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Hall Joseph 1574 1656 Defence Of The Humble Remonstrance   2
Hall Joseph 1574 1656 Epistles Vol 1 Decade 2 Epistle : A refutation of M. Ioseph Hall his apologeticall discourse, for the marriage of ecclesiasticall persons : directed vnto M. Iohn VVhiting. In which is demonstrated the marriages of bishops, priests &c. to want all warrant of Scriptures or antiquity: and the freedome for such marriages, so often in the sayd discourse vrged, mentioned, and challenged to be a meere fiction. Written at the request of an English Protestant, by C.E. a Catholike priest.; Coffin, Edward,  1619 1
Hall Joseph 1574 1656 Humble Remonstrance To The High Court Of Parl   16
Hall Joseph 1574 1656 Modest Confutation Of A Slanderous And Scurri   3
Hall Joseph 1574 1656 Olde Religion   3
Hall Joseph 1574 1656 Resolutions And Decisions Of Divers Practical : Hagiastrologia, or, The most sacred and divine science of astrology : 1. Asserted in three propositions, shewing the excellency and great benefit thereof, where it is rightly understood and religiously observed : 2. vindicated, against the calumnies of the Reverend Dr. More in his Explanation of the grand mystery of godliness : 3. Excused, concerning pacts with evil spirits, as not guilty, in humble considerations upon the pious and learned discourse upon that subject, by the Right Reverend Father in God, Joseph sometimes Lord Bishop of Norwich / by J.B., B.D. ...; J. B.  1680 1
Hall Margaret 1703 Or 4 1720 : Elegy on the deplorable death of Margaret Hall, : barbarously murder'd by her husband Nicol Mushet of Boghall, Mondays night the 17 October 1720, in the 17th year of her age.  1721 1
Hall Moor England Maps : [Hall Moor [cartographic material] : Yorkshire, North Riding 157.5].; Great Britain.  1911 1
Hall Peter 1930 2017 : The National : the theatre and its work 1963-97 : and a chronology of productions 1963-1997 / Simon Callow ; with a preface by Trevor Nunn ; contributions from Richard Findlater ... [et al.].; Callow, Simon,  1997 1
Hall Polynominals : Symmetric functions and Hall polynomials.; Macdonald, I. G.  1994 1
Hall Radclyffe 1886 1943   8
Hall Robert 17th Century : A short discovery of the state of man : before the fall, in the fall, and out of the fall againe : wherein is also laid open the ignorance and error of Robert Hall, preacher at Colebrooke in Buckinghamshire, and Edmund Board, of the same town, a professor ... / by W.B.; Bayly, William,  1659 1
Hall Samuel Active 1647 : A great fight in the church at Thaxted in Essex, : between the sequestrators, and the minister. And the mayor being present, the men and women in this fight fell all together by the eares, on the Lords Day. Concerning which, divers of the chiefe actors were brought before the House of Lords in Parliament assembled, this present Friday, Septemb. 24. 1647. With the manner of their tryall, and the severall charges brought in against them at the Lords barre.  1647 1
Hall Steven 1975 Raw Shark Texts : How we think : digital media and contemporary technogenesis / N. Katherine Hayles.; Hayles, N. Katherine.  2012 1
Hall Stuart 1932   2
Hall Stuart 1932 2014   2
Hall Stuart 1932 2014 Political And Social Views   2
Hall Thomas : Merchants and mariners of the 18th century.; Gill, Conrad,  1961 1
Hall Thomas 1610 1665 Font Guarded With Xx Arguments : The foundation of the font discovered to the view of all that desire to behold it. : And, the baptizing of men and women when they believe (in rivers and fountains) proved to be a standing ordinance in the Church of Cchrist to the end of the world; by plain Scripture-proof. In answer to Mr. Cook's Font uncovered, for infant-baptism; and Mr. Baxter's Plain Scripture-proof for infants church-membership and baptism. With a word sometimes upon occasion to Mr. Hall's Font-guarded; which is more fully answered by Thomas Collyer. By Henry Haggar, a servant of Christ, and the congregations of his saints.; Haggar, Henry.  1653 1
