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Bible Matthew Xvi 24   4
Bible Matthew Xvi 26   8
Bible Matthew Xviii   3
Bible Matthew Xviii 3 : The rise, race, and royalty of the kingdom of God in the soul of man : opened in several sermons upon Matthew 18.3 : as also the loveliness & love of Christ set forth in several other sermons upon Psal. 45. v. 1, 2. : together with an account of the state of a saint's soul and body in death / by Peter Sterry ...; Sterry, Peter,  1683 1
Bible Matthew Xviii 7 : The cause & cure of offences : in a discourse on Matth. 18:7 / by R. Kingston ...; Kingston, Richard,  1682 1
Bible Matthew Xviii 11 : A sermon preached at St. Michaels, Wood-Street, at the request of some Friends : and now published to prevent mistakes / by Titus Oates ...; Oates, Titus,  1679 1
Bible Matthew Xviii 17 : A short treatise concerning the exposition of those words of Christ, Tell the Church, &c. Mat. 18. 17. / Written by Francis Iohnson, pastor of the English exiled Church at Amsterdam in the low countreyes.; Johnson, Francis,  1611 1
Bible Matthew Xviii 17 18 : A sermon preached in Christ's Church, Dublin, at the consecration of the Right Reverend Father in God, John Lord Bishop of Ossory / by Edward Walkington ...; Walkington, Edward.  1693 1
Bible Matthew Xviii 18   2
Bible Matthew Xviii 21 22 : Sermons preach'd upon several occasions. : Wherein is discoursed, first, The Eminency of Christ, from Cant. 2. 3. Secondly, About forgiving one another, from Matth. 18. 21, 22. Thirdly, Walking with God, from Gen. 5. 24. Fourthly, Gain by Christ in life and death, from Phil. 1. 21. / By that able and faithful servant of Jesus Christ, Timothy Armitage ...; Armitage, Timothy,  1682 1
Bible Matthew Xx 22 : A sermon preach'd before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, aldermen and livery-men of the city of London, in the parish-church of St. Lawrence-Jewry, on the feast of St. Michael 1693 : at the election of the Lord Mayor for the year ensuing / by William Strengfellow ...; Strengfellow, William.  1693 1
Bible Matthew Xxi 12 : A sermon preached before the Right Honourable the lord mayor and aldermen of this city at the Cathedral Church of St. Pauls, on Sunday 3d. of April / by H. Bagshaw.; Bagshaw, H.  1698 1
Bible Matthew Xxi 12 13 : A sermon preached at Paules Crosse the 4 of December, 1597 : wherein is discoursed that all buying and selling of spirituall promotion is vnlawfull / by Iohn Howson ...; Howson, John,  1597 1
Bible Matthew Xxi 13   5
Bible Matthew Xxii : The wedding-supper : as it was handled out of the fourteen first verses of the 22. chapter of Matthew, in sundry exercises in Tavistock in Devon. Wherein the offer of salvation, both to Jews and Gentiles, is noted: and divers plain and pithy doctrines observed, and applied. Being the effect of twelve sermons preached by Thomas Larkham, the oppressed pastor of the despised Church of Christ there.; Larkham, Thomas,  1652 1
Bible Matthew Xxii 1 13 : The kingdom of heaven explain'd, and the way to glory manifested by Christ Jesus, the Lord and King of that kingdom : held forth in a parable in Mat. 22 from verse 1 to ver. 13 : with some brief meditations upon the said parable / by James Pope.; Pope, James,  1675 1
Bible Matthew Xxii 1 14   2
Bible Matthew Xxii 5   2
Bible Matthew Xxii 11 : A sermon preached at sea, before the Honourable Sir Robert Robinson, Knight, principal commander of His Majestie's squadron of ships, now riding at Spitt-Head, November the 24th, 1678 : before the administration of the Holy Sacrament, and oaths of allegiance and supremacy to the several commanders and officers of that squadron, in obedience to the King's command / by George Alsop ...; Alsop, George,  1679 1
Bible Matthew Xxii 16 : The preachers president, or, The master and scholler : in a sermon preached at a synode holden by the Right Reuerend Father in God, Iohn, Lord Bishop of Chester, at Wigan in Lancashire, the 21 of Aprill, 1625 / by Iames Hyatt B. of D. and preachers of Gods Word at Liuer-poole.; Hyatt, James,  1625 1
Bible Matthew Xxii 21   6
Bible Matthew Xxii 21 22 : A sermon preached before the King at White-Hall, June the 25th, 1682 / by Samuel Fuller ...; Fuller, Samuel,  1682 1
Bible Matthew Xxiii 10 : The teachings of Christ in the soule. : Opened in a sermon before the Right Honble House of Peers, in Covent-garden-Church, upon the solemne day of their monthly fast, March 29. 1648. / By Peter Sterry, M.A. sometimes fellow of Emanuel Colledge in Cambridge: and now preacher of the Gospel in London. Published by order of that House.; Sterry, Peter,  1648 1
Bible Matthew Xxiii 15 : The modern Pharisees, or, A sermon on the xxiij. of S. Matt., v. 15 : shewing the principles of the present Jesuites and Puritans to be of the same evil influence with the ancient Pharisees and equally vexatious and destructive to government / by Nath. Bisbie ...; Bisbie, Nathaniel,  1683 1
