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245 02 A world of populations :|btransnational perspectives on 
       demography in the twentieth century /|cedited by Heinrich 
       Hartmann and Corinna R. Unger. 
260    New York :|bBerghahn Books,|c2014. 
300    vi, 251 pages 
505 0  List of Figures Notes on Contributors Introduction: 
       Counting, Constructing, and Controlling Populations: The 
       History of Demography, Population Studies, and Family 
       Planning in the Twentieth Century Corinna R. Unger and 
       Heinrich Hartmann Part I: Producing Demographic Subjects: 
       Transnational Discourses Chapter 1. The View From Below 
       and the View From Above: What U.S. Census-taking Reveals 
       about Social Representations in the Era of Jim Crow and 
       Immigration Restriction Paul Schor Chapter 2. 
       "Reproduction" as a New Demographic Issue in Interwar 
       Poland Morgane Labbe Chapter 3. Family Planning: A 
       Rational Choice? The Influence of Systems Approaches, 
       Behavioralism, and Rational Choice Thinking on Mid-
       Twentieth Century Family Planning Programs Corinna R. 
       Unger Chapter 4. "Overpopulation" and the Politics of 
       Family Planning in Chile and Peru: Negotiating National 
       Interests and Global Paradigms in a Cold War World Jadwiga
       E. Pieper Mooney Chapter 5. Revisiting the Early 1970s 
       Commoner-Ehrlich Debate about Population and Environment: 
       Dueling Critiques of Production and Consumption in a 
       Global Age Thomas Robertson Part II: Demographic Knowledge
       in Practice: Transfers and Transformations Chapter 6. 
       "Counting People": The Emerging Field of Demography and 
       the Mobilization of the Social Sciences in the Formation 
       of Policy, South Korea since 1948 John Paul DiMoia Chapter
       7. Laparoscopy as a Technology of Population Control: A 
       Use-Centered History of Surgical Sterilization Jesse 
       Olszynko-Gryn Chapter 8. A Twofold Discovery of Population
       : Assessing the Turkish Population by its "Knowledge, 
       Attitudes and Practices", 1962-1980 Heinrich Hartmann 
       Chapter 9. Seeing Population as a Problem: Influences of 
       the Construction of Population Knowledge on Kenyan 
       Politics (1940s to 1980s) Maria Dornemann Chapter 10. 
       Filtering Demography and Biomedical Technologies: 
       Melanesian Nurses and Global Population Concerns Alexandra
       Widmer Index 
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520 8  Demographic study & the idea of a "population" was 
       developed & modified over the course of the 20th century, 
       mirroring the political, social, & cultural situations & 
       aspirations of different societies. This growing field 
       adapted itself to specific policy concerns & was therefore
       never apolitical, despite the protestations of 
       practitioners...|bDemographic study and the idea of a 
       "population" was developed and modified over the course of
       the twentieth century, mirroring the political, social, 
       and cultural situations and aspirations of different 
       societies. This growing field adapted itself to specific 
       policy concerns and was therefore never apolitical, 
       despite the protestations of practitioners that demography
       was "natural." Demographics were transformed into public 
       policies that shaped family planning, population growth, 
       medical practice, and environmental conservation. While 
       covering a variety of regions and time periods, the essays
       in this book share an interest in the transnational 
       dynamics of emerging demographic discourses and practices.
       Together, they present a global picture of the history of 
       demographic knowledge. 
650  0 Demography|xHistory|y20th century. 
650  0 Population. 
700 1  Hartmann, Heinrich,|d1977- 
700 1  Unger, Corinna R. 
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