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Williams Trefor    
      Good Health 3 Education Resources; LB 1587 J7   BOOK 1980
      Health For Life, 1 : A Teacher's Planning Guide To Health Education In The Primary School BJL; LB 1587 A3 W7   BOOK 1989
      Promoting Our Children's Health In Schools BJL; LB 1587 A3 W7   BOOK 1990
Williams Trevor : Sport and physical activity : moving towards excellence : the proceedings of the AISEP World Convention, July 20-25, 1990, Loughborough University, UK / edited by T. Williams, L. Almond, A. Sparkes.     
      Sport And Physical Activity : Moving Towards Excellence : The Proceedings Of The AISEP World Convent BJL; GV 361 S7   BOOK 1991
Williams Trevor 1947 April 10 : In the pink : a teenager's year at the front in the Great War : letters from France, 1917-1918 / by Edward Stanley Williams ; edited by Trevor Williams.     
      In The Pink : A Teenager's Year At The Front In The Great War : Letters From France, 1917-1918 BJL; q DA 670 Y6 E146(58)   BOOK 2010
Williams Trevor I : A short history of technology : from the earliest times to A.D. 1900.     
      A Short History Of Technology : From The Earliest Times To A.D. 1900. BJL  BOOK 1993
Williams Trevor Illtyd    
      A Biographical Dictionary Of Scientists. BJL; Q 141 W7   BOOK 1969
      A History Of The British Gas Industry. BJL; HD 9684 G72 W7   BOOK 1981
      Howard Florey : Penicillin And After. BJL; R 489 F6 W7   BOOK 1984
      A Short History Of Technology From The Earliest Times To A.D. 1900. BJL; T 15 D4   BOOK 1960
      A Short History Of Twentieth-Century Technology, C.1900-C.1950. BJL; T 20 W7   BOOK 1982
Williams Val 1949    
      How We Are : Photographing Britain From The 1840s To The Present BJL; TR 646 G72 L8   BOOK c2007
      Illuminations : Women Writing On Photography From The 1850's To The Present BJL; TR 15 I2   BOOK 1997
      Look At Me : Fashion And Photography In Britain 1960 To Present : A Touring Exhibition BJL; TR 679 L8   BOOK 1998
      Warworks : Women, Photography And The Iconography Of War. BJL  BOOK 1994
Williams Val Of The Black History Foundation : Black history month, Oct 07 : routes to freedom / Val Williams, editor.     
      Black History Month, Oct 07 : Routes To Freedom Departmental Locations; HT 1600 G7 B6   BOOK 2007
Williams Vanessa 1963 : Candyman [videorecording] / directed by Bernard Rose.     
      Candyman BJL; PN 1997 C219   DVD c2005
  Williams Vaughan 1872 1958 -- See Vaughan Williams, Ralph, 1872-1958
Williams Vernon J : Rethinking race : Franz Boas and his contemporaries.     
      Rethinking Race : Franz Boas And His Contemporaries. BJL; GN 21 B56 W7   BOOK 1996
Williams Veronica Mary : The silent eye : a study of the relationship which exists between the spiritual, art, imagination and the contemplative gaze in the context of religious education.     
      The Silent Eye : A Study Of The Relationship Which Exists Between The Spiritual, Art, Imagination An BJL; T/H 1998 Ph.D. W7   THESIS 1998
Williams Virginia R : Basic physical chemistry for the life science.     
      Basic Physical Chemistry For The Life Science. BJL; QD 453 W7   BOOK 1967
Williams Vivian    
      Schools And External Relations : Managing The New Partnerships BJL; LB 2900.5 S3   BOOK 1989
      Towards Self-Managing Schools : A Secondary Schools Perspective BJL; LB 2806.35 T7   BOOK 1995
Williams W D    
      Biogeography And Ecology In Tasmania BJL; QH 541 W7   BOOK 1974
      A Key To The British Species Of Crustacea : Malacostra Occurring In Fresh Water BJL; QH 96 F8 S4(19)   BOOK 1960
      A Revision Of North American Epigean Species Of Asellus (Crustacea : Isopoda). BJL; QL 1 S62(49)   BOOK 1970
      Textbook Of Zoology Invertebrates BJL; QL 45 P2   BOOK 1972
Williams W D A    
      Henry James, Critic Of Flaubert. BJL; PQ 2250 W7   BOOK  
      Nietzsche And The French. BJL; B 3318 W7   BOOK  
Williams W E William Emrys 1896 1977    
      Across The Frontiers : The Story Of Unesco. BJL; RIC W7   BOOK 1948
      The Craft Of Literature. BJL; PN 173 W7   BOOK  
      Radio's Listening Groups : The United States And Great Britain BJL; LB 1044.8 H6   BOOK 1941
      Selected Poems BJL; PR 6023 A96 A2   BOOK c1950
Williams W F : LF and MF sky-wave propagation : a comparison of measurements made at sunset and sunrise.     
      LF And MF Sky-Wave Propagation : A Comparison Of Measurements Made At Sunset And Sunrise. BJL; q TK 6540 B86(1986/18)   BOOK 1986
Williams W Glynn : Letters to his friends / with an English translation by W.G. Williams...     