Bible Matthew Xxiii 23 : A disquisition upon our Saviour's sanction of tithes, Matth. 23, 23 and Luke 11, 42 : wherein that whole case is most impartially stated and resolved according to express scripture for the satisfaction of all scruples.; Beverley, Thomas.  1685 1
Bible Matthew Xxiv 3   2
Bible Matthew Xxiv 4 : A caveat against seducers: / as it was preached by Richard Standfast, Mr. of Arts, and rector of Christ-Church in Bristol, whereunto are annexed the blind mans meditations. By the same author.; Standfast, Richard,  1660 1
Bible Matthew Xxiv 37 39 : Noah's flood returning: or, a sermon preached August the 7th. 1655. before the right honourable Christopher Pack, Lord Major of the honourable citie of London, and the right worshipfull, the company of Drapers. / By R. Gell, D.D. and rector of the parish of Mary Alder-Mary, London.; Gell, Robert,  1655 1
Bible Matthew Xxiv 46 : A sermon preached at the funeral of the Reverend Mr. Thomas Shewell ... / by William Tongue ...; Tong, William,  1693 1
Bible Matthew Xxv   5
Bible Matthew Xxv 1 3 : The parable of the ten virgin's opened, or, Christ's coming as a bridegroom : cleared up and improved from Matthew XXV, ver. 1,2,3 &c. / by Benjamin Stonham.; Stonham, Benjamin.  1676 1
Bible Matthew Xxv 1 13   5
Bible Matthew Xxv 6 : Christs coming opened in a sermon before the Honourable House of Commons in Margarets Westminster: : May 17. 1648. Being the day appointed for thanksgiving for the great victory in Wales. / By William Bridge, preacher of the Word of God at Yarmouth.; Bridge, William,  1648 1
Bible Matthew Xxv 21   2
Bible Matthew Xxv 30 : The unprofitable servant: : a sermon preached at the assize holden at Chelmesford for the county of Essex, March 26. Anno Dom. 1655. / By John Warren M.A. preacher of the gospel at Hatfield Broad-Oake.; Warren, John,  1655 1
Bible Matthew Xxv 34 36 : A sermon preach'd before the Right Honourable the lord mayor of London, and the Honourable the Court of Aldermen, and governours of the several hospitals of the city : at St. Bridget's Church, on Easter-Tuesday, being one of the anniversary spittal-sermons. by William Hayley.; Hayley, William,  1700 1
Bible Matthew Xxv 40 : A sermon preach'd at the anniversay-meeting of the Charter-house scholars : at the chappel in the Charter-house, on Monday, December 13th, 1680 / by Nathanael Resbury ...; Resbury, Nathanael,  1681 1
Bible Matthew Xxv 46   5
Bible Matthew Xxvi : The upright Christian discovered : by keeping himself from his iniquity, and resignation to the divine will. By way of question and answer. Gathered out of the judicious treatises of William Bates, D.D.; Bates, William,  1693 1
Bible Matthew Xxvi 13   2
Bible Matthew Xxvi 26 28 : The holy Eucharist, or, The mystery of the Lords Supper / briefly explained by Thomas Watson ...; Watson, Thomas,  1665 1
Bible Matthew Xxvi 29 : Two treatises: : I. The saints communion with Jesus Christ, sacramental, spiritual, and celestial; wherein ministers and Christian are excited to a conscientious administration, and participation of that, of late-time, in many places, too much neglected ordinance, the sacrament of the Lords Supper; wherein that great controversie of a free admission is debated. II. Acquaintance with God; the nature of it opened, the practice perswaded, encouraged, directed, cautioned. / As it was lately delivered to the Church of God at Great Yarmouth, by John Brinsley, minister of the Gospel there.; Brinsley, John,  1654 1
Bible Matthew Xxvi 34 35 72 74 : Peters fall. Two sermons upon the historie of Peters denying Christ, : wherein we may see the causes of mans falling from God, and the manner how: both of the vvicked thorovve incredulitie, and of the godly by infirmittie; and also the vvay that God hath let dovvne in his vvorde to rise agayne..; Udall, John,  1585 1
Bible Matthew Xxvi 39 : The Christian sacrifice.; Patrick, Simon,  16--? 1
Bible Matthew Xxvi 41   4
Bible Matthew Xxvi 52 : A sermon preached before the Artillery-Company of London at St. Mary-le-Bow, December 2, 1684, and now published at their desire / by Benjamin Calamy ...; Calamy, Benjamin,  1685 1
Bible Matthew Xxvi 69 : A farewell sermon preached at Great Ayton in the county of Yorkshire / by George Evanke ...; Evanke, George.  1663 1
Bible Matthew Xxvi Xxvii : The repentance of Peter and Iudas : together with the frailtie of the faithfull, and the fearefull ende of wicked hypocrites.; Richardson, Charles,  1612 1
Bible Matthew Xxvii 19 : The laver of regeneration, and the cup of salvation : in two treatises : in the first of which the nature of baptism is opened ... the second is a plea for the due celebration of that much desired ordinance of Christ, the Lord's Supper ... also a discourse of the spreading infection of false doctrine ... / by Rich. Hooke ... minister of the word at Lowdham, in Nott. Shire.; R. H.  1653 1
Bible Matthew Xxvii 27 29   2
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