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Purim Pictorial Works Juvenile Literature : It's party time! : a Purim story / Jonny Zucker ; illustrated by Jan Barger Cohen.; Zucker, Jonny.  2004 1
Puritan Movements : The 'Puritan' democracy of Thomas Hill Green : with some unpublished writings / by Alberto De Sanctis.; De Sanctis, Alberto.  2005 1
Puritan Movements England : By the King : as we haue euer from our infancie had manifold proofes of Gods great goodnes towards vs in his protecting of vs from many dangers of our person ...; England and Wales.  1603 1
Puritan Movements England Early Works To 1800   2
Puritan Movements In Literature   10
  Puritanism -- See Puritans
Puritanism Controversial Literature Catholic Authors : Puritanisme the mother, sinne the daughter. Or a treatise, wherein is demonstrated from twenty seuerall doctrines, and positions of Puritanisme; that the fayth and religion of the Puritans, doth forcibly induce its professours to the perpetrating of sinne, and doth warrant the committing of the same. Written by a Catholic priest, vpon occasion of certaine late most execrable actions of some Puritans, expressed in the page following. Heerunto is added (as an appendix) a funerall discourse touching the late different deathes of two most eminent Protestant deuines; to wit Doctour Price Deane of Hereford, and Doctour Butts Vice-Chancellour of Cambridge. By the same authour; B. C.  1633 1
Puritanism Controversial Literature Early Works To 1800 : A remonstrance: or plaine detection of some of the faults and hideous sores of such sillie syllogismes and impertinent allegations, as out of sundrie factious pamphlets and rhapsodies, are cobled vp together in a booke, entituled, A demonstration of discipline : wherein also, the true state of the controuersie of most of the points in variance, is (by the way) declared.  1590 1
Puritans   17
Puritans Amsterdam Netherlands Controversial Literature Early Works To : Vox vera: or, Obseruations from Amsterdam : Examining the late insolencies of some pseudo-puritans, separatists from the Church of Great Brittaine. And closed vp with a serious three-fold aduertisement for the generall vse of euery good subiect within his Maiesties dominions, but more especially of those in the kingdome of Scotland. By Patricke Scot, North-Brittaine.; Scot, Patrick.  1625 1
Puritans Anecdotes   5
Puritans Apologetic Works   15
Puritans Apologetic Works Early Works To 1800   11
Puritans Catechisms   4
Puritans Catechisms Early Works To 1800   2
Puritans Clergy : Witnesses produced against Mr. John Shaw of Hull, : attesting the publike charge against him, and much more. As, to be [brace] a notable turncoat and time-server; most scandalous in his actions; an enemy to good men; and a disquieter of the peace of the place, &c. Serving for the undeceiving of some, informing of others, and satisfying of all, as to the condition of the aforesaid M. Shaw. / By One who hopes and waits, to see corrupt men, and unjust things, less countenanced, and more suppressed.  1653 1
Puritans Controversial Literature   8
Puritans Controversial Literature Early Works To 1800   21
Puritans Doctrines   45
Puritans Doctrines Early Works To 1800   6
Puritans Doctrines History : The Puritan origins of the American self.; Bercovitch, Sacvan.  1975 1
Puritans Early Works To 1800   19
Puritans England   45
Puritans England Apologetic Works : The key of saving knovvledge, opening out of the holy Scriptures, the right way, and straight passage to eternall life, or, A dialogue wherein the chiefe principles of the Christian religion are unfolded for the enabling of Christian people, to understand the Word of God ... / composed by Geo. Walker ...; Walker, George,  1641 1
Puritans England Apologetic Works History And Criticism : Reformation fictions : polemical Protestant dialogues in Elizabethan England / Antoinina Bevan Zlatar.; Zlatar, Antoinina Bevan.  2011 1
Puritans England Biography   2
Puritans England Clergy Early Works To 1800 : The Tavistocke Naboth proved Nabal: : In an ansvver unto a scandalous narrative published by Mr. Tho: Larkham in the name, (but without the consent) of the church of Tavistocke in Devon. Humbly presented to the churches of Christ, the magistracy, and the ministry of the nation in this Commonwealth / by F. G. D. P. W. G. N. W. W. H. &c.  1658 1
