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Mark   Year Entries
Bavarian Austrian Dialects   12
Bavarian Austrian Dialects General   2
Bavarian Dialects : Bayerisches W√∂rterbuch.; Schmeller, J.A.    1
Bavarian Succession War Of 1778 1779 : Frederic the Great and Kaiser Joseph : an episode of war and diplomacy in the eighteenth century.; Temperley, Harold William Vazeille,  1968 1
Bawden Edward 1903 1989 : Edward Bawden in the Middle East / Nigel Weaver, Robin O'Neill, Edward Bawden.; Weaver, Nigel.  c2008 1
Bawden Nina 1925 Carries War : Activities based on Carrie's war by Nina Bawden / Elspeth Graham & Mal Peet.; Graham, Elspeth.  c2006 1
Bawdrip England Maps : Somerset [cartographic material] : sheet ST 33 NW.; Great Britain.  1962 1
Bawdsey England Maps : Suffolk [cartographic material] : sheet TM 33 NW & parts of TM 33 NE & TM 33 SW.; Great Britain.  1973 1
Bawdy Poetry   2
Bawdy Poetry Early Works To 1800 : Loves mistery: or, A parcel of clouded waggery. : 'Tis all mens fancy to commend, that which is smooth and witty; more pleasant lines were never penn'd, they are so wondrous pretty. Tune is, She lay naked in her bed, &c.  1663? 1
Bawdy Poetry England : Advice to young gentlemen, or, An answer to The ladies of London : to the tune of, The ladies of London.  1690? 1
Bawdy Songs : Restoration bawdy : poems, songs and jests on the subject of sensual love / edited with an introduction by John Adlard.  2003 1
Bawdy Songs England : A song sung by Mr. Doggett in the comedy called Love for love / set to music by Mr. John Eccles.; Eccles, John,  1696 1
Bawtry England : A topographical history and description of Bawtry and Thorne.; Peck, W.    1
Bawtry England Maps   3
Bawtry Forest England Maps : Nottinghamshire - Yorkshire [cartographic material] : sheet SK 69 NW.; Great Britain.  1967 1
Bax Arnold 1883 1953   3
Baxi Upendra : Human rights : southern voices : Francis Deng, Abdullahi An-Na'im, Yash Ghai, Upendra Baxi / edited by William Twining.  2009 1
Baxter Benjamin Mr Baxter Baptized In Blood : Forgery detected and innocency vindicated : being a faithful account of the seasonable discovery of an horrid and detectible slander raised on the Anabaptists of New-England, in the diabolical pamphlet entituled, Mr. Baxter baptized in blood, designing so maliciously the reproach and exposure of all under that denomination.  1673 1
Baxter Margaret Charlton 1636 1681   2
Baxter Nathaniel Active 1606 Answer To The Arguments Of Mr Jo Downes In : A treatise of the true nature and definition of justifying faith; : together with a defence of the same, against the answere of N. Baxter. / By Iohn Downe B. in Divinity, and sometime fellow of Emanuel C. in Cambridge..; Downe, John,  1635 1
Baxter Richard 1615 1691   64
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Answer To Mr Dodwell And Dr Sherlocke : A reply to Mr. Baxter's pretended confutation of a book entituled, Separation of churches from episcopal government, &c. proved schismatical : to which are added, three letters written to him in the year 1673, concerning the possibility of discipline under a diocesan-government ... / by Henry Dodwell ...; Dodwell, Henry,  1681 1
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Aphorismes Of Justification   8
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Appeal To The Light : Animadversions upon a sheet of Mr. Baxters entituled An appeal to the light, printed 1674 : for the farther caution of his credulous readers.  1675 1
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Catholick Communion Defended Against Both   2
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Catholick Communion Doubly Defended : Vindici√¶ revindicate : being an answer to Mr. Baxters book intituled Catholick communion doubly defended, by Dr. Owen's vindicator and Richard Baxter, and Mr. Baxter's notions of the saints repentance and displeasure in heaven, considered / by a lover of truth and peace in sincerity.; Lover of truth and peace.  1684 1
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Church History Of The Government Of Bishop : A vindication of the primitive church, and diocesan episcopacy : in answer to Mr. Baxter's Church history of bishops, and their councils abridged : as also to some part of his Treatise of episcopacy.; Maurice, Henry,  1682 1
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Cure Of Church Divisions   7
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Defence Of The Principles Of Love : Mr. Baxter's vindication of the Church of England in her rites and ceremonies, discipline, and church-orders : as faithfully taken out of his own writings, without either false citation, or fraudulent alteration : to which is prefixed his epistle to the non-conformists, being a just and true abstract of his book entituled, A defence of the principles of love.; Baxter, Richard,  1682 1
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Duty Of Heavenly Meditation : Meditations upon Mr. Baxter's review of his treatise of the duty of heavenly meditation : in answer to the exceptions of Giles Firmin, against some things in that treatise concerning meditation : published for the satisfaction of many sincere Christians troubled at their inability to perform that duty as the said author (and some others with him) have described it and charged it / by Giles Firmin.; Firmin, Giles,  1672 1
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 English Nonconformity : Reflections upon Mr. Baxter's last book, entituled, The English non-conformity, as under King Charles II and King James II truly stated and argued : in a letter to a friend.  1689 1
