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Perry William 1585 : Popish cruelties : wherein may be seen that Romish traitors have now the same murthering and treasonable principles and practices they had in Q. Elizabeth's reign, against the established governour and government of these kingdoms. And yet after conviction, evident proof, free and frequent confession of being guilty; before, at, and after their trial, yet at their execution, to deceive the world and their own consciences, they seem as innocent as the child unborn. All which plainly appears in this exact account of the trial, confession, conviction, condemnation, &c. of Dr. W. P. To which are added forms of prayers and thanksgivings to be used for all kings, &c. and in the Parliament-House, when there is any danger of Popery.  1680 1
Perse School Cambridge   2
Persecution   41
Persecution Barbados : A Short account of the manifest hand of God that hath fallen upon several marshals and their deputies : who have made great spoil and havock of the goods of the people called Quakers in the island of Barbadoes for their testimony against going or sending to the militia : with a remarkable account of some others of the persecutors of the same people in the same island, together with an abstract of their sufferings.  1696 1
Persecution Early Works To 1800   50
Persecution England   49
Persecution England 17th Century Early Works To 1800 : A loyal appeal to the Protestant dissenters, : who unjustly complain of a present persecution.; W. R.  1681 1
Persecution England Carlisle Early Works To 1800 : A true discovery of the ignorance, blindness, and darkness of those who are called magistrates about Carlile in Cumberland, who call Light darkness, and truth error, and judge them blasphemers who are sent of the Lord to declare the eternal word of truth amongst them, : but the Lord hath made himself manifest in the hearts of his people, and opened their eyes here in the northern parts, whereby they plainly see the tyranny, oppression, and cruelty of those who are called magistrates and rulers, who do imprison the servants of the most high God, for declaring against sin and abomination, held up in markets and steeple-houses, and so they that depart from iniquity and stand in obedience to the commands of the Lord, makes himself a prey to that generation; but the Lord is risen for Sions deliverance, all praise and glory be to him for evermore. J.C.; Camm, John,  1654 1
Persecution England Devon : A true and faithful narrative of the unjust and illegal sufferings, and oppressions of many Christians ... in the county of Devon, since the tenth of May, 1670 ... : as also, of the most malicious prosecution of nine innocent persons ... : and of the tryals that were betwixt Matthew Hele ... William Bastard ... and Mr. Edmund Reynel, and John Bear ... at the Assizes held at Exon, in the county of Devon, April 1671.; Hickes, John,  1671 1
Persecution England Dorset Early Works To 1800 : The lamentable sufferings of the church of God in Dorset-shire. : And the persecution there; whipping sufficient men of their own county as vagabonds, and how bruitish they behave themselves and unmanly, dishonouring their magistracy, and shaming their ministery; how they have stocked, imprisoned, whipped, and sent away with passes the servants of the Lord God, and what havock they have made of the Church of God; acting without the fear of God, and as men regarding neither God nor man, and as though they had never heard talk of God, Christ, prophets nor apostles, nor scriptures, as though they never had read their examples of such as turned against the just, and were the persecutors; but the wickedness of the wicked shal slay themselves, and the Lord is the reward of the just, and the protector of the innocent, and carries his lambs in his armes, and rebukes the adversaries, yea kings, for the annointed-elects sake; therefore let your doings and violence be so no more, least the Lord make you examples.; Curtis, Samuel,  1659 1
Persecution England Early Works To 1800   33
Persecution England Evesham Early Works To 1800 : Something further laid open of the cruel persecution of the people called Quakers by the magistrates and people of Evesham.; Smith, Humphrey,  1656 1
Persecution England History   5
Persecution England History 16th Century : Persecution and toleration in Protestant England, 1558-1689.; Coffey, John,  2000 1
Persecution England History 17th Century : Persecution and toleration in Protestant England, 1558-1689.; Coffey, John,  2000 1
Persecution England History 17th Century Early Works To 1800 : A monthly inteligence, relating the affaires of the people called Quakers, in and neare about the city of London, concerning the violence, and persecution dayly brought forth aginst them from the first day of the 6th. Month called August, until the first of the 7th. month called September  1662 1
Persecution England History Early Works To 1800   2
Persecution England Lancashire : The Persecution of them people they call Quakers in several places in Lanchashire  1656 1
Persecution England Lancashire Early Works To 1800 : The Persecution of them people they call Quakers, in several places in Lanchashire [sic].  1656 1
Persecution England London   2