      Letters To His Friends BJL; PA 6156 C4 E6   BOOK 1927
Williams W H    
      The Cement Industry And Its Owners. BJL; HD 9622 G72 L1   BOOK 1941
      The Miner's Two Bob. BJL; HD 8039 M615 W7   BOOK 1936
Williams W J : Exercises in business decisions : a manual for management education.     
      Exercises In Business Decisions : A Manual For Management Education. BJL; HF 5549.5 T75 F1   BOOK 1965
Williams W John    
      Handbook Of Anion Determination. Departmental Locations; QD 561 W7   BOOK 1979
      Handbook Of Anion Determination. BJL; QD 561 W7   BOOK 1979
Williams W Miss : Cymbeline, King of Britain / Shakspeare ; Harlequin and Goody Two Shoes, or, The magic bower.     
      Cymbeline, King Of Britain Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1824/03/08)   PLAYBILL 1824
Williams W Moses : The friends of griffith Jones : a study in educational philanthropy.     
      The Friends Of Griffith Jones : A Study In Educational Philanthropy. BJL; J5Z W7   BOOK 1939
Williams W S C William S C    
      An Introduction To Elementary Particles. BJL; QC 793.2 W7   BOOK 1961
      Nuclear And Particle Physics. BJL; QC 776 W7   BOOK 1991
Williams W T : Pattern analysis in agricultural science / edited by W.T. Williams.     
      Pattern Analysis In Agricultural Science BJL; S 540 P3 P3   BOOK 1976
Williams W Watson : The new post primary school. A non-selective central school.     
      The New Post Primary School. A Non-Selective Central School. BJL; JNT W7   BOOK 1938
Williams Wade 1961 : Prison break [videorecording]. Complete series, Seasons 1-4 / directed by Kevin Hooks and others.     
      Prison Break Complete Series, Seasons 1-4 BJL; PN 1992.77 P9595   DVD 2012
Williams Walkin Wynn : The moral theology of the sacrament of penance.     
      The Moral Theology Of The Sacrament Of Penance. BJL; BX 5149 P4 W7   BOOK 1919
Williams Walter    
      The Abstract Of The Case Of Richard Reed The Younger, Esquire, : Respondent To The Appeal Of Walter Online materials  EBOOKS 1685
      Evaluating Social Programs : Theory,Practice And Politics. BJL; HV 91 R8   BOOK 1972
      Walter Williams, And Elizabeth His Wife, Appealants. Richard Reed The Younger, Respondent. The Appea Online materials  EBOOKS 1685
Williams Walter Active 1690 : The substance of the enacting clauses in the bill presented to the House of Commons : the second of Feb. 1696 for regulating proceedings in chancery, and other courts of equity, with some reasons for the same.     
      The Substance Of The Enacting Clauses In The Bill Presented To The House Of Commons : The Second Of Online materials  EBOOKS 1696
Williams Walter Of The Middle Temple    
      An Answer To Sundry Matters Contain'd In Mr. Hunt's Postscript, To His Argument, For The Bishops Rig Online materials  EBOOKS 1682
      An Answer To Sundry Matters Contain'd In Mr. Hunt's Postscript To His Argument For The Bishops Right Online materials  EBOOKS 1683
      Jus Appellandi Ad Regem Ipsum A Cancellaria, Or, A Manifestation Of The King's Part And Power To Rel Online materials  EBOOKS 1683
      Jus Appellandi Ad Regem Ipsum A Cancellaria: Or, A Manifestation Of The King's Part And Power To Rel Online materials  EBOOKS 1684
5 additional entries    
Williams Wat : VVat VVilliams vvill : Well-wishing Williams will and testament, which to the ballad-singer he hath sent, to be dispers'd to all good people kinde, that would doe well, and beare an honest minde. To the tune of, Then le vs to Virginia goe.     
      VVat VVilliams Vvill : Well-Wishing Williams Will And Testament, Which To The Ballad-Singer He Hath Online materials  EBOOKS 1635
Williams Watkin    
      Current Ideas On Higher Education In Britain. BJL; LA 637 W7   BOOK 1964
      Saint Bernard Of Clairvaux. BJL; BX 3456 B5 W7   BOOK 1935
Williams Wendy M Wendy Melissa 1960    
      Creative Intelligence For School (CIFS) : 21 Lessons To Enhance Creativity In Middle And High School BJL; LB 1590.5 C8   BOOK 2002
      Educational Psychology BJL; LB 1051 S8   BOOK c2002
      How To Develop Student Creativity BJL; LB 1590.5 S8   BOOK c1996
      The Nature-Nurture Debate : The Essential Readings BJL; BF 341 N2   BOOK 1999
Williams Wendy Writer On Law : My own words [electronic resource] / Ruth Bader Ginsburg with Mary Hartnett and Wendy W. Williams.     
      My Own Words Online materials; KF373.G565 G56 2016   EBOOKS 2016
Williams Wes : Monsters and their meanings in early modern culture : mighty magic / Wes Williams.     
