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Prussia Germany Public Finance : Die Entwicklung des Finanzausgleichs im Deutschen Reich und in Preussen von 1919 bis 1944.; Hornschu, Hans-Erich.  1950 1
Prussia Germany Rural Conditions : Ordinary Prussians : Brandenburg Junkers and villagers, 1500-1840.; Hagen, William W.  2002 1
Prussia Germany Social Conditions : Ordinary Prussians : Brandenburg Junkers and villagers, 1500-1840.; Hagen, William W.  2002 1
Prussia Germany Social Life And Customs : Militärsystem und Sozialleben im alten Preussen, 1713-1807 : die Anfange der sozialen Militarisierung der preussisch-deutschen Gesellschaft.; Büsch, Otto,  1962 1
Prussia Historical Place : Teutonic Knights [electronic resource] / Directed by Krzysztof Talcewski  2011 1
  Prussia Kingdom -- See Also Prussia (Germany)
Prussia Kingdom Armee   6
  Prussia Kingdom History -- See Prussia (Germany) History
Prussia Kingdom Ministerium Fur Handel Und Gewerbe : Zur Geschichte der Produktivkrafte und Produktionsverhaltnisse in Preussen, 1810-1933.; Buck, Herbert.  1960 1
  Prussia West Poland -- 2 Related Subjects   2
Prussians United States Biography : The drillmaster of Valley Forge : the Baron de Steuben and the making of the American Army / Paul Lockhart.; Lockhart, Paul Douglas,  c2008 1
Prutky Remedius 1717 1770 : Prutky's travels in Ethiopia and other countries / translated [from the Latin] and edited by J.H. Arrowsmith-Brown and annotated by Richard Pankhurst.; Prutky, Remedius,  1991 1
Pryer Ada : A decade in Borneo / edited by Susan Morgan.; Pryer, Ada.  2001 1
Prynne J H : Nearly too much : the poetry of J.H. Prynne / N.H. Reeve and Richard Kerridge.; Reeve, N.H.,  1995 1
Prynne William 1600 1669   52
Prynne William 1600 1669 A Briefe Memento To The Present Un Parliam : Prynn against Prinn. Or, the answer of William Prynne, utter Barrester of Lincolnes Inne: : to a pamphlet lately published by William Prynne Esquire, a member of the House of Commons. Intituled A Briefe Memento to the present un-parliamentary Juncto, touching their present intentions and proceedings to depose and execute Charles Steuart, their lawfull King. January 25. 1648. Imprimatur Theodore Jennings.; Purefoy, William,  1649 1
Prynne William 1600 1669 Anti Arminianisme : A treatise or iustification of bowing at the name of Jesus : by way of answere to an appendix against it : together with an examination of such considerable reasons as are made by Mr Prinne in a reply to Mr Widdowes concerning the same argument / by William Page ... ; published by commande.; Page, William,  1631 1
Prynne William 1600 1669 Canterburies Doome   2
Prynne William 1600 1669 Checke To Britannicus   2
Prynne William 1600 1669 Church Of Englands Old Antithesis To New A : The lawlesse kneelesse schismaticall Puritan. Or A confutation of the author of an appendix, concerning bowing at the name of Iesus. Written by Giles Widdowes rector of St Martins Church in Oxford, and late fellow of Oriell Colledge; Widdowes, Giles,  1631 1
Prynne William 1600 1669 Declaration Of The Officers And Armies Ill : A two-inch board for M. Prynne to peep thorow : being a full and satisfactory answer to a late libellous pamphlet ... called, A declaration of the officers and armies illegall &c. proceedings and practices against the XI impeached members ... : with ... a justification of the armies charge and proceedings against the XI impeached members, by law, president, and reason : with certaine considerable queries and observations upon the cities late tumultuous rebellious proceedings agaisnt the Parliament / vvritten by T.R., Gent.; T. R.,  1647 1
Prynne William 1600 1669 Diotrephes Catechised   2
Prynne William 1600 1669 Foure Serious Questions Of Grand Importanc   3
Prynne William 1600 1669 Full Reply To Certain Briefe Observations : Innocencies triumph, or, An answer to the back-part : a discourse lately published by William Prynne, esquire, intituled, A full reply &c. ... / by John Goodvvin ...; Goodwin, John,  1644 1
Prynne William 1600 1669 Full Reply To Certaine Briefe Observations   7
Prynne William 1600 1669 Good Old Cause : Mr. Pryn's good old cause stated and stunted 10 years ago, or, A most dangerous designe in mistating the good by mistaking the bad old cause : clearly extricated and offered to the Parliament, the General Council of Officer's, the good people's and army's immediate consideration.; Rogers, John,  1659 1