Persecution England London Early Works To 1800 : To both the Houses of Parliament, the General, and the officers of the Army. : Westminster Pallace Yard, the 15th. day of the 3d. month, 1660.  1660 1
Persecution England Norfolk Early Works To 1800 : The Norffs president of persecution (unto banishment) against some of the innocent people call'd Quakers, for meeting in the name and fear of the Lord. Or, A relation of the proceedings of the court at the quarter sessions holden at the castle in Norwich the 20 day of the 12. moneth call'd February, 1665. : where Francis Cory, recorder of the city of Norwich sat for judge with John Crafts dean of Norwich, with other justices of the peace (so call'd), upon Henry Kittle Jun. Edmund Rack, Richard Cockerel, and Robert Elden, call'd Quakers.  1666 1
Persecution England Nottinghamshire : The Cry of oppresion continued & encreased in Nottinghamshire : being a brief relation of some of the late cruel sufferings of the people of God, called, Quakers in the said county, for no other cause but meeting peaceably together in obedience to God and Christ Jesus, and in true love to all people.  1676 1
Persecution England Poetry : M. Whitebread's contemplations during his confinement in Newgate; Whitbread, Thomas,  1679 1
Persecution England Poetry Early Works To 1800 : M. Whitebread's contemplations during his confinement in Newgate..; Whitbread, Thomas,  1679 1
Persecution England Somerset Early Works To 1800 : A true testimony of faithfull vvitnesses recorded; and set in opposition to the false records and unrighteous proceedings of the men of this generation. : Wherein the wicked designs and cruel practises of several of the rulers, priests and people of the county of Sommerset against the innocent, are plainly discovered, and witnessed against. By those who are numbred amongst transgressors, persecuted imprisoned and reproachfully called Quakers. Also, a few words to magistrates, priests and people, to each of them particularly, that they may take warning in this the day of their visitation. Published for the truths defence and vindication, by a follower of the Lamb in the war against the Beast and false prophet, Robert Wastfeild.; Wastfield, Robert,  1657 1
Persecution England Sources : To the king and both houses of Parliament, : (who have made laws and decrees, and caused them to be put in execution, to restrain and prohibit people from having the liberty of their consciences in the exercise of the worship of God) : this is sent as a warning from the Lord.; Coale, Josiah,  1664 1
Persecution England West Riding Of Yorkshire : Ad general. session. pacis Dom. Regis tent. apud Doncaster, per adjourn. in & per le West Rid. Com. præd. decimo sexto die Januarii, Anno Regni Dom. nostri Caroli secundi nunc Regis Angl. &c. tricesimo quarto / the humble presentment of the Grand Jury at the said sessions, as followeth.; West Riding of Yorkshire (England).  1683 1
Persecution Europe : The true spirit of popery, or, The treachery and cruelty of the Papists exercis'd against the Protestants in all ages and countries where popery has had the upper-hand : publish'd to convince the nation of the fatal consequences, attending Popish tyranny.  1688 1
Persecution Europe History   2
Persecution Europe History Middle Ages 600 1500 : Poisoned wells : accusations, persecution, and minorities in medieval Europe, 1321-1422 / Tzafrir Barzilay.; Barzilay, Tzafrir,  2022 1
Persecution France   10
Persecution France 17th Century Early Works To 1800 : An account of the sufferings and dying words of several French Protestants, under this present persecution : as it was received from the hands of several Protestant ministers, who arrived lately in England.  1699 1
Persecution France Early Works To 1800   7
Persecution France History   3
Persecution France History 17th Century   4
Persecution Germany   2
Persecution Germany Early Works To 1800 : By the King : a license for a collection throughout England and Wales, towards the maintenance of the exiled ministers of the Palatinate.; England and Wales.  1630 1
Persecution Great Britain   7
Persecution Great Britain Early Works To 1800 : Several reasons rendred by the people of God, (called Quakers) why no outward force, or imposition, on the conscience ought to be used in matters of faith and religion : with several sayings, collected from the speeches and writings of King James, and King Charles the First.  1668 1
Persecution Greece Early Works To 1800 : Christopher Angell, a Grecian, who tasted of many stripes and torments inflicted by the Turkes for the faith which he had in Iesus Christ..; Angelus, Christophorus,  1618 1
Persecution History   4
Persecution History 20th Century   2
Persecution History Early Church Ca 30 600   7
Persecution History Early Church Ca 30 600 Early Works To 18   4
Persecution History Early Works To 1800   5
Persecution History Middle Ages 600 1500   2
Persecution Hungary   3
Persecution Ireland   2
Persecution Ireland 17th Century Early Works To 1800 : To the King's most excellent Majestie : the humble remonstrance, acknoledgement, protestation, and petition of the Roman Catholick clergy of Ireland.; Walsh, Peter,  1662 1
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