK 2004
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Wilkinson M L N : Sustaining earth : response to the environmental threat.     
      Sustaining Earth : Response To The Environmental Threat. BJL  BOOK 1990
Wilkinson Malcolm : Reformation and rebellion 1485-1750 / Steve Arman, Simon Bird, Malcolm Wilkinson.     
      Reformation And Rebellion 1485-1750 Education Resources; DA 315 A7   BOOK 2002
Wilkinson Marc    
      If-- BJL; PN 1997 I23   DVD 2007
      If-- BJL; PN 1997 I23   DVD 2007
      Voices, From The Play "Waiting For Godot" By Samuel Beckett. BJL; M 1420 W656   PRINTED MUSIC 1960
Wilkinson Margaret    
      Creative Writing : It's Role In Evaluation. BJL; q PN 145 W6   BOOK 1999
      So, What Kept You? : New Stories Inspired By Anton Chekhov And Raymond Carver BJL; PN 6120.2 S6   BOOK 2006
Wilkinson Margaret 1937 : Taxation.     
      Taxation. BJL; HJ 2305 W6   BOOK 1992
Wilkinson Maria L : Basic biochemical methods.     
      Basic Biochemical Methods. BJL; QH 345 A3   BOOK 1985
Wilkinson Martin    
      Children And Divorce. BJL; HQ 876 W6   BOOK 1981
      Children And Divorce. BJL; HQ 876 W6   BOOK 1981
Wilkinson Martine    
      How Will The Implementation Of Community Care Policies Affect The Role Of Britain's Informal Female BJL; T/H 1991 M.A. W6   THESIS 1991
      Social Work Terminology English-French BJL; FREB 5   BOOK 1990
Wilkinson Matthew : Hard cell / Frank Cook, Matthew Wilkinson.     
      Hard Cell BJL; HV 9645 C7   BOOK c1998
Wilkinson Maurice : Microeconomics : a synthesis of modern and neoclassical theory.     
      Microeconomics : A Synthesis Of Modern And Neoclassical Theory. BJL; HB 171 R9   BOOK 1979
Wilkinson Mavis : An investigation into the effect of a change in teaching style of peripatetic remedial support teachers.     
      An Investigation Into The Effect Of A Change In Teaching Style Of Peripatetic Remedial Support Teach BJL; T/H 1990 M.Ed. W6   THESIS 1990
  Wilkinson Michael Derek -- See Wilkinson, Mick
Wilkinson Mick    
      At A Turning Point? : The State Of Race Relations In Kingston Upon Hull BJL, Departmental Locations ; q HT 1600 G7 C8   BOOK 2005
      The Children's Fund? : Views On The Children's Fund From Children's Society Projects BJL; q HV 751 A6 C9   BOOK 2004
      Forced Labour In The UK And The Gangmasters Licensing Authority BJL, Departmental Locations ; q HD 4875 G7 W6   BOOK 2010?
      HANA : The Way Forward : The Future Development Of The Hull All Nations Alliance BJL; q HV 3177 H9 C8   BOOK 2004
7 additional entries    
Wilkinson Mike    
      Animal Bones From Flaxengate, Lincoln, C.870-1500 BJL; q DA 690 L67 L73(XVIII,1)   BOOK 1982
      The LCP Numeracy Homework Files : Years Three And Four. BJL  BOOK 2000
      The LCP Numeracy Resource Files : Year Four. BJL  BOOK 1999
      A Practical Guide To Teaching Maths Within The National Curriculum BJL; q QA 135.5 B1   BOOK 1990
Wilkinson Morton S Morton Smith 1819 1894 : On the expulsion of Mr. Bright from the Senate [electronic resource] : speech of Hon. M.S. Wilkinson, of Minnesota :delivered in the Senate, January 20, 1862.     
      On The Expulsion Of Mr. Bright From The Senate Speech Of Hon. M.S. Wilkinson, Of Minnesota :Delivere Online materials  EBOOKS 1862
Wilkinson Mr : The Bank of England claim under Marsh and Company's commission further discussed [electronic resource] : in reply to Mr. Wilkinson's report upon the facts and to a letter to the author upon the law of the case / by the author of "The Bank of England case under Marsh and Company's commission briefly stated discussed.".     
      The Bank Of England Claim Under Marsh And Company's Commission Further Discussed In Reply To Mr. Wil Online materials  EBOOKS 1825
Wilkinson Myra 1949 : Medical microbiology / Myra Wilkinson ; with contributions from Ron Cutler.     
      Medical Microbiology BJL; QR 46 W6   BOOK 2011
Wilkinson Neville : To hell with justice-we want economics.     
      To Hell With Justice-We Want Economics. BJL; PR 1 C9 M6 (38)   BOOK 1932
Wilkinson Norman : A brush with life.     
      A Brush With Life. BJL; ND 225 W61   BOOK 1969
Wilkinson Olga : The agricultural revolution in the East Riding of Yorkshire.     
      The Agricultural Revolution In The East Riding Of Yorkshire. BJL; DA 670 Y6 E146(5)   BOOK 1956
Wilkinson P F : Innovation in play environments.     
      Innovation In Play Environments. BJL  BOOK 1980
Wilkinson Paul 1937 2011    
      British Perspectives On Terrorism BJL; HV 6433 G7 B8   BOOK 1981
      Contemporary Research On Terrorism BJL; HV 6431 C7   BOOK 1987
      Homeland Security In The UK : Future Preparedness For Terrorist Attack Since 9/11 BJL; UA 929 G7 H7   BOOK 2007
      International Relations Online materials  EBOOKS 2007
9 additional entries    
Wilkinson Paul Dr : Environmental epidemiology / edited by Paul Wilkinson.     
      Environmental Epidemiology BJL; RA 566.26 E6   BOOK 2006
Wilkinson Paul F 1948    
      In Celebration Of Play : An Integrated Approach To Play And Child Development BJL; LB 1137 I6   BOOK 1980
      Innovations In Play Environments BJL; GV 423 I5   BOOK 1980
Wilkinson Penny : That's entertainment.     
      That's Entertainment. BJL; PN 1559 H9 W7   BOOK 1989
Wilkinson Peter : Gubbins and SOE / Peter Wilkinson and Joan Bright Astley.     
      Gubbins And SOE BJL; DA 585 G9 W6   BOOK 1993
Wilkinson Peter C : The dictionary of immunology / edited by W.John Herbert, Peter C. WIlkinson, David I. Stott.     
      The Dictionary Of Immunology BJL; QR 181 D5   BOOK 1995
Wilkinson Peter Richard : A thesaurus of traditional English metaphors.     
      A Thesaurus Of Traditional English Metaphors. BJL; PE 1689 W6   BOOK 1993
Wilkinson Philip    
      Negotiating The Law : Social Work And Legal Services BJL; HV 78 G7   BOOK 1978
      Sociological Inquiry And Legal Phenomena BJL; K 370 G7   BOOK 1978
Wilkinson Philip 1955    
      Encyclopedia Of Religion Education Resources  BOOK 2008
      Illustrated Dictionary Of Religions : Rituals, Beliefs And Practices From Around The World. Education Resources  BOOK 1999
      Religions Education Resources; BL80.3   BOOK 2008
      Signs & Symbols. BJL  BOOK 2008
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