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245 00 Mesoamerican elites :|ban archaeological assessment /
       |cedited by Diane Z. Chase and Arlen F. Chase. 
260    Norman :|bUniversity of Oklahoma Press,|c©1992. 
300    1 online resource (xiv, 375 pages) :|billustrations 
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505 00 |gMesoamerican elites : assumptions, definitions, and 
       models /|rArlen F. Chase and Diane Z. Chase --
       |gInterregional exchange as elite behavior : an 
       evolutionary perspective /|rKenneth Hirth --|gElites and 
       the changing organization of classic Maya society /|rArlen
       F. Chase --|gDistinguishing the high and mighty from the 
       hoi polloi at Tikal, Guatemala /|rWilliam A. Haviland and 
       Hattula Moholy-Nagy --|gNoblesse oblige : the elites of 
       Altun Ha and Lamanai, Belize /|rDavid M. Pendergast --
       |g"Will the real elites please stand up?" : an 
       archaeological assessment of Maya elite behavior in the 
       Terminal Classic period /|rGair Tourtellot, Jeremy A. 
       Sabloff, and Kelli Carmean --|gChildren of the first 
       father's skull : terminal classic warfare in the northern 
       Maya lowlands and the transformation of kingship and elite
       hierarchies /|rDavid A. Freidel. 
505 00 |gPostclassic Maya elites : ethnohistory and archaeology /
       |rDiane Z. Chase --|gMaya elites : the perspective from 
       Copan /|rDavid Webster --|gElites and ethnicity along the 
       southeastern fringe of Mesoamerica /|rJohn S. Henderson --
       |gThe emergence of the Quiche elite : the Putun-Palenque 
       connection /|rJohn W. Fox, Dwight T. Wallace, and Kenneth 
       L. Brown --|gArchaeological indicators of formative period
       elites : a perspective from central Mexico /|rDavid C. 
       Grove and Susan D. Gillespie --|gSocial differentiation at
       Teotihuacan /|rGeorge L. Cowgill --|gRoyal families, royal
       texts : examples from the Zapotec and Maya /|rJoyce Marcus
       --|gLate Postclassic and Colonial period elites at Otumba,
       Mexico : the archaeological dimensions /|rThomas H. 
       Charlton and Deborah L. Nichols --|gThe elite and 
       assessment of social stratification in Mesoamerican 
       archaeology /|rStephen A. Kowalewski, Gary M. Feinman, and
       Laura Finsten --|gRanking and stratification in 
       prehispanic Mesoamerica /|rWilliam T. Sanders --|gThe 
       concern with elites in archaeological reconstructions : 
       Mesoamerican materials /|rGeorge E. Marcus --|gAn 
       archaeological assessment of Mesoamerican elites /|rDiane 
       Z. Chase and Arlen F. Chase. 
650  0 Indians of Mexico|xKings and rulers. 
650  0 Indians of Central America|xKings and rulers. 
650  0 Elite (Social sciences)|zMexico. 
650  0 Elite (Social sciences)|zCentral America. 
651  0 Mexico|xAntiquities. 
651  0 Central America|xAntiquities. 
700 1  Chase, Diane Z. 
700 1  Chase, Arlen F.|q(Arlen Frank),|d1953- 
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