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Young Michael Dunlop 1915 2002    
      The Chipped White Cups Of Dover : A Discussion Of The Possibility Of A New Progressive Party. BJL; JK 1129 L1 Y7   BOOK 1960
      Civil Aviation. BJL; HE 9843 Y7   BOOK 1944
      The Elmhirsts Of Dartington : The Creation Of An Utopian Community. BJL; LD 795 D2 Y7   BOOK 1982
      Family And Class In A London Suburb BJL; HQ 615 W7   BOOK 1960
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Young Michael F D    
      Bringing Knowledge Back In : From Social Constructivism To Social Realism In The Sociology Of Educat BJL; LC 191 Y7   BOOK 2008
      The Curriculum Of The Future : From The 'new Sociology Of Education' To A Critical Theory Of Learnin BJL; LC 191.8 G7 Y7   BOOK 1998
      Explorations In The Politics Of School Knowledge BJL; LC 206 G7 E9   BOOK c1976
      Knowledge And Control : New Directions For The Sociology Of Education BJL; LC 191 Y7   BOOK 1971
      Society, State And Schooling : Readings On The Possibilities For Radical Education BJL; LC 191 S6   BOOK 1977
Young Michael T : Saint-Exupery : vol de nuit.     
      Saint-Exupery : Vol De Nuit. BJL; PQ 2637 A29 Z69   BOOK 1971
Young Michael W    
      The Ethnography Of Malinowski : The Trobriand Islands, 1915-18. BJL; GN 671 N5 M2   BOOK 1979
      Fighting With Food : Leadership, Values And Social Control In A Massin Society. BJL; GN 671 N5 Y7   BOOK 1971
Young Michal    
      2015 International Symposium On Software Testing And Analysis (ISSTA) : Proceedings : July 13-17, 20 Online materials; QA76.76.T48   EBOOKS 2015
      Software Testing And Analysis : Process, Principles, And Techniques BJL; QA 76.76 T48 P5   BOOK c2008
Young Mike    
      Clarifying Competency And Competence. BJL; q HD 28 H51 W9(0219)   BOOK 2002
      Command, Leadership And Management Competencies : Predicting Superior Performance In The Royal Navy BJL; q HD 28 H51 W9(0317)   BOOK 2003
      Leadership Competencies And Styles : Relationships With Leader Performance, Follower Commitment And BJL; q HD 28 H51 W9(0408)   BOOK 2004
      An Overview Of The Main Investigative Paradigms Of Classic And Modern Philosophy And Sociology. BJL; q HD 28 H51 W9(0512)   BOOK 2005
      Similarities And Differences In Competencies Of Effective Command Performance, Leadership And Manage BJL; q HD 28 H51 W9(0510)   BOOK 2005
Young Minds Organization    
      Collection Of Material From Young Minds. BJL; RJ 502 G7 Y7   BOOK 2000
      Mental Health In Your School : A Guide For Teachers And Others Working In Schools BJL; LB 3430 M6   BOOK 1996
Young Morag : Reading and writing La Rupture / edited by Catherine Guy-Murrell, Colette Wilson and Morag Young.     
      Reading And Writing La Rupture BJL; PQ 139 R2   BOOK 2004
Young Mr    
      Amateurs And Actors ; Love Laughs At Locksmiths Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 S9(1832/04/05)   PLAYBILL 1832
      The Assassin Of The Glen; Or, The Moorish Chieftain ; Chinese Wanderers!(Pantomime) ; Rambles Of Cup Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 S9(1834/11/07)   PLAYBILL 1834
      Clari Or, The Broken-Hearted Father! Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 S9(1832/06/27)   PLAYBILL 1832
      The Desires, And Resolutions Of The Club-Men Of The Counties Of Dorset And Wilts. : With The Article Online materials  EBOOKS 1645
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Young Mrs    
      The Honey Moon Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1830/03/16)   PLAYBILL 1830
      Macbeth Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1829/12/12)   PLAYBILL 1829
      Venice Preserved, Or, A Plot Discovered Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1829/02/23)   PLAYBILL 1829
Young N E : The system of national finance.     
      The System Of National Finance. BJL; HJ 1001 Y7   BOOK 1924
Young Nancy K 1940    
      The 1930s BJL; E 169.1 Y7   BOOK c2002
      The 1950s BJL; E 169.12 Y7   BOOK 2004
Young Nedrick : Inherit the wind [videorecording] / produced and directed by Stanley Kramer.     
      Inherit The Wind BJL; PN 1997 I556   DVD 2004
Young Neil 1945    
      After The Gold Rush BJL; C/D 553   CD AUDIO 199-?
      Dead Man BJL; PN 1997 D2783   DVD
      Dead Man BJL; PN 1997 D2783   DVD 2005
      Harvest BJL  CD AUDIO 1972
      Sound City BJL; ML 3790 S724   DVD 2013
Young Nellie M : Personality structure in a common form of colitis / by G.H. Seward, L.M. Morrison, And B. Fest.     
