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Quakers Great Britain Attitudes : Quakers and the arts : a survey of attitudes of British Friends to the creative arts from the seventeenth to the twentieth century.; Nicholson, Frederick J.  1968 1
Quakers Great Britain Biography   19
Quakers Great Britain History   23
Quakers Great Britain History 17th Century   19
Quakers Great Britain History 18th Century   3
Quakers Great Britain History 19th Century   4
Quakers Great Britain History 20th Century   3
Quakers Great Britain History Exhibitions : Quakerism and its Manchester connexions : an exhibition held in the John Rylands Library, 6 February - 23 May 1991 / text by David Blamires.; Blamires, David M.  1991 1
Quakers Great Britain Obituaries : Annual monitor and memorandum book.  1920 1
Quakers History   3
Quakers History Early Works To 1800 : A brief account of the rise and progress of the people called Quakers : in which their fundamental principle, doctrines, worship, ministry and discipline are plainly declared, to prevent the mistakes and perversions that ignorance and prejudice may make to abuse the credulous. With a summary relation of the former dispensations of God in the world, by way of introduction. By W. Penn.; Penn, William,  1695 1
Quakers Humour : Laughter in Quaker grey / collected by William H. Sessions.  1952 1
Quakers Humour Early Works To 1800   3
Quakers Hypocrise Unmasked : The Ungrateful alms-man rebuked and the Quakers sincerity & charity opposing hypocrisie and cruelty : in answer to an abusive pamphlet, stiled, The Quaker's hypocrise unmasked ... / by certain women ... on whom he hath rewarded evil for their good.  1674 1
Quakers Ireland : My ancestors were Quakers : how can I find out more about them? / by Edward H. Milligan, Malcolm J. Thomas.; Milligan, Edward H.  1983 1
Quakers Ireland Early Works To 1800   2
Quakers Ireland History : Friends in life and death : the British and Irish Quakers in the demographic transition, 1650-1900 / Richard T. Vann and David Eversley.; Vann, Richard T.  1992 1
Quakers Ireland History Early Works To 1800 : An epistle to the monthly, and quarterly meetings of Friends, in England and Wales, : relating to our Friends and brethren, sufferers by reason of the late warrs in Ireland. London, the fifth day of the sixth month, 1692.  1692 1
Quakers Last Shift Found Out   2
Quakers Last Shift Found Out Or An Answer To Will Penns Complaint Against T : Naked truth needs no shift: or, An answer to a libellous sheet, entituled, The Quakers last shift found out..; Penn, William,  1674 1
Quakers Maryland Early Works To 1800 : A Testimony concerning our dear & well-beloved friend and brother in the truth, William Coale : who departed this life the 30th of the 8th moneth, in the year 1678.  1682 1
Quakers Massachusetts Boston Early Works To 1800 : A relation of the labour, travail and suffering of that faithful servant of the Lord Alice Curwen : Who departed this life the 7th day of the 6th moneth, 1679. and resteth in peace with the Lord.; Martindell, Anne.  1680 1
Quakers Netherlands Early Works To 1800   2
Quakers New England : The heart of N-England rent at the blasphemies of the present generation. Or A brief tractate, concerning the doctrine of the Quakers, : demonstrating the destructive nature thereof, to religion, the churches, and the state, with consideration of the remedy against it. : Occasional satisfaction to objections, and confirmation of the contrary trueth. / By John Norton ...; Norton, John,  1659 1
Quakers New Jersey Biography : A collection of memorials concerning divers deceased ministers and others of the people called Quakers, in Pennsylvania, New-Jersey, and parts adjacent, from nearly the first settlement, to the year 1787 : with some of the last expressions and exhortations of many of them.  1824 1
Quakers No Deceivers : Truth's triumph over deceit, or, A further demonstration that the people called Quakers be deceivers, and such as people ought to accompt accursed in their doctrines and principles : in vindication of a former proof of that charge, made good against them, from the sorry shifts and evasions from it, and cavils of George Whitehead against it, in a pamphlet of his, called The Quakers no deceivers / written by John Horne ... as a further preservation of people from following any of their pernitious principles ...; Horn, John,  1660 1
Quakers North America Early Works To 1800   2
Quakers Opinions   2
Quakers Pastoral Letters And Charges : Severall papers: some of them given forth by George Fox; others by James Nayler, ministers of the eternall Word of God, : raysed up after the long night of apostacy to direct the world, to waite for the revelation of Jesus Christ, and to turne their minds to to the true light, that they may be reconciled to God; of whom the world is not worthy, and therefore doth hate, persecute, and imprison them, under the name of Quakers. Gathered together and published by A.P. that the truth may be spread abroad, and deceipt be discovered. Wherein the plaine, honest, and sober conversation of the saints in feare and trembling, is justified, ... With a word to the people of England, who in severall formes have long flattered themselves with their ministry, churches, and ordinances; ... And a few quæries propounded to Tho: Ledgard of Newcastle, or any of those he rankes with himselfe, under the notion of anti-Quakers.; Fox, George,  1653 1
Quakers Pastoral Letters And Charges Early Works To 1800   3
