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Bible Isaiah Xxxviii 3 : A sermon preached in the High Church of Edinburgh, June 9th 1695. : Before his Grace the Marquess of Tweddale his Majesties High Commissioner and before many of the nobility, barrons and burrows, members of the High Court of Parliament. And the magistrates of the said city / By David Williamson minister of the gospel at the West-Kirk.; Williamson, David,  1696 1
Bible Isaiah Xxxviii 17   2
Bible Isaiah Xxxviii 17 19 : Hezekiah's return of praise for his recovery / by A.L.; Littleton, Adam,  1668 1
Bible Isaiah Xxxviii 18 19 : The priveledge of the saints on earth beyond those in heaven : in respect of gifts and graces exercised, duties and services performed, sufferings and tryals undergone by them which the glorified are not capable of : being the sum of a discourse upon a part of Hezekiah's Song of thanksgiving ... : to which is added A short discourse of the nature and extent of the Gospel-day : reaching from the destruction of the old to the erection of the new Jerusalem out of Zech. 14, 6, 7 / by William Hooke.; Hooke, William,  1673 1
Bible Isaiah Xxxviii 19 : A sermon preached at the meeting of Protestant dissenters called Quakers : in Turners-Hall, London, on the 16th of the second month, 1696 : being the publick day of thanksgiving for the deliverance of the King and Kingdom : to which is added a testimony ... to King William the III from the aforesaid people ... / by George Keith.; Keith, George,  1696 1
Bible James   18
Bible James I 2 : A sermon preached at White-hall, March 3, 1694/5, upon occasion of Her late Majesties death : before the Right Honourable the Countess of Derby, and the rest of the mourning ladies / by Nicholas Brady ... ; published at the request of that honourable audience.; Brady, Nicholas,  1695 1
Bible James I 12 : Cardvvs benedictvs, the advantage of affliction, or, The reward of patience : unfolded in a sermon preached at the funeralls of Mr. Thomas Bowyer, merchant, who died the 8th day of February 1659, and was buried the 22th of the same moneth, in the parish church of St. Olaves Jewry / by Nath. Hardy ...; Hardy, Nathaniel,  1659 1
Bible James I 13 15 : An antidote against the erroneous, or rather blasphemous, opinions of some people in this our corrupt age; : concerning the true and real cause of man's falling into those gross and notorious sins, which do commonly prove his eternal ruine. : Made plain in a short discourse, being the substance of two sermons upon the 12, 14, 15. verses of the 1st chap. of St. James. Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God, &c. / By Samuel D'Assigny, a well-wisher to the Church of England's prosperity.; D'Assigny, Samuel,  1698 1
Bible James I 15   2
Bible James I 18 : Free-grace alone exalted in man's conversion, or, A sermon preached in Pauls on Aug. 23, 1657 / by Francis Warham.; Warham, Francis,  1658 1
Bible James I 21 : A sermon preached at the Cathedral-Church of St. Paul, before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, judges, and aldermen, January 30, 1697/8 / by Sampson Estwick ...; Estwick, Sampson,  1698 1
Bible James I 25 : A sermon preached at the assises for the county of Surrey, held in the burrough of Southwark, March 23, 1681/2 / by Richard Meggott ...; Meggott, Richard,  1682 1
Bible James I 27 : Charity and integrity of life the pure essentials of Christian religion: or meditations on James I. 27. By T.G. M.A; Gregory, Thomas,  1696 1
Bible James Ii 10 : A sermon preached before the Queen at White-hall, on Sunday, March 22, 1690/1 / by Edward Fowler ...; Fowler, Edward,  1691 1
Bible James Ii 13 : Mercy in her exaltation. Or, A soveraigne antidote against fear of the second death. : In a sermon preached at the funeral of Daniel Taylor Esq; in Stephens Colemanstreet London, on the twentieth day of April, an. 1655.; Goodwin, John,  1655 1
Bible James Ii 14 26   4
Bible James Ii 14 26 Versions Catholic   2
Bible James Ii 23   2
Bible James Ii 24   3
Bible James Ii 26 : A sermon preached before the King & Queen, at Windsor-Castle, Sept. 21, 1690 / by R. Meggott ...; Meggott, Richard,  1690 1
Bible James Iii 13 : The wisdom of publick piety discoursed : in a sermon preached before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor and Aldermen of the city of London, at the Guild-Hall Chappel, Septemb. XXVIII, 1679 / by Edmund Sermon ...; Sermon, Edmund,  1679 1
Bible James Iii 17 : Vlastēma ex hypsous, or, The best vvisdome : propounded to the gentry of Suffolk in a sermon at Ipswich : prepared for the 9th of April, 1660, the day of election of Knights of the shire for the afore-said county, but preached the morning after / by Benjamin Bruning ...; Bruning, Benjamin,  1660 1
Bible James Iv 1 4 : A remedy against privat contentions : a godly and fruitfull sermon on Iames, 4.1.&c. : wherein is at large discovered the hatefulnes, and pernitiousnes of priuate iars and contentions, with manifolde remedies against the same / by Mr. Iohn Dod.; Dod, John,  1609 1