      Personality Structure In A Common Form Of Colitis BJL; BF 1 P974(318)   BOOK 1951
Young Nicholas : An introduction to Hilbert space.     
      An Introduction To Hilbert Space. BJL; QA 322.4 Y7   BOOK 1988
Young Nicola : Dually affected families : an evaluation of the relationship between alcohol and child maltreatment.     
      Dually Affected Families : An Evaluation Of The Relationship Between Alcohol And Child Maltreatment. BJL; T/H 1992 M.A. Y7   THESIS 1992
Young Nigel 1938 : Campaigns for peace : British peace movements in the twentieth century.     
      Campaigns For Peace : British Peace Movements In The Twentieth Century. BJL; JX 1961 G7 C1   BOOK 1987
Young Nigel A : Characterisation methods in inorganic chemistry / Mark T. Weller, Nigel A. Young.     
      Characterisation Methods In Inorganic Chemistry BJL; QD151.3 .W45 2017   BOOK 2017
Young Norma Dorothy    
      Index Verborum Silianus : A Dissertation. BJL; PA 6695 Z6 Y7   BOOK 1964
      Index Verborum Silianus : A Dissertation. BJL; PA 6695 Z6 Y7   BOOK 1939
Young Norman : The story of Jesus for young children / retold by Heather Amery ; illustrated by Norman Young; designed by Maria Wheatley.     
      The Story Of Jesus For Young Children BJL  BOOK 2004
Young Norwood : The story of Rome.     
      The Story Of Rome. BJL; DG 806 Y7   BOOK 1901
Young Oran R    
      The Age Of The Arctic : Hot Conflicts And Cold Realities BJL; UA 880 O8   BOOK 1989
      The Effectiveness Of International Environmental Regimes : Causal Connections And Behavioral Mechani BJL; K 3585.4 E2   BOOK 1999
      Global Governance : Drawing Insights From The Environmental Experience BJL; GE 170 G5   BOOK 1997
      Governance For The Environment : New Perspectives BJL; HC 79 E5 G7   BOOK 2009
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Young P M : A history of British football.     
      A History Of British Football. BJL  BOOK 1968
Young Pat    
      Mastering Social Welfare. BJL; HV 245 Y7   BOOK 1989
      Mastering Social Welfare. BJL; HV 245 Y7   BOOK 1995
      Welfare Services : A Guide For Care Workers. BJL; HV 245 Y7   BOOK 1993
Young Patricia : Drama in a multi-cultural society : the early years, 4 to 12 / by S.Demmery and P.Young.     
      Drama In A Multi-Cultural Society : The Early Years, 4 To 12 BJL; YQ4.5 D3   BOOK 1981
Young Patricia Don : Dramatic school.     
      Dramatic School. BJL; PN 2596 L7 O4   BOOK 1954
Young Patrick 1584 1652    
      Catena Græcorum Patrum In Beatum Iob Collectore Niceta Heracleæ Metropolita Ex Duobus MSS. Bibliot Online materials  EBOOKS 1637
      Clementis Ad Corinthios Epistola Prior. BJL; HTL 250   BOOK 1633
      Klēmentos Pros Korinthious Epistolē Protē. = Clementis Ad Corinthios Epistola Prior. Ex Laceris R Online materials  EBOOKS 1633
      S. Clementis Epistolæ Duæ Ad Corinthios Online materials  EBOOKS 1695
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Young Paul    
      Cinema Dreams Its Rivals : Media Fantasy Films From Radio To The Internet Online materials  EBOOKS 2006
      The Engineering Geology Of Tidal Rivers : [Proceedings Of The] 19th Regional Conference Of The Engin BJL; q TA 705 G3   BOOK 1983
Young Paul A : Symmetry and its applications in science / A.D. Bordman, D.E. O'Connor and P.A. Young.     
      Symmetry And Its Applications In Science BJL; QC 174.17 S9 B6   BOOK 1973
Young Paul A 1926    
      Basic Clinical Neuroanatomy BJL; QM 451 Y7   BOOK 1997
      Basic Clinical Neuroscience BJL; QM 451 Y7   BOOK c2008
Young Paul G : Exploring genomes : web-based bioinformatics tutorials.     
