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245 00 America and the Germans :|ban Assessment of a Three-
       Hundred Year History.|nVolume 1,|pImmigration, Language, 
       Ethnicity /|cJoseph McVeigh, Frank Trommler. 
264  1 Philadelphia, Pa. :|bUniversity of Pennsylvania Press,
264  4 |c©1985 
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505 00 |tFrontmatter --|tContents --|tPreface --|tIntroduction --
       |tAfter Three Hundred Years: A Keynote Address in 1983 --
       |tPart I: Immigration --|t1 . German Immigration to 
       Colonial America : Prototype of a Transatlantic Mass 
       Migration --|t2. The Pattern of German Emigration to the 
       United States in the Nineteenth Century --|t3. Organizing 
       German Immigration: The Role of State Authorities in 
       Germany and the United States --|tPart II: The 
       Pennsylvania Germans --|t4. The Pennsylvania Germans: 
       Three Centuries of Identity Crisis --|t5. Hyphenated 
       America : The Creation of an Eighteenth-Century German-
       American Culture --|t6. Image and Counterimage, Tradition 
       and Expectation : The German Immigrants in English 
       Colonial Society in Pennsylvania, 1700 -1765 --|t7. The 
       Plain People: Historical and Modern Perspectives --|t8. 
       Pietism Rejected: A Reinterpretation of Amish Origins --
       |tPart III: Ethnicity and Politics --|t9. German-Americans
       and the Invention of Ethnicity --|t10. Ethnic Leadership 
       and the German-Americans --|t11. The German-American 
       Immigrants and the Newly Founded Reich --|t12. Whose 
       Celebration? The Centennial of 1876 and German- American 
       Socialist Culture --|t13. German Immigrant Workers In 
       Nineteenth-Century America: Working-Class Culture and 
       Everyday Life in an Urban Industrial Setting --|t14. 
       Images of German Immigrants in the United States and 
       Brazil, 1890 -1918 : Some Comparisons --|tPart IV: The 
       German Language --|t15. The German Language In America --
       |t16. Language-Maintenance Efforts Among German Immigrants
       and Their Descendants in the United States --|t17. 
       Demographic and Institutional Indicators of German 
       Language Maintenance in the United States, 1960-1980 --
       |t18. The German Language in America: An Open Forum --
       |tPart V: German-American Literature --|t19. German-
       American Literature: Some Further Perspectives --|t20. The
       Challenge of Early German-American Literature --|t21. 
       Radicalism and the "Great Cause": The German-American 
       Serial Novel in the Antebellum Era --|t22. The 
       Representation of America in German Newspapers Before and 
       During the Civil War --|t23. Women of German-American 
       Fiction: Therese Robinson, Mathilde Anneke, and Fernande 
       Richter --|t24. German-American Literature: Critical 
       Comments on the Current State of Ethnic Writing in German 
       and Its Philological Description --|tContributors --
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650  0 German Americans|xHistory|vCongresses. 
651  0 United States|xForeign relations|zGermany|vCongresses. 
651  0 Germany|xForeign relations|zUnited States|vCongresses. 
700 1  McVeigh, Joseph. 
700 1  Trommler, Frank. 
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