Quakers Pennsylvania Biography : A collection of memorials concerning divers deceased ministers and others of the people called Quakers, in Pennsylvania, New-Jersey, and parts adjacent, from nearly the first settlement, to the year 1787 : with some of the last expressions and exhortations of many of them.  1824 1
Quakers Pennsylvania Controversial Literature Early Works To 1800 : The Christian Quaker: or, George Keith's eyes opened : Good news from Pensilvania. Containing a testimony against that false and absurd opinion which some hold, viz. that all true believers and saints, immediately after the bodily death attain to all the resurrection they expect, and enter into the fullest enjoyment of happiness. And also, that the wicked, immediately after death, are raised up to receive all the punishment they are to expect. Together with a scriptural account of the resurrection of the dead, day of judgment, and Christ's last coming and appearance without us. Also, where, and what those Heavens are into which the man Christ is gone, and entred into. By George Keith.; Keith, George,  1693 1
Quakers Pennsylvania Early Works To 1800   4
Quakers Pennsylvania Pastoral Letters And Charges : An epistle from John Burnyeat to friends in Pennsilvania; : to be disperced by them to the neighbouring provinces, which for convenience and dispatch was thought good to be printed, and so ordered by the Quarterly Meeting of Philadelphia, the 7th of the 4th month, 1686.; Burnyeat, John,  1686 1
Quakers Persecution Cambridge England : The First new persecution, or, A True narrative of the cruel usage of two Christians [Quakers], by the present mayor of Cambridge [William Pickering] / as it was certified from thence by an eminent hand.  1654 1
Quakers Persecution England   2
Quakers Persecutions   3
Quakers Persecutions 17th Century   2
Quakers Persecutions Barbados Early Works To 1800 : The voice of truth, uttered forth against the unreasonablenes, rudenes, and deboistnes of the rulers, teachers and people of the island Barbados. / Through one, who hath suffered by them, for the testimony of a good conscience, and the word of God, known by the name of Thomas Clark.; Clark, Thomas.  1661 1
Quakers Persecutions Early Works To 1800   22
Quakers Persecutions England   2
Quakers Persecutions England 17th Century : To all rulers, magistrates, priests, and people, who profess the Scriptures to be their rule throughout the nation of England, : but more particularly to the magistrates, priests and people of this county of Sussex, who have had any hand in oppressing and persecuting of them who God hath sent as strangers amongst them ... / From us who are present sufferers under the cruelty of men in the county gaol of Horsham, whose names are Ambrose Rigge Ambrose Galloway ][ Richard VVebb. James Matthew.  1663 1
Quakers Persecutions England Arundel Early Works To 1800 : A true relation of the persecutions of the people of God called Quakers : in the town of Aroundel in the county of Sussex, and concerning the breaking up their meeting, and committing them to prison and laying in fetters of iron. With an account of the reasons of Nicholas Rickmans and Edward Hampers going to the steeple house at Aroundel upon their fast day. And also an answer to a letter, sent up by the persecutors to a member of this present Parliament, who in it have a pretence to cover all the said persecutions, directed to their representative, to the Parliament, for them to give sentence. Now here is their actions as follows, for them and all that fear God to give sentence. An account in brief of the several wicked proceedings of several that have been in authority in the town of Aroundel for these four years last past, whereby the envy of them against the innocent may appear and is as followeth.  1659 1
Quakers Persecutions England Bristol : A Letter, from the Quakers to the mayor and sheriffs of Bristol.  1682 1
Quakers Persecutions England Bristol Early Works To 1800 : A Farther account from several letters of the continuation of the cruel persecution of the people called Quakers in Bristol, without regard to age or sex. : With copies of several warrants, by which some of them were committed..  1682 1
Quakers Persecutions England Early Works To 1800   17
Quakers Persecutions England Newark : Cains off-spring demonstrated, : as by their works they are discovered in a bitter persecution against the Lords people at Newark Upon Trent, in the county of Nottingham: being here truly related as it was suffered and executed at two several meetings. / Published for the truths sake, by those whom the proud in heart calls Quakers.  1659 1
Quakers Persecutions England Sources : To all you ministers, church-wardens [and] other inferiour officers of the Church of England, : some queries are sen[] answer, who are forcing people to come to your worship, and taking away their goods because they cannot be of your church.; Coale, Joseph,  1666 1
Quakers Persecutions England Surrey Early Works To 1800 : A vvarning to the rulers in Surrey, &c. : with a true relation of some of the passages at Kingston sessions, set forth for the prevention of false reports.; Harwood, John.  1662 1
Quakers Persecutions Malta : This is a short relation of some of the cruel sufferings (for the truths sake) of Katharine Evans & Sarah Chevers in the inquisition of the isle of Malta : who have suffered there above three years by the Pope's authority, there to be deteined until they dye : which relation of their sufferings is come form their own hands and mouths as doth appear in the following treatise ...; Evans, Katharine,  1662 1
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