      Exploring Genomes : Web-Based Bioinformatics Tutorials. BJL; QH 447 Y7   BOOK 2003
Young Paul H Paul Henry 1950    
      Basic Clinical Neuroanatomy BJL; QM 451 Y7   BOOK 1997
      Basic Clinical Neuroscience BJL; QM 451 Y7   BOOK c2008
Young Paul Thomas    
      Emotion In Man And Animal, Its Nature And Relation To Attitude And Motive. BJL; BF 511 Y7   BOOK 1948
      Motivation And Emotion : A Survey Of The Determinants Of Human And Animal Activity. BJL; BF 199 Y7   BOOK 1961
      Motivation Of Behavior : The Fundamental Determinants Of Human And Animal Activity. BJL; BF 608 Y7   BOOK 1936
Young Pauline V 1896 1977    
      How Can Social Research Serve The Community. BJL; HN 29 Y7   BOOK 1966
      Scientific Social Surveys And Research BJL; HN 29 Y7   BOOK 1947
Young Peoples Socialist League    
      America Arms The Schools. BJL; U 428.5 M9   BOOK 1938
      Young Socialist Review : Official Discussion Organ Of The Young Socialists. BJL; q HX 3 Y73   PERIODICAL  
      YPSL-SYL Joint Discussion Bulletin/ Young People's Socialist League And Socialist Youth League. BJL; q HX 3 Y63   PERIODICAL  
Young Peoples Socialist League 4th International : How to fight war : isolation, collective security, relentless class struggle / by James Burnham.     
      How To Fight War : Isolation, Collective Security, Relentless Class Struggle BJL; HX 545 B9   BOOK 1938
Young Peoples Socialist League Fourth Internationalists : Leon Sedoff - son, friend, fighter ... / translated from the Russian.     
      Leon Sedoff - Son, Friend, Fighter ... BJL; DK 268 S4 T8   BOOK 1938
Young Percy A : The cost of luxury : an exposure of hotel and club life.     
      The Cost Of Luxury : An Exposure Of Hotel And Club Life. BJL; p HD 8039 H82 G7   BOOK 191-
Young Percy M Percy Marshall 1912 2004    
      Airs Francais: Camtare Francaise Für Sopran And Basso Continuo BJL; q M1420 H42   PRINTED MUSIC 1972
      Alice Elgar. BJL; ML 429 E4 Y7   BOOK 1978
      Arise, Shine : An Anthem Of Thanksgiving For The Peace In 1713 BJL; q M 2079 R79 A7   PRINTED MUSIC 1968
      The Bachs : 1500-1850. BJL; ML 410 B149 Y7   BOOK 1970
19 additional entries    
Young Peter 1915    
      The 1945 Revolution BJL; DA 588 H3   BOOK 1978
      The English Civil War : A Military History Of The Three Civil Wars, 1642-1651 BJL; DA 405 Y7   BOOK 1974
      The Great Civil War : A Military History Of The First Civil War, 1642-1646 BJL; DA 415 B9   BOOK 1959
      Hastings To Culloden BJL; DA 50 Y7   BOOK 1964
      History Of The British Army. BJL; DA 65 Y7   BOOK 1970
Young Peter 1920    
      Dyslexia Or Illiteracy? : Realizing The Right To Read BJL; LB 1050.5 Y7   BOOK 1983
      Gifted Or Able? : Realizing Children's Potential BJL; LC 3997 G7 Y7   BOOK 1992
Young Peter 1923    
      Notes On Cargo Work. Departmental Locations; VK 235 K3   BOOK 1971
      Ship Construction : Sketches And Notes. Departmental Locations; VM 146 K3   BOOK 1971
Young Peter 1930 Sept 25    
      Swan BJL; QL 696 A52 Y7   BOOK 2008
      Tortoise BJL; QL 666 C584 Y7   BOOK 2003
Young Peter 1950    
      Crime And Criminal Justice In Scotland. BJL; HV 7345 Y7   BOOK 1997
      The Power To Punish : Contemporary Penality And Social Analysis BJL; HV 8675 P8   BOOK 1983
      The Power To Punish : Contemporary Penality And Social Analysis BJL; HV 8675 P8   BOOK 1992
Young Peter C : The Bedford-Ouse study dynamic model.     
      The Bedford-Ouse Study Dynamic Model. BJL; q TD 425 Y7   BOOK 1973
Young Peter Consultant Obstetrician And Gynaecologist : Where will you have your baby? : for women / Peter Young ... [et al.].     
      Where Will You Have Your Baby? : For Women BJL; q RG 652 W5   BOOK c2008
Young Peter R : Defence and the media in time of limited war / edited by Peter R. Young.     
      Defence And The Media In Time Of Limited War BJL; PN 4751 D3   BOOK 1992
Young Petey : Writing and presenting in English : the Rosetta Stone of science / Petey Young.     
      Writing And Presenting In English : The Rosetta Stone Of Science BJL, Departmental Locations ; T 11 Y7   BOOK 2006
Young Philip : Online public relations : a practical guide to developing an online strategy in the world of social media / David Phillips, Philip Young.     
      Online Public Relations : A Practical Guide To Developing An Online Strategy In The World Of Social BJL; HD 59 P5   BOOK 2009
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