Bible James Iv 3 : The love of the world cured : In several sermons preached upon I John 2. 15. Love not the world. Unto which is added, A sermon preached some while ago upon Jam. 4. 3. Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts. By Nathanael Vincent, M.A. minister of the gospel.; Vincent, Nathanael,  1696 1
Bible James Iv 5 6 : De loco parallelo, obscuro & difficili, Jacobi, cap. 4. vers. 5. & 6. : Prælectiones quinque. / In Collegio Mariano habitæ ab A.C. Professore Theologo ...; Colville, Alexander,  1656 1
Bible James Iv 7 : A sermon preached before the King at White Hall on Sunday Nov. 17, 1667 / by Richard Allestree ...; Allestree, Richard,  1667 1
Bible James Iv 8   2
Bible James Iv 8 N T : Heaven and earth embracing; or, God and man approaching: : shewed in a sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons upon the day of their publike fast at Margarets Westminster, January 28. 1645. By Joseph Caryl minister of the Gospel at Magnus neer London Bridge.; Caryl, Joseph,  1646 1
Bible James Iv 13 : The godly mans guide : with a direction for all, especially, merchants and tradsmen, shewing how they may so buy, and sell, and get gaine, that they may gaine heauen : preached in a sermon at Paules Crosse, the the 22. of August, 1619, being the Sunday before Saint Bartholomew Day / by Immanuel Bourne ...; Bourne, Immanuel,  1620 1
Bible James Iv 17   2
Bible James V   2
Bible James V 7 : Behold the husbandman : S. James 5.7.; Barksdale, Clement,  1677 1
Bible James V 13   4
Bible James V 17 : Eliah's abatement: or, Corruption in the saints. : Discovered and distinguished in a sermon, preached at Chatham in Kent, at the Funeral of that faithful minister of the Gospel, Mr. Gaulter Roswell, M.a. late preacher there. / By Tho. Case, M.A. and rector of Giles in the Fields.; Case, Thomas,  1658 1
Bible James V English 1655 : An antidote against the common plague of the world, or, An answer to a small treatise (as in water, face answereth to face) intituled Saltmarsh returned from the dead : and by transplacing the letters of his name, this is Smartlash : ascend into the throne of equity, for the araignment of false interpretours of the word of God : summoned out of all ages to appear, under the penalty of death, challenging the consent or forbidding to gainsay the common approved priesthood of this age.; Gorton, Samuel,  1657 1
Bible Jeremiah   20
Bible Jeremiah Aramaic : Bible. Jeremiah. English. Hayward. 1987.  1987 1
Bible Jeremiah I V   5
Bible Jeremiah Ii 32 : Eye-salve, or, A watch-word from our Lord Iesus Christ unto his churches, especially those within the colony of the Massachusets in New-England, to take heed of apostacy, or, A treatise of remembrance of what God hath been to us : as also what we ought and what we ought not to be to him, as we desire the prolonging of our prosperous dayes in the land which the Lord our God hath given us / by Thomas Shepard ... who was appointed by the magistrates to preach on the day of election at Boston, May 15, 1672.; Shepard, Thomas,  1673 1
Bible Jeremiah Ii 34 : Trade preferr'd before religion and Christ made to give place to Mammon : represented in a sermon relating to the plantations : first preached at Westminster-Abbey and afterwards in divers churches in London / by Morgan Godwyn ...; Godwyn, Morgan,  1685 1
Bible Jeremiah Iv 3 : England's preservation or, a sermon discovering the onely way to prevent destroying judgements: : preached to the Honourable House of Commons at their last solemne fast, being on May, 25. 1642. By Obadiah Sedgwicke Batchelour in Divinity and minister of Coggeshall in Essex. Published by order of that house.; Sedgwick, Obadiah,  1642 1
Bible Jeremiah Iv 3 4 : Gods fury, Englands fire. Or A plaine discovery of those spirituall incendiaries, which have set church and state on fire. : With a serious exhortation to all persons to joyne together in seeking to quench it. And a briefe description of the best meanes thereto, which timely made use of, will prevent the fire from being unquenchable in our ruine. / Delivered in certaine fast-exercises, by Iohn Benbrigge, minister of Gods Word, at Ashburnham in Sussex.; Benbrigge, John.  1646 1
Bible Jeremiah Iv 14   3
Bible Jeremiah Iv 21 22   2
Bible Jeremiah Ix 23 24   3
Bible Jeremiah Ix 24   3
Bible Jeremiah L 5   4
Bible Jeremiah L V : The first sermon preached to the Honourable House of Commons now assembled in Parliament at their publique fast, Novemb. 17, 1640 / by Cornelius Burges ...; Burges, Cornelius,  1641 1
Bible Jeremiah Li 5 : Seasonable words for English Protestants : a sermon from Jer. 51, 5, setting forth, 1. When a land is filled with sin? 2. What evidences we have that England is not forsaken yet by God? and, 3. What is required of us, that we may not be given up to destruction.; Burgess, Daniel,  1690 1
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