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Bible Joel I 14 : Publick sorrovv : A remedy for Englands malady. Being an explanation of the fourteenth verse of the first chapter of the prophet Joel. By Ellis Weycoe, M.A.; Weycoe, Ellis.  1657 1
Bible Joel Ii 12 13   2
Bible Joel Ii 13 : Popery and hypocrisy detected and opened from the Holy Scriptures : as it respects magistrates, ministers, and people. In a sermon upon the occasion of a general fast, kept Decemb. 22. 1680. By the author of the Plotters doom, a true son of the Church of England.; Palmer, Samuel,  1680 1
Bible Joel Ii 15 17 : A sermon preached upon the XXXth of January S.V. 1684/5, at Paris in the chappel of the Right Honourable the Lord Vicount Preston, His Majestie's envoy extraordinary in the court of France; Wake, William,  1685 1
Bible John   70
Bible John 1st : Commentaire sur l'épistre canonique de S. Jean. English; Calvin, Jean,  1580 1
Bible John 1st I 3 4 : The saints fulnesse of joy in their fellowship with God: : presented in a sermon preached July 21. 1646. before the Honorable House of Commons in Margarets Westminster, being the day appointed for thankesgiving for the surrender of Oxford. / By the least of saints, and the meanest of the ministers of the Gospel, W· Cradock·; Cradock, Walter,  1646 1
Bible John 1st I 5   2
Bible John 1st Ii 3 4 : A sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons at Westminster, March 31. 1647. / By R. Cudworth, B.D.; Cudworth, Ralph,  1647 1
Bible John 1st Ii 15   2
Bible John 1st Ii 18 : A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse, the 3 of Nouember 1594. : intreating of the second comming of Christ, and the disclosing of Antichrist. : With a confutation of diuerse coniectures concerning the end of the world, conteyned in a booke intituled, The second comming of Christ. / Preached by Iohn Dove.; Dove, John.  1594? 1
Bible John 1st Iii 1 3 : The dignitie of Gods children. Or An exposition of 1. Iohn 3. 1.2.3 : Plentifully shewing the comfortable, happie, and most blessed state of all Gods children, and also on the contrarie, the base, fearefull, and most wofull condition of all other that are not the children of God.; Stoughton, Thomas.  1610 1
Bible John 1st Iii 16 : Irelands advocate: or, A sermon preached upon Novem. 14, 1641. : to promote the contributions by way of lending, for the present reliefe of the Protestants party in Ireland. In the parrish church of St. Stephens Coleman Street London, by the pastor there.; Goodwin, John,  1641 1
Bible John 1st Iii 23 : The mystery of faith opened up: or Some sermons concerning faith (two where of were not formerly printed.) : Wherein the nature, excellency, and usefulness of that noble grace is much cleared, and the practice thereof most powerfully pressed. Whereunto are added other three sermons, two concerning the great salvation, one of these not formerly printed, and a third concerning death. / By that pious and worthy servant of Jesus Christ, Mr. Andrew Gray, late minister of the Gospel in Glasgow. All these sermons being now carefully revised, and much corrected.; Gray, Andrew,  1668 1
Bible John 1st Iv 1 3 : A sermon preached at Saint Paul's Crosse, the eighteenth of Aprill, 1630. / : by Edward Boughen ...; Boughen, Edward,  1635 1
Bible John 1st Iv 16 : Sermons on several subjects; : shewing Gods love to mankind. Salvation is by grace. Wilderness-provision. God a strong hold in trouble. Light is to be improved. / By J. Lougher minister of the gospel.; Lougher, John,  1685 1
Bible John 1st V : Christ the fountaine of life: or, Sundry choyce sermons on part of the fift chapter of the first Epistle of St. John. / Preached by that learned judicious divine, and faithfull minister of Jesus Christ, Mr. John Cotton B.D. now preacher at Boston in New-England. Published according to Order.; Cotton, John,  1651 1
Bible John 1st V 4 : A sermon preach'd before the Queen, in Christ's-Church, Canterbury; May vi. 1694. / By John Battely ... ; Publish'd by Her Majesty's command.; Battely, John,  1694 1
Bible John 1st V 7 8 : The witnesses to Christianity, or, The certainty of our faith and hope: : in a discourse upon I S. John V. 7,8. / by Symon Patrick, D.D. Chaplain in ordinary to his Majesty.; Patrick, Simon,  1675 1
Bible John 1st V 12   2
Bible John 1st V 16 : The sin against the Holy Ghost: or, The sin unto death : briefly discours'd of I. Proving what this sin is. And, II. That all other sins, how great and heinous soever, may be forgiven unto men; but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall never be forgiven, neither in this world, nor in the world to come. To which is added, some instructions how a man may walk and not commit this unpardonable sin. By Mr. Robert Russel.; Russel, Robert,  1700 1
