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245 02 A true and perfect relation of the manner of the 
       apprehension and taking of 46. rebellious cavalliers at 
       Brackly in Northamptonshire, under the command of Sir John
       Byron Colonell, who were surprised by the Lord Brookes his
       regiment, and first committed to the goale of Northampton 
       for ten dayes space, aud [sic] from thence brought up to 
       Newgate, :|bbeing men of severall counties, intended for 
       mischiefe and spoyle against the Parliament, and the 
       Protestant religion, with a catalogue of the names of 
       every particular person as they were delivered to the 
       sheriffe of Middlesex in a list. Whereunto is annexed the 
       true coppy of a letter from Sir John Byron Colonell to 
       Master Clarke at Draughton neere Brackly in 
       Northamptonshire. Ordered by the Lords and Commons in 
       Parliament, that this be published. Septemb. 14. I. Browne
       Cler. Parliam. 
260    Printed at London :|bfor Thomas Bates, at his shop in the 
       Old Baily,|c1642. 
300    [2], 8 p. 
500    Reproduction of the original in the British Library. 
500    Annotation on Thomason copy: "Sep: 15". 
600 10 Brooke, Robert Greville,|cBaron,|d1607-1643. 
600 10 Byron, John Byron,|cBaron,|d1598 or 9-1652. 
651  4 Great Britain|xHistory|yCivil War, 1642-1649|vEarly works 
       to 1800. 
700 1  Byron, John Byron,|cBaron,|d1598 or 9-1652. 
710 1  England and Wales.|bParliament. 
830  0 Early English books online. 
856 40 |uhttp://gateway.proquest.com/openurl?ctx_ver=Z39.88-2003&