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100 1  Taylor, John,|d1580-1653. 
245 12 A brave memorable and dangerous sea-fight, foughten neere 
       the road of Tittawan in Barbary :|bwhere the George and 
       Elizabeth (a ship of London) under the command of Mr. 
       Edmond Ellison, having but 19. peeces of ordnance, was 
       encompass'd and encountred by nine great Turkish pyrat 
       ships, or men of war, they being in number of men at the 
       least 60. to one; and their ordnance more than ten to one 
       against the English, yet (by Gods assistance) they were 
       encouraged to a resolute fight, and obtained a glorious 
       victory over their miscreant enemies, and a happy returne 
       with men, ship, and goods to London. 
246 2  Famous sea-fight. 
260    London :|bPrinted [by Nicholas Okes?] for Henry Gosson; 
       and are to be sold at his shop on London-Bridge,|c1636. 
300    [6], 20, [2] p. :|bill. (woodcuts) 
500    Dedication signed: John Taylor. 
500    In verse. 
500    Printer's name conjectured by STC. 
500    With a woodcut of a ship on A1v and D2v. 
500    Running title reads: A famous sea-fight. 
500    Reproduction of a photostat of the original in the Henry 
       E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery. 
610 20 George and Elizabeth (Ship) 
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