Puritans England Clergy Psychology : Congregational communion : clerical friendship in the Anglo-American Puritan community, 1610-1692.; Bremer, Francis J.  1994 1
Puritans England Controversial Literature   2
Puritans England Controversial Literature Early Works To 1800 : The Puritanes impuritie : or The anatomie of a Puritane or Separatist, by name and profession. Wherein is declared the differences betwixt a true Protestant and a Puritane, made manifest by the sincerity of the one and hypocrisie of the other. Likewise the comelinesse and necessity of reverence used in the performing of the service of God, especially at the receiving of the sacrament. / By John Harris gent.; Harris, John,  1641 1
Puritans England Diaries : The diary of Thomas Larkham, 1647-1669 / edited by Susan Hardman Moore.; Larkham, Thomas,  2011 1
Puritans England Discipline History 17th Century : The sorrows of the Quaker Jesus : James Nayler and the Puritan crackdown on the free Spirit.; Damrosch, Leopold.  1996 1
Puritans England Doctrines History 17th Century   2
Puritans England Doctrines Poetry : Movnt-Orgveil, or, Divine and profitable meditations : raised from the contemplation of these three leaves of natures volume 1. rockes, 2. seas, 3. gardens, digested into three distinct poems : to which is prefixed a poeticall description of Mount-Orgueil Castle in the Isle of Jersy / by William Prynne ; A poem of the soules complaint against the body, and comfortable cordialls against the discomforts of imprisonment &c. are hereto annexed.; Prynne, William,  1641 1
Puritans England Early Works To 1800   44
Puritans England History   44
Puritans England History 16th Century   7
Puritans England History 17th Century   11
Puritans England History Early Works To 1800 : The dolefull lamentation of Cheap-side Crosse: or Old England sick of the staggers. : Together with the hearty thanks which I Jasper Crosse hath lately returned to those noble-minded, and gentile-bred prentises thereabouts, for rescuing my honour from being ravished: especially to that Robert York, who was my chiefe protector at that time.  1641 1
Puritans England Influence : Engelse pietistische geschriften in het Nederlands, 1598-1622.; Hof, Willem Jan op 't.  1987 1
Puritans England Poetry   3
Puritans England Sermons   4
Puritans England Sermons Early Works To 1800   3
Puritans England Sources : A discovrse concerning Puritans : a vindication of those who uniustly suffer by the mistake, abuse, and misapplication of that name : a tract necessary and usefull for these times.; Parker, Henry,  1641 1
Puritans Germany Early Works To 1800 : A brieff discours off the troubles begonne at Franckford in Germany Anno Domini 1554 : Abowte the booke off off [sic] common prayer and ceremonies, and continued by the Englishe men theyre/ to thende off Q. Maries raigne, in the which discours, the gentle reader shall see the very originall and beginninge off all the contention that hathe byn, and what was the cause off the same.; Whittingham, William,  1574 1
Puritans Great Britain   2
Puritans Great Britain 17th Century : Of quencing [sic] the spirit : the evill of it, in respect both of its causes and effects / discovered by Theophilus Polwheile.; Polwheile, Theophilus,  1667 1
Puritans Great Britain Biography : Josiah Collier of Yeadon (1595-1677) : West Riding Grindletonian and disciple of Roger Brerely / by Oliver Pickering.; Pickering, O. S.  2017 1
Puritans Great Britain Controversial Literature Early Works To 1800 : An ansvvere vnto a certaine calumnious letter published by M. Iob Throkmorton, and entituled, A defence of I. Throkmorton against the slaunders of M. Sutcliffe : wherein the vanitie both of the defence of himselfe, and the accusation of others is manifestly declared, by Matthevv Sutcliffe.; Sutcliffe, Matthew,  1595 1
Puritans Great Britain Doctrines : A supplement to the several discourses upon various divine subjects / by Stephen Charnock.; Charnock, Stephen,  1683 1
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