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Five Disputations Of Church Government And   2
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Glorious Kingdom Of Christ   2
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Grotian Religion Discovered   6
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Holy Commonwealth   2
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Key For Catholicks   6
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Mischiefs Of Self Ignorance And The Benefi   2
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 More Proofs Of Infant Church Membership An : A second reply in defence of the Treatise of baptism : (wherein M. Baxters More-proofs are found no proofs) : in two parts, the first defending the antiquityes against his charge of forgery, the second justifying the charge of slander, contradiction and popery against his writings : as also an admonition to M.B., and some reflections by Mr. Tombs upon Mr. B's More proofs : with a rejoynder to Mr Will's his Vindiciae, and an answer to his appeal / by H. Danvers.; Danvers, Henry,  1675 1
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 More Proofs Of Infants Church Membership A : A third reply, or, A short return to Mr. Baxters brief answer to my second reply, in his postscript to a late treatise of justification : wherein his contradictious and slanderous way of writing is further detected / by H. D'Anvers.; Danvers, Henry,  1676 1
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Mr Baxters Judgment And Reasons Against Co : Whether parish congregations be true Christian churches : and the capable consenting incumbents, be truly their pastors, or bishops over their flocks ... : written by Richard Baxter as an explication of some passages in his former writings, especially his Treatise of episcopacy, misunderstood and misapplied by some, and answering the strongest objections of some of them, especially a book called, Mr. Baxters judgment and reasons against communicating with the parish assemblies, as by law required, and another called, A theological dialogue, or, Catholick communion once more defended, upon mens necessitating importunity / by Richard Baxter.; Baxter, Richard,  1684 1
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Non Conformists Plea For Peace : The conforming non-conformist and the non-conforming conformist : pleading the cause of either side against violent opposers, and modestly answering to the many exceptions made by Mr. Baxter against conformity, in his late book intituled, The non-conformists plea for peace. By J.C.; J. C.  1680 1
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Nonconformists Plea For Peace   4
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Of National Churches : Union pursued, in a letter to Mr. Baxter, concerning his late book of national churches : published for a fuller disquisition about this subject, by the sober and composed of all sides, in order to comprehension which hath been forming, and a larger constitution of the church to be formed, when that Day of Concord comes, which the gentle aspect of Heaven in God's appointment (and the King's) of so many choice moderate bishops together at this time does presage to the nation, that the Presbyterians and Independants, that have united within themselves, may both be united also with the Church of England / by a lover of Him, and follower of peace.; Humfrey, John,  1691 1
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Of The Immortality Of A Mans Soul And The : Two choice and useful treatises : the one, Lux orientalis, or, An enquiry into the opinion of the Eastern sages concerning the praeexistence of souls, being a key to unlock the grand mysteries of providence in relation to mans sin and misery : the other, A discourse of truth / by the late Reverend Dr. Rust ... ; with annotations on them both.  1682 1
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Of The Imputation Of Christs Righteousness : A letter to Mr Richard Baxter : occasioned by several injurious reflexions of his upon a treatise entituled Justificatio Paulina. For the better information of his weake or credulous readers. By Thomas Tully D.D.; Tully, T.  1675 1
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Petition For Peace   3
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Plain Scripture Proof Of Infants Church Me   2
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Plain Scripture Proof Or Infants Church Me : Baptism without bason. Or, Plain Scripture-proof against infant-baptism, I. By way of answer to Mr. Baxter's arguments, and to the exercitations of Mr. Sidenham, teacher to a church a[t] Newcastle, concerning infants baptism: for which that their pretended consequences are from concessions not to be granted, and from Scriptures as mistaken, and absolutely wrested, is clearly discovered. With II. Several questions and answers, positively holding out the minde of Christ in baptizing of believers onely; and that the magistrates may be induced more and more to encourage the preaching thereof in publike. III. A declaration written to the election of grace, who for want of information are of contrary judgment. Written by William Kaye, minister of the Gospel at Stokesley.; Kaye, William.  1653 1
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Plea For Congregationall Government   3
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