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Bible Romans Xii Xvi : Two new sermons preached in Oxford, fitted for these times : the one of diuine mysteries, the other of church-schismes, but the vnity of orthodox professors / by J.D.; Doughty, John,  1629 1
Bible Romans Xiii   3
Bible Romans Xiii 1   15
Bible Romans Xiii 2   6
Bible Romans Xiii 4   5
Bible Romans Xiii 5   10
Bible Romans Xiii 6 : Theou diakonos. Or The civil deacon's sacred power. : In a sermon upon Rom. 13. 6. Preached in the Cathedral church of St. Peters, York, at the summer assize, 1669. before the right honourable Baron Turner, and Serjeant Waller. The right worshipful Sir John Armitage being then High Sheriff of Yorkshire. / By Sam. Drake, D.D. vicar of Pontefract, and sometime Fellow of St. John's Col. Camb.; Drake, Samuel,  1670 1
Bible Romans Xiii 7   2
Bible Romans Xiii 8 : Debts discharge, or Some considerations on Rom. 13. 8. the former part. Owe nothing to any man, but to love one another : Being an endeavour to state that case of conscience, and designed to perswade all men to get and keep out of debt as much as may be. By C.M.; Morton, Charles,  1684 1
Bible Romans Xiii 12 14   2
Bible Romans Xiii 14   3
Bible Romans Xiii Xvi : A plaine exposition vpon the whole thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth chapters of the Epistle of Saint Paul to the Romanes : Wherein the text is diligently and methodically resolued, the sense giuen, and many doctrines thence gathered, are by liuely vses applied for the benefit of Gods children. Performed with much varietie, and conuenient breuitie, by Elnathan Parr Bachelor in Diuinity, and preacher of Gods word. To which is prefixed an alphabeticall table, containing the chiefe points and doctrines handled in the booke.; Parr, Elnathan,  1622 1
Bible Romans Xiv 17 : An effort against bigotry, and for Christian catholocism : being a discourse on Rom. 14, 17 / delivered at Andover in Hampshire by Henry Chandler.; Chandler, Henry.  1699 1
Bible Romans Xiv 19   5
Bible Romans Xiv 20 : Some observations, upon that portion of scripture, Romans 14.20 : For the service of such in this present age, whose eyes, and hearts the Lord shall please to open to see and consider the weight of the truth thereof. With some few weighty words of advice to several sorts of people, according to their different states. By Isaac Penington.; Penington, Isaac,  1662 1
Bible Romans Xv 4 : A sermon preached before the king, on the second Sunday in Advent, Decemb. viii, 1678 / by Symon Patrick ...; Patrick, Simon,  1678 1
Bible Romans Xv 5 7 : Some considerations of present use : wherein is shewn that the strong ought to bear with the weak, and the weak not clamour against or censure the strong, in which the true notion of the strong and weak is stated / delivered in a farewell-sermon at St. George Buttolph-Lane, London, by Benjamin Hoffman ...; Hoffman, Benjamin.  1683 1
Bible Romans Xvi 17   2
Bible Romans Xvi 17 18 : A sermon preached at Pauls-Crosse, May 30. 1626 : vvherein may be seene whom we are to repute hereticks, and schismaticks, what sleights they vse to deceiue, Gods iust iudgements on them, and how we may escape those nets which they lay for vs : also good councell to the magistrate, minister, and subiects, necessary for these times / by Mattheuu Brookes.; Brookes, Matthew,  1626 1
Bible Ruth   14
Bible Samuel   11
Bible Samuel 1st   5
Bible Samuel 1st 4 13 : Eli trembling for fear of the ark. : A sermon preached at St. Mary Aldermanbury, Decemb. 28. 1662. / by Edmund Calamy ; upon the preaching of which he was committed prisoner to the goal of Newgate, Jan 6. 1662. And now through His Majesties gracious favour released Jan 12. 1662., corrected and amended by the best copies.; Calamy, Edmund,  1662 1
Bible Samuel 1st 18 33 : Absaloms fvnerall. Preached at Banbvrie by a neighbovr minister., or, The lamentation of a loving father for a rebellious child.; Harris, Robert,  1614 1
Bible Samuel 1st 25 1 : The life & death of the most reverend and learned father of our church, Dr. James Usher, Late Arch-Bishop of Armagh and Primate of all Ireland. / published in a sermon at his funeral at the Abby of Westminster, April 17. 1656. and now reviewed with some other enlargements by Nicholas Bernard.; Bernard, Nicholas,  1656 1
Bible Samuel 1st Ii 1 10 : Expositions with observations sometimes, on several scriptures : Divided into four parts. I. An exposition on Christs Sermon, as it is related in the fifth, sixth, and seventh, chap. of Matthews Gospel. II. The sum or substance of Jerusalem's song of triumph, being an exposition of the ten first verses of the second chapter of the first book of Samuel. III. A basket of fragments, containing chiefly expositions upon particular select scriptures, somewhat promiscuously set down. IV. An exposition on the first epistle of John. By Isaac Penington (Junior) Esq.; Penington, Isaac,  1656 1
Bible Samuel 1st Ii 3 : A sermon preach'd before the societies for reformation of manners in Dublin, October the 4th, 1698 / by Tho. Emlyn.; Emlyn, Thomas,  1698 1
