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Quaker Women Early Works To 1800   2
Quaker Women England Congresses Early Works To 1800 : York, the 24th. and 25th. of the 4th. month, 1696; Yearly Meeting of Women Friends  1696 1
Quaker Women England Early Works To 1800   2
Quaker Women Humour Early Works To 1800 : A comical new dialogue between Mr. G----ff, a pious dissenting parson, and a female-Quaker, (a goldsmith's wife) near Cheapside; : whom the reverend preacher pick'd up with the discourse that pas'd between them, and the treatment he gave her. Also, how he was apprehended for the same, and carried before a justice of peace: And sent to Wood-street-Compter on Wednesday night last.  1706 1
Quaker Women United States History 18th Century : Daughters of light : Quaker women preaching and prophesying in the colonies and abroad, 1700-1775.; Larson, Rebecca,  1999 1
Quakerism Early Works To 1800 : Quakerism no paganism: or, A friendly reply to W.R. his unfriendly discourse intituled, Quakerism is paganism : Shewing the insufficiency of what he hath written to unchristian the Quakers, and to render them as heathens and pagans to the people By W.L. a lover of peace more than of parties.; Loddington, William,  1674 1
  Quakers -- See Also Society of Friends
Quakers   16
Quakers Antigua Persecutions Early Works To 1800 : A brief account of the sufferings of the servants of the Lord called Quakers: : from their first arrival in the island of Antegoa, under the several governours; from the year 1660, to 1695.; Langford, Jonas.  1706 1
Quakers Apologetic Works   6
Quakers Apologetic Works Early Works To 1800   21
Quakers Apologetic Works England Early Works To 1800 : The answer of the people called Quakers, : to clear themselves from the false insinuations of the clergymen in their petition presented at the Summer assizes in Maryborough this year 1687. Which petition was as followeth.  1687 1
Quakers Australia History 19th Century : A question of survival : Quakers in Australia in the nineteenth century / William Nicolle Oats.; Oats, William Nicolle,  1984 1
Quakers Barbados : A warning to the inhabitants of Barbadoes; Rous, John,  1656 1
Quakers Biography   47
Quakers Biography Early Works To 1800 : A declaration to the world, of my travel and journey out of Ægypt into Canaan : through the vvilderness, & through the Red-Sea, from under Pharaoh, and now hath a sure habitation in the Lord, where rest and peace is known; by one who dwelleth in the light which hath led him out of darkness, from Satans power to the power of God, who in the power liveth, and by it is preserved, glory be to the Lord Omnipotent.; Greene, Thomas,  1659 1
Quakers Conduct Of Life Early Works To 1800 : Some fruits of solitude : in reflections and maxims relating to the conduct of human life.; Penn, William,  1697 1
Quakers Controversial Literature   3
Quakers Controversial Literature Early Works To 1800   57
Quakers Correspondence Early Works To 1800   4
Quakers Creed Concerning The Man Christ Jesus : The true Christ owned as he is, true God and perfect man : containing an answer to a late pamphlet having this title The Quakers creed concerning the man Christ Jesus &c. writ by a nameless author : which pamphlet containeth many gross lies and wilful perversions beside some other great mistakes occasioned by the author his ignorance and blindness / by George Keith.; Keith, George,  1679 1
Quakers Decision Making : Servant of the meeting : Quaker business meetings and their clerks.; Sharman, Cecil W.  1983 1
Quakers Discipline   2
Quakers Doctrine Early Works To 1800 : A description of the state and condition of all mankinde upon the face of the whole earth. : And a discovery unto all; shewing what man was in his creation before transgression, and what he is in transgression; how he is become a degenerate piant, bringing forth cursed fruit, to the grieving of the good husbandman, who is thereby provoked continually against the works of his own hands to destroy that which he hath made, because it is defiled through mans transgression. : Also, the way of restoration, of salvation, redemption and of life eternal is here declared unto all the sons and daughters of Adam in the whole world, that all may come to the knowledge of the creator, and to haze [sic] fellowship with him again, from whom all the children of men are separated in the state of enmity, and are ignorant of him, and drove from his presence. : This is to abroad into all the Earth, through the whole world, as a call and visitation unto all mankinde, that they may hear and consider their condition, and may return from whence they are fallen, and may be restored again to serve, and worship, and glorifie the living God, who made Heaven and Earth, and all things therein. / By one who has measured and viewed in true judgement the condition of all mankind; who is a lover of souls, and friend to the creation of God, known by the name of Edward Burrough.; Burrough, Edward,  1657 1
Quakers Doctrines Early Works To 1800   3
Quakers Early Works To 1800   252
Quakers Education Great Britain   5
Quakers England   16
Quakers England Apologetic Works Early Works To 1800 : A vindication of the Christian Quakers, : from the malicious insinuations, in a late pamphlet, said to be signed on their behalf by DS.  1694 1