Prynne William 1600 1669 Gospel Plea Interwoven With A Rational And : The power of God overpowering the creature. : Which power came upon me William Britten, the 3d. day of the 11th. month, (called February) 1659. not suffering me to depart my chamber, until I had promised the Lord to answer a book, which I had then never seen, and but once heard of; set forth by William Prynne in defence of tyths, &c. and to present the answer in print unto the governing power of England for the time being. But making delayes, and Fran. Spira-like, consulting with flesh and blood, the Lord terrified me in conscience for neglect, yet in mercy did set me (like Jonah) the second time upon the same work.; Britten, William,  1660 1
Prynne William 1600 1669 Healthes Sicknesse   2
Prynne William 1600 1669 Histrio Mastix   3
Prynne William 1600 1669 Independency Examined   3
Prynne William 1600 1669 Independency Examined Unmasked Refuted : A helpe to the right understanding of a discourse concerning independency. / Lately published by William Pryn of Lincolnes Inne, Esquire.; Walwyn, William,  1645 1
Prynne William 1600 1669 Independency Examined Unmasked Refuted By : A vindication of churches, commonly called Independent: or A briefe ansvver to two books; the one, intituled, Twelve considerable serious questions, touching church-government: the other, Independency examined, unmasked, refuted, &c. Both lately published by William Prinne, of Lincolnes-Inne, Esquire. By Henry Burton, a brother of his, and late companion in tribulation. Entred and printed according to order.; Burton, Henry,  1644 1
Prynne William 1600 1669 Ix Queries Upon The Printed Charge Of The   2
Prynne William 1600 1669 Legall Vindication Of The Liberties Of Eng   3
Prynne William 1600 1669 Lords Supper Briefly Vindicated : Holy things for holy men: or, The lawyers plea non-suited, his evidence proved insufficient, his foul mouth civilly wiped, and his arrogant railings admonished, and bridled; : in some Christian reproofe and pitie expressed towards Mr Prynn's book; intituled, The Lord's supper briefly vindicated, (or rather indeed by him therein exposed, vilified, and profaned: and the conscientious ministry therein abused, injured, and affronted. / By S.S. minister of the gospel.; Shaw, Samuel,  1658 1
Prynne William 1600 1669 Moderate And Most Proper Reply To A Declar   2
Prynne William 1600 1669 Opening Of The Great Seale Of England   2
Prynne William 1600 1669 Popish Royall Favourite   6
Prynne William 1600 1669 Popish Royall Favourite Or A Full Discover : The pre-eminence and pedigree of Parlement. : Whereunto is added, A vindication of some passages reflecting upon the author, in a book called the Popish royall favorite, pen'd and published by Master Prynne; wherein he stiles him, no friend to parlements, and a malignant, pag. 42. : With a clearing of some occurrences in Spain, at His Majesties being there, cited by the said Mr. Prynne out of the vocall forest. / By J.H. Esq; one of the clerks of His Majesties most honorable Privy-Councell.; Howell, James,  1645 1
Prynne William 1600 1669 Quakers Unmasked   2
Prynne William 1600 1669 Quakers Unmasked And Clearly Detected To B : The innocent delivered out of the snare, and the blind guide fallen into the pit. Or, an answer to a booke entituled, The great mysteries of godliness and ungodliness, full of lies, slanders, and false accusations; : put forth by Ralph Farmer, a pretended minister in the city of Bristol, against those innocent, peaceable, despised people scornfully called quakers, wherein Iohn Thurloe, Secretary of State, to whom R. Farmer's book was directed, may read the answer wherin their false accusations are made manifest. And several quæries that was sent to them that call themselves minister in the city of Bristol, being yet unanswered by them: and also a warning from the Lord to the people, to repent and prize the day of their visitation. / By a servant of the Lord, called Iohn Audland. Whereunto is added an answer to a scandalous paper, put forth by VVilliam Prynne, intitulled, The quakers unmasked, and clearly detected; ... Also the lyer reproved, or an answer to a book put out by one Samuel Morris of Bristoll, who is found an enemie of Christ and his people.; Audland, John,  1655 1