Bible Samuel 1st Ii 25 : Two sermons preached at the assizes holden for the county of Norfolk : the first at Thetford, the other at Norwich / by John Winter minister of Westacre in Norfolk, and chaplain to Sir Edward Barkham Baronet, and High Sheriff for the county.; Winter, John,  1669 1
Bible Samuel 1st Ii 30   8
Bible Samuel 1st Iii 18 : Submission to the will of God in times of affliction : asserted, in a sermon from I Sam. 3. 18 / by a Reverend Divine.; Sylvester, Matthew,  1683 1
Bible Samuel 1st Iv 13 : A sermon preached at Aldermanberry Church, Dec. 28, 1662 in the fore-noon / by Edm. Calamy.; Calamy, Edmund,  1663 1
Bible Samuel 1st Vii 2 : Israel's lamentation after the Lord, or, A discourse, wherein every well-wisher to Zion is excited, and directed how to lament after the Lord with prayers and tears, to maintain the ordinances of God, or God's presence with his ordinances amongst us : being some meditations upon 1 Sam. 7.2.; Heywood, Oliver,  1683 1
Bible Samuel 1st Vii 6   2
Bible Samuel 1st Vii 6 10 : Things for a distress'd people to think upon : offered in the sermon to the General Assembly of the province of the Massachusetts Bay, at the anniversary election, May 27, 1696 : wherein I. The condition of the future, as well as former times, in which we are concerned, is considered, II. A narrative of the late wonderful deliverance, of the King and the three Kingdoms, & all the English dominions, is endeavoured, III. A relation, of no less than seven miracles, within this little while wrought by the Almighty Lord Jesus Christ, for the confirmation of our hopes, that some glorious works, for the welfare of his church, are quickly to be done, is annexed / by Cotton Mather.; Mather, Cotton,  1696 1
Bible Samuel 1st Vii 12   3
Bible Samuel 1st Vii 15 16 : A sermon preached in Lent-assizes, holden for the county of Bucks, at Alesbury, March 8th 1671/2 being Ash-Wednesday / by Ad. Littleton ...; Littleton, Adam,  1671 1
Bible Samuel 1st X 14 : Vivat Rex : A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse on the day of his Maiesties happie inauguration, March 24⁰. 1614. And now newly published, by occasion of his late (no lesse happy) recovery. By John Rawlinson Dr of Divinity, and one of his Maiesties chaplaines in ordinary.; Rawlinson, John,  1619 1
Bible Samuel 1st X 24 : Vivat Rex : a sermon preached before the Right Worshipful the Mayor, aldermen, council and citizens of Bristol : upon the discovery of the late treasonable phanatick plot : at St. James's Church, July 25, 1683 being Sunday in the Fair-week / by R. Kingston ...; Kingston, Richard,  1683 1
Bible Samuel 1st Xii 7 : A sermon preached at the assizes at Hertford, Jvly viii, 1689 / by John Strype ...; Strype, John,  1689 1
Bible Samuel 1st Xii 14 15   2
Bible Samuel 1st Xii 16 20 : A discovery of the probable sin causing this great iudgement of rain and vvaters: : viz. our discontentment with our present government, and inordinate desire of our king. A sermon preach'd in Coventry, Dec. 23. being a day of publique humiliation appointed to be observed for the removing of the said judgment. / By John Bryan Batchelor in Divinity, and Minister of Trinity in Coventry. Published according to order.; Bryan, John,  1647 1
Bible Samuel 1st Xii 17 : The wicked petition, or, Israel's sinfulness in asking a king : explain'd in a sermon at the assizes held at Northampton, March the 1st, 1680/1 / by Fr. Giffard.; Giffard, Francis.  1681 1
Bible Samuel 1st Xii 24   2
Bible Samuel 1st Xii 24 25   5
Bible Samuel 1st Xii 25   2
Bible Samuel 1st Xiii 19   2
Bible Samuel 1st Xix Xxxi   3
Bible Samuel 1st Xv 1 3 : God's revenge against the enemies of the church / written by T.W.; Wall, Thomas.  1658 1
Bible Samuel 1st Xv 3 : Saul smitten for not smiting Amalek according to the severity of the command: : and the residue of the spoil sentenced to death, which Saul preserved and spared alive, (to wit) man, woman, infant, suckling, oxe, sheep, camel and ass. Being an allegorical allusion to the present passages of the times, delivered in a sermon at Somerset-House, May 1. upon the dissolution of the late Parliament. Also, a great and notable blow is given at the serpent, the ruine of the whore and her familie determined; wherein is discovered what she was, and is, and the several husbands that have married her, deceased from her, and been decieved by her; also the several children which by her have been brought forth and nursed up, with a dissolution of all unjust government, laws rules and worships exercised over mens lives, liberties and estates, and the restoring of all just government, the peoples rights and priviledges by the Lord Jesus, into its perfect state. As apprehended by Richard Coppin.; Coppin, Richard,  1653 1
Bible Samuel 1st Xv 22 23 : A sermon preached at the opening of the Parliament of Ireland, May 8. 1661 : before the right honourable the Lords justices, and the Lords spiritual and temporal and the commons / by Jeremy Lord Bishop of Down and Connor.; Taylor, Jeremy,  1661 1
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