      Monsters And Their Meanings In Early Modern Culture : Mighty Magic BJL; PQ 239 W7   BOOK 2011
Williams Whiting : Full up and fed up : the worker's mind in crowded Britain.     
      Full Up And Fed Up : The Worker's Mind In Crowded Britain. BJL, Departmental Locations ; HD 8390 W7   BOOK 1921
Williams William    
      MDCLXXXVII. Cambridge Ephemeris. An Almanack Of Coelestiall Motions And Configurations For The Yea Online materials  EBOOKS 1687
      Trio Sonata In C. Major For Two Alto (Treble) Recorders And Basso Continuo. BJL; q M316 W723   PRINTED MUSIC 1977
Williams William 1613    
      Divine Poems And Meditations : In Two Parts Online materials  EBOOKS 1677
      The Information Of Edward Turbervill Of Skerr In The County Of Glamorgan, Gent. : Delivered At The B Online materials  EBOOKS 1680
      The Information Of Edward Turbervill Of Skerr In The County Of Glamorgan, Gent : Delivered At The Ba Online materials  EBOOKS 1680
      The Information Of Francisco De Faria, Delivered At The Bar Of The House Of Commons, Munday The Firs Online materials  EBOOKS 1680
      The King, And None Under God, But The King, Can Save This Nation. : With A Welch Prophesie (Propheci Online materials  EBOOKS 1660
Williams William 1665 1741 : MDCLXXXV. Cambridge ephemeris : An almanack of the cœlestial motions for the year of the Christian æra, 1685 : being the [brace] Creation of the world 5634, Floud of Noah 3978, Suffering of Christ 1652, Laying found of Harv. Co. 43, Leap year (in our account) 2, whose vulgar notes are ... calculated for 315 degr. longitude. and latitude 42 degr. 30 min. north / by W. Williams.     
      MDCLXXXV. Cambridge Ephemeris : An Almanack Of The Cœlestial Motions For The Year Of The Christian Online materials  EBOOKS 1685
Williams William 1727 1791 : William Williams : novelist and painter of colonial America, 1729-1791.     
      William Williams : Novelist And Painter Of Colonial America, 1729-1791. BJL; PS 875 Z6 D5   BOOK 1970
Williams William 1788 1865 : The life and work of William Williams, M.P. for Coventry, 1835-1847, M.P. for Lambeth, 1850-1865.     
      The Life And Work Of William Williams, M.P. For Coventry, 1835-1847, M.P. For Lambeth, 1850-1865. BJL; J3 W7   BOOK 1940
Williams William Active 1697 : Recreation for the religious, or, A poetical breviat of the Ten commandments : disposed into three columns, to be read 30 manner of ways, and sung 30 more, according to the following directions. / By William Williams.     
      Recreation For The Religious, Or, A Poetical Breviat Of The Ten Commandments : Disposed Into Three C Online materials  EBOOKS 1697
Williams William Appleman    
      American Russian Relations 1781-1947 BJL; D 208 W7   BOOK 1952
      The Contours Of American History. BJL; E 178 W7   BOOK 1966
      From Colony To Empire : Essays In The History Of American Foreign Relations. BJL; E 183.7 F9   BOOK  
      History As A Way Of Learning. BJL; E 178.6 W7   BOOK 1973
3 additional entries    
Williams William C1634 1700 Sir : The examination of Francisco de Faria : delivered at the bar of the House of Commons, Munday the first day of November. In the year of our Lord, 1680. Perused and signed to be printed, according to the order of the House of Commons, by me William Williams, Speaker.     
      The Examination Of Francisco De Faria : Delivered At The Bar Of The House Of Commons, Munday The Fir Online materials  EBOOKS 1680
Williams William Carlos 1883 1963    
      The Autobiography Of W.C. Williams. BJL; PS 3545 I544 A9   BOOK 1968
      The Autobiography Of William Carlos Williams. BJL  BOOK 1967
      The Build Up. BJL; PS 3545 I544 B9   BOOK 1968
      The Collected Earlier Poems Of William Carlos Williams. BJL; PS 3545 I544 A2   BOOK 1951
31 additional entries    
Williams William David    
      The Stories Of C.F. Meyer. BJL; PT 2432 Z6 W7   BOOK 1962
      Die Versuchung Des Pescara : Novelle BJL; PT 2432 V5   BOOK 1958
      Zur Genealogie Der Moral BJL; B 3313 Z3 W7   BOOK 1972
Williams William David 1936 : The performance of tertiary treatment ponds and the role of algae, macrophytes and zooplankton in the waste treatment process.     
      The Performance Of Tertiary Treatment Ponds And The Role Of Algae, Macrophytes And Zooplankton In Th BJL; TD 746.5 M6   BOOK 1982
  Williams William Emrys 1896 1977 -- See Williams, W. E. (William Emrys), 1896-1977
Williams William Evan : The rise of Gladstone to the leadership of the Liberal party, 1859-1868.     
      The Rise Of Gladstone To The Leadership Of The Liberal Party, 1859-1868. BJL; DA 563.4 W7   BOOK 1934
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