Hall Thomas 1610 1665 Pulpit Guarded With Twenty Arguments   3
Hall Thomas 1610 1665 Pulpit Guarded With Xvii Arguments Proving Th : The prerogative priests passing-bell. Or Amen to the rigid clergy. : Shewing the usefulness, equity, lawfulness, and necessity, of private persons to take upon them preaching or expounding of the scriptures, having a call thereto by the word of God, and agreeable to the practise of the best reformed churches of Christ, and judgment of judicious divines both forraign and domestick. Being a brief reply to that discourse intituled The pulpit guarded with 17 arguments, and owned by Tho. Hall. Calculated on purpose for the metropolis of Northamptonshire, and may serve indifferently for those parts that are in conjunction with the northern climate. / By William Hartley.; Hartley, William,  1651 1
Hall Thomas 1687 1762 : An elegy, sacred to the memory of the Reverend Mr. Thomas Hall, : who died June the 3d. 1762. In the seventy-sixth year of his age.; Gutteridge, T.  1762? 1
Hall Waberthwaite England Maps : [Cumberland] [cartographic material] : sheet SD 19 NW.; Great Britain.  1956 1
Hall Wilfred 1874 1952 : Wilfred Hall : in memoriam / lecture by the Emeritus Professor of Physics delivered at King's College on 28th November 1955.; Curtis, W. E.  1956 1
Hall William   2
Hall William Glenvil 1887 1962 : William Glenvil Hall : a memoir / Alison Fenton.; Fenton, Alison,  2012 1
Halladale Scotland Maps : Mid Strath Halladale [cartographic material].; Great Britain.  1992 1
Hallam Moors England Maps   2
Hallamshire England History : The fiery blades of Hallamshire : Sheffield and its neighbourhood, 1660-1740.; Hey, David G.  1991 1
Hallaton England Maps : Leicestershire [cartographic material] : sheet SP 79 NE.; Great Britain.  1968 1
Hallbankgate England Maps : Cumberland [cartographic material] : sheet NY 55 NE.; Great Britain.  1957 1
Halldor Laxness 1902 1998   3
Halle Morris : A festschrift for Morris Halle.; Anderson, Stephen R.  1973 1
Halle Orchestra : The Halle tradition : a century of music.; Kennedy, Michael,  1960 1
Haller Albrecht Baron Von : Albrecht von Hallers Dichtersprache.; Zagajewski, Karl.  1909 1
Hallet Joseph 1628 1689 : Scripta polemica, controversial letters, : to Mr. George Trosse. Mr. Richard Baxter. Dr. William Bates, and Mr. Joseph Hallet.; Elys, Edmund,  1696 1
Hallett Joseph 1656 1722 Twenty Seven Queries   2
Halley Edmond 1656 1742   5
Halley Edmund 1684   2
Halleys Comet   3
Halleys Comet Early Works To 1800 : Remarkable observations on the comet, in the year 1680 : as also on the blazing-star, now seen, this present month of August, 1682.  1682 1
Halliday M A K Michael Alexander Kirkwood 1925   3
Halligan Elaine Family : My child's different : the lessons learned from one family's struggle to unlock their son's potential / Elaine Halligan ; with contributions from Melissa Hood ; foreword by Dr Laura Markham.; Halligan, Elaine,  2018 1
Hallikeld Farm England Maps : [Hallikeld Farm [cartographic material] : Yorkshire, North Riding 56.6].; Great Britain.  1913 1
Halling England Maps : Kent [cartographic material] : sheet TQ 76 SW.; Great Britain.  1968 1
Hallington Northumberland England Maps : Northumberland [cartographic material] : sheet NY 97 NE.; Great Britain.  1967 1
Hallmarks : Byzantine silver stamps.; Dodd, Erica Cruikshank.  1961 1
Halloughton England Maps : Nottinghamshire [cartographic material] : sheet SK 65 SE.; Great Britain.  1970 1
Halloway James : The Execution of James Halloway : who was drawn, hang'd and quarter'd at Tyburn for high-reason, on Wednesday, the 30th of this instant April, 1685.  1684 1
Halloween History : Halloween : from pagan ritual to party night / Nicholas Rogers.; Rogers, Nicholas.  2002 1
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