Bible John I : Sermons vpon a part of the first chap. of the Gospell of S. Iohn. Preached by Antony Wotton, in the parish church of Alhallowes Barking in London, and now by him published; Wotton, Anthony,  1609 1
Bible John I 1 18   3
Bible John I 1 32 : An exposition of a parte of S. Iohannes Gospel / made in sondrie readinges in the English congregation by Bartho. Traheron ; and now published against the wicked enterprises of new sterte vp Arians in Englande ; being ouerseene againe, corrected, and augme[n]ted in manie places by the autor, with addition of sondrie other lectures, wherein the diuinitie of the Holie Gost the third person in the blessed Trinite, is treated, & the vse of sacramentes.; Traheron, Bartholomew,  1558 1
Bible John I 6 7 : There was sent from God a man ....  15--? 1
Bible John I 7 : Religio militis : a sermon preached to the artillery-company, October 24, 1672, at St. Michaels in Cornhil / by John Meriton, D.D.; Meriton, John,  1672 1
Bible John I 14   2
Bible John I 29   3
Bible John I 46 47 : The true Israelite, or, The sincere Christian distinguished from the hypocrite. / By Master William Andrewes, late minister of the word of God.; Andrewes, William,  1638 1
Bible John I 47   3
Bible John Ii 11 : The redeemer's friend, or, A sermon on John II, part of the 11th verse ... preached at the funeral of ... Mr. Samuel Fairclough, who departed this life, December 31, 1691 / by Nath. Parkhurst ...; Parkhurst, Nathaniel,  1692 1
Bible John Ii 17   2
Bible John Ii 20 : The saints security against seducing spirits, or, The anointing from the Holy One : the best teaching : delivered in a sermon at Pauls before the Lord Mayor, aldermen, and commonalty of the city of London, upon the fifth of November, 1651 / by William Ames ...; Ames, William,  1652 1
Bible John Ii Iv   2
Bible John Iii : A sermon preached before the King & Queen at White-Hall on Christmas-Day, 1693 / by the Right Reverend Father in God, Edward Lord Bishop of Worcester.; Stillingfleet, Edward,  1694 1
Bible John Iii 2 : A sermon preached at the Parish-Church of S. Magnus the Martyr, in the city of London, on Sunday, December 24, 1693 / by Edward Roberts.; Roberts, Edward,  1694 1
Bible John Iii 4 : Le juif baptisé : sermon presché dans l'Eglise françoise de la Savoye / par Monsieur de Breval ...; Bréval,  1671 1
Bible John Iii 16   3
Bible John Iii 16 17 : The imperfect promulgation of the Gospel consider'd : a sermon preach'd in the Church of St. Mary le Bow, January 7, 1699/1700 : being an appendix to the lectures of the last year appointed by the Honourable Robert Boyle, Esq. / by Samuel Bradford.; Bradford, Samuel,  1700 1
Bible John Iii 22 36 : The buddings and blossomings of old truths: or, Severall practicall points of divinity, gathered out of that sacred evangelist, St. John, chap. the third, from verse 22. ad finem. / By that worthy light and lamp of heaven, Alexander Gross, Bach. of Divinity, and late preacher of Ashberton, in Com. Devon.; Grosse, Alexander,  1656 1
Bible John Iii 34 36 : The glory of Christ : set forth in several sermons from John III.34, 35, 36 and V.25 : and The necessity of faith in order to pleasing God, from Hebrews XI.6 / by Mr. Thomas Allen, late pastor of a church in the city of Norwich.; Allen, Thomas,  1683 1
Bible John Iv   4
Bible John Iv 1 : A discourse of enthusiasm : deliver'd in a visitation-sermon, at Guilford, on Wednesday in Whitson-Week / by William Whitfeld ...; Whitfeld, William,  1698 1
Bible John Iv 19 : Love's pedigree, or, A discourse shewing the grace of love in a believer to be of a divine original : delivered in a sermon preached at a lecture in Boston, Febr. 29 1699/1700 / by S. Willard ...; Willard, Samuel,  1700 1
Bible John Iv 21 23 : A sermon preached before the Right Honourable George Earl of Berkeley, Governour, and the Company of Merchants of England trading into the Levant Seas : at St. Peters Church in Broadstreet, January, 25, 1680 / by Charles Hickman ...; Hickman, Charles,  1681 1
Bible John Iv 23 24 : The loyal non-conformist, or, The religious subject, yielding to God his due, and to Cæsar his right : being a discourse from the pulpit touching true gospel worship and due subjection to magistrates / now printed, as it was preached (for the most part) in the month of August, 1662, by T.P.P---N-C.; T. P.,  1664 1
Bible John Iv 24   3
Bible John Ix 4   2
Bible John Ix 15 25 : Motifs de la conversion du Dr. F.P. De Durette, : cy-devant Prêtre & Religieux Benedictin de la Congregation de S. Maur en France. / Exposez dans un sermon, prononcé en l'Eglise Françoise de la Savoye, le 17. de Décembre 1699. & en celle des Grecs le 31. du même mois.; Durette, François Parrain de.  1700 1
Bible John Ix 16 : Christes miracles, : deliuered in a sermon. / By Arthur Dent, preacher of the word of God, at South-Shoobery in Essex.; Dent, Arthur,  1608 1
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