Quakers England Banbury Early Works To 1800 : A true declaration of the suffering of the innocent, who is hated and persecuted without a cause. : Wherein is discovered the zeale of the magistrates and people of Banbury, persecuting and imprisoning them that are sent of the Lord in love to their souls to warn them of the evill of their wayes. Declared in a letter sent to William Allen, called justice of peace, with an answer to the false accusations charged upon the innocent. Also their proceedings laid open, and proved to be contrary to the Scriptures. / By Anne Audland, whom the world scornfully calls Quaker.; Audland, Anne,  1655 1
Quakers England Bath Early Works To 1800 : The cry of oppression, occasioned by the priests of Englands pulpit-guard, : which is a popish law that was made by Queen Mary, to guard her friars and Jesuits. With a true discovery of the unjust proceedings of those called magistrates of Bathe; wherein is a lamentation over them, and a warning unto them to repent, lest they perish for ever. / By one which is hatefully called a Quaker ... known to the world by the name, Thomas Morford.; Morford, Thomas,  1659 1
Quakers England Beverley : Friends in Beverley : a brief history of a Quaker meeting / compiled by Beverley Friends.; Beverley Preparative Meeting (Society of Friends)  1986 1
Quakers England Biography   10
Quakers England Bristol   2
Quakers England Bristol Early Works To 1800   6
Quakers England Bristol History : The ledger of Thomas Speed 1681-1690 / edited by Jonathan Harlow.; Speed, Thomas,  2011 1
Quakers England Bristol History 17th Century : Early Bristol Quakerism : the Society of Friends in the city, 1654-1700.; MacInnes, C. M.  1967 1
Quakers England Carlisle Early Works To 1800 : A true discovery of the ignorance, blindness, and darkness of those who are called magistrates about Carlile in Cumberland, who call Light darkness, and truth error, and judge them blasphemers who are sent of the Lord to declare the eternal word of truth amongst them, : but the Lord hath made himself manifest in the hearts of his people, and opened their eyes here in the northern parts, whereby they plainly see the tyranny, oppression, and cruelty of those who are called magistrates and rulers, who do imprison the servants of the most high God, for declaring against sin and abomination, held up in markets and steeple-houses, and so they that depart from iniquity and stand in obedience to the commands of the Lord, makes himself a prey to that generation; but the Lord is risen for Sions deliverance, all praise and glory be to him for evermore. J.C.; Camm, John,  1654 1
Quakers England Cirencester History : Cirencester Quakers, 1655-1973 / by Leslie Stephens ; with an introduction by L. Hugh Doncaster.; Stephens, Leslie.  1973 1
Quakers England Cleveland Genealogy : Records of a Quaker family : the Richardsons of Cleveland / by Anne Ogden Boyce.; Boyce, Anne Ogden.  1889 1
Quakers England Controversial Literature : The Four-legg'd Quaker : to the tune of the Dog and elder's maid, or, the Lady's fall.  1664? 1
Quakers England Controversial Literature Early Works To 1800   17
Quakers England Cornwall Early Works To 1800 : A relation of the last words and departure of that antient and honourable woman Loveday Hambly : of Trigangeeues, in the parish of Austell in the County of Cornwal. With farther testimonies concerning her life and conversation.  1683 1
Quakers England Craven History : The Society of Friends in mid-Wharfedale and Craven, 1650-1790 / edited by Moira H. Long and May F. Pickles.  c1998 1
Quakers England Cumberland Early Works To 1800 : The lambs innocency defended, against lyes and slanders : In answer to a second reply of a priest, who is called a minister at Lazonby in Cumberland called Simon Atkinson, who hath shewed his wolfish nature against those people called Quakers; ranking them up with the papists; falsly accusing them of those things which they utterly detest; but his weapons is turned against himselfe by one of the campe of the God of Israel, whose eye is opened in measure, ... working in the shadow of reformation translated into a fairer forme springing from the old corrupt root; and to see the bickerings of the night-armie running on heaps now in the dawning of the day; and the uncircumcised in Heart and Ears in flying from the light, and repoose of the same: and from the alarum of the spirits trumpet which is founded vvithin, for the cutting downe of the man of sin, and for the quenching of his motions. Written in defence of the truth as it is in Jesus, by a foole to the wisdom of this world, who, according to measure, hath tasted and obtained of the wisdome; Helling, Joseph.  1658 1
Quakers England Early Works To 1800   104
Quakers England Evesham Early Works To 1800 : Something further laid open of the cruel persecution of the people called Quakers by the magistrates and people of Evesham.; Smith, Humphrey,  1656 1
Quakers England Genealogy : The Elam family : Quaker merchants of England and America.; Neill, Norma C.  c1995 1
Quakers England Gildersome History : Quakers in Gildersome.; Mortimer, Jean.  c1990 1
Quakers England Harwich Early Works To 1800 : Truth vindicated from the scandalous aspersions of Hippolito de Luisanzy priest of Harwich against the peole called Quakers; : in reporting he heard a Jesuit preach amongst them: with an answer of reproof to that and other lies and forgeries. : Also several certificates from the town of Harwich, to clear the truth and undeceive the people who have thereby been abused.; Tyso, John,  1680 1
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