Prynne William 1600 1669 Re Publicans And Others Spurious Good Old : The common-vvealth of Israel, or A brief account of Mr. Prynne's anatomy of the good old cause. / By H.S.; Stubbe, Henry,  1659 1
Prynne William 1600 1669 Short Demurrer To The Jewes Long Discontin : Israels condition and cause pleaded; or some arguments for the Jews admission into England. : Objections answered, cautions added, with a vindication of Mr. Peters from those foul and unjust aspersions cast upon him by W. Prynn, Esq;.; D. L.  1656 1
Prynne William 1600 1669 Short Legal Medicinal Usefull Safe Easie P : A reply to Mr. VVilliam Prinne, his unsafe, uneasie, dangerous, &c. expedient, for the concord, unity, and settlement of these nations, by restoring the ancient nobility, : part of the old decripit, decayed, and gray-headed tyranny, usurpation, and oppression upon the bodies, and consciences of every poor subject, who have been formerly as Balaams asse, being made slaves at their lusts and pleasures, but now have kicked their masters off. Together with a few directions to the persons now in authority, opening a door to peace, righteousnesse, and prosperity, by buillding upon that little stone, which hitherto hath been refused by the builders, but is chosen of God and precious.  1659 1
Prynne William 1600 1669 Soveraigne Power Of Parliaments And Kingdo   4
Prynne William 1600 1669 Substance Of A Speech Made In The House Of : Endevors aiming at the glory of God, that peace & truth may meet together: : wherein is contained the excellency, benefit, and necessity of good government and governors: a loving reply to Mr William Prynnes speech made to the House of Commons, and afterwards published. Some matters are propounded to the consideration of the ministry; and also to particular (and to all) opinions. The first, purest, best and most blessed form and manner of government, prescribed by God, (and recorded in Gods sacred word;) together with the way of entrance, or Gods calling of persons to places of chief government, the great consequence thereof. Wherein is shewed, that government by succession, from the father to the son, was none of Gods institution, in the first and purest times. And also the government by Judges is plainly proved to be the best form of government, being Gods immediate direction, most blessed and approved for Gods glory, and for a peoples greatest good, comfort, and safety. / By John Blackleach.; Blackleach, John.  1650 1
Prynne William 1600 1669 Summary Collection Of The Principal Fundam : A new discovery of the prelates tyranny in their late prosecutions of Mr. William Pryn, an eminent Lawyer, Dr. Iohn Bastwick, a learned physitian and Mr. Henry Burton, a reverent divine : wherein the separate and joynt proceedings against them in the high commission and Star Chamber their petitions, speeches, cariages at the hearing and execution of their last sentences; Prynne, William,  1641 1
Prynne William 1600 1669 Sundry Reasons Humbly Tendred To The Most : Votes and resolves of the Commons-House of Parliament Lune 15, July 13. Caroli Regis.; England and Wales.  1661 1
Prynne William 1600 1669 Suspention Suspended : A vindication of two serious questions: : 1. Whether the Lords Supper is a converting ordinance. 2. Whether suspension of scandalous church-members be warranted out of Scripture. The former in the negative, the latter in the affirmative, (briefly handled in the XVI. Antiqueries, and againe opposed by M. Prynne in his Suspension suspended) more fully and clearly vindicated, by a well-wisher of truth and peace. Imprimatur. Ja. Cranford. Octob. 1. 1646.; Well-Wisher of Truth and Peace.  1646 1
Prynne William 1600 1669 Time Serving Proteus And Ambidexter Divine : The unchanged, constant and single-hearted peace-maker drawn forth into the world. Or, A vindication of Mr. John Dury from the aspersions cast upon him in a nameless pamphlet called, The time-serving Proteus and ambidexter divine, uncased to the world. : Wherin the two letters written seventeen years ago the one to Joseph Hall, then Bishop of Exeter, the other to William Laud, then Arch-bishop of Canterbury, are cleared from the most false and injurious interpretations put upon them. Entered according to the late Act concerning printing.; Dury, John,  1650 1
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