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100 1  Ayoub, Sherif. 
245 10 Derivatives in Islamic finance :|bexamining the market 
       risk management framework /|cSherif Ayoub. 
260    Edinburgh :|bEdinburgh University Press,|c[2014] 
300    x, 260 pages 
490 1  Edinburgh guides to Islamic finance 
505 0  1. Introduction; 2. Truth Formation in Mua'amalat; a. The 
       Path to the Truth: The Role of Maslaha, Qiyas, and Igma'a;
       b. Truth-seeking in the Scripture: The Reality Imposed by 
       Critical Rationalism and Hermeneutics; 3. Market Risks and
       Their Management; a. Risk and its Managementb. Risk 
       Identification; c. Risk Measurement; d. Risk Strategy; e. 
       Rationale for Hedging; 4. Conventional Derivatives: Theory
       and Practice; a. Economics of Derivatives; b. Conventional
       Derivative Instruments; 5. Derivatives in Islamic Finance;
       a. Resolutions by Standard-setting Bodies in Islamic 
       Jurisprudence; b. Theoretical Shari'a Issues; c. 
       Contractual Shari'a Issues; d. Contemporary Derivatives in
       Islamic finance; 6. Permissibility of the Underlying 
       Variables and the Recognition of the Contract; a. 
       Permissibility of the Underlying Variables: Interest Rate 
       Benchmarks; b. Permissibility of the Underlying Variables:
       Currency Benchmarks; c. The Nature of Money in Islam; d. 
       The Recognition of the Derivatives Contract; 7. Maysir, 
       Hedging, Derivatives; a. A Conceptualization of Maysir in 
       Islamic and Western Thought; b. Maysir, Gharar, and the 
       Indeterminacy of the Zero-sum Prohibition; c. Investment, 
       Speculation, and Gambling: The Environment of Risk 
       Management; d. The Role of Financial Intermediaries as 
       Speculators; 8. Conclusion and Ending Remarks. 
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650  0 Derivative securities|zIslamic countries. 
650  0 Derivative securities (Islamic law) 
650  0 Risk management|zIslamic countries. 
830  0 Edinburgh guides to